J. Cole Announces "Born Sinner" Delay

J. Cole will miss his original deadline to drop his sophomore album.

J. Cole has announced the delay of his sophomore album Born Sinner, originally slated for release on January 28th.

While on the red carpet for his New Year's Eve performance at Las Vegas, Nevada's Tao, the Roc Nation rapper revealed to PopStopTV that the album won't make the deadline and that fans can expect it later in the year.

"Nah, it's not going to make January 28th. It's going to be a little later than that. I needed more time to get it done," he said. "I don't even know what [fans are] going to feel. I hope they're going to love it, but I don't know if it's going to be the production or the stories."

Check out the interview below as well as footage from his NYE performance (via HHNM).

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  • Anonymous

    good pushback i diddnt know about it now tell jay to promote it

  • Sincere

    I think it's good J.Cole says that he isn't sure if his fans will like it. It shows he isn't arrogant and that his album won't be like every other album but really his thing and what he thinks sounds good. So it will probably sound more unique than a lot of other albums recently.

    • Anonymous

      He took the Drake formula mix with his own shit his first album. I bet you this time around he takes Kendricks formula someway somehow. Born Sinner sounds like a title he made up after he heard GKMC. My opinion tho no hate i like Cole a little bit.



  • Anonymous

    The 2nd Verse on 'What you Say to Me' is only comparable to the 3rd Verse on 'Ether'.

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that. I do music to help change the lives of others so what you'll get from my music is all POSITIVITY! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH8K577h8N4

  • Anonymous

    well get your finger out of your ass and hurry the fuck up smh

  • Anonymous

    Oh shit, they wasnt feeling Miss America now they slapping Cole round and forcing him to take certain songs off the album before they will let him release it. Im calling it right now.

  • Anonymous

    Diggy Simmonds dropped the best diss track(s) since ether. Falldown and What you Say to Me both ETHERED Jcole.

  • Mohammed

    I'm seeing some of the stupidest shit and outlandish shit I've ever heard here. Some of y'all gonna burn in hell.

  • Anonymous

    The only problem with Cole is his rapping... If he change his style slightly (rapping), he could be classic. In the meantime, he's a dope producer, so career still there.

  • da

    J Cole isn't a good "artist"...He has no personality, no style, not unique, not interesting at all. He's a basic rapper and a basic person. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come out until next year.

  • Anonymous

    wow shocked..smh fuck outta here

  • Finished

    J. Cole is done. Might wanna start acting



    • Sir

      Both of you shut up and go to sleep!!!

    • NOSIR

      No cousin YESSIR your wack cause u listen to boring ass lame ass Drake none of his singles are appealing to anyone but dickriding dumbasses who know nothing about hip hop music like u cousin at least j.cole makes real music that we can vibe to and relate to shit even fuck in bed LOL it's a cole world bitchess whether he delays his second album alittle or alot it will be fire and surpass the first album in its first week probably by 175,000 copies or more cause j.cole is fire so get use to it Roc Nation power we got this rap game by the balls we ain't stopin til we suck the cum dry out the music industry yea bitch ass j.cole haters suck on that how that taste lame ass bitchess need to get laid or find a job this is a COLE WORLD NO PUSSY ASS CRY BABY BITCHESS ALLOW OVER HERE 28 LETTERS FOR Y'ALL ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

  • maverick_warner

    Damn In Heading For Army Basic Training Feb 12...it would have been a great goin away gift if his shit droppped Jan 28 :/

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    diggy killed his career


      LOL WHATEVER NIGGA DIGGYS CAREER WAS DIED IN HIS FIRST WEEK THAT DUDE COULDN'T EVEN SALE 100,000 the little boy has barely sold pass 60,000 to date yep diggy dug his grave certified brick only good for one or two disses against j.cole I'll give him that but now diggy is six feet under besides j.cole is a solid gold certified artist that is way more appealing to fans than diggy will ever be diggy needs daddy run dmc to be popular just living in his dad's spot light nothing special about diggy anyway it's a cole world and J.coles career is just gettin starting so get use to hearing cole world bitchess

  • yeaaahh

    Cole knows exactly what he's doing!! We're in an era where rappers drop mediocre projects every few months instead of taking their time and making something dope. I've got a feeling this is going to be classic material.

