Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/23/2012

T.I. sees a surge in "Trouble Man" sales as compared to "No Mercy," after a tight race. Chief Keef sells 50,000 copies on his "Finally Rich" debut.

As predicted, T.I. snagged a Top 3 debut with his latest bounce-back album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head. Tip edged out One Direction and label-mate Bruno Mars by a margin of less than 1,500 units to grab the #2 spot. This is an improvement from the Grand Hustle leader's #4 debut with No Mercy just over two years ago.

Chief Keef's Glory Boys/Interscope Records debut scored a Top 30 entry to the charts. The 17 year-old Chicago, Illinois sensation grabbed features from 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa and Young Jeezy on his breakthrough album. Finally Rich features the 2012 grassroots hits "I Don't Like" and "Love Sosa." The album featured extensive production from Keef's in-house affiliate, Young Chop.

Without further new album additions, other 2012 Hip Hop releases saw a sales surge in the holiday shopping wave. The next key release is A$AP Rocky's LongLiveA$AP, currently planned for January 15, 2013 release.

T.I.'s Commercial Career Is Not In Trouble, Man

T.I. improved his recent sales record by two spots and over 20,000 units. Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, Tip's eighth solo album grabbed a competitive #2 spot, selling just under 180,000 units. The Atlantic Records flagship artist enlisted the likes of Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and A$AP Rocky on this conceptual release addressing his most recent legal troubles. The P$C alum also worked with go-to producers such as DJ Toomp and Pharrell, in addition to No I.D.

The 16-track release includes the hit single "Ball."

Cee Lo Green Gets His Magic Moment

Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley alum Cee Lo Green returned to the Top 25 with his Holiday covers album, Magic Moment. The emcee/singer who also has a role on hit competition series The Voice did renditions of songs such as "Silent Night" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" for his fourth solo effort.

Cee Lo has promised his return to Goodie Mob in the group's fifth album, which changed its title from We Sell Drugs Too to Age Against The Machine.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/23/2012

#2. T.I. - Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head - 179,000 (179,000)

#25. Cee Lo Green - Cee Lo's Magic Moment - 51,000 (164,000)

#27. Chief Keef - Finally Rich - 50,000 (50,000)

#35. Game - Jesus Piece - 35,000 (122,000)

#39. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city - 34,000 (540,000)

#41. Wiz Khalifa - O.N.F.I.C. - 33,000 (215,000)

#73. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -  The Heist - 15,000 (192,000)

#87. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up - 14,000 (772,000)

#96. Big Boi - Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors - 12,000 (43,000)

#118. Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares - 9,300 (283,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Can Big Boi's Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors cross the 50,000 mark? Check back next week on HipHopDX.

Last week's album sales.

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  • stephon kerr


  • stephon kerr

    t.i one of my favorite rappers

  • Anonymous

    t.i is the best all around rapper right now

  • Anonymous

    I like your list but I wouldnt put Nas as "in the game right now" since he isn't really part of the game like he used to be, he's semi-retired tbh 1. Eminem 2. T.I. 3. Kanye West 4. Kendrick Lamar 5. Lupe Fiasco 6. Jay-Z 7. Lil Wayne (love him or hate him, he's top 10) 8. Drake (see above ^^^) 9. B.o.B 10. Wale

    • Anonymous

      Your list is bullshit. Anyone who puts Wayne, Drake, B.o.B, and Wale in their top 10 doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.

  • Anonymous

    the top 5 best rappers in the game right now: 1. Eminem 2. Nas 3. T.I. 4. Kenrick Lamar 5. Lupe Fiasco if you disagree something is wrong with you!

  • jakefromstatefarm

    Finally Rich finally flopped. Guess that's what should happen I suppose.

  • realtalk

    lol thats how u know mmg is on top. cause people hate u the most when your on top. meek sold 167k his first week his FIRST ALBUM. ti did 179k barely more than meek and ti been out for more than 10 years. n has numerous albums yet ti isnt a flop??? hahhahaha

    • Anonymous

      uhm your comment made no sense... it should be harder for T.I. to sell cause there's so little loyal hip hop fans in the world right now.

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck are you talking about? MMG ain't on top of shit. Kendrick Lamar outsold all of those MMG studio gangsters in 1st week sales and in total sales.

  • lil reese

    lol dat n gga cheef kief album goes 100k and then off the charts. lil jojo didnt wanna be like you #LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's PIL 2 has sold 6 mil so far. Case closed, JA RULE the hottest MC in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    "Yet Nas has a better album" Yeah sure. Whatever helps you sleep better at night.

