Shawty Lo To Reportedly Star In Oxygen Reality Show "All My Babies' Mamas"

Shawty Lo will star in a series along with his 10 baby's mothers and 11 children.

Shawty Lo is reportedly set to star in the upcoming Oxygen Media reality show All My Babies' Mamas, set to premiere next spring.

According to Shadow and Act, the one-hour special will focus on the rapper's 10 baby's mothers and 11 children. The series, which comes courtesy of Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, "will capture the highs and lows of this extreme 'blended family' that is anything but ordinary, while also showing the drama and the passion behind life's most unexpected situations."

Cori Abraham, Senior Vice President of Development at Oxygen Media, says, "'All My Babies' Mamas' will be filled with outrageous and authentic over-the-top moments that our young, diverse female audience can tweet and gossip about." 

Watch a preview of the show below.

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  • Hip Hop Fan

    This makes Shawty Lo look like the biggest fool in the rap game. SMH

    • Anonymous

      Does anyone care about the children? The tragedy is Rappers recklessly reproduce . . . . and stupid women allow themselves to be inseminated without being ready to be good parents. Selfish and idiotic rappers offer nothing positive to the world and leave behind them nothing but agony violence and damaged kids. You must have a license to drive a car but NO license is needed to make babies or be a parent. Society must pay the price & deal with legions of deeply troubled youth lacking self-esteem and the ability to concentrate and contribute. RAPPERS and their toxic way of life is the biggest SCOURGE on Black America and has set us back 100 years!!! NO WONDER this wretched embarrassing show will have a BIG audience and net a LOT of profitable publicity buzz: it is extremely RELEVANT and timely. Oxygen obviously knows what it is doing and how to make money.

  • Anonymous

    I'm amazed at how proud this bitches look......

    • uptown

      You rap about it nonstop and lead a horrible life that causes misery and pain. Yo think yo are a "star" until the reality of unloved, unwanted kids struggling to advance with no positive family life is your real accomplishment. There is a reason this show can be on TV - it is REALITY that cannot be swept under the rug or boycotted away. Bringing babies intothe world is the ultimate job. And these straight rappers feel supremely superior to Gay folks who try to be good uncles/aunts to the troubled at-risk kids. Straight rappers are not superior to gay people or any other humans. But they claim to be left and right! They triggered this kind of show with theoir bragging and nonstop empty arrogance. Let this TV show cause dialogue and bring some needed change. You cannot stop the truth.

  • steviebee82

    One word.... trash.

  • Neazy

    HE FUCKED A CHICK NAMED PEBBLES???? At least get a stripper or a porn star pregnant or something, damn.

  • Neazy

    I listened to 2 Chainz, ASAP Rocky and Chief Keef's albums in full, but this is the most ignorant shit I've heard all hear.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't Oprah own the Oxygen network?? All that shit she talks about rappers and there content and here she go with this bullshit. Every gangsta rap song combined aint doing as much damage as glamorizing shit like this. Same with MTV and there "16 year old pregnant bitches" show or whatever. Fuck outta here with all this BS

  • Anonymous

    That "Foolish" is the only Shawty Lo song worth listening to.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Oxygen. So they got the worst father in the WORLD and a group of downtrodden women and created a show. SHAME on all parties involved, Shawty Lo is moving like a paedophile !

  • Ellie

    no wonder people were making rumors of him having AIDS....he clearly doesn't use condoms

  • Anonymous

    wow da sad part it is i would not wife n e of em n prolly hit n quit two of em wit all dat money ...u should atleas hav half of em lookin fly as fuk smh



  • Anonymous

    what is this racist coonery?


    Black folks think ghetto crap is sweet. It just shows how much of a monkey azz you are in reality. Dude got a tat of the projects on his forearm (Bowen Homes for you out of towners)and he's wearing all of that slave jewelry. We really need to grow the F up!


    Maybe he should wear black face too! Maybe some slave clothes, a chipped gold tooth and a damn watermelon in his back pocket. What in the hell is going on!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shawthy Lo is a perfect father figure, you can tell that by his dedication to the development to youth and general attitude towards classical family values. Plus he is leading by example when it comes to responsibility and careful planning in private life, and well-respected worldwide by showing how hard work always pays off. His undeniable legacy and everlasting footprint on music history is not even worth mentioning after those facts, because - as Lo himself said - "dey know". Next season of All My Babies Mamas starring ex-Shady artist Ca$his, who already had 9 kids back in '07 when Shawty Lo blew up, and since then he managed to get more! Exactly how much? Stay tuned for Season 2!

  • Why

    I'm glad they were picked up for the show. With Shawty Lo's ended career, it should help the fam out. But damn, and each of the women (and I'm assuming they knew about his prior relationships/babies) just wanted to raw dog? Sure he's dumb for not strapping up, but the females also need to quit entrapping...

  • hypestyle


  • Anonymous

    damn just when i thought we were making it.....this nigga plans on setting us back a hundred years

    • Anonymous

      Dude, he is not representing blacks. This is some negro crap here. I ain't watching it! All my baby mommas?! REALLY?

    • Really??

      When the fuck did shawty lo become the lone representatives of blacks??? Shit he does not even rep blacks in Atlanta.

  • Shawty Shawty

    This is nothing, they should have a show based on the lives of alot of the polygamists/mormons. Now those guys had ALOT of wives

  • Anonymous

    Read an article about a dude out in Tennessee who had about 30 kids from different girls, so Shawty could do worse. *Kanye shrug*

  • j-star

    wow.i can beleive that he bout to get mo money from people like us from watching this dumb stupid realhe most not heard of a

  • asher dust

    Disgrace to the race...... ignorant & dumb!

  • Anonymous

    Shawty Lo is the definition of a hood nigga check his rap sheet

  • Anonymous

    ever heard of a condom brah?

  • Minstrel Show Critic

    smh at the name of the show's title.

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