Kendrick Lamar Explains Why He Avoids Music Disputes

Kendrick Lamar discusses the pitfalls of rap beef and explains why he avoids it.

Even though Shyne gave him more than enough reason to retaliate, Kendrick Lamar turned the other cheek after the former Bad Boy went out on a limb to call his Aftermath debut good kid, m.A.A.d city "trash." Now, in a recent interview with Acclaim Magazine, the Compton upstart discusses why he abstains from rap beef.

K. Dot explained that while he understands the effectiveness of beef as a marketing tool, he makes sure to avoid engaging in feuds with other emcees. He said that he prefers to let the quality of his music dictate his legacy, not his actions against detractors.

"I mean it’s the entertainment business, you can never forget that, so I don’t knock other people’s strategies to keep themselves relevant, I just comprehend that the music comes first and always speaks first, no matter what you do," he said. "You can say the most outlandish thing but if you drop a record the next day and it’s trash now you’re just a popular person. I don’t just wanna be a popular person, I want my music to always live because that’s what’s gonna drive your legacy. You can be the most popular person on the planet. There’s a lot of artists that are way more popular than Kendrick Lamar, but when it’s time for their album to drop and that week is up or that year is up and the reception from that album is not as critically strong as good kid, m.A.A.d city, it shows…I just let the music speak. I don’t get into all the crazy shenanigans of the business. I let the music speak and at the end of the day that always stands."

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  • Emily G

    Glad Kendrick understands why beef is basically pointless. Probably why he is liked by so many. Speaking of, I found this remix of "B!tch Don't Kill My Vibe" by Watch The Duck Anyone else have a good K. Dot remix they can direct me to?

  • Anonymous

    "they dont give out platinum plaques for total albums sold" They also don't give plaques to repretitive haters. Total album sales say alot about an artist's complete body of work. Notice I said COMPLETE. Anybody can look at one album and say oh that flopped, but if a dude's gone gold 3 times, then he's not in it for the plaques. He's in it for the end result which is respect.

  • Anonymous

    Keep avoiding beefs cause you know even Chief Keef can rap circles around you.

  • Anonymous

    Its a shame how these niggas on this site report every little thing K-Dot says and yall cornball online niggas eat that shit up. So many cornball comments i don't even know where to start with you corns. I fucks with Kendrick and i fucks with TDE but this shit is getting crazy. This nigga says who his favorite album is it becomes an article. This nigga takes a shit in public it comes out green you niggas eat that shit up. Now he tells you he doesn't get into rap beef and online cornball niggas praise that shit. Drake said the same shit last year you fucking geeks.

    • Anonymous

      oh yeah i didn't read the article. If you want to call this an article fuck kind of reporting that is. But you clowns make me laugh with yall comments.

    • Anonymous

      No actually i click the article to get entertain by you nerd online niggas. I have to say you geeks always surprise me.

    • Take Over

      Yet you still clicked the article and read it, so what does that tell you?

  • Anonymous

    "stopped selling at around 440k, ross has no platinum alums and never will" Total album sales in the low millions. Two platinum singles. Will have another album out in 2013. Hate on hater.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga looks like Captain Olimar from Pikmin in that photo

  • Anonymous

    In 24 hours, Kendrick will explain why he doesn't swim after eating at Chevy's.

  • bkstylz

    Okay but every great rapper has had a wax battle to endure. Just sayin. It is a part of the music and has been since the beginning.

  • The_Observer

    hahah Kendrick throwing subliminal smart shots @ Shyne and 50 Cent (the King of starting beefs just to stay relevant) Grown Man Talk Kendrick

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    Beef does nothing but harm.....look at 40 glock and the game or whomever. Just make good music!

  • Rick Ross

    Niggaz talkin bout how Kendrick sellin the most this yr is crazy talk "God Forgives, I dont" multi platinum n still sellin worldwide MMG BOSS

  • Anonymous

    Now that's the God's Honest Truth!

  • Mortis

    Hard to beef when Dr Dre fucks your ass and makes you queef

  • Anonymous

    beef is 4 weak rappers, get that paper kendrick

  • Anonymous

    atleast one rapper that hasnt grown up instead of 50 cent, game etc.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick grew up beside dre dre's breeding rappers

  • Anonymous

    comes power comes great responsibility time for kendrick to bring hiphop back to its roots bitch dont kill my vibe should be illegal

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Recalls The First Time He Gave Head To Dr. Dre

  • Anonymous

    Notice how he dissed Shyne without ever actually saying it. "other peoples strategies to keep themselves relevant" He's basically saying Shyne is a nobody, and he's using this diss to get himself attention. Shyne is a nobody, he's gotten more attention for his comments then any record he put out this year. But, at the end of the day, anybody willing to listen to Shyne knows the following: he sucks, and his music can't touch K.Dot's. Shyne needs to realize that freedom of speech doesn't mean that you can't get criticized for saying the things you say. He can have an opinion, but we can all agree that it's wrong, very wrong

  • Anonymous

    He didn't turn the other cheek though lol... Dump'n?

