Ar-Ab Comments On Meek Mill vs. Cassidy, Says Meek Was "Telling The Truth" On "Repo"

Ar-Ab says there's no need to involve himself in the battle between Meek Mill and Cassidy.

Roughly a week after Meek Mill fired back at Cassidy with a diss record of his own, titled “Repo,” a former associate of Cassidy’s has come forward to speak on the song. On “Repo,” Meek Mill references Philly rapper Ar-Ab with this particular line: “And your goons ain't riding witcha, they all mad/Cause you ain't never put no food up in AR abs.”

While it has been reported that that particular line from Meek was a jab at Ar-Ab, in a video posted on his YouTube page Ar-Ab revealed that he has no problem with Meek.

“He was talking about me man,” said Ar-Ab in regards to his mention on “Repo.” “I caught a body and I ain’t get nothing from it. A lot of nigga’s on Twitter saying ‘Damn Ab, go at Meek.’ Why? I can’t go at Meek. That’s my homie. He never did nothing to me. He always looked out for me. He put me on the songs.”

Later in the interview, the Philly emcee shared that he served two years for Cassidy and never received a single dollar from the rapper during or after his sentence.

“I don’t have no problem with Cass either. I just got off the phone with Cass. You know what I’m saying? Cass asked me to get involved in that actually,” Ar-Ab explained. “I told Cass, ‘I fought a homicide for you and I ain’t get shit from it.’ Like plain and simple, I’m broke. I came home broke. Two years, Cass never sent me a dollar. You feel what I’m saying? For the whole body, he never did gave me shit. Meek was telling the truth. So it’s like ‘God damn, why should I jump out the window and go at Meek Mill when he a real nigga? He got some real niggas around him.’”

In the nearly 45-minute long video, Ar-Ab further speaks on Cassidy and his peculiar relationship with the rapper.

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  • New music

    meek mill be killin them

  • Anonymous

    Real nigga shit right here.

  • Mike

    How does he talk about how feed a nigga... like hes skinny

  • WOW

    Cass just got exposed WOW "Meeks a street nicca" "Cass just a rapper" Wow

  • Scoobs

    This nigga full of shit. I think because meek mill popping now he tryna suck meek mill dick. Stop saying niggas is ur friend when u talking shit. You tryna get a hype of the situation by talking good about meek and dissing cassidy. you did freestyles with cass stop bitching nigga. I aint see u did shit with meek except for that lil intro. All of a sudden u buddies with meek. Snitch ass nigga. I hope u get locked up again. Meek probably payed you to snitch on the situation. Fuck outta here.

  • Mack

    My dude?!...loose lips is an understatement..(I aint even watch the video)

  • Anonymous


  • Super Nigga

    So why is he still rolling with Cass and his label, then? I mean, doing freestyles and radio shows with him. What's the point, then? C'mon, this dude is just as fake. Now he wants to expose Cass in the middle of the beef.

  • Fuck Idiots

    Ayo Ar-Ab is a dickhead, his mixtape couldnt get a buzz in his own city cause it stinks, so he decides to dick eat one of the hottest rappers out now Meek. My question is this, why now and come out n mention how Cassidy didn't do for you? This is lame, plus what grown ass man waits for another grown ass man to make some money so they can give to you. That's wack.

  • Anonymous

    I am the Top Philly Goon. Now what? Fuk you, Fat Albert!

  • bangbangboogie

    man this dick riding faggot, if it wasn't for cassidy aint nobody would know about this bum ass nigga....foh

  • jojorich

    What kills me is that these dudes get on camera yet claim gangster, real cats, I mean real dudes in the street would never jump on camera spitting nothing real dudes don't even be checking for cameras and the internet. Real street niggas don't jump on the internet and you tube talking bout bodies and selling crack. Shit is corny. WWF. Cats worrying about somebody feeding them, when they should be on grown man shit and feed themselves. Grow up niggas its 2013.

    • jojorich

      As I said, this is clown shit, and you co-signing clown shit. One foot in the street and other on you tube? FOH. Niggas still claiming how many times they got hit up in the street? As if that's validating they gangster. The shit is WWF now.

    • 614grind

      So, AR ain't real? C'mon, bruh. He just tryna get some money. He saw a chance to capitalize on a buzz so he took it.

  • Anonymous

    "well they didnt do a very good job by look at those album sales" I agree. You can't just throw an artist's debut album out hope for the best.