  • J. Cole

    shit don't buzzin'. shit scressful bruh

  • word

    I had alot of hope in this cat coming up, but have been kinda dissapointed, his production is just damn boring.

  • Anonymous

    mister cee is gay

  • Anonymous

    frank ocean is gay

  • Anonymous

    devlin - a moving picture feb.4th

  • Anonymous

    This confused, delusional dude thinks he's the next Nas lmfao

  • fredd

    This really was no surprise! im sayin tho,shit like this pisses me off. I mean it took him 2 years to drop his fucking album. he drops the album then says in a interview he would be back in 9 months...which was suppose to be july, didnt happen. now this shit!?! i mean really, WTF was the point of the video teaser which was fuckin dope!?! what was the point of the fuckin miss america single? all that shit was for nothing? candle in the sun bro. gets all hot n burns out in a minute. im a huge fan of cole so im sayin all this as a fan. i want the music. i mean its bad enuf the nigga dont interact with his own fans. hes a great lyrical rapper. one of the best in the game which is a shame he really aint doin shit with his talent. it really pisses me off to think about. jay z is my favorite rapper of all time..he dont do no press, a album every 3 years n we dont hear from him,musically, but thats okay becuase he put in his work. he got a decade worth of material! this nigga cole put in one album n he fuckin chillin. like,wtf really?? dont b surprised if your shit flops and u fall off cuz ur buzz was poppin off now,not later when u decide to drop ur shit. and who the fuck says "I don't even know what [fans are] going to feel. I hope they're going to love it, but I don't know if it's going to be the production or the stories."?? who the fuck says that about there album. that shit sounded soo fuckin wack. he was really convincing that his album is going to be dope,right? (sarcasm) he played him self for sayin that shit! he dont know how his fans will feel, he HOPES we like it? he dont know if we will like the production or the stories? shouldnt we like it all nigga? what a wayy to promote and sell your album dude? im pissed to hear this yo cuz im a fan who realy supports his music. i bought 3 fuckin copies of "the sideline story"! 3 copies! just to support.they still in the fuckin wrap. to hear this shit really dissapoints me as a fan. how you gna get your fans hype for your album and play this shit? he did the same thing when he released "who dat" as his so called single and took 2 years to drop his album. it pisses me off to see rappers who came up the same time he did get there shine in the game and this nigga chillin. big sean,wiz,drake,asap..all these niggas came in the game round the same era as cole and all these dudes puttin in work. drake a monster, big sean on the biggest records of the year (mercy,clique) and his second album already. wizz got 2 albums out and a record label!. as a rapper, cole is better than all of them and this nigga is wayy below them! its a shame yo. he just lost a fan with this one.

