Atlanta Rapper Yung Teddy Found Murdered After Tweeting About Death Threat

An up-and-coming Atlanta rapper was found dead hours after Tweeting a death threat he received.

It looks like tragedy has already struck the local Atlanta Hip Hop scene just days into the new year. According to a recent report from AllHipHop, an up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Yung Teddy was found dead just hours after Tweeting about a death threat he received.

On January 2 at 10:18 PM, Yung Teddy - né Justin Mitchell, age 23 - was found dead from a gunshot wound in his apartment in Austell, a suburb of Atlanta. According to reports, Mitchell had Tweeted about receiving a text message death threat five hours before his death, writing that, "niggas wanna see me dead."

Witness reports indicate that two men were seen at the scene of the crime directly before Mitchell's murder. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the first suspect is a black man between the ages of 20 and 23 with a thin build and a height of between 5'6" and 5'9". He was wearing a grey sweater, a beanie and dark pants, and was armed with a pistol.

The second suspect wanted for questioning is black man between 5'4" and 5'6" tall. Reports indicate he was wearing a multi-colored beanie and a navy blue bandanna tied around his face at the time of the crime.

Anyone with information on the suspects are encouraged to contact police at the number 770-499-3945. A screen cap of the death threat that Mitchell received prior to his murder can be found below.

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  • blitzlegga

    you know dead rappers get the best promotions. i aint never heard this niggaz name until right now. i aint never seen him featured on anything in now i'm about to jump over to youtube to see what this nigga rapped about.

  • 490717

    You're nobody till somebody kills you

  • Anonymous

    Another nigger does. Who cares? Lol

  • highlyopinionated

    god, if you're watching the comment section right now, please trade yung teddy for chief keef. I understand teddy was an "aspiring" rapper and all, but I'd much rather you didn't take an innocent soul than to literally give us hell on earth when you created chief keef. i can't stand his music. In fact, I find the sound of two dead cats mating to be much more refreshing than listening to his music. So please, merciful god, take keef's life instead. amen.

  • mal617

    im black and im saying young black men are idoits thinking its cool to shoot shit up. Life is most important.

  • Anonymous

    only niggaz do this shit, white people go rampage on school, but niggaz do it on the streets

  • Bre

    It is a shame and disgrace that so many people on here do not have any manners. whether the young man lived to your liking or not ...there is a death that occurred and no man has the right to take anyone's life. If you really believe that it is alright for someone to have killed this young man then you really need help badly. what if it was your mother or child who was killed? Would you feel the same...probably not. I hope they chase those evil beings down and put them under the jail for life. People like some of you that speak of death as a joke need to have a wake up call and that wake up call will be when you have to answer at judgment day for your actions on this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself. The KKK is right, they don't have to think about killing black people, they are doing it to themselves. Wake UP! Stop all this nonsense and do better.

    • Anonymous

      You are on point with your answer. KKk is sit back laughing another nigga bites the dust. When are we going to stop black on black crime.



  • Anonymous

    thisis the shit i like

  • trusmokah




  • Diego

    Yall respect the one who got shot i respect the shooter

  • chillthrills


  • magmatic1

    my friends brother in cleveland was killed like this for his jordans after they seen thim online

  • room2roam

    fukin baffoons. waste of oxygen and space.

  • Cleaner

    Rap about Death - Meet Death! Fuck this Dude.

  • Anonymous

    Soon the government gonna ban twitter Twitter beef gets real RIP man

  • striderbhai

    senseless, so so senseless. RIP man

  • do us all a favour`

    Why cant sum1 shoot solja boi hopefully this shooter decides to go all out an kill that lil fuck b4 he gets caught 4 dis pointless shit

  • Anonymous

    This is the same negro who used to destroy his own comunity with crack sale. He won't be missed.

  • Chicago Slim

    Are any rappers down there actually from Atlanta, or do they all live in boondock suburbs? I mean, I think TI is from Atlanta, but Outkast rep East Pointe and College Park, granted those are less suburban and adjacent to Atlanta.. But damn, most of ya'll live in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the forest...and wonder why people refer to people "from Atlanta" as country as hell. Your nearest neighbor is a squirrel.

    • Chicago Slim

      when your closest neighbhor is more than 100 feet away, and there are way more trees than people and bumbling brook and creek, that's country. When you have 8 80 plus foot trees in our front yard, that's country as hell! man, y'all are sheltered as hell out there in the boondocks outside of Atlanta. It's crazy, people claim Atlanta and act like it's a big city. the city itself is tiny, like 400k, shoot Milwaukee is much bigger and urban. Atlanta is straight up suburban. Where you from? Atlanta? Where bankhead? No Smyrna. No friend, you ain't from Atlanta. I've been to Smyrna which is right next to Austell, no? It's country and straight up brand new suburban in the middle of the woods. Back to my original question. any ATL rappers actually from ATL? I saw a documentary on TI and he was from Bankhead, no?