  • Anonymous

    If ur on the internet talking bout u caught a body....u aint kill no one.

  • LoveLife&Music

    Nobody told you to catch a body. He got that shit bag from flapping them gums everywhere. We got alot of niggas like him in the D. They all get popped and the dome for fucking talking to much. DICK SUCKING!! I don't even fuck with cass like that, but i know a dick rider when i see one Keep the street shit to yourself. code of silence my nigga

  • rizzo

    dude is fucked up straight talking lmao, real shit though

  • StankFoot

    A Bunch of Fucking Clowns in a small room! AR AB and his flunkies are some Busters.

  • Twizzy

    people saying Cassidy turned his back on Philly and this idiot AR-AB are idiots. Any artist that gets too big has to get away from that environment and the people in it or wind up the same predicament that Sigel is in. The bigger you get the easier it is to get into trouble over dumb shit if you stay in your hood. If meek is blessed enough to have the run Cass had we will see if he still hangs in the hood. Right now though cassidy proved himself enough and Meek has a way to go before before he can talk about comparing himself to cass musically. He just isnt there yet. #truestory.

  • freetownmkteer

    it obviously a lot of squares and people from wack zones on here. if you affiliate yourself with goons and street dudes regardless of whether a few of them rap, you better feed the wolves or prepare to be extorted and made an example of. Cass should have taken care of his folks especially if they left the street life alone to watch your back, enhance your street image and buss guns for you. a lawyer is the least he could have done. BTW everytime you big your homie up dont mean you riding his dick,Meek Shouted AR out in the song.

  • West illadelph

    AR-AB be talking reckless anyway (about any and everyone) but he stating all facts ...not doing it for a buzz where he from he is really out there. Cassidy stated it up now he gotta deal with the consequences of his actions...Gilly came to his old block with his old hommies and they said he never there (the hustler didn't do anything)...Meek went at it with Joey Jihad, Quilly, and Reed ..when they were better at the time...Ar Ab aint got nothing to lie about he did 2 years and got 200.00 and 10 pairs of AF1's from dude and he held him down ...not right when you driving Bentlys...feed the wolves or it can come back to bite you...real rap

  • Use Colgate Daily...

    In Other Words; "Cassidy is no longer hot so Ima put my lips on Meek sack". Folks listen Cassidy should no better than to jump out the window and start a war when his backyard is dirty az hell. Bad move! But, lets be clear about the facts. The only reason this dude has spoken so royally about Meek is he's hoping Meek will throw him some crumbs off his table. This cat will never sell as an artist he is completely unmarketable. If Cass is your boy why would you air him out like that? One word...PUBLICITY!!! One side of his lips talking greazy, and the other side calling him your boy. If you caught a body, shut up and praise God you out on the streets. Ignant Fucc!!!

  • arthe best

    ar ab will sell when his album drops he is just as hot as cass and meek hes been the truth

  • Anonymous

    "it creates buzz and makes him seem popular" You Tube creates buzz, and last time I checked he was signed to a major whose job it is to promote their artist so his popularity can rise.

  • EASS


    • The Exposer

      my bad this post belongs down on the next post towards DUmb exposer.....

    • The Exposer

      and just in case u aint neva heard of Reading... We a Small ass hood... smaller than Bandlandz in Philly... mind u have these victims were from outta town and got banged on... I fuck with AR he can spit i just dont coincide wiff fraud niggaz...and i put my life on it if he ever came to my hood talking tha rara he be served on the cold bed ASAP... We take that goon word to heart... you cant wear tha Goon Stripez like that where im from wiffout being put to a Goon Test and yeah he got shot but that dont make u a goon nigga just makes him a survivor.... Man let me stop wasting space on here... Red Dot Tru Goon City

  • The Exposer

    Man all ima say is Ar talk that goon shit but he forgot PA shows your record online for free and this nigga been bagged for possessions, auto theft, and bad checks... i mean come on moe besides that cass case he a low life when u really look at it... heres the link: I provide facts so Ar's government is Abdul West and you can google usj portal for PA go to docket sheets then to common pleas court next change docket number to participant name and put the name in.... No fraud no gimmicks just factz..

