Tyga Ordered To Pay $16,000 Credit Card Bill

Tyga has to pay up after missing his court date.

A judge has entered a default judgment against Tyga after the rapper failed to show in court.

TMZ reports that accountant Robert Seltzer claims that he and Tyga had an oral agreement in 2011 in which the Young Money rapper could use Seltzer's credit card to charge various expenses monthly while touring, and pay him back at the end of the month.

Apparently, Tyga never paid a sum of up to $13,396, plus interest.

Tyga reportedly paid some of the cash back.

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  • Anonymous

    "RACK CITY IS SO COOL" It's so not but thanks for your awesome opinion. It made Tyga feel that much more gangsta.



  • acidrap

    LOL@ this clown ass nigga! Do people really bump this kid?!

  • Born in 86

    He should have saved the Hundreds he was throwing on "Rack city" chick and used it to pay up his Debt !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    rack city indeed bitch

  • dentaldamboy

    Where were all of your YMCMB haters when Common had an investment property in Chicago foreclosed on? Bob Seltzer is a complete scumbag. He's ripped Tyga off for way more than $15k. Don't know why he even bothered filing this lawsuit give how he has bilked Tyga in the past. I always tell Tyga to have a large accounting firm to manage his expenses and to file his taxes.

    • Anonymous

      all I read from this comment was the sound of choking on cock

    • Anonymous

      for one thing common raps about more than just how much money he has and cars and bitches, and that property was never foreclosed, they handled their business unlike tyga

  • Anonymous

    He paid how much back, five bucks? lol

  • Anonymous

    damn does this kid not have his own credit card or what? maybe his credit is so bad they wont give him one everything he pretends is his is either rented or owned by his label

    • Big Dan

      He's already an entertainer, why the hell does he feel the need to try to show off this much? I remember reading he "bought" a multi million dollar property and I'm thinking I'm missing something here. Dude does not make that kind of money, he is not worth that kind of money, how? Then of course he moves out after getting sued for rent (thought you were buying?), claiming the property did not have enough security. I can see groupies showing up and I am sure you don't mind that, but you ain't Michael Jackson, you don't have hundreds of people at your crib daily. So stop lying. Now your accountant is suing you because you did not pay back 13k that you used on his credit card?! Are you really that ghetto that either you are too stupid to go get your own credit card, or you make good money, but you still messed up your credit and can't get your own? Wow! Give back those rental Bentleys dude and start saving for tomorrow before your career is over and you have nothing left.

  • Anonymous

    hahah first Khalid gets evicted now tyga aint ballin do rappers lie about money they have? of course they do

  • Anonymous

    lol, these rappers nowadays are so broke they can't even afford to pay back 16K I wouldnt laugh if all these petty debts rappers cant pay off werent coming at people who brag about how much money they get all the time. 2012 rapper "I GOT MONEY BITCH ROLLING IN A BENTLEY THROWING STACKS AT STRIPPER BITCHES YOLO!!!!!!" 6 Months later goes to jail cause he cant pay 100K income tax debt

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