Kendrick Lamar Explains The Story Behind "Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst"

Kendrick Lamar discusses the true story behind the first verse of his song "Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst."

Although tracks like "m.A.A.d City" and "Backseat Freestyle" may get more spins from Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city, perhaps one of the most powerful cuts on the album is “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst.” Now, in a recent interview with Life + Times' Decoded series, K. Dot explains the story behind the song.

Kendrick revealed that the first verse of the song is taken directly from his life following the untimely death of a friend in a shooting. While writing the song, Kendrick said he wanted to tell this story from the perspective of his friend's older brother, who was trapped in a life of crime. Ultimately, Kendrick said that it was this experience that pushed him deeper into his craft as to avoid the dangers of street life.

"That's one of my favorite verses on the album," he explained. "It's an obvious true story. It hits home, as far as the past members of tragic situations that happened in my life. That one particular situation is my homeboy getting smoked while I'm right there, and I'm being the last one right there just seeing him take his last. [The verse is] his brother being irrevocable, a street cat, and him just thanking me for being right there, and wishing that he could've found a passion in something - maybe music, maybe sports - but [it's] him recognizing the fact and truth that he was already in too deep."

He continued, "The craziest part about that verse - and in real life - [is] him saying, 'If something happens to me before your album drops, just make sure you mention and tell this story in a positive light,' and that's exactly what I did and he definitely passed, too. That's why that's one of the final songs on the album - out of 12 songs, that's closer to the bottom because when the reality check really hit, a lot people know Kendrick Lamar for who I am today, but for me to think [of] what I had to do to come from a dark space, and that was the turning point right there."

Check out the full interview interview below.

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  • Chad Hugo

    You guys are jokers good kid is one of the hottest tracks

  • I Like ME!

    I like cheeseburgers!!!!!!!

  • John-Boy

    I'm surprised he didn't comment on the second verse where he raps from the perspective of Keesha from section 80's sister. This is the best verse on the whole album IMO. This is also the best song on the album.

    • silvershadow49

      Here you go:

    • LoveBomb

      I was thinking the same thing! I would love for someone to ask him about that verse in an interview...Extremely powerful verse! I love how it fades in the end like she is going in but no one is hearing her out! Deept ish!

  • bawse

    its 2real for u fuQ ni99as LOL

  • foekist

    "Backseat Freestyle" is the only track i skip. This album is top 3 of 2012

  • Anonymous

    was his friend smoked by a Mexican? after all, COMPTON means City Of Mexicans Pulling Triggers On Niggers.

  • Matisyahu

    He just made that shit up.

  • Mohammed

    Best song of 2012. A masterpiece IMO.

  • lac508

    Definitely my favorite song on the album.

  • Anonymous

    true artist true poet

  • Anonymous

    these faggots get so mad but hhdx does it for other artists too, its not just kendrick, in the past it has been meek mill, the game, lupe fiasco, etc... dont be mad at kendrick for keeping his name in the news

    • d-nucks

      @Fuck up nigga don't need your lecture.................i got the album I knew what he was talking bout I got the whole concept the first time I heard it, but there is nothing wrong with him talking about what inspired him to write it. What the fuck do you expect? You complaining about Kendrick articles, he is hot right now...his album has gone gold...he is relevent. Thats what happens when you reach that get interviews and extra expousre. If you was in his shoes you would be doing the same amount of interviews. If you don't like it eat dick and die

    • ETK

      he's describing the lyrics of a great song for those who aren't aware. how is this not news oh, and stop with your "it ain't that hard to figure out" bullshit. yeah, maybe if everyone was a goofball nerd like you

    • Anonymous

      these faggots would rather read about kanyes new baby or lil waynes new face tattoo maybe you should find a new website and stop complaining like little bitches

    • Anonymous

      Its funny how this site founds every interview K-Dot does and they post this shit like its news. Tomorrow they gon found an interview with K_DOT and he gon tell us when the mark of the best is going to strike.

    • Fuck up nigga don't need your lecture

      _Dnucks Typical online cornball remark. I guess you a following ass nigga then. No faggot you been bombarded to so much bullshit. Not me i know my shit. More importantly If you heard the song(great song by the way both parts) you should know about the story. Shit aint hard to figure out. This shit aint news. Maybe it is i didn't read this shit. But this shit aint news.

    • d-NUCKS

      You dick heads are dumb....not real hip hop fans...get the fuck off the site. Rap consumers have been bombarded with so much bullshit, you don't know what to like or to like. HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT ARTIST DESCRIBING HIS LYRICS AND WHAT THE WERE ABOUT? I can listen to niggaz break down their lyrics all day rather than read about niggaz twitter beefing, who fought who, who is fucking who, who got who pregnant. This is a cool lil article a true mc breaking down his lyrics and the inspiration behind them.......if you can't respect this or like....FUCK OUT OF HERE AND GO LISTEN TO TECHNO

    • Anonymous

      You actually quoting the fact that this is actually news shows that you are a big dick rider. This shit aint news or a nigga keeping his name in news. Anybody who isn't sucking dick would know that. For the record i fux with Kendrick hard body. But this shit is get out of hand. This shit aint news.

    • Anonymous

      Dam my nigga Kendrick dick all down your throat family. Niggas is mad cause this shit isnt news.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait for all the nerds to comment on this none story for my entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    Tommorow, Kendrick will explain the meaning of life as well as share his thoughts on the types of food NWA liked to eat back when their debut dropped.

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