    • The Exposer

      @DUmb exposer... You an idiot moe.... I aint saying he shouldve pleaded guitly to murders or whateva he pleaded guilty to... What im saying is if a nigga pleading guilty to bad checks and forgery and nutass homo shit like that he admiting he did it... but then he online doing videos and shit bluffing bout he doing Goon Shit!!! Im from Reading PA aka Red Dot City and we kno a thing or to bout goon shit., cashing bad checks is some ole fuck boi shit not ridin goon shit goon niggaz pop off living that spark plug life not cashing bad checks if we out grindin and runnin blockz and shit... troll ass nigga!!!

    • DUmb exposer

      ''LOOK AT WHAT HE HAD PLEADED GUILTY 2?'' Because you really think he'll plead guilty for shit he could do life in prison for? you must be D.u.m.B r some....

    • The Exposer

      I mean look at what he has pleaded guilty to.... Bad checks my nigga forgery come on not goon shit.... sorry... had to expose this fraud

    • Props


  • Anonymous

    Cass a nut dis nigga caught a body for em n he aint have shit for em n he not fuckin wit meek ...meek n AR spit dat real street shit cass just rap it he not even from philly what hood he shout out in any of his raps fakeass nigga

  • Anonymous


  • rico

    Man they looking like Team Get Indicted. Hanging in the Get Indicted Clubhouse. That syrup will make you talk too much and get bipolar homie. And you got 4 kids?.....grow up niggas

  • trav

    man just got shot..he aint tryna get popped again. It's a shame tho, all this murder talk over some rap. 4 kids....get yo life homie.

  • t

    man just got shot..he aint tryna get popped again. It's a shame tho, all this murder talk over some rap.

  • Anonymous

    Reading people's comment's on here makes you realize really fast how fuccin dumb of a world we live in. It's like people are either sucking dick or hating there is no in between. To be real I've told you fuccin idiots from the gate that Cassidy moved away from Philly, turned his back on the city, then Meek got signed, and brought the city back. So who do you think the city is gonna ride for? Meek is young and hungry, Cassidy is a fuccin weirdo who wants attention. Cassidy just said it's on wax, nothing personal because he knows this. And AR-Ab is being asked in an interview he didn't go out his way to mention this for you fucking idiots who keep saying he wants to get paid. You clearly never hung in the hood a day in your life if you don't know what's wrong Cassidy not dropping money on his books. That's fucked up cuz you ride together you die together out here.

    • lmao

      you talkin bout dieing together lmao

    • Anonymous

      LMFAO this comment was so irrelevant no one interviewed he recorded ot himself with his homeboys your basically being what you see in the comments your sucking meek dick and being a hater your not in between lmao. Idiot

    • Anonymous

      aint nobody interviewing ar-ab it was 45 min of him talking about cassidy and meek he definitely went out of his way no one gives a fuck about him otherwise

  • Po

    A-R-AB; u got poison and love coming out ya tongue at the same dan time ....... that bitterness on extra fowl....... smh... comon AB

  • Anonymous

    "and they paid datpiff to lie about the number of downloads" Why would they do that? Makes no sense to pay someone to lie about the # of times a free mixtape got downloaded.


      U little niggas kills me on these hip hop sites...and you also is the reason for the death of hip hop music...Mark my dont really support the music.... +++++++ HOW U SAY THAT & STILL THINK MEEK PUSHED 3M FREE DL'S? ESPECIALLY WHEN U C INTERNS PLAYING TROLLS ON SITES TO BOOST HITS IT AIN'T HATE BUT THINK ABOUT IT IT'S SUSPECT GOOD LUCK PEACE & PROSPERITY 2 MEEK BUT THE MAN BEEN EXPOSED AS BEING A LIAR & CHEAT LOOK @ LANCE ARMSTRONG

    • wow

      Great post OG. Im no MMG fan but MMG was no where on that list and these online clowns still post shit about MMG stealing Datpiff hits. Everything on Datpiff is free downloads you fucking queers. Its different then buying an album. To compare Meek Mills' Datpiff hits to his album sells show you were the heads are on most of these nerds. Straight hating ass haters. I like Meek Mills also(Im 30 years old) but i can't take him for a whole album. Now that screaming you mention i agree Meek Mills shows alot of passion on his shit. I just can't listen to a whole Mixtape or Album of him. I still fucks with him tho.