    • enough sad talkin

      dude fuck u for turning on j.cole like that u are nothing but a wineing piece of shit baby can't let the nigga finish his album thats why he pushed it back u stupid ass bitch j.cole said he has had more time to work on this album then his first one cause he wants it to be better than the sideline story u back stabbing unloyal j.cole hater yea I just said that about u fuck can't call yourself one of j.coles biggest fans at all cause olbovously u never were one turning on him for just pushing the date of his album back alittle yea I know it's been alittle pass a year since his first album but u to come up here and cry like little bitch over that is fuckin stupid u know your not a fucking fan of j.cole bitch go ride drake, lil wayne, big sean, and wiz dicks since u think j.cole is wack I mean danm nigga stop being so fuckin gay and disappointed and just wait for him to finish his second album then go buy several copies DAMN IT'S THAT SIMPLE STOP SLEEPING ON HIM GIVE HIM A CHANCE cause I can tell your dumbass something right if u don't buy j.coles born sinner album when it finally does drop in stores u will be forever known as a traitor fucking j.cole hatin ass traitor who never truly supported him get it just because his buzz has slowed doesn't mean he ain't putting in work puttin together a great album that fans will love takes time and effort what u want him to just throw something on the shelves for fans to buy and not liking it because he didn't put in his all and didn't take his time on it come man just chill out look at the game for example after his first album the documentary which was one of 2005s best hip hop albums he faded to the black his buzz fading away to and people didn't know whether he was going be able to put out another album since he was dropped from g unit and dr dre was absent in his life but what happen the game succeeded he put out that second the doctors advocate and still went to number 1 on the charts and went U.S Platinum as well as 5 million worldwide his buzz also blew up again after the album was out so that goes to show u how many people will really support and are truly your fans, and will stick with u no matter how much u fail to generate hype or buzz so that's why I know j.cole is doin the right thing by pushing the date back alittle he my be one of the most underrated mainstream rappers out today but he makes quality hip hop music that's from the heart u cant deine that sometimes be promotions don't matter and that's a fact for j.cole his sideline story album didn't get hardly much at all and he still had a number 1 album that was certified gold and has went on to sell well over a half a million albums in the U.S to date on top of that the record label didn't even expect him to do those numbers I don't know about yall half assed traiting ass mother fucker but that saying something about j.cole it's sayin don't underestimate a rookie u don't know what they cant until they do so with all that said what makes u think he would flop on this album and he did those kind of numbers on his debut u don't know cause u don't know what kind of singles other then miss America he has planned to release from the album that might be hot sick as fuck so u can turn your back on j.cole if u want and be alittle cry baby pussy ass bitch over a release date change or u can at least wait just alittle bit longer and see what j.cole has to offer from the album when it drops dude your ass can wait u waited even longer on his last album but it's your choice but u are a DUMBASS STUPID LOSER if your no longer a fan of j.cole just cause he push his release date back alittle to make his second album one everyone will love

    • Anonymous

      Damn this nigga jacks off to a J.Cole poster and writes love stories about him on HHDX. GTFOH with this essay shit.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story bro. Tell it again.

  • Anonymous

    Just not feeling cole like I used to smh

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is almost home! 2013 is year of Ja Rule. #TeamJarule

  • dentaldamboy

    This is what he gets for being managed by Roc Nation. JZ doesn't want anyone else to shine. JZ is the biggest snake and the biggest fraud in the game. JZ was never a drug dealer. He never committed any crimes. When JZ was a teen and his mother and sister were starving, he just sat around moping. Other rappers got out there and posted up. Wayne was dealing drugs at the age of 10 to help his mom out. JZ was the first rapper pretending to be a thug. And all of his welfare-recipient fans continue to embrace him. Now let's talk about JZ's sexual orientation. There is no question that he is gay. He is in a relationship with former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson. The two have been living together for years. His marriage to Beyonce is a complete sham. He pays her an annual fee to stay in the marriage. I doubt they have sex, but if they do it's with a strap-on...her strapping it on and giving it to him. We all know the Carter Blue Ivy is actually Big Sean's. JZ is also a proven liar. He lies about his ownership stake in the Nets, in the Standard Hotel, in Roc Nation and many other ventures.

    • Anonymous

      And i think Jay-Z is one of the biggest sell outs ever. But you are a faggot trying to post rumors. Oh reason why he is a sell out to me has nothing to do with money.(well actually it does) I don't see Jay-Z with nobody from his Rocafella days. No Source Money, Jaz-o Sold Dame Dash out when Dash was trying to build independently. Basically no loyalty in him. Also He rather put on clowns like Rick Ross, Young Jeezy(i fucks with him tho) and J-Cole(his aight tho) on instead of hiring some real talent. Im sure its plenty of talent in Brooklyn. Also he could have done better then Bleek. I only agree Jay don't wont no one out shining him. The rest of that is gossip

    • Anonymous

      Yo your whole post is false. Can't believe this dental boy had the nerve to say point out one fact that is incorrect. You whole post is incorrect you fucking troll.

    • dentaldamboy

      Can you point out one fact which is incorrect?

    • Anonymous

      Dude, shut the fuck up. You need to get a life instead of trolling on the Internet.

  • Farrakhan

    Trinidad James is much better artist than j cole. J cole don't have none club bangers. j cole's music listening only niggas with no hoes.

  • Anonymous

    on some real shit, j. Cole needs to interact with his fans more, get on Twitter or some shit. he barely Tweets. I'm not saying get on Twitter and act a fool, but at least Tweet some shit, Tweet your show dates or something. At first I was cool with his not talking to the media/not twitting interacting with the fans thing, but now the shit is played out! Release a mixtape or something! I know COle is just sitting on hella songs, and not releasing them for some reason.