    • Atl2Trill

      @gwap T.I. a high school drop out and didn't graduate. Now the P$C is from that way though. Kuntry King was a hoop star back in the day and not a d-boy. Mableton is kinda country though. Stayed in Austell a few yrs myself.

    • gwap

      Mableton is not country?? You must have never been there and and no one said Mableton is in ATl its a suburb of Atlanta... and of course you wouldnt have herd of him he was a Mableton/Ausell local idek how he got on this site

    • babyface

      AND COREY just proved his point! lol Mableton IS country....and even though its close to ATL....IT AINT ATL. btw, never heard of yung teddy until he died and yes im from the HEART OF ATL.

    • gwap

      actually they not from the boomdocks or country this dude is from austell/Mableton with is only 5 mins out side of atl with is not the country TI is from the same place he graduated from my high school in Mableton and east point aand college park are in the same boat there like 5 mins outside of atlanta whenn you live in mableton you can use to walk to bank head courts in like 10 mins which is in atl

  • Anonymous

    You get you wish for... I won't be shedding tears, if he worked at Mickey D's he'd still be here.

  • The_Observer

    Why don't the cops just trace who is the number that sent text registered under? subpoena the network that houses the number

  • Anonymous

    Nigga knew he was fucking with some real killa yet he still called his bluff. Like it or not, he had it coming. I don't feel sorry for him, but R.I.P. anyway.


    So glad he got THAT WORK! Makes more room for the REAL brothas in the struggle who actually DO POSITIVE things in their life. Don't worry, he's out of the matrix, and is now about to start fighting machines and shit. lol

  • Anonymous

    Well, he dead now.

  • 2 Icy Boi!

    I live in da A and diz nigga dissed me back in da time... swag

  • Deadboy90

    "black man between the ages of 20 and 23 with a thin build and a height of between 5'6" and 5'9". armed with a pistol." Yeah, that narrows it down.

  • lol

    On January 2 at 10:18 PM, Yung Teddy - n Justin Mitchell, age 23 - was found dead from a gunshot wound, ect ect... but he's tweet says Jan 3rd LOLLLLLLL!!

  • gwap

    R.I.P Teddy the dopest nigga outta cobb, me and this nigga is from the same hood Mbt, its YGC 4 Eva!!! These Mbt niggas on the drive aint no hoe like when they ran up in his patna and fellow rapper Mike spot wit all dem ks and took that nigga work. had FTDub niggas scared to come to Mbt but R.I.P to this dude



    • gwap

      thanks bro... they talking shit and dont know who they talking about about lol I just smile at people like this because he had me total wrong he just stereotypical

    • EJB

      I feel you kidd. Mofuckin crackers and bourgeois niggas always want to judge a brotha without knowing shit about him. Lames, all of em. Do your thing, and never forget where you came from.

    • Anonymous

      ?????????????????????????????? Grade 1 is where you could probably get a copy of Hooked on Phonics!

    • gwap

      Well your wrong dum ass I dont even live in Mbt no more graduated class of 2012 frm Pebblebrook in Mbt Georgia and now Im in my second semester of college at ferris state university in Michigan the #1 school in America for my major... So get right just bacause I where I came from and who I use to run wit dont mean Ima be a failure... Im well on the road to success hata lol and while im in school and not in ga its still Ygc and Mbt 4 life

    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      ^^^ LMAO!!! probably true

    • Anonymous

      Just judging from this post I can make an educated gues that you have no future ahead of you

  • anonny

    I'ma call that nigga right now.

  • ok

    Damn twitter beef isn't fake after all.

  • Anonymous

    u guys should change the name of ur website to The nigga who sent that txt is dumb as hell too. the cops just have to contact the tmobile or something to know who texted that shit.

    • Anonymous

      It's not snitching, it's helping find a murderer. If someone killed your moma, you would be on the news crying for help from the community. Negros need to grow up.

    • Anonymous

      real law gonna feel pretty real when they lock your ass up for murder.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck the street law and the real law go by what the fuck you feel. Thats whats real you dumb ass niggas!

    • Anonymous

      @frank its only a matter of following the lead. someone sent that message. there is a trail now. only a matter of time

    • Anonymous

      this is a hiphop blog. they dont live by the code of the streets. no one cares about "keeping it real" in the world where there are laws and consequences.

    • Anonymous

      hhdx just takes their news from other websites they not snitching on anyone who didnt already dry snitch on themselves

    • Anonymous

      If your dumb enough to do some shit like this you deserve to get sntched on, I would snitch on him myself. Not because he killed somebody, because the less DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS walking around a reproducing, the better.. When I see stories like this I cant help but think we have entered the age of Idiocracy. I use to just think that movie was funny, now I realize it was a prophecy. This world gets more retarded every year.

    • frank

      lmao at u guys thinkin the crip used his own phone before he shot him

  • Chris Impossible

    R.I.P my nigga straight from Cali.... We need to stop killing each other and get together and get this money!!!!!!...FUCK THE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Do anybody know who the FUCK this person is?