    • vonnievonn

      Sorry but those downloads are most likely true....some folks loves Meeks music....I know I do..and Im definitely an old head....That screaming he do on wax...that's the sound of a nigga with passion for his craft as far as Im concern.....just because 3mil dl'ed someone's free mixtape don't necessary means they gonna come off the cash to purchase the CD...most you broke ass niggas jumps on all the free music and bootlegs....recession and you niggas stealing folks music = the decline in record sales!!!!! U little niggas kills me on these hip hop sites...and you also is the reason for the death of hip hop music...Mark my dont really support the music....and you hate on every dayum thing people do in the cultural of hip dont see those clear folks hating on country and western shit!!! STOP HATING DUMB SLOW FACE NIGGA...and start supporting the music you like!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      He purposely overlooked the You Tube article about the labels forging views, the Worlstarhiphop debacle over fudging sponsored video views. That is the all seeing oracle Quote-Man bu the way.

    • Anonymous

      it creates buzz and makes him seem popular, then the album comes out and its flop city

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Ar-Ab didn't catch a body, he got off free, what he really meant to say was that he spent two years trying to prove his innocence which he eventually did. Cassidy got charged, AR didn't. I don't care for none of this street shit, I think it is immature that so many young Black males think being a thug is acceptable and getting an education isn't. However, I thought people should know the truth. If he caught a body he would have been in jail, he didn't, AR didn't get convicted of anything. PEACE

    • Look at the nerds go

      You know whats wrong with you nerd niggas, Yall niggas see videos like this and take this shit serious. Whenever you nerds see someone on camera automatically assume that he is acting. This shit in this video is acting. If you nerds understood that and actually hung out in the hood you would understand.

    • Mad typos

      Mad typos but i expect on of you nerds to correct my post like a term paper.

    • Look at the nerds go.

      I think its more immature when one of you nerds come on here attemping to take a crack at street science and you nerds are clueless. You think black kids think its kool to be thugs. Wow. How about the environment black kids grow up in and have no other choice but to be a thug. When both your parents a drug addicts fuck you supposed to do. Also that shit you see on T.V where brothers knock dudes for College is only in movies. I have never in my life seen a black personal diss someone for going to school. But of course as always you nerd niggas come on here speaking about shit yall niggas have no clue about. Brother don't think its cool to be a thug they pretty much have no choice. But you silver spoon as niggas won't ever get that.

  • Anonymous

    nigga no one would know who you are if it wasnt for cassidy shit, i still dont know who you are

  • Anonymous

    This nigga talking about he ain't get no food but looks he could skip a few plates. None of the rap cats he mentioned gave him anything either, yeah he did time for Cass but still hell maybe Cass don't have that kind of money for a grown ass man. He had sponsors ready for the Meek battle not his own, so just like he talks about somebody giving him rocks to feed his family he coulda flipped that $200.

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or do alot of Phillie niggas look alike?

  • PhillyWAy

    This won't get you signed to MMG fuck boi...

  • STanley

    Meek Mill is wack !!! He lost my respect along time ago. But this nigga Ar-Ab Bitching because Cassidy didn't pay his bills? Nigga get a JOB!!!!! Men should only take care of women, not dudes!!

    • Xxxxx

      And men should take care of themselves and stop asking real niggas to get involved in their rap beefs

  • Anonymous

    "3 millions downloads and 250 on sales" You must get immense joy repeating yourself all the time. Those 3 mill downloads were free, so naturally all those freeloaders aren't going to rush out and pay for an album they'll just download as well.

    • Anonymous

      i was quoting the meek mill diss song and they paid datpiff to lie about the number of downloads aint no 3 million people download that weak ass mixtape

  • Anonymous

    i aint sayin this shit aint true but how much meek pay this nigga to drop this?

  • Anonymous

    I tried to tell you internet niggas that Cass dis was weak and that Meek shit would make Cass not be able to show his face. That nigga can only show his face on his block. I'm telling you.

    • TakeOver

      @ Original post says the internet nigga, who is really a whiteboy... haha so casidy cant show his face, cuz you said it? wtf teenagers.....

    • Anonymous

      well who the fuck wants to hang out in the hood in philly anyway thats bum ass broke nigga shit

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    ar-ab cant rhyme worth shit thats why he doing the goon shit...

  • TheseNiggasClowns

    This dude is a clown. Saying Cass your mane but then putting it out there that he raped someone. Then ratting on your self by saying you caught the body. SMH. How much Meek pay this clown to make this long ass video?