    • Anonymous

      "Nigga wants J-Cole to tweet him, fucking faggot. Fuck outta here. " LOL I can't stop laughing...

    • Anonymous

      Nigga wants J-Cole to tweet him, fucking faggot. Fuck outta here. J-Cole is a smart man for choosing not to tweet. I remember when he said he wasn't going to use twitter no more. His shit is still boring tho and he aight but pretty overrated.

    • ^

      Really? Bullshit. YMCMB are one big publicity stunt?

    • dentaldamboy

      Yea, Cole needs to start some twitter beef to get a buzz going. He's not Wayne or Drake. Waayne and Drake make hits all the time and don't need publicity stunts.

  • 5

    And them comments below has to be from the same nigga.

  • 5

    Figured this anyway... but, whats up with people calling Cole boring? Its like the shit is a trend or some shit, just like its a trend to hate on Lil Wayne. Y'all niggas are wack.

    • Anonymous

      He also seems to follow Drake footsteps to often. His underground shit is not like his album. Its funny tho cause his underground shit is nothing special either. How this dude was hyped up to be the next Nas is beyond me. Dude is aight tho he stays in his lane and follows Drake's lane.

    • Anonymous

      Cause that nigga is boring. I listened to his album for a week. I thought it was good but after that week it become sleeping medication.

  • Anonymous

    no grown men or women listen to this shit.

  • Anonymous

    only horny teenagers listening to this dude's music.

  • kanye fan

    cole one of the most boring rappers, get him outta here

  • Anonymous

    I called this! And also, J cole just needs to switch his flow up. He just sounds like he's whining on the mic, like he's that obnoxious kid with a nopeoleon complex raising his voice. His content is superb, beats dope, but deliver eh...

    • d is retarded

      d... ur retarded

    • Anonymous

      Lyrically its no comparison between Lupe and J-Cole. Cole is average at best nothing special at all about duke, and Lupe is actually one of the nicest niggas on the Mic.

    • haters hate

      man fuck yall haters u know u never liked him u racist puss ass bitches why don't yall go suck on drakes dick and eat shit die u broke ass mother fuckers who do nothing but sit in your moms house still suckin on her tits and nothing but post boring wack ass comments on this site about j. cole that only super blown potheads will listen to look u lame ass j. cole haters are no different then all the other haters that hate drake, lil wayne, Rick Ross, the game, nicki minaj, etc. yall don't do nothing but say the same ass, boring ass, wack ass, medicore hatin ass shit that noone wants to hear just face it j. cole is going to do very well numbers on his second album born sinner when it comes out he will definitely surpass the sideline story u know why ive been listening to his rappers lately whether he was a guess feature or just put out a random single like the cure j. cole is going back to his mixtape roots on this album the raps that got him into the rap game dont fuckin take my word for it stop hating on Cole all your life just listen to his first single from the born sinner album miss America u cant deine it j.cole has been stepping it up lately so i see more gold and platinum plaques for j.cole this year yea what yall got to say to that besides j.cole made 5 million in cash earnings on forbes hip hop cash kings of 2012 money haters like yall will never probably see in your entire life times how sad all that hate for nothing yall just need get wit it cause j.cole going to make way more millions this year its a cole world bitchess so fuck all u haters that hate on j.cole and for all u j.cole fans and dickriders etc. good job for supporting the most talented realist hip hop artist in the game right now straight from Fayetteville north Carolina COLE WORLD 2013 WE GOING TO THE TOP THIS YEAR LOL U KNOW IT YYYYEAH OK WHAT!!!!

    • d

      He's this generations Lupe Fiasco. Some people are going to think he's some crazy good, incredibly conscious rapper. When in reality he's some pretty average MC who has some occasional clever wordplay and some pretty overdone subject matter. Appeals to the casual fans of rap that don't care for mainstream artists.

    • Anonymous

      exactly, he got no charisma and his voice is annoying. his music is a cure for insomnia.

  • Anonymous

    What a shock. A delay. Gives Game more time to go wood.

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