  • tdd

    west philly freck like gps i know the streets!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They shoulda never gave you dumb niggas technology lol texting & tweeting death threats I love it I shoulda been a cop man them fools aint even gotta work for their check no more you just give them the evidence on instagram now cops sitting around at a crime scene like "Looks like a homicide, somebody check the victims facebook page!!!"

  • VizionMC

    A huge portion of blacks in America has gotten dumber since the middle part of the 20th century. Strong dangerous black men used to have a brain back in the day and be able to use English in a proper (though damn colorful!) way. That's just a fact. Sad to see

    • Anonymous

      the chinese or the vikings were the first people to discover the continent of America, not black people also black people were sold by Moors as slaves to white americans that's how they got to north-america

    • R A

      @anonymous ''Its well known and received that white people are some of the most kind and polite people on the planet'' - lol that ruins YOUR whole argument. A lot of White ppl are not as educated as you think.

    • VizionMC

      All groups of people got problems. Time to educate the youth, stick around to raise ya sons, and stop feelin hopeless.

    • Anonymous

      @osiris the god Saying white man is the violent one and always has been just ruins your whole argument off the rip. Its well known and received that white people are some of the most kind and polite people on the planet. You dont know what you fuck you are talking about.

    • randy

      @osiris i hate it when people like you dignify blatant idiots and trolls by writing out well thought out responses. for someone that's trying to kick knowledge you sure have absolutely no common sense

    • Anonymous

      the same can be said about any race. petty ass comment. who is shooting up the schools full of children and raping the little boys

    • osiris the god

      That's what a plethora of the CIA's drugs and prison sentences for drug dealers and users will do to the people and the community. you think this was done on accident? Historically the black man isn't a violent individual, his white counterpart is, always has been and always will be. The black man traveled to and from america before Europeans and Spanish were even aware of a safe route to get there. We lived amongst and traded with native Americans and went back to our own country. But when the Europeans arrived they had to control and conquer everyone and everything in sight. What you see before us was done strategically, but there are still intelligent black men and women and its time for us to rise up for real. They knew what they were doing when they divided the panthers up, J edgar hoover even admitted that it wasn't the police patrols that the panthers were doing and how they undermined the cops, he said it was the free breakfasts and sickle cell tests that was "giving black people hope" they don't want us to see the light and they never have. Let's educate our selves and everyone around us and let's take action. Peace

  • Nahmean

    Anonymous-was that homies point.....u jerkoff

  • lol

    deadass tho do niggas not watch law n order, or criminal minds or the first 48.. first thing you dont do IS SEND A FUCKIN TXT TO THE PERSON YOUR ABOUT TO LITERALLY KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow like how fuckin stupid or low of an IQ must u have to send a txt message sayin imma kill u.. then kill the guy LMAO the evidence is right there like u got to be a dumb fuckin moron and u deserve to be in jail for your entire life you complete fuckin moron HAHA on that note to the guy

  • Anonymous

    But anybody could have sent that text. They would need to find the gun which I bet is already gone.

  • .....

    This is pretty terrible, but if the cops can't catch the dude then they have got to be the worst investigators ever. The fucking phone number is right there. Seriously even if the dude that sent the text didn't do it, then he's still pretty fucked for sending this anyways. They're not going to let you off for a threat, police take that seriously.

  • Anonymous

    who sends a text message to the person they are about to kill. dumb criminals

  • Anonymous

    Is that text message English?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck it, dude was a garbage ignorant rapper anyways. dime a fucking dozen

  • Loc

    I cant feel bad for cus, hes holdin guns in all his music videos talkin about how gangsta he is. Live By The Sword Die By The Sword. If you put certain videos and messages out their thats what your gonna receive back if you dont have the right niggas around you to help keep you safe. He didnt just find out 5 hours before niggas wanted him dead trust me cus been knew. Condolences too his Family though I feel bad for them.

  • Anonymous

    damn...that's sad, and scary. rip



  • Anonymous

    The smoke got me! i got glockcoma! Aint nobody got time for that!

  • me

    im sure that number is traceable, guaranteed they will get caught quick

  • Kriztxphxxr

    First Slim Dunkin, then Lil' Phat, and now this Yung Teddy fellow. I know none of them were as huge as say Big L, Biggie, Pac, and so on, but no one deserves this. Condolences to his family and those close to him.

  • Mike Balls

    Another life cut tragically short, probably over nothing at all, just ego. How dumb to you have to be to send a text with a real death threat (not that choreographed rapper feud shit). If you're going to play the gangsta surely he sees your face before you pull the trigger you don't give him a chance to fucking tweet about it. Fools, they deserve to get caught. If it wasn't this kid it was going to be someone else in their firing line.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas is gettin more and more savage.

  • LoGo

    ...damn shits real out her...

  • Anonymous

    I'm pretty damn sure that's traceable....

  • Anonymous

    u going to jail now

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