Cee Lo Green Says Goodie Mob's "Age Against The Machine" Is "Pretty Much Done"

Cee Lo Green also describes the project as "progressive."

Goodie Mob has been working on its reunion album Age Against the Machine for a minute, but the project is nearing completion. During an interview with Fuse, Cee Lo Green said that the LP is in the final stages and that after they lock in a few more guest features, the record will be complete.

"I have a new album with Goodie Mob and we're looking forward to releasing it in first quarter," he said. "It's tentatively titled Age Against the Machine. We're still mixing and doing a few more guest appearances and putting the final touches on it, but yes, it's pretty much done."

As for the sound of the record, the former The Voice judge describes it as "progressive" because the group wants to expand the sound for a wider audience. "I think we've grown a great deal in the last 10 years. There's a lot more to consider. There's a broader audience and a greater aspiration to reach as many people as we can, to be as relatable, to be as real, relevant and resourceful as we can. So Age Against the Machine is symbolic of wisdom being the weapon of choice. Those rules will apply."

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  • Anonymous

    Basically he's saying he needs Drake on the album.

  • kennyken

    basically he's saying it will have beats from the new age, but the wisdom will be hidden in those beats...sort of like v8 did with fusion.

  • r1cka1me1da

    HERE IT IS FOR YOU CURIOUS MUTHAFUCKAS... outubeDOTcom/watch?v=skvu5hRyj3g

  • r1cka1me1da

    lmao @ you guys saying "i fear theyre going pop"...nigga they been pop,i seen a live performance from them when my girl made me watch some Voice/american idol/x factor type show an that shit was HOT GARBAGE! POP TO THE FULLEST!...niggas were wearing some bright white shiny suits and the music was unrecognisable as hip-hop

  • Mortis

    Black Dwarf with carny hands

  • LucasO11

    I sense trashy pop shit with this "sound for a wider audience" talk

    • Anonymous

      I get the feeling that this album is gonna sound like another corny over the top Cee-Lo album with Gipp and them coming off like guest artists in their own group. Judging from the song they debuted last year they might as well dropp the Goodie Mob name and call this album "Cee-Lo Green and his broke friends who need some money"

  • Anonymous

    Soul Food > ATLiens tho.

  • R.Pgh

    when I hear 'we want to appeal to more people' it makes me nervous that one of the greatest hip hop groups of the 90's is going to go full fledged commercial pop garbage. Please don't let that happen w/ Goodie Mobb

    • HootieHoo

      I feel you. I have the same fear but hopefully they know what they're doing. It's much more important to make a Goodie record for the long time fans than trying to get hit singles. The album will sell if the music is Mob music as we know and love

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