Waka Flocka Flame Says People Shouldn't "Bash" Chief Keef

Waka Flocka Flame explains how Chief Keef shouldn't be looked at as a villain.

Waka Flocka Flame recently sat down with NiteCap to discuss everything from President Barack Obama to perceptions of him in the industry. During the interview, the Brick Squad member spoke on upstart Chief Keef, explaining how he sees the young rapper as an example of how he was villainized and that listeners should cut him a break.

"I feel like he's being more so labeled. He's a 17-year-old kid," he said. "Now, I get to see how people judge me and what I've seen and I couldn't see. Instead of helping a kid, they bash a kid. Adults are supposed to teach, not punish. If you see him doing the wrong things, give him the opportunity to learn instead of bashing him. So I just feel like they overdo it. They make a kid look like a villain."

Watch the full interview below.

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  • James Evans

    Keef is weak as hell and so R U! Clown ass rappers.

  • Anonymous

    you rap nerds wouldnt know hip hop if it slapped you across your face



  • Mortis

    Shitty rapper support group. They got your back and will fuck your ass

  • Anonymous

    Schwarz, I've battered your weary soul enough for 2012.

  • Anonymous

    "Just cuz I think chief keef is a retard doesnt mean I listen to common" My bad. Go listen to Aretha Franklin.

  • Dave

    Chief keef fucking sucks

  • James

    Why not? Just another candy rapper with watered down beats. You are doing hip hop (or trying to) if you suck then people are gonna call you out. Plain and simple. Keef is prob happy anyways we are keeping him in the conversation and gettin him paid

  • teamjarule

    Waka is too scared to say the only one truth - Chief Keef doesn't have a song with Ja Rule, so nobody respects him. Neither Waka has

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef is a villain to hip-hop

  • Fuck Chief Keef

    Fuck Waka Flocka and more importantly, fuck Chief Keef. He say adults are supposed to teach, but it's no getting through to that dumbass nigga. Look at what happened to Lupe Fiasco, he tried to reach out to him and show him the negativity his music has on other inner city kids like his self, but all Keef had to say in return is "Lupe fiasco a hoe ass nigga And wen I see him I'ma smack him like da lil bitch he is". This nigga thinks just because he's in a gang, he's bigger than everything around him. He's too far gone to learn anything from anybody, so fuck him and the 50,000 people that bought his album.

  • Anonymous

    nicca took a christmas picture with his family with his pants hanging below his nuts

  • Anonymous

    FUCK that ugly ignorant ass chef cleff or whatever the fuck his name is

  • Anonymous

    im 26 and i still feel like a kid

  • Am Alive

    Sadly enough Waka is right about one thing: it would do us good to help Chief Keef rather than talk shit. But Lupe tried that, and Keef thought he was all hard talking bout "I'll slap the shit outta Lupe" (Which I'd love to see btw seeing as how Lupe is a certified black belt), so we tried Waka. Keef thinks he's too grown to take advice, which makes it even harder not to mock his ignorance

  • Fado

    17 aint no kid fuck what yall saying. 17 is a young man, wackas acting like cus is 9. At the age of 17 you know right from wrong. period. he laughed at someones death and after his white handlers slapped him on the wrist he acted like he didt do it. And his music is garbage. I dont respect cus.

    • Anonymous

      Your fucking stupid ... ease up Iggy (ignorant for yo dumbass)

    • YoungandDumb

      You are not a man at 17 you just think you are. It don't matter if you have a kid and money. The fact is in 5 years his whole mentality would change that is if he isn't murdered.(Which he should be.)

    • Anonymous

      i agree, he has a daughter but he still puts out nothing but negative music and makes his entire race look bad,

  • Anonymous

    chief keef makes waka look like albert einstein fuck retard rap


    YOU, I'm talking to you.: @ETK You're an asshole, you know that? And the fact that you assume that "Jay" is from a third world country just shows how stereotypical and ignorant you are. Assumptions are just that. No validity at all. And most of your posts are full of ignorant assumptions. Do everybody a favor here and stfu if you have nothing of solid substance to share. Dumbass. And FYI, in some developed countries, 17 year olds are considered adults. +++++++++++ SH!TTED ON U SON R U "QUOTEMAN" ETK? KEEP IT A BUCK

    • Tamponneeded

      Get over yourself you self righteous douche! This is a lame hiphop website where a bunch of loser ass kids sit around in their parents basements jocking older men! GET SOME PUSS!

  • I got Doo-Doo n my DrawZ

    Like Wacka or not he has a point. In todays society people do tend to judge or label instead of helping people! Oh well people do what they do!!

  • What

    Yo who listen and buy this nigga music, not one nigga or chick in my Hood listen to this wax nigga son, music straight trash.

  • Anonymous

    A wack rapper defending another wack rapper. How cute.