  • Anonymous

    "He is stuck on 440k" Still managed to outsell Nas.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus collection dot com order rip the jacker infinity 10 hours of video and music!!!!!

  • MC Eiht

    Shoutout to Kendrick and Game for keeping it live!

  • Andre.CO

    I don't see why people are hating on Jesus Piece, it's a solid album. Game's never been a super lyrical emcee or anything, but the features hurt the album a bit like some have said. Still, I bought that album, I support artist's that aren't completely whack. About half of Jesus Piece was pretty solid in my opinion. What's funny is someone like Mac Miller selling 140,000 first week out as an independent artist, and a whack ass n*gga like Keef selling 50,000 with an entire label behind him and having a song a lot of people know. It'll be interesting to see what someone like Cudi does when his album comes out, we'll see if he can hit Gold again, I'm not sure his 2nd album has yet or not. Good to see Kendrick still doing steady numbers. Steady numbers win in the long run. Look at Recovery and Carter III/IV. Em is obviously light years ahead of Wayne, but we're talking commercially. Recovery did 700K+ first week, while the other two did 1.0M+ and right at 1.0M. But Recovery out sold it in the US and worldwide in the end, because of longevity. Kendrick's will go Platinum, eventually. It's also nice to see Macklemore approach 200K as an independent artist. If he'd been on a major label, with major label support, and with Thrift Shop getting pretty big, he probably would have doubled his sales by now. But he makes more money independently anyway, and actually had a dope album. I hope someone like Yelawolf can be supported by the mainstream eventually. His album is at like 160-170K total, which isn't too terrible considering he gets almost no radio play.

  • tresdemayo

    I wanted Kief to be on Kreayshawn's numbers but at least he got some dope beats from Young Chop. Anyway, he still flopped, his target audience is the DL generation, and a lot of peopled feel guilty to listen to such a dump rapper and don't want to finance him.

  • Anonymous

    i see Dre's still buying Kendrick's wack album

    • Anonymous

      Make all the excuses you want, hater. Accept the fact that Kendrick has one if the best albums of the year and people are willing to buy his shit.

  • South_Africa

    50 000 units for Chief Keef...What's his cut considering he's signed to a major?

    • Anonymous

      $1 an album you gotta be fucking kidding try 15 cents

    • ok

      Likely 1.00 per album. He will pay 10% tax and return 10% of his cut to his label(he got in advance for production purposes) So in first week he made 40K from cd sales. Idk how many shows he did but I predict he gets no more than 25K per show.

  • ok

    Chief keef selling more than Big Boi? Thats the shit that I don't like. Macklemore selling more than Game on independent? I don't like. Good to see Kendrick and T.I getting good numbers though.

    • wreiad

      GKMC isn't Kendrick's first album. Ross first album [Port of Miami] went Gold.

    • tresdemayo

      Kendrick signed via TDE, considering how he developped himself before Interscope I think he negociated a nice contract

    • Hoodgrown Magazine

      You should LOVE SEEING Macklemore sell independently. He makes more off his 100k than Kendrick does off his Gold on a major. That's not to knock anyone.. because I love Kendrick's album.. we're just talking financials here. I'm glad to see Kendrick go gold first time out as well.. something that took Rick Ross 5 albums to do (I don't know why all these people assume Ross has gone gold and platinum before. It's takes 5 minutes to check the sales charts)

  • South_Africa

    Hallelujah, thanks God Chief Keef did not sell - Mainstream Hip Hop America is getting smart :)

  • TOM


    • ok

      He is stuck on 440k. He probably bought his own album to make his 1st week sales look good(228,000). Ricky Ross the one and only Fake Boss. He is so bad that he makes me miss Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    HHDX, its ONIFC not ONFIC

  • isthismusicorasalesad

    In rap, its crazy if you go platinum. It takes correct Marketing, Good Beats matched with okay-good lyrics, interviews, Persona and even The Album Art and Creativity

  • Anonymous

    "& he can half thank 50 Cent for that" I'm sure Game regrets letting Curtis mold a few songs.

