2 Chainz Not Ready For G.O.O.D. Music Move Because Of Past Label Experiences

2 Chainz says he's more appreciative of his success since it didn't happen overnight, talks G.O.O.D. Music.

Although Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has worked with G.O.O.D. Music helmsman Kanye West on numerous occasions and even appeared on Complex magazine’s G.O.O.D. Music cover, the rapper is not technically a part of the label.

The Def Jam emcee again spoke on his standing with Kanye’s label and shared that he has talked with Kanye about becoming a G.O.O.D. Music signee, but has been somewhat hesitant due to past label experiences. And despite not being signed to G.O.O.D. Music, 2 Chainz did work with Kanye’s creative company DONDA on his solo album, Based On A T.R.U. Story.

“We been talking about it all the time. DONDA, which is his expertise team, they actually helped me with the album packaging,” said 2 Chainz during Fuse's Artist On Artist segment. “We combine ideas and all these theories on just trying to get me to have an iconic image for my album package. He had something to do with that and we talk all the time. It’s just that I came from a situation where I was under artists already. He completely understands that. The thing that I think we do with each other is push each other as far as the competition level.”

2 Chainz also spoke briefly on his days as an artist signed to DTP and shared that at that time he believes it wasn’t his time to excel as an artist.

“Some people don’t know, but this is like my second go around. I had a look earlier around ’07-’08 with Lil Wayne, ‘Duffle Bag Boy.’ So that was kinda my start. I went by Tity Boi. I dropped two major albums through Def Jam and DTP that didn’t do well at all,” 2 Chainz explained. “But it didn’t affect my confidence. I just took the bitter with the sweet. I realized that time that wasn’t my moment, but I never stopped working. It’s been over a decade and you learn to appreciate when it’s not overnight, I learned that…I notice when people get in the game they come with a song and then they have to try to come with a body of work to complement their song. With me I always felt like I had the body of work I just needed the song.”

Based On A T.R.U. Story was released on August 14, 2012 and has gone on to sell well over 400,000 copies.

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  • trash rap

    So basically what everybody who's not "hating" is saying is he sucks but he's successful so you can't say anything bad or your a hater. If everybody else likes him I guess I should too, how the fuck can you relate to what he talk about when you aint wearing gucci,driving Lambo's, no diamonds or chains,or making shit rain but with some ones but you listen to this shit and all your problems go away and everything is good and you ready to turn up. Come into reality and grow the fuck up this dood a clown but not nearly as big a clown as everybody who listens to his shit, your fucking IQ drops everytime you hear a 2 chainz song

  • Manny

    2 Chainz was quoted saying he had to dumb down his music in order for people to pay attention who's the dumb ones... The listener.

  • Anonymous

    "then what happened with 2chainz" He's got better songs than Chingy. Yanni has better songs that Chingy.

  • buck

    Just go listen to his earlier work, as Tity Boi, it's terrible. Did he get ghostwriters, because Tity Boi was a complete failure.

  • This guy

    3 chainz is the wackEST so called artist i have ever seen since walk uh flock uh n juicy j. rapping like they have no grammar or education. then to top it off they rap about tha dumbest shit ever. talk about typical. Kendrick lamar is the next dr. dre

    • The guy above me should get AIDS

      Kendrick garbage? But then in the same breath you dare to give Chainz and Flocka props? And to "this guy",Juicy J garbage? Righttttt. Maybe neither of you should voice your opinion on music ever again.

    • This guy is a dipshit

      your a fucking retard kendrick lamar is garbage and will never reach dr dres level and more people listen to this kind of music than you must think because waka flocka 2 chainz and juicy j are very popular because the music they make makes money you obviously dont know what you are talking about so u should just not have an opinion on it

  • John-Boy

    What surprised me most about this interview is that 2chainz actually sounds somewhat intelligent. He doesn't sound like the typical bumbling Southern retard that can't recite a complete sentence to save his life. He better be careful before someone see's this and thinks he ain't a "real nigga".

  • Anonymous

    Two ugly sticks career is over. They put millions into pushing his album and he won't even go gold. He think that's happening again. See Rick Ross.

  • Anonymous

    Say what u want about 2Chainz, but those Playaz Circle albums were classics...

  • Brandon

    Damn DTP - Bobby Valentino went platinum, Chingy went platinum, 2 Chainz, Field Mob, Shawnna and none of them are with the label..what happen Ludacris!?

  • sabrina

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  • Lil B

    swag, 2 Chainz my nigga. stay positive cuz. that's what bein #Based is all about. hope we collab soon. we gon swag it out.

  • Dashing

    Respect for his grind and sticking with it even if I don't love all of his music. I can't front. I like some of it.



  • Anonymous

    I dont like his music at all but I respect his never say die attitude. And honestly, as bad as alot of these new fuckboi ass dudes on the radio are it's hard to stay mad at a wack rapper when you know he at least put his time in

    • Anonymous

      word up niggas. gotta respect someone who works for what they want to be. check this video out. dope lyrics. real life shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWkwaBNX8II

    • Anonymous

      I can respect this opinion. I've actually listened more lately and can see why the simplistic format works. He has charisma, and him telling you never give up when you know what he's been through can motivate someone. No hate on 2Chainz at all, he's preaching without being preachy.

  • Money First

    Keep doing your thing no matter what man! All positivity for 2013!!!

    • Anonymous

      @ anon U say 2 Chainz is wack. I say he's nice. His flow and timing are impeccable imo and his wordplay is entertaining. Ive been studying this game since I had the gumby cut in grade school. What makes ur opinion hold any more weight than mine? The one thing that is definitely not opinion is that 2 Chainz is a self made success. The labels didnt put him where he is. His fans did. That is cold hard fact. Stop wasting energy on hating. If you dont fuck with 2 Chainz thats is ur choice but don't use the decrepit "real hip-hop" cliche to validate ur week ass negative argument.

    • TX

      U mad bro?? Calm your little ass down kid. If you don't like 2 Chainz don't listen to him. You sound like a dumbass. Why did you even click on this article??? Senseless nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Fuuuuuuck all you flat out. Fuck 2 chainz and this bullshit idea were supposed to be happy go fucking lucky all the time. Lmao so only fuckin geeks hate huh? Thats some stupid ass shit. Listen to you guys the fucking comments on this article pretty much read as well chainz is a terrible rapper..but lets suck his dick anyways. Dudes awful and no real motherfucker would listen to his ass. Sorry us real motherfuckers gotta work and put up with enough bullshit already to have to listen to this whack ass rapper and what be positive? Fuck outta here. If u love hiphop u should def not respect 2 chainz.

    • Wow can't believe it

      Wow i can't believe it. Niggas giving two chains props on this site. Respect. Im no 2chain fan but soon the hate will come out soon from these geeks.

    • BLACK


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