A$AP Rocky Addresses "Long.Live.A$AP" Leak & A$AP Mob Success

A$AP Rocky opines on his debut album's leak, as well as his crew's individual shine.

While it's no secret that A$AP Rocky's debut album Long.Live.A$AP has leaked, the young emcee is taking a positive approach to the matter.

"I've been waiting for people to hear this music for so damn long," admitted Rocky in an interview with Hot 97's Miss Info. "Of course I've gotta be a businessman, but before anything I'm an artist. The album leaked, and I'ma leave it up to my dependable label, which I rely on to fix all that. That's the business aspect. I made my art, y'all love it, and that's all I care about, and I just wanna thank everybody who was anticipating this."

Additionally, Rocky addressed his A$AP crew's individual success.

"That's what I wanted from the jump," explained the Harlem rapper. "I wanted everybody to shine individually. I just wanted it to be organic. We all came up together, and everybody had individual talent. It's not just me. Anybody could tell you, walking up and down these streets... everybody always fucked with us because there was always something about us that was interesting."

Watch the interview below:

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  • BK

    The best debut album since Illmatic.

  • Anonymous

    miss info from hot 97 in ny is a whore just saying , but shout out to asap , pretty solid album

  • Anonymous

    albums pretty tight imo

  • Anonymous

    This ngga is an amalgamation of gimmicks.

  • Anonymous

    ASAP ROCKY Type Beat Instrumental on Y0UTUBE NOW!!! free Download

  • danheil

    this is going down in the record books as the biggest flop of all time. with how early this leaked, hes gonna sell 100 albums total.

    • Anonymous

      at least soulja boy went plat and had gold and platinum singles chief keef aint even on soulja boys level

    • Anonymous

      If Kreayshawn and Chief Keef had Nicki's budget I would agree, but Souljah Boy has the championship belt.

    • Anonymous

      kreayshawn had the biggest flop of all 2012 followed by chief keef

    • Anonymous

      chief keef flopped harder

    • Vinny

      Have you actually listened to the album? If you did then you will realize how good it is and that people will buy that shit regardless if it leaked early. If its good people will buy it regardless. Personally I think ASAP is better than Kendrick. He is much more versatile and he can appeal to a broader group of people not just backpackers stuck in the 90's.

  • kibakone

    I am african i dont feel offended by this . and the album is dope as fuuuck

  • Mortis

    A$ap Rocky uses the jizzum as mouth wash

  • ASAPcrappy

    Why doesn't he address his dress? Queen

    • jerryc

      lol for real I'm gettin tired of the Russell Westbrook glasses, the asap rocky dresses,the kanye west dresses, etc. I want a fuckin jersey so I knot they cool

  • Anonymous

    LOL...this leaked an entire month before its release date....DAMN

  • Confused Reader

    That kind of ignorance is unacceptable ASAP. Speaking as if Africa is a country is foolish and acting like "African" girls are just what you see on TV is just mind boggling. I realize the whole igant thing is cool or whatever but if you want suitability in this here game - step up your knowledge. Don't bring first world ignorance to an international level if you ain't ready to play. We laughing at you son. Ignorance is to not know. Stupidity is having no desire to know. You stupid kid.

    • lol clowns, chug troll gristle

      yall still got dicks up yer butts? thought so. who really cares?

    • Anonymous

      NO it does not. It means the kid was somewhat ignorant, with phased vision of anything outside the united states. Traveling has broadened his mind. It's allowed him to make his own vision of the world. Now he sees how rewarding it is to get off your ass and get out and see shit. An attitude which I commend to a fair few people either sides of the Atlantic.

    • Confused Reader

      @Anon: Why shouldn't I take this serious? It's entertainment... yes, but this is an important culture to me and certain things need to be called out in order for balance and discussion. This is the second time I've ASAP being this ignorant (first was that interview with that white girl - kathy griffin or however you spell her name. talking about Bitches that he would fuck). Like it's cool, & all and if that's his image in general cool. his F*cking Problems single out and some of his music I kinda get the jig. I always say, interviews show a side of you most realistic to life and reality and by watching shows to me how small minded he is..