  • Yung Boss Baby

    Yung Boss Baby- Staleman Basis http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/complete_profile/3013507#!/yungbossbaby/songs

  • X

    why do y'all still get excited over these numbers? only ones that sell are the ones that appeal to kids and girls (Drake and Wayne)and the 1s white people actually like because they will buy it for their kids. rappers dont even trip over album sales anymore because they know even their fans will get it for free. they get paid from tours and shows, they dont even make much if it sells a million copies, they will get paid more from 1 show. mixtapes downloads really show who is doing it big in hip-hop. jayz is smart havent put out a solo album since 09 just so people cant say that it flopped because he knows that it will undersell because people wont pay for it.

    • Anonymous

      Not all rappers tour extensively though. Contrary to what most believe, labels and artists still care about album sales. They have too. It's costing the label alot of money to put out these supposed flops. Remember too they're relying on digital singles to make up the difference. In the case of Jay, he knows he can go platinum anytime he wants. It's more about the actual music with him.

    • Anonymous

      Because it matters to the LABELS. Labels base who they sign off of what sells, so if Kendrick Lamar does 5x Chief Keefs first week numbers then they are going to be more likely to sign someone like Kendrick then Keef.

  • Anonymous

    "but they still lied about the number of downloads" Which is surprising since the whole CO lie came back like a sandstorm on Rozay.

  • Anonymous

    Talk all yall want but game has also sold 5million on a album which none of them on the list ever done

    • ETK

      yeah.. 5 million worldwide. It still went 2x platinum in the US, something a decent amount of artists(including T.I.) have done. & he can half thank 50 Cent for that

  • Kizman

    meek only at 283k?!??!?! but his mixtape got 2MILLION downloads in 1 day!

    • Hip Hop Fan

      That's because some songs that were album quality were put on the mixtape instead of the actual album. Stupid moves and mistakes

    • ETK

      iight everybody's sayin this but to be honest, his mixtape had more bangers than his LP they were desperate enough to put Amen on D&M, even though that song blew up on Dreamchasers 2... one of his main singles was that auto-tune shit and that [obviously] failed to blow up... it's all bout playing your cards right

    • Anonymous

      That's cause it was free.

  • Anonymous

    50,000 units isn't that bad for Chief Keef considering all the trouble he's been in

  • DyLaN

    2013 The Year Of B.Hudson New EP dropping January 1st bhudsonmusic . com Show some love and join the movement

  • harveybabyyy

    I ain't mad at Games Numbers, I like his album. it is my personal favorite of the year, i won't say it's the best. selling 35k after a few weeks is a normal from what i've noticed. i hope T.I. Goes gold, Game goes 250-300. & big boi get's 110 before winter is over

  • LoL

    Lmao. I said it, Chief Keefs own bum a** fans were going to end his carrier by not buying his album. 50k is going wood! That's album is like a fish out of water right now. Ha! Looks like Meek Mills fans are doing the same and downloading that wack sh*t for free instead of supporting him. LMAO... The more they rap about money and the wacker they are, the broker their fans are! LMAO... All the wack dudes are flopping! Who's next? Jerome from Martin! LoL

    • South_Africa

      Why does it hurt you Mc Cock....Word Up to LOL The wack dudes must flop, Rick Ross must be next we tired of niggaz rapping about money, hoes and cars and niggaz like Joey Badd @$$ deserve to sell records. We building a smarter generation of listeners. All these wack rappers are a disgrace to black culture, they make us blacks come across as illiterate dumb a$$es always screaming like Zoo animals but ain't saying nothing

    • MC Cock

      "bum a**" Seems like we've got a 10 year old here.

  • kyle

    i got them all for free im 30years old, got 865 cd's all hiphop im tired of buyin to many cd's so i just get them free now so. i hope im doin nothing wrong for this havent buy one cd in 2012. all this albums are good.

  • Anonymous

    "he said his mixtape got 3 million downloads in 2 days" But of course all those people didn't pay for the real album when it dropped. Meek's doing fine. If he can make a few adjustments his next album could do alot better.

  • Anonymous

    The only nigga that can't flop is Ja Rule.

  • JRich

    WTF ya'll talkin about Chief Keef flopped? None of you could sell 50,000 weed plates in a week I bet

  • Fuck Atlanta

    It's clear to see only East Point bought Big Boi's record.

  • Anonymous

    interscope bought them chief keef albums

  • Anonymous

    If Meek can creep over 300,000 then his album shouldn't be called a disappointment.

    • Anonymous

      nigga said he was gonna sell a million first week out he said his mixtape got 3 million downloads in 2 days its a flop

  • Anonymous

    keef sold 50k? who the fuck buys that shit?

