Lawsuit Filed Over Naughty By Nature's "Uptown Anthem"

Sugarhill Music Publishing has filed a lawsuit over one of Naughty By Nature's classic tracks.

Sugarhill Music has filed a lawsuit against Warner-Chappell Music over Naughty By Nature's "Uptown Anthem."

According to the suit, Warner-Chappell claims that it is co-owner in the copyright of the track, which was released in 1991.

AllHipHop reports that the subject of the suit is the phrase "we gonna," which is also present on a verse in the song "That's the Joint" by Funky 4 Plus 1.

The lawsuit claims that "Uptown Anthem" samples the phrase a total of 41 times in the song's hook, and that the track is being commercially exploited by Warner-Chappell Music and is infringing on the Sugarhill Music's original copyright.

Sugarhill Music is seeking a full accounting of the profits made from "Uptown Anthem," as well as damages that may have been "sustained as a consequence of defendants infringement of plaintiffs copyright and to account for and pay to plaintiff all gains, profits and advantages derived by defendants from such infringement of plaintiffs copyright.”

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  • Fuck Lawyers

    F--k Sugarhill Records and publishing. They wait 20 years until they maximize the profits from the record knowing its a classic and then sue them when they think all the money has been collected from the record. Copyright goes 100 years so they have a suit. What pisses me off about this situation is that Shithill "Records" and "Publishing" waits years and years until they collect everything they can from the record, then file suit for a two word sample, and then demand all the profits from the record. This is the most underhanded way to sue someone for a sample. If they had any morals - which they don't - they would have sent them a seize and desist and given NBN the opportunity to replace the sample or stop sales. Or they would have sued them right away and worked out an equitable deal with them for 10 percent or something fair. Instead these losers want to take it all from them and just take it all away even though NBN did all the work and designed the record and put some crappy two word sample on it. This is what's wrong with America now. Instead of people fairly working out their differences its the attitude of screw the other person for all they have. It is pathetic that this country is so self centered and its all that you can bleed out of the next person. Why do you think Asian countries are kicking everyone's asses because they put the collective group of people before themselves. Asian countries don't have the attitude to screw everyone out of everything they have - they work together. If this was Sugarhill Asian Records, they would sit down and work with NBN and negotiate a fair deal - not act like the greedy pigs they are trying to bleed the artists for everything they can get. Fuck you Sugarhill Pigs.

  • Anonymous

    When asked to comment, Treach simply said the profits are gone.

  • musicBIDNESS

    Just so you guys know... there will never be a Statute of Limitations placed on usage of copyrighted material. Do you know ho oblivious alot of these holders are in regards to their worked being used? In addition to that there are instances that they know very well BUT they are waiting for the "infringing" work to hit a threshold of income before they go after it. Call it what you want it's musicBUSINESS at the end of the day. Often times it's discovered late because it took that long to get to it, there are people within publishing departments where there sole purpose is finding these things out, it rarely is the sampled artist but their representative, the sampled artist rarely owns the rights to the actual work, so it's typically a lawyer. This one is a stretch. The usage of a phrase is going to be an uphill fight and I think they will lose. interpolate Interpolate INTERPOLATE!

  • Anonymous

    Are these niggas serious? Over 20 years later? That gets a super FOH!!!

  • Anonymous

    Last I checked, you were allowed to sample up to 8 seconds of a song to even consider it copyright infringement.

  • Anonymous

    Sugar hill needs to stop it. That song is over 21 years old. Nobody plays that record except during throwback hours. Thirsty asses.

  • dazeone

    Now that I think about it it is Sha Rock's voice ...but they thirsty ...hope they don't get anything 21 years of a 30 year old record of a 1 second sample...Ninja please

  • Incognito

    When this song was being played constantly and on MTV all the time back when juice came out, they didn't notice the sample? This is some hoe ass greedy shit!

    • Anonymous

      When this song was being played constantly and on MTV all the time back when juice came out... shit almost brought a tear to my eye

  • RC

    There really needs to be a statute of limitations on how long after a song is released that a company or individual can sue over a sample. I mean if an artist did some blatant hackneyed sampling like on some puffy shit I can see, but bitching over a 1 second sample on a song that was realeased almost 22 years ago, thats some fake-ass greedy bullshit for real.

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