Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Celebrate The New Year In Las Vegas

As news of the pregnancy simmers, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrate the new year together in Las Vegas.

This is sure to be an eventful year for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The two recently announced that they are expecting a child, news that made headlines in various outlets. The two celebrated the news and the new year in Las Vegas and footage of their celebration has been released. 

The footage shows West and Kardashian dancing along to West's hits in the club. Hits played in the clip include "Mercy" and "Niggas in Paris." His song, "Celebration," was also played as the clock struck midnight and Kardashian wished the crowd a "Happy New Year" with 'Ye by her side. 

While she did not mention her pregnancy specifically, Kardashian did express joy for what is to come in the new year. 

"We couldn't be more excited," she explained. "It's a new year, new beginnings. It's going to be a really fun year. I feel really content, calm and happy. I think it's gonna be amazing year and I wish that for everyone." 

The footage can be seen below, courtesy of 1 OAK Las Vegas. 

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  • TeeFuckingHee

    This bitch is stupid. Kanye thinks he's ugly and wanted to have a baby with this bitch so it would be pretty. Both of them have problems and her pussy wore out only opens for money. She told this nigga to move out of the picture in the beginning. The fuck? THAT'S YO' BABY DADDY BITCH, FUCK YO' BRAND!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Her MOM Kris Jenner is a BRILLANT businesswoman/manager" Bruce would disagree with this assessment.

  • Anonymous

    i can't wait when they break up lol. kanye probably gettin' suicidal again plus that whore kim going after his money #BirdmanHandrub

  • Anonymous

    rich people lifes are so easy. they just fuck and enjoying only finest, luxurious things in life.

  • Beez

    It IS possible they are actually in love..possible. People getting all worked up- let it be- and live your life! I just hoep she didn't have any drinks...Welch's sparkling cider!!

  • FYI Kanye

    Dear Kanye, You do know that .... In the state of California Kim can get half of what u own even if u are not married when u guys break up right?? U dont have to be the wife to get hald in Cali and her mom/manager will make sure she gets HALF if u dont make her sign a pre up I know Kim has her own money but she dont have KANYE money.... she willl get HALF when u break up in 5 yrs or so. Kim will also get child support b/c they will make u look unstable when the break up happes .... so that is HALF + CHILD SUPPORT I ain't sayin she a golddigger ... but she dont date no broke n....s. Her MOM Kris Jenner is a BRILLANT businesswoman/manager.... she will take all of ur money when the break up happens.... dont comeback "home" either.... since u love "them" so much.

  • Anonymous

    kanye having kid with dirty whore. lol

  • Anonymous

    kanye lost his mind it's official.

  • Anonymous

    And why is this news?

  • Anonymous

    KK probably drank like crazy forgetting she was pregnant and responsible for something other than her clothing line.

    • shh

      I MUST BE "PSYCHIC"....WHERE IS LATOYA JACKSON?.....*smile KANYE IS GOING TO BE A FATHER... NEXT...ey3 think "YEEZY" is going to be a huge "FILM DIRECTOR" THE HUGE QUESTION???>.. WILL THERE BE A "CRUEL WINTER"?????...if so.. CRUEL WINTER VS GK,MC KANYE WEST VS KENDRICK LAMAR 2013 KEEF had his first huge battle with TIP.... #2 RAP ALBUM at the age of 17..is "ICONIC" ey3 WILL BUY "FINALLY FAMOUS" DON'T LIKE is a HUGE FIRE 13/13 song for THE SWAGZ! SHORT DAWG THUG LYFE..and YOUNG MONEY co-sign.. SBT a huge DEVO LIL B..THE SWAG MC!....SWAG SWAG SWAG = THE NEW BLING BLING!....*smile...TR3Y DAWG!...999

  • Hugh Hefner

    Can't turn a hoe into a House Wife - Thought Dre and Kurupt taught you that

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      So what? She's had lots of sex, and on camera. I bet Kanye has too. There's a double standard against women. Who gives a fuck what other people think. If they're happy, then good, that's their business.



  • Anonymous

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