Kanye West Performs In Atlantic City While Wearing Masks

Kanye West performs while wearing a number of masks during some of his greatest hits.

Looking like something straight out of a Lady Gaga video, Kanye West took the stage on Friday (December 28) wearing a number of masks.

While at the Revel Hotel, Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, 'Ye took the stage to perform hits like "All Falls Down," "Heartless," "Runaway," and "Power," while donning at least two different masks during his performance - one of which appeared to be a mesh net, and the other resembling an old man.

See some of the images and footage from the show below (spotted at HHNM):

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  • Anonymous

    what a fruit follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    few weeks before he had a skirt on on stage lol

  • BEE

    So many people on this blog hating cover your ears and don't listen to his music point blank... I hate when I heard ignorant ass people talkingSHIT!


    Kanye jus showing he still a slave! hip hop is dead rapping about hoes b-- and dope dealers who who would sell ya sistah! rick ross is a slave too!

  • Mortis

    Bruce Jenner dress like the gimp and fuck Kanye in his ass forever bubba



    • BEE

      The dude that said Kanye needs to die and get a tit job is ass!! GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER AND STOP HATING... PIECE OF sh$$T

  • acidrap

    I still cant believe this faggot has fans. I'll take ANY producers shit anyday over his weak ass beats.He just bites a bunch of old ass songs- throw some dusty ass drum sounds on em and now he thinks he a musician lol! This nigga needs to kill hisself asap.

    • shh

      ON A SWAG "TIP"....SBT "makes" THE "DEVO" LIST...*smile 1.YEEZY 2.SBT.THE DEVO & MOGUL OF SWAG...*smile 3. DIDDY..THE GODFATHER OF SWAG....*smile....TR3Y DAWG..1993 4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shh

      THIS IS TRULY "the backlash of KANYE WEST" the things which hurt YEEZY(i'm still a die hard STAN..*tears) 1. REALITY TV 2.LUPE VS YEEZY 3.CRUEL SUMMER...worse album 2012 4.KIM K 5.THE RISE OF KL MANIA..$506,000 copies still TOP 45*..smile 6.THE LIFE & DEATH OF "3 CHAIN$" 7.WTT(WATCH THE THRONE)...the "haterz" finally pretend to like "YEEZY" THE WIN...one song....WHITE DRE$$..LIKE A VIRGIN 2012!....*smile....TR3Y DAWG

  • kontr ykleme

    hah wtf, dude busted a MF Doom probably getting other people to perform his shit while he was crying in the back when heartles started playing. he cant get over the fact that amber rose is having khalifa's kid

  • henry

    I like it as a show with the snow. He looks like a yeti or some snow creature. Mf Doom wears a mask? What about Daft Punk? The Gorillaz? Tool? Deadmau5? SlipKnot? Hollywood Undead? Kiss? ICP? Tech9? SBTRKT? Tyler the Creator? David bowie? Peter Gaberial? Primus? Andre 3000? Young Buck? Its all for entertainment and it sure looks like quite the crowd? Even costumes make it more entertaining.....

  • Easy

    this is easy to say, this site is full of fags that love an artist and will then turn on him in seconds. Constant butt fucking gets people mad i guess.

  • Lil B

    hah wtf, dude busted a MF Doom probably getting other people to perform his shit while he was crying in the back when heartles started playing. he cant get over the fact that amber rose is having khalifa's kid

  • Anonymous

    I love when my city makes headlines. AC in the building!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Doom started a trend?

  • Heem

    Im a rapper name Eli Riley. Listen too my new song Please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AyO45iEbEA&feature=youtu.be

  • Come'on MAineee

    ITS THIS FUCKING SIMPLE, Kanye is just trying to continue to make money off the idea you fucks think he's affiliated with any secret society, illumiinati, devil worshippers or what ever you wanna call it, there is nothing this nigga likes more than attention, therefore he wears skirts, puts devil shit in his music, and wears weird ass masks to keep getting attention, this is why he is sooo successful today, he can pull a weezy on you niggas and youll still buy his albums and bump his shit

  • .

    nigga think he a gay MF Doom?

  • RAID!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    Kanye you illuminati, fake ass, wack ass, turtle toe nail eatin ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    Kanye's gay but he's one of the best artists on this planet.

  • WTF?!

    I honestly think something happened to Kanye and he lost the passion he once had for hip hop and he is just doing for the money now. The music he makes now is just to keep up with the trends. mercy, birthday song, clique. The last creative hip hop album he made was the Last Registration. The Dark Fantasy album was a desparate album aimed at rock/rap suburban kids if you look at the samples he used.

    • Anonymous

      graduation wasnt a hiphop album?? gtfoh... kanye is a lil different (alright, fuckin wierd) in his personal life, but the man makes CLASSIC music.. and thats all i give a fuck about to tell you the truth... college dropout-classic late registration- classic graduation- classic MBDTF- classic 808's- trash these are just my opinons, but other than people who are gonna hate no matter what he does, i garuntee, that the majority of hiphop fans (not hiphop fan haters) would agree that he has a minimum 3 classics, and in my opinon, 4...

    • True...

      True, but he still want to sales records. His attempt for crossover appeal is not going well. His wearing masks that Lady Gaga would wear, l don't understand where he is taking his brand. That's like a country singer all of sudden starts wearing Jordan and Versace.