    • Folarin

      dump'n wasnt really a diss it wass just a track to celebrate how wavy his album was and all the sales it made while doin that shit he made everyone laugh at dat fuck nigga shyne for talkin dat dum shit "ya pray to god this week i be puttin up bombs,i pray to god this beat is good enough for shyne, If not j.cole ya shit is traaash ,well atleast my opinion juss made everyone laugh" -K.lamar

  • StankFoot

    Rap Beefs are for Pussies! Only Pussies Diss and make baseless threats from afar!

  • Anonymous

    Rap Beef is gayer then 2 men having sex with each other. Rap Beef is gayer then Elton John singinging "Here comes the bride" at Boy George & Frank Oceans wedding. If you got beef with somebody, meet up somewhere and fight it out, then shut the fuck up...... Anything else makes you an attention whore who can't get people to pay attention to your music without a name in your mouth.

  • Anonymous

    it all comes down to peer pressure and popularity reason why he got so popular

  • d-nucks

    this sounds well and good.....but the game don't change just the players....somebody is going to test Kendrick...its the nature of the buisness...somebody is going to come along and go at him...cuase of his succcess...he is quickly moving to become one of the top dawgs in the industry...somebody is going to diss him to the point where he will have to respond....diss him alot worse than shyne. eminem, jay-z, nas, pac, big,TI, ludacris, wayne, drake, nicki....all have been tested or dissed to the point they had to won't be any different for Kendrick

  • Anonymous

    this guy has more brains than the entire hip hop industry put together

  • CN

    "My uncle doing life inside prison, he wasn't wrapped too tight He told me to rap about life, not rap niggas" Says it all.

    • Vern

      Word. Fools acting like this is new from Kendrick. He's said things like this in multiple songs prior to GKMC when he was still coming up. He just being real and being passionate bout his music n not taking it for granted since it helped him get his ass out of CPT. And if you real you can respect that.

  • Anonymous

    Success really got to this nigga's head.

  • Rita

    I made a few typos there, but I think everyone gets what I'm trying to say.

  • Rita

    Not for nothing but Shyne was deported upon his release from jail for taking shooting up a bunch of people for no real reason. Protecting Punk P Diddy who has been living the life & giving a damn about him. I am not a huge rap fan period but I do like Kendrick's music & I think he is very good lyricist. I also agree with him that rappers create talk ish about each other to stay relevant. Example, 50 Cent. He makes good money @ all his other ventures outside of rap & all I hear is him beefing with other rappers. Grow up!! It was never like this when rap was at its height in the 80s. It's supposed to be fun & entertaining. The beefs should have died w/Tupac & Biggie. I applaud Kendrick for being a sensible man & not engaging a nobody in a war with words. Shyne need to drop something hot in order to be relevant, no one cares that he is living the life of a Black Jew now. He gave us his career to be a thug a long time ago & if you google him & do some research on his family, he surely wasn't raised that way! One!!

    • Anonymous

      any cornball who say i am not a hugh rap fan shouldn't be on a rap blog posting comments.

    • Anonymous

      Idiots...Fiddy only responds to beef?He never starts it for promotion?T.I,Wayne,Fat Joe,Kanye,Hov...I can go on with rappers he had to diss to stay relevant cause sucka ass bitch stans like y'all salivate for his ignorance...morons

    • OoNo

      50 reacts to sukas trying to call him out. Other niggahs do it to be relevant.

    • Anonymous

      you got it twisted with 50 cent other rappers beef with him to make themselves relevant, he just responds so as to not look like a punk

    • Clown sit down

      Shyne's father was an attorney in Belize, who never paid child support to Shyne's mother. His siblings by his father's second wife lived the good life in Belize, while Shyne grew up in the ghettos of New York City. He got shot in the shoulder at the age of 15 and watched as his friend died next to him. Maybe you should do a better research, Clown.

  • Anonymous

    obviously he's a scared sucka MC..battling is essential to rap

  • Hip Hop please

    I can enjoy a good MC battle, but I get his point on this one

  • Anonymous

    Kendrrick a real nigga. gkmd modern time classic

  • Never defend a Twerp

    Sounds like he dissing Game, by saying that other rappers use beef to remain relevant. He is so ungrateful.

    • Anonymous

      Hay last annoymous Game litterally put K-Dot on. See when you nerd niggas don't know shit yall say shit that makes no sense.

    • Anonymous

      ungrateful for what? wtf has game ever done for kendrick other than ride his dick?

    • Anonymous

      The difference is that Game is still putting out albums, Shyne is dropping diss tracks only to remain relevant. Game is just outspoken and will always try to call people out, that's not really his way of remaining relevant cause he's been doing it his whole career.

    • Anonymous

      game does the same thing and since he didn't single anyone out by name, he talking about every rapper, who uses beef to stay relevant. it's just his cowardly way of dissing.

    • Anonymous

      get the fuck outta here ! he was talkin bout shyne who tries to keep his name relevant makin dumb statements on the news than dropin some substantial music

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    Im Not A Fan! But I Respect Kendrick's His Perspective!!! #Salute

  • Mike Balls

    I'm far from a fan of Kendrick, his tracks don't do a lot for me. However he does seem to be one of the few rappers out there with some integrity.

  • dc sptta

    somebody sound scared to me shyne straight dissrespect you and you dont respond bitch made

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