Wale Says Being An Artist On Maybach Music Group Doesn't Define His Career

Wale affirms that his career isn't defined by his label, Clark Kent weighs in on the rapper's musical career.

With D.C. rapper Wale’s Folarin mixtape now out, fans of the Maybach Music Group emcee will be granted a little more insight into the project thanks to the second installment in Peter Rosenberg’s Folarin interview.

In the second part of Rosenberg’s interview, Wale addressed MMG’s involvement with his newly-released mixtape and shared that his career isn’t “defined” by his label.

“Ross don’t want our careers to be defined upon MMG. And more importantly, I don’t want my career to be defined by MMG,” Wale explained. “When you latching on and you holding on for dear life you ain’t gonna want it. Meek is my man. I ain’t gonna lie, me and Meek fought with other niggas in the street before MMG…I say that to say that my relationship with Meek is not defined by MMG. My music with Meek is not defined by MMG. My music period is not defined through MMG. It’s a vehicle and Ross wanted it to be a vehicle.”

During his chat with Rosenberg, Wale was also joined by producer Clark Kent who spoke on the DMV representer’s progression as an artist. The producer specifically spoke on Wale’s transition from an emcee to a rapper.

“I come from the beginning of rap. I saw it start. So when I think somebody can rhyme it’s because of the actual lyrical ability. I define emceeing differently than being a rapper,” said Clark Kent. “Rick Ross is an amazing rapper. Wale is an emcee first, who became a rapper because of the songs that he made. [They] took him to become a rapper. But he started off as an emcee.”

Folarin was released on Christmas Eve and features appearances from 2 Chainz, Scarface, Rick Ross, and more.

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  • Anonymous

    do you think wale cares if he is an emcee anymore,thats y he camped with mmg and he probably got tired of rapping about boring topics. maybe thats y jay z is his mentor instead of nas.

  • Anonymous

    "Wale is an emcee first, who became a rapper because of the songs that he made". Sounds like the the definition of de-evolution to me.

  • Anonymous

    "Taylor Swift and Adele are better singers with greater advice than Aretha Franklin" If I was a singer and needed advice I would have asked Whitney Houston in her prime, or Mariah Carrey over Aretha Franklin. She was very talented, but that was a zillion years ago. People like Adele better represent the current state of music. She can relate to people in ways alot of the older artists can't.

  • Anonymous

    he took the money and left his gift behind now mmg is done he trying to run

  • Stumped

    Soooooooooooooo CLARK, Tupac Shakur wasn't an emcee????? PLEASE EXPLAIN.......

  • fdsfdsf

    there are two possibilities. 1 he is dumber than a door, cuz your style/carreer WILL be defined by the fucking label you are and that is unquestionable. 2 he is a fucking hypocrite for believing that

  • Antoine

    Damn, I thought it was just me but Clark Kent hit it on the head. Wale was innovative and original before MMG, now he's just another rapper. He has the lyrical ability but can't use it because he's stuck under Rick Ross and has to put out "radio ready" material.

  • kennyken

    i think it was one of the best business decisions he and ross made to add him to the mmg roster. wale is getting more exposure from this than he's ever had. my kid brother even has heard of him, when before, my brother probably wouldn't never even heard a song from this cat. wale, smart move jack. get smarter. make money, but i know how hard it is to remain very lyrical and have great beats and be a backpacker by heart. this industry changes everyone. jaz-z nas just two examples of watered down greats.

  • Anonymous

    ggggggggggggg unit

  • chillthrills

    word then why sign with him,,,oh oh yeah,,,that money was talkin,lol,,so you join his team and build up mmg,,,,hmmm,,,sorry to tell you bruh,,,unless you make a classic album,,,that defines you ,you will always be defined by mmg,,,unless also you start your own label,,,and blaze different trail by your definition,,,,you nice bruh,,,keep it musical,,,,,and oh yeah your bosss has tats of slave masters on his chest,,im just sayin,,,,,,

    • Anonymous

      The nigga Rick False is retarded, of course he got the slave masters on his chest, the nigga a fuckin slave to his own made up persona but I still cosign fake fuckery like every other Ross fan -FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALSE!

  • Anonymous

    "Wale is an emcee first, who became a rapper because of the songs that he made. [They] took him to become a rapper. But he started off as an emcee" I would be insulted if I were Wale, but then again he was never an emcee so it doesnt matter much.. go ask KRS about the definition of an emcee

    • Cage

      ^^^ This nigga cant sound any more stupid. Nelly got chewed. Easy. You must be part of his washed up camp to think he won that battle...

    • Anonymous

      Nigga KRS lost in a rap feud w/ fuckin Nelly nigga, that faggot-ass St. Lunatic lame nigga beat yo precious nigga KRS and the nigga been done fell the fuck off since then (10 years and counting) dumbass

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ LOL, bullseye

    • Anonymous

      According to your logic, your diploma or degree is worthless because it isn't recent. Taylor Swift and Adele are better singers with greater advice than Aretha Franklin because they are on the charts now. The bad part is you don't understand how stupid you sound.

    • Anonymous

      KRS One hasn't done anything relevant in years so I think I'd rather ask somebody with some recent chart success.

  • Out

    I guess this is his way of saying he wants out before the ship sinks. LoL

  • Anonymous

    packaged industry product

  • Anonymous

    Wale seems to be real proud to be on the MMG team *cough*

  • Free Larry Hoover

    In other words, he doesn't want to inherent any of the beef with them Folk.

  • Anonymous

    But without MMG Wale's career would be nowhere.



  • Anonymous

    MMG stock is plummetting. Even the their own members know. There was more reason why they stopped the tour besides being cowards. I like Wale before MMG and he should stick to that DC flavor. Rick Fraud's fifteen seconds are UP!!!! thank GOD.

  • Anonymous

    he dont want it with them gd's he trying to distance himself from ross and mmg

  • Anonymous

    i only ever hear about these mmg clowns on the net were they control hip hop in the real world i never hear about them thank god

  • Anonymous

    Ross don't want your career to be defined by MMG? But i bet he damn sure gonna put that "MAYBACH MUSIC" Plug before every one of your songs!

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