  • Doubl Negative

    Where's Alicia's numbers?

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule recorded a hip hop version of The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby"... Ja Rule is the only nigga who can do it.

  • Durbey E. Macon

    How can Nikki have three gold albums by releasing the same record three times with new new songs added to each album?

    • aaaaaaaye

      actually it's about right, her first album was at 1,870,124 two weeks ago, so probably around 1,873 right now... the 2nd one + the re-up have sold ~772k together and will go platinum, eventually...

    • BLACK


    • ROMAN718

      Actually Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was only released once and that's the re-up. The original album Pink Friday was released in 2010 and the sold 1.8M copies in the U.S. Roman Reloaded + The Re-up sold 772,000 copies compined

  • Anonymous

    "Game pushed 120k, that's pretty nice." Anonymous: thats actually pretty sad since he had the entire rap industry featured on his album LMAOOOO!!!!

  • Chi-Ill

    I'm an old school cat from the Pacs to B,.I.G.'s but I do support nukkas from the Chi! Anyway thats besides the point... why is everyone talking bout my Nukka from the Chi Cheef Keef only breaking bout 50k in sales. Note the fact that it has only been 4-6 weeks since he release "I Don't Like" and not even a establish artist. Yet we have Big Boi numbers #96. Big Boi - Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors - 12,000 (43,000) in TWO weeks... But no one talks about that nukka FLOPPING LIKE A MOFO! #Fail

  • Anonymous

    Game barely outsellin Kendrick and Kendrick's shit BEEN OUT! It's nice to know authentic rappers like Macklemore did successful numbers, pity no one bought that Big Boi. It's a pretty different album and breaks down a few hip hop barriers, but its nonetheless a dope project.

    • Anonymous

      haha you misconstrued what i said bro. game's weekly numbers are barely beating kendrick's numbers and kendrick's album has been out A LOT longer than game's. It shows people want real music, and that Kendrick's fan base is growing very quickly..

    • Anonymous

      barely outselling? what do you mean by that? kendrick sold more and game likely wont sell anywhere near what gkmc did

  • Siamakf

    Kendrick keeps doing steady numbers... Can he go platinum eventually? I hope so

  • me

    50,000 retarded ppl bought the chief keef album & game aint going gold again

  • m.black

    Damn near everyone in the comment section is talking about how somebody ain't do numbers or flopped. These artists don't put the same emphasis on uniqueness and craftsmanship as much as they put on branding, merchandising, marketing and touring. Major artists are working mainly from a business standpoint of view...These majors fucked the game up for artists like Kendrick Lamar, who are true but won't sell like Kanye cuz the people don't believe in Hip Hop no more...

    • Anonymous

      the fuck you talking about kendrick had the biggest selling hip-hop album in 2012 only hip-hop record from 2012 to sell over 500k

  • Fuck Chicago

    Next thing you know, "Chief Keef Gets Dropped From Interscope".

  • Anonymous

    these kids really thought keef was gonna do big numbers! LOL thats a flop

  • toom2roam

    for tip this is a FAIL. you s'pose to be a boss. with these 1st weke number she'll be lucky to go gold. and smh @ 50k ppl for buying the mistral shows album... lil b shouldve sold more than that dude

  • Anonymous

    Damn Taylor Swift block T.I., Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill and kendrick lamar from going number one. LOL

  • Come On

    I haven't heard kendricks album or atleast not the whole thing yet. but besides that Jesus piece is one of the sickest albums out I know there's alot of features and the choices the made for singles have not been smart ones, but I have his and T.I's,Cheif keef,Big boi's albums and I honestly like Games the best it's definatley better than T.I's so it should sell more and hopefully they acually put out one of the good songs on the album as a single not the two worst ones PLease put out church as it is waaay better than Meek mills. Just like the RED album this one is getting slept on too...I don't know what ppl are on out there but Game's Album catalog is been consistant he has not made a bad album too date..I remember when everyone or most ppl said he'd be done after G-unit so how'd that work out, Last time I checked he's the only who has a real career outside of 50, anyone seen? Hotrod, Lloyd Banks, Mobb deep, M.O.P,Tony yayo, Young buck,Olivia,Lil scrappy(sort of G-unit) me neither,,so in hind sight Game's right he does see dead ppl everyones careers from G-unit...Game do you thing your real fans still support you.

