Shawty Lo's "All My Babies' Mamas" Reality Show Faces Boycott

Shawty Lo faces "All My Babies' Mamas" backlash, including a petition calling for the show's cancellation.

Shawty Lo’s new reality show, All My Babies’ Mamas, has yet to receive an airdate and already the show has garnered a tremendous amount of negative criticism. So much so that according to MTV News a petition has been created calling for the cancellation of Shawty Lo’s show which is expected to air on Oxygen sometime next year.

The petition, created by Sabrina Lamb, calls for the cancellation of All My Babies' Mamas and also “all programming which demeans black children, girls/women and stereotypes black men.”

Created last week via, the petition is roughly 150 signatures short of its goal of 2,500 signatures and is fast approaching that mark.

News of the former D4L member’s reality show debut came last week via a pilot video and an official press release from Oxygen. The pilot video for All My Babies’ Mamas has since been removed.

According to Oxygen, the show will depict “the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas, and their army of children.”

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  • kacey

    Such a disgusting piece of S***! I feel so sorry for his 11 children.. let alone "all his babies mama's" grosssss. eww. so gross.

  • anon

    We gotta get our shit together.

  • mayla

    I hope this boycott works because this is a truly despicable show. Heck, when I first heard word about it from a few DISH coworkers, I thought they were kidding! I still wish that they were kidding, especially since I already know that my roommate is going to eat this show up. He loves every reality series out there, especially trashy ones like this and Honey Boo Boo. I wouldve had to pack my bags ages ago if I didnt upgrade our DVR to DISHs Hopper. Since it has three independent tuners, I can watch whatever I want while he gets his reality TV fix, which spares me the dread of watching this stuff.


    So disgraceful to the community, ATL's biggest loser for real.

  • Anonymous

    but these the same idiots watch basketball wives, and real housewives..

    • Anonymous

      All My Babies' Mamas exploits parents and children (emphasis on children) while Basketball wives and Real Housewives of... only exploits women.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga must be a Satan goon or something. You just don't fuck 11 eleven bitches and get away without HIV.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    I am so sick and tired of Ghetto Blacks embarrassing a whole race. I hope this show gets cancelled. You would think with his success he would have left that ignorant, hood mentality behind but obviously not. F*cking Coon.

  • Anonymous

    it aint no wonder this nicca got aids

  • Fuck Atlanta

    Don't this nigga have AIDS??? I mean damn...

  • Eric T

    T.i. got baby mamas and a gang of kids too.The only difference is he's not ghetto and he raises his kids properly and talks proper.That's the only difference I see between Shawty Lo and T.i's reality show.

  • Rob

    I agree.If you cancel 1 you have to cancel all of these these degrading shows.At the same time even though Shawty Lo's show might seem like it's ignorant it's a reality.There's 100's of Shawty Lo's in the ghetto right now.I just think that in this day and age there's no balance.There's no variety anymore.Everything is based off of being immoral,disrespectful,having no class,no values etc. and they promote it to our children.Back in the day you had a variety of music on the radio and a variety of shows on t.v. whether it was negative or positive.

  • Go Girl Music

    lol knew that was comin.......Go Girl Music

  • Anonymous

    I would say boycott it but this society is a lost cause as it is so what's the difference??? Your gonna cancel this and leave on "Love & Hip Hop" or that MTV show about pregnant 16 year old girls, or let 12 year old girls worship mindless diva's with fake asses & No talent??...... This whole society is morally bankrupt and cancelling one show aint gonna change that, best to be optimistic and hope the 2% of this generation that has some sense will see this show and be like "Dear lord dont let me wind up like this idiot"

  • Anonymous

    The chix are just as ignorant...television has and is ignorant...a boycott will not and has not ceased the madness...these women prolly upset at the boycott...they want they 15mins of shame too...

  • Anonymous

    "but what does that say about t.i. if a guy that never had half the success he did lives next door" Houses go for the low in the and believe this nigga ain't on the same planet as TIP when it comes to $$$...this dumass show should be a prime example of this..