    • Anonymous

      I agree fuck off clown you niggas take this shit to serious.

    • H.Kohr

      Dude is totally right. Rocky just fooled himself. He told in the interview that when it comes to fashion his level of intelligence is that of a rocket scientist. the level of intelligence in general seems not that high. i think the main reason why he is so successful is his pretty face (no homo, that's what the girls say). lol

    • Confused Reader

      @Annon: Thank you for furthering proving my point. Enjoy your Sunday.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck off clown.

  • Anonymous

    album is boring as fuck anyway

  • trooth

    I really like ASAP Rocky but this album was not good at all. I like maybe 2-3 tracks. The beats are boring as hell. He does a pretty good job rapping. I like the one joint with clams casino. But overall i was really disappointed with this album. His mixtape was 10X better.

  • Anonymous

    I dont like dude cause i aint into this new generation shit i thought he was from new york well it doesn't come through in his music

    • Anonymous

      some of it does 1 train sound like it comes from new york

    • Anonymous

      I recognize a new kid when they have talent, Kendrick and BH for example. 90% of the rest of these dudes are corny as fuck and look like borderline homosexuals. I thought the gay androgynous shit was corny in the 80's when the new wave white kids did it and I think its just as corny now that little black kids are doing it

    • gottosleep

      And your the one in the tight ass jeans. Fuk these kids!

    • dontsleeponthenew

      most old fashioned mothafuckaz just keep themselves ina box pointin a finger at everyone judgin.just remember you the one in a box

  • Anonymous

    ms info is WASHED UP. Looking like a 50 yr old swearing. You a mam clown.

  • Anonymous

    I Downloaded It 10 Days Ago From Torrent. But I'm Still Gonna Buy It When It Hit The Stores! This HSit Is so Good! RESPECT TO ROCKY!

  • Mortis

    Nobody gives a shit about this queer.

  • Themnewguy

    Good to see him relasin his new album, i've heard his mixtape a few weeks back and a couple of his songs on his new album,gotta say a$ap is dope and todays hip hop scene definitely needs guys like him and kendrick to show what kind of rap music should be and not those 2chainz,rick ross shit.although a$ap usualy raps about bitches,money and drugs i personaly don't have a problem with it cause its 10x better than other guys who rap bout it dude can rap and he's got some killer lyrics to boot. Wish the dude notin but the best o luck

  • Anonymous

    what success i cant even name one guy in his crew except that fat dude with the purple face is yams right?

  • Kay

    Asap aint selling no more than 80k first week....All that hype for nothing lol his music has no substance or universal appeal

    • hiphopdx

      thats because young money is super pop status. plus i heard the labels buy some of the albums so the artists doesnt look like an average ass muhfucka

    • Anonymous

      Everybody's album leaks ahead of time including top sellers like young money. The playing field is completely level in that respect, so do not try to excuse low numbers ahead of time because of leaking.

    • OK

      1.fuck a record sale good music is good music. 2.you have only heard his songs that hold no substance.so of course you think no substance cuz like most wana be hip-hop heads they hate on anything different. 3.this nigga travels the world sellin out shows cuz his music is fuckin dope 4.the niggaz album was leaked waaaaaaaaaaaay before its due date so of course he isnt guna skyrocket in record sales first week. 5.stop hatin on the new school cuz old school is why its here

  • Harlem wudup

    DEEP PURPLE-cool lil EP LIVE.LOVE.A$AP-was a dope ass mixtape. LONGLIVEA$AP-FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!!!!this is what i have been waiting for.a new for the rap game

    • tdub2222

      its a coo album his core day one fans have thier songs on there and new fans checking him out will like some of it, he gets some weird sounding beats sometimes that i cant rocke with but the songs he makes that i like i really like so its balanced i guess lol

  • Anonymous

    Too bad his mixtape is better than this subpar album

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