Z-Ro Asked About Leaving Rap-A-Lot Records, Confirms More Mya Collaborations

Exclusive: The former Rap-A-Lot artist was tight-lipped about his departure, but talks about his career progression and also announces new collaborative project with Chris Ward.

2013 marks the 15-year anniversary of Z-Ro’s debut album, Look What You Did To Me and since then, the Houston native has gone on to release 15 more projects.

“I keep it moving all the time,” Z-Ro told HipHopDX this month.

Hustle doesn’t begin to describe his work ethic and 2013 won’t be any different as Z-Ro plans to drop a mixtape first, then an album followed by a collaborative project with onetime Boss Hogg Outlawz member Chris Ward.

“I’m about to release another mixtape by the name of Luther Vandross Sings The Blues,” he says. “Me and Chris Ward got a record scheduled to come out entitled Way Too Fly and Way Too High so there’s a lot of stuff going on for 2013 so I think all of my fans will be satisfied.”

If that wasn’t enough, Z-Ro said he’s working on a record with Mya that may be included in one of his upcoming projects. The pair previously worked together on Ro's 2008 album, Crack.

Also making news recently with the Guerrilla Maab member was the ending of his contract under his longtime label, Rap-A-Lot Records - as formally confirmed by Ro's publicist, Lisa Jackson. When asked about why he ended his stint with the legendary record label, Z-Ro wouldn’t go into specifics. J. Prince's imprint released Angel Dust under Z-Ro's name on October 2 of this year, an album that appeared on the Top 200 of the Soundscan charts. Between 2004 and 2012, Z-Ro released eight albums on the label famous for releases by Geto Boys, Bun B and Scarface.

Also asked about his relationship with longtime partner, former label-mate and Maab member Trae tha Truth, Z-Ro refused to speak in detail.

“I’ve got a relationship with Z-Ro right now, I’ve got a relationship with me and I’m doing my thing right now so that’s about that.”

Consistency has always been a trademark of the veteran Southern rapper and he’ll keep it going until the demand for his records runs out.

“Really it’s just the same thing, it’s just I’m continuing to do what I did from day one, which is feeding my fans the music that they want to hear so ain’t nothing really change but the time in music and the year,” he said. “I’m exactly where I want to be. I’m living my life and I’m having fun and still do what I got to do to live a leisurely lifestyle.”

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  • Anonymous

    Sucks he not fuckin wit Trae no more. Trae dope and Z ro dope, togehter they doper

  • Kian

    Some of you people talk too much bullshit. Talking about "If he did this and this, he would be worldwide" And talking about talent too.. He was named one of America's most underrated rappers by the New York Times. This doesn't make him - BUT remember you can't discuss who the best rapper. Some like Ro, some like T-Pain.. Shit happens. Shieet, another thing is that Z-Ro IS worldwide, but I don't even think nigga trying to be. If he would, he'd just be leaving Texas and doing concerts other places. But I guess he just hold it down for the "city". Last thing, people talking about Ro putting too much struggle and stress in his lyrics. He's doing his thing, not yours. If it's his reality, then let it be. I call it realism. Why should he do "happy rap" all day long, cause that's what YOU want.. Silly ass, find another rapper then. I've been listening to this music for years, and yes I can have a depressive ass mind, but I'm good. It doesn't ruin my life. It makes me see the world more clearly. Here is some music/lyrics, that you can actually use for something. Straight therapy! Real recognize real.. Enough said

    • raushaun

      Was in Amsterdam in July 2012 and Zro is definitely worldwide as the hustlers over there swear by him and Trae.

    • Kian

      Your both right. Z-Ro's music had a huge impact on my life. Shieet, he even made me realize, maybe I should go one deep on this hoe for life. Too much fakeness around these days. Matter of fact, I'm going to the Philippines for an internship in a juvenile prison with young killers and shit. I'm bringing Z-Ro with me, on my iPhone, so I can drop some knowledge on these young kids! This shit might help them out too. I'm from Denmark (Europe), so who the fuck talking about Z-Ro no worldwide? Here's a guy who did nothing to be worldwide and still getting his wisdom spread all over the world. Preach Rother!