    • Anonymous

      Cass just had is character assassinated and can't do a damn thing about it. So now. Who's the F'n clown. Clown.

  • Anonymous

    if you ever paid attention to the philly rap game from long ago ar-ab always was kool wit em both but he was signed to full surface record label. It was always known that meek was a lil nigga from the hood. Ar-ab been a street goon n got history in the county. We dont kno anything about cassidy before battle rappin. Real niggaz kno that when ar say cassidy is his homie he mean it the same way wit meek. He was cool wit cass because he signed him, but he knew he aint expect him to bang. he atleast expected him to hold it down. N after it all boiled down cass was still claiming the body as if he was the shooter. Real niggaz dont do that, u see now he stray from talkin bout it now

  • Anonymous

    45 minutes long? Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • Drew

    This shit jus goes to show how many fools n cowards we got in this world. First off u cant incriminate urself if that body is already accounted 4...... So he cant b snitchin on himself dickheads. he beat the case already, self defense. If someone caught a body for u and was basically ur shooter n he gets locked up along with u for the body he caught for u in front of ur house guarding your fort while u was inside. You get off months later because you got lawyer money and most of all u wasnt the shooter. Ur shooter aint got no lawyer money. A real nigga aint gon have his shooter's mother, sister, aunt, and grand mother pay his lawyer fees. A real nigga gon foot da bill n make sure when his shooter come home he good. Jus real nigga shit, RNS

    • Anonymous

      That ain't AR-AB. But that's a real nigga. That's the rules. You break em and you have your man or younging testifying against you months later. Go read the Maurice Phillips story. Dude got 11 million in the stash and wouldn't pay his own cousin 5k for a 10k hit he owed him for or pay for his lawyer on another case. His cousin rolled right over on him.

    • Anonymous

      ar-ab is that you?

  • Anonymous

    Lota of Cass dick riders on this site. SMH

  • Anonymous

    Lota of Cass rick riders on this site. SMH


    cass never sent you a dollar or he gave you $200 which one is it man...

  • Anonymous

    "IS A COMPLETE LOOSER COMPLAINING ABOUT NOT BEING FED BY ANOTHER GROWN MAN" If him and Cass were close, why not throw a few dollars his way?

    • Xxxx

      Well if you don't want to feed the hood then don't ask the hood to protect you

    • Anonymous

      nigga acting like cassidy is jay-z or something he probably barely feeding his own family off music and now hes supposed to feed the whole hood too?

  • Anonymous

    "And Cassidy is a better rapper then you bruhh" So much better in fact he doesn't have anything poppin off right now except trying to bait Meek Mill into a battle.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what kinda nigga brags about getting shot 13 times and having to shit in a bag?

  • Moe

    lol. I thought it was common knowledge Cassidy wasn't a street nigga. But people dont care about that people care about the music. And Cassidy is a better rapper then you bruhh, what does you being the "top goon in philly" mean too me? Niggas dont care man we just want to see Meek and Cass rap battle all that extra shit about him not feeding you and him not being from the streets, I could care less.

  • dachosenone

    i cant believe that ugly fat boy ar-ab is donig my boy cassidy so much dirt. damn ar-ab is a fake sell out bitch. meek dont give shit about u ar-ab niggas will always use ur bitch ass t oget favours like what meek do to you. cassidy gonnna crush u. only non shooter shot u 10 times and u still alive bitch nigga. yeah am a nigga too.

  • Anonymous

    3 millions downloads and 250 on sales Now I aint saying im a brainiac but that shit sounds like you cheated Meek

  • Anonymous

    and chubby jag was telling the truth on worst nightmare who the fuck wants to watch a 43 minute video of this dude whining about cassidy not paying his bills keep saying cassidy is your man right after you diss him,

  • dachosenone

    ar-ab is a straight up bitch meek mill paid ur sell out fat ass bitch cassidy is the man u telling on cass like a real snitchnigga

  • dentaldamboy

    This guy is openly admitting to murder? What a moron. Who snitches on themselves!

    • Anonymous

      Double Jeopardy, he already went to trial on that, they cannot convict him for the same crime he went to trial on. He could get on the internet and say he shot the dude in his mouth and dumped the body in the river and there is nothing they can do.

    • realtalk

      loool i was thinking the same thing. what a fucking idiot. yea u might have beat the case but you just told on yourself. the da gets a hold of this its a wrap lol

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