  • Anonymous

    "but what does that say about t.i. if a guy that never had half the success he did lives next door" Tip's wife babysits alot.

  • acidrap

    LOL @this whisperin-ass nigga! This show look good.I cant believe he got all them mouths to feed.I hope he getting that G-unit money cause I don't think this nigga even got a album out!

  • Heffe Christ

    People act like this isn't going on in every hood. They should let the show air so dudes can learn a lesson "dont be like this ninja". These chicks can learn from this show also. They didn't petition all those other reality shows and it is the the viewers that's at fault they keep watching all this B.S. Its Supply & Demand.

  • Anonymous

    This show may help teach these deadbeat dads out here, that's it's ok to be cool with all your baby mamas and provide financially.

  • Anonymous

    rap could be putting people in jail have friends that have been there and agree listen to positive rap

    • Anonymous

      If you listen to a song about killing people and it actually makes you wanna go out and kill somebody, then something's totally wrong with you.

    • True talk

      Positive rap keeps me grounded when I'm feeling negative, so I can only imagine what negative rap does to some people when they're having a bad day.

  • brollya

    they be havin all des other reality shows wen bitches fightin and basketball wives and dumb bitches walkin around jersey shore showin they ass and tities and mary mary gettin pregnant every year, jackass and all dat other shit but soon as a real nigga wanna put somethin together, they tryna cancel it... oxygen some weak ass niggaz too if they let some lames make dem cancel da show

    • MalcolmLittle

      Jackasses, she IS part owner. She started it with a Nickelodeon exec and the Carsey-Warner cats that produced half the hot TV shows back in the day. Look it up if you don't believe me. She might not be the only owner, but sayin she has no idea about it only shows who the true dumbass really is.

    • Anonymous

      thats the second dumbass who thought oxygen was owned by oprah

    • dumbass

      dumbass Oprah's shit OWN OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK, OPRAH doesn't have an idea about this trash Oxygen smfh.

    • Big Dan

      You do have a point. I watched a couple of episodes of hip hop atl or whatever it's called and the ghettoness is too much, but they should all be cancelled, not kept and promoted. I have not seen this show yet, so I don't want to knock it, but commonon. a show about a dude with multiple kids with different mothers, probably not doing much to take care of all of them and this is what Oprah Winfrey of all people wants to put on her network. Common Oprah, I know the network is hurting, but this won't do it and putting a whole mess of ghetto shows drives away quality advertisers and you still hurting. This is not what you spent the last 30 years working towards. Cancel the show and MTV/VHI, please don't pick up this nonsense.

  • Reality Show

    Instead of this show, they should make a reality show about the lives of some of the Mormon polygamists in Mexico.

  • Anonymous

    Start a reality show about what a shitty father you are.

  • wouzi

    thank God for cancelling his show. this nigga is a disgrace to the black community and how can he date 19 year old? his son is older than his girl friend + she's his daughters age group. i dont like ignorant niggas

  • Anonymous

    Ignorance at its most vile

  • Anonymous

    thank god. If i can sign this petition, I will. This show is fuckin stupid & so is about 95% of all reality shows. Firs, they arent actually reality cuz that shits scripted & two, it makes the younger generation dumb as hell & contributes to idiotic behaviour becuz these young teens think that these shows are actually reality...Cancel this dumb shit

  • Mike Balls

    This guy should work on his career by putting out some decent music and doing shows or failing that, get a proper job to support his kids. To me he's scum by wanting parading his children around on TV surely only to be ridiculed by the press and general public, just so he can get paid..

    • Anonymous

      he got 11 kids, theres not a lot of jobs this man is qualified to do that will allow him to feed that many mouhts so reality tv is probably his best bet

    • Anonymous

      Best point made in this whole comments section. He is putting his kids on display for personal gain. THAT is a scum-ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    shawty lo is good money wise go ask about him in bankhead

  • OUCH!

    Let him be, after T.I. Destroyed his carrer he needs to get money elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Shawty needs to make some money to feed his army. Let the man be.

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