    • Anonymous

      A lot of this woulda coulda shoulda stuff is a copout for not being loyal to the artist they gas up, they see him as less disposable so they'll give him a greater amount of excuses of what he could of done, as though that's doing a service to the artist itself.

    • Anonymous

      Love it, and fuck 'em

  • Anonymous

    Z-Ro looks bad as if he has bad breath, zero clothing style, and no bitches. No wonder he so unhappy....

  • Anonymous

    Sign to Rap Alot and get robbed. Z-Ro has to diversify his album content, he cannot possibly be that depressed. There's a good day hidden some where in his crappy life, he should write about it. This whole article is depressing, a manic depressant being fucked over for 8 years by the shadiest label in rap.....

  • Anonymous

    "Skills nearly have nothing to do with popularity" Listen to 10 Z Ro songs in a row. They all sound the same. Every album has some drug theme that also limits his appeal. Obviously he's popular with a small set of people, but so is Paul Wall, but that doesn't really mean shit now does it.

    • texas made

      ro talks about whats really happening in the world. while yall are being blinded by mainstream music, ro is speaking he truth. like my homie from denmark said he helps you through a struggle. he tell you about a problem then later in the song he will tell you how to maintain and keep going. he is like the only person that puts there true emotions into music. so fuck yall hater.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing is right about what you said. He just started doing "drug" albums lately and the main reason was because Rap A Lot was fuckin him over, those were just being thrown out there to finish the contract. And yeah, that doesn't mean shit because skilss=/= popularity. You think Flo Rida is a skilled rapper?

  • Keep Z Alive...

    Why is a legend, King of The South(fucc ti), respected worldwide by the name of ScareFace broke. C'mon J, Face should be set fo life and he struggling. There is something bad about JP. Ro been loyal to Rap-A-Lot and I cant believe the label allowing him to walk.

  • Keep Z Alive...

    I hope this dude can get a deal with somebody who will push him properly. There is nobody realer in hip hop. Also, nobody can sing and rap like him. He's a real singer not that r&b Drake and Ray J shit. I do think Z-ro can be too dark at times, but he's nice and got his own style. Maybe Z should get at Irv, Timbaland, Swiss or Dre and see if they can make some calls. He's too talented to be wasting away...smh, just like Young Dro they need the right push. Whatever happen to Dro??? Damn!!!

  • j

    'that syrup. that codeine. that promethazine. got a playa on permanent lean.' only if z-ro could get off the stuff and clean himself up: getting clean in the dirty south.

    • texas made

      drank aint doing shit but making him fat. nothing can take ro motivation away. he just dont want to siggn to a label when he can do it himself and get all the profit.


    RO shouldve left rap-alot 5years ago lol YUK tried to warn these ni99as but they didnt listen #Jprince is a snake make no mistake about he's been robbing scarface for ova 20yrs!!!! prince could less as he's robbing his boxers now

  • Go Girl Music

    Always liked Z-ro...... Go Girl Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgSIsJyy2jo&feature=channel_video_title

  • Anonymous

    J. Prince ain't no snake cause Lil Wayne still fucking with him after all these times. If Wayne fucks with somebody you best believe they ain't no snakes.

  • Anonymous

    "So you think Z-Ro doesn't have skills???" I said he had so so skills. Can't you read?

    • Anonymous

      Your girl has so-so skills. Z-Ro is one of the GOAT whether you like it or not.

    • Anonymous

      Skills nearly have nothing to do with popularity. Making music is one thing, pushing it is another. That being said, technically Z-ro has lots of skills just not lyrics. You'd be hard-pressed to find another rapper that makes better hooks, can sing, rap at all speeds, switch his flow up multiple ways, unique rhyme schemes, etc. You're just not gonna hear no triple entendre listening to him.

  • Anonymous

    Does Z-Ro and Trae really have beef?? Didn't even realize that.

  • Z-Ro AKA Best Nigga That Ever Existed

    If you hate this nigga just watch that video of the whole crowd reciting his freestyle and shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    rap is so cool i watch world star every day hoping it make me gangsta

  • wouzi

    i fucks with z-ro havey. z-ro king of the ghetto/crooked/mo city don

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Rap-A-Lot never put no real money behind this dude. He should be world wide by now. Stay up Z.

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