  • FuKKK WaKKKa FloKKKa Flame

    Sometimes I wish this nigga never existed.



    • Looga is a biatch

      When he was doing detention, was that not help in a sense? You know what they say anyway. Real recognize real, wack recognize wack. Wakka falls in the latter.

  • datnigga

    "Adults are supposed to teach, not punish." How you think these kids learn? By punishing them! You let these kids slide and get off easy, they'll grow up thinking they can get away with anything til they have to learn the hard way. I got my ass WHOOPED repeatedly as a child and I can see the benefit of that in the long run. It instills respect in you, respect for others, especially your elders. Nowadays though, "spanking" is considered damn near abuse in today's society. IDK when we became such pussies but you gotta instill fear in these kids so they know not to fuck around.

    • Anonymous

      You get praise when you're doing good but as long as you're fucking up keep whoopping that ass. If you don't whoop that ass at home a cop will later on in life.

    • Vigil

      there's the whole "praise for doing good" thing too, that is if you're a well rounded parent and not an abusive piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    People will completely ignore what waka just said but they cant dispute and say hes wrong lol

  • DEH

    but... he IS a villain... he is scum and an assault on my intelligence

    • AJ

      who cares if he is not a "decent human being"? this is fuckin music man, keefs music is meaningless stupid n without any depth i agree, but theres nothing wrong with that. goddamn everyone is so onedimensional like you want to spend every minute listening to only one kind of music. keef, waka, etc. they r fun to listen to, they get you pumped n thats a good enough reason to listen to music. so many closeminded ppl on here

    • Anonymous

      common's first records shit all over keef

    • Anonymous

      Just cuz I think chief keef is a retard doesnt mean I listen to common. Why do you have to defend this guy? What about his music shows hes a decent human being? Nothing, fuck him

    • Anonymous

      Go listen to Common then you boring waste of net space.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO! He's a waste of skin.

  • dk

    im still in shock that he sold 50k in the first week of his album being released,some dump fuck fans he must have,4 listening to his album

  • Lawless

    This interviewer sucks, everything is 'Interesting' because he has no follow up questions or real interest. That or he can't understand Waka's idiot talk

  • Anonymous

    Next thing you know Chief Keef will be on twitter saying "Fuk Waka and errbody that love em"

  • Anon

    I trust this trash rapper to stand up for his fellow trash mate,u call a spade a spade Chief is trash,Wocka is trash,Chainz is trash etc...

  • Anonymous

    Right, we should be bashing you too!

  • Hip Hop please

    When shit is wack, it's wack But nowadays rappers don't need skills And when you call them trash, you a hater smh @ this "Hip Hop " culture right now...it's sad

    • AJ

      no its the other way around. prodigy from mobb deep defended these new rappers like waka n keef n soulja boy by saying they reminded him of early hip hop movements like sugar hill gang. groups that just made music for fun to make people get hyped. sugar hill gang didnt have any depth either or any intellectual message. and you know what? so many ppl called prodigy a faggot for that n hated on him. its stupid, hip hop can have different facets n different styles, stop restricting its diversity

  • Anonymous

    OH Okay I see, as long as he was gettin top headlines for possibly having Jo murdered, he was a G. When the cops was on him every other week he was a G. When he made those videos with the guns he was a G. When he was reppin 300hun he was a G. Any 17yr old who has a baby, carrys a gun, on probation, smokes and drinks, claims gang life,and is providing for himself is a man. He makes bad choices, but he is considered a man. A man who flopped!!!

  • chief queef

    Both their shit is trash!

  • Anonymous

    if his music sucks it sucks...if his rapping sucks it sucks....thats the problem, nobody wants to call shit for what it is anymore. We praise and reward below average shit.Chief Keef getting a record deal was like giving a pee wee football team that lost every game of the season...trophys

  • Jody Highroller

    I got young niggas gettin off / 40 cals spitting off / BSM, its da law/ Niggas flexin, getn jawed / We german shepherds got big money big weapons / niggy u aint talkin bout action, then pussy nigga keep steppin / im a boss, u a bitch niggy

  • Jay

    A kid? A 17 year old is not a kid.

    • Anonymous

      we're all somebodies kid

    • A

      If you're 17, you're a kid...

    • Anonymous

      ^^Yo stop bitching you fuck boy!

    • YOU, I'm talking to you.

      @ETK You're an asshole, you know that? And the fact that you assume that "Jay" is from a third world country just shows how stereotypical and ignorant you are. Assumptions are just that. No validity at all. And most of your posts are full of ignorant assumptions. Do everybody a favor here and stfu if you have nothing of solid substance to share. Dumbass. And FYI, in some developed countries, 17 year olds are considered adults.

    • ETK

      It is in America, may not be in your fucked up third world country

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