    • Anonymous

      yep, cause sampling smokey robinson is a direct nod to white suburbia... all the songs you named are posse cuts, not his own personal material. GOOD Music allows him to take on some of the mmg/ymcmb buzz so that when he does his own material, it doesnt matter WHO it appeals to, he can just create. oh &&& MBDTF was arguably one of the most creative hiphop albums period.....from the beats themselves, to the structure of the songs, etc.

    • Anonymous

      he has 100 million dollars, I have a feeling he's not doing it for the money

  • Anonymous

    I don't like music

  • GayFish

    I be swimmin' in deep Ocean.

  • DX Community President

    I speak for the DX Community, we are the biggest group of troll faggots ever. We know this and embrace it. We hate shitty musicians and their shitty music, we also hate good musicians and their music, but we can all agree that we love Future and his remarkable album, Pluto. We can also agree that whoever disses Drake is a hiphop legend, but let it be known that if the disser makes amends with Drake then he is a faggot. I have spoken.

    • Lil Wayne

      Drake stop acting like a bitch and come here and suck my dick. I need your big R&B lips on my penis already!

    • Ben Devlin

      Main Editor actually sounds legit lol

    • DX Community President

      Do not speak of my main editor that way. We are troll faggots and you will never understand. We embrace the hate, learn to hate or you will never make it on this site. I have spoken.

    • Anonymous

      hey "main editor"- eat a dick.. i only come to this site, because it is the best of a shitty bunch... hiphop websites are hot garbage.. i wish i knew how to create a website, but alas, i have to come here and visit this piece of shit site...

    • Drake

      I don't give a fuck bout no hater long as my bitches love me

    • DX Chairman

      Anyone who puts out in album in 2013 that has any connection with the mid-90s will probably get a 4.5 out of 5 rating on their album by default

    • DX's main editor

      We work hard to give you the information we write and all we get is mocked and insulted. Don't visit our site if you're unhappy with it.

  • yeaaahh

    People fail to realize that music is art and entertainment. So, I think it's dope if an artist decides to dress up to express themselves or to give a better live show. And shut up with that demonic/illuminati bullshit.

    • Nah

      Nah, this is for crossover audience. This is nicki minaj 2.0 and look what happened to her career. Instead of just letting his musical talents do the talking, he now resorting to weird customes, mask that look femine and you think a hip hop generation that grew up on DMX, Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Mos Def are going to buy into this bullshit and call it artistic when they remember the artistic kanye west that made College Dropout and Late Registration with no masks?

  • GQ

    Im one of kanyes biggest fans, but damn is the dude getting weird as fuck!!!!!!

  • Mortis

    i let Kanye wear my mask. Then he dressed up like the gimp and fucked my dog

  • Anonymous

    thats just plain stupid, black lady gaga

  • Jeff

    Kanye has fallen off the deep end. This might be why the Revel Casino & Hotel just sent me 2 free tickets to Kanye's show & a free hotel room for any night until after the New Year, smh. So sad!!!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Fag..Kanye is gay as fuck now..Used to be my nigga. Now hes just a wierd ass self worshipping clown that dresses in womens clothes

    • ...

      Bro, you're the one that sounds like a fag, sound like you're catching feelings like a bitch. Fuck you mean, "Now he's a self worshipping clown", he's always been arrogant, you stupid fuck, obviously you've always been a hater.

  • Anonymous

    dude is trying secure his spot as a clown ass dude

  • Anonymous

    Kim didn't know he was doing the show so he had to hide his face.

  • BP

    bet you 10 bucks he has a pimple.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna start jacking DOOM now.

    • anonymous

      What's messed up is that he's probably gonna claim to be the first to do it, and uninformed dumbasses will believe it. Kinda like he tried to do with polo gear when he got popping.

  • KaneYE's-A-HOE

    Kanye is so sick and twisted, and the SHEEPLE continue to worship there false idols! ANYONE who likes this dude must except that despite his amazing musical talent, this man is a walking DEMONIC CREATURE!! This dude is pure evil.... I dont believe he was born this way... I think he once was a child of God, but after selling his soul for fame, and his mother being sacrificed, I mean, the FACTS ARE ALL OVER!!

  • GOD

    That's right, hide behind a screen name so noone will remember what a faggy Canadian you are.

  • Up North

    Well, he did recently perform in a skirt(none of that kilt shit so save it).

    • Anonymous

      "Nobody wore or wears tunics or kilts where I'm from. Pardon me." So ur mad that Kanye doesnt dress like everybody where you're from? I could name a few other people who don't fit that profile. Micheal Jackson... Prince... Jesus... etc. Looks like Yeezy's in good company.

    • Up North

      Nigga, kilts are for fags, real men like me, use anal beads and fists.


      Maybe a white wig with the curls in it like the colonials used to do it since Ye's such a history buff now. Dude couldn't find skinny jeans to fit him any tighter so he jumped into a skirt.

    • Anonymous

      or studying ancient greek/roman law/culture or history

    • Up North

      It's a tunic, no wait! It's a kilt! GTFOH Nobody wore or wears tunics or kilts where I'm from. Pardon me.

    • GOD

      It's a tunic. Yes a stupid decision cuz he should realize everyone today is too dumb to know what that is unless you're playing Zelda.

  • ETK

    Yeah right, hide behind a mask so nobody will remeber the fact that your music sucks.

  • Anonymous

    maybe thats what mf doom does when not appearing on his own show

  • N4D3

    Dat Nigga'z Ugly NoHOMo

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you niggas 2013 is coming and y'all still worshipping KKKanye's fake ass

  • Cage

    A fake ass MF Doom now?

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