    • Anonymous

      haha this nigga bought chief keef's album kill yourself. Besides, t.i and big boi definitely had better albums than games'. game is a weak artist and cannot execute a fucking concept let alone a fucking song without a 1000 features, bullshit singing hooks, generic trap instrumentals or namedropping. Game is fucking done musically and artistically. You fag swag boys eat that shit up tho, so whatever.

    • jay

      umm lloyd banks is still doing his thing ..and i believe his last album H.F.M.2 sold more then the game album.. banks is still that nigga

    • Anonymous

      half those people have been off g-unit for years

  • Anonymouz

    Who the fuck is number one then???

  • Tha Truth

    Anyone who says Jesus Piece is a failure doesnt undertstand the market and industry economics..even at 130k (so far), thats enough units to make this project a financial success for Game and the Label..

  • wouzi

    damn!!! meek really shocked me son, i thought he was going to sell platinum first week, like his dream chaser mixtape went platinum first day.

  • REED


  • Anonymous

    kendrick just might go platinum in 2013! his numbers have been steady and not declining like these other bums. once they put out that video with drake it could really happen

    • Deez

      Probably. He is really steady with sales.. and hasnt dropped poetic justice yet nor money trees or biiitch dont kill my vibe. great songs

  • Anonymous

    Game pushed 120k, that's pretty nice.

  • Jaymalls

    But, but, but.... Check Queefs Millions Of Youtube Views! lol... What excuse u dick riders have now??? This nigga should thank Ye for that 50k first week! HAH

    • 614grind

      Exactly. What are youtube videos anyway? Shit, the bus driver who threw the uppercut got more views than Chief Keef. Should he get a record deal too?

  • Anonymous

    where is officer rickys album ????? he tweets everyday buy the album of the year lol his so desperate for people to buy it

  • Anonymous

    I hope Jimmy Iovine is paying attention. Kendrick Lamar dropped a heartfelt lyrical album on Interscope and hit gold Chief Keef dropping some shuckin & Jivin Jigga-boo-boo bullshit on Interscope and bricked hard as fuck I think the fans are trying to tell you something

    • Anonymous

      @Nilved Neb you that Shit with 50 and Kanye has nothing to do with this. You way out of line with that shit. Cause mainstream hip hop music has been at its worst sense 2007.(other then a few good albums maybe 5 the most since 2007-2011. 2012 has been a solid year in hip hop and 2013 i think will be just as good. Kanye and 50 have nothing to do with it. If anything i could tel @Nilved Neb like all that faggot glitter shit in hip hop. 50 cent and Kanye is good for hip hop. You way out of line boy. Or maybe you a girl.

    • Nilved Neb

      The tide is changing, and I would argue it started changing back in 2007, when Kanye outsold 50. People don't want to hear gangsta rap anymore, they want something different.

  • gametime

    jesus piece album of the year after gkmc and life is good

  • Eye Controll

    SMH chief queef didnt even do 100k frist week... All that hype didnt do shit for you homie, best go back killing your friends and sucking on your momas tits cuz music aint for you.

  • Eye Controll

    O.N.F.I.C HAHAHHA only nigga first in class, bitch ass niggas

  • Eye Controll

    I didnt knwo wizs new album was called only nigga first in class. DONT YOU SPELL CHECK BEFOR POSTING SHIT??????? shortbus shawty journalism

  • Anonymous

    smh....Jesus Piece is the best album out....should sell more

  • FUckaHhpdx

    I didnt knwo wizs new album was called only nigga first in class. DONT YOU SPELL CHECK BEFOR POSTING SHIT??????? shortbus journalism

  • FUckaHhpdx

    I didnt knwo wizs new album was called only nigga first in class. DONT YOU SPELL CHECK BEFOR POSTING SHIT DX??????? shortbus journalism

  • Anonymous

    I'm feeling the meek mill album and that new diss he dropped on cas is a banger

    • bizzalls

      What are you talking about?? Meek's diss was fuckin GARBAGE! That shit that Cassidy did was ILL AS FUCK! That iPhone shit murdered Meek. Meek's gonna fuck around and get his career killed if he keeps fuckin with Cassidy. Im pretty sure Cassidy has sold wayyy more records than Weak Mill.

    • Eye Controll

      Yeah, but its weak compared to cass diss. Meeks music stint is over... He needs to step his bars up befor cass put them paws on him

  • FUckaHiphopdx

    I didnt knwo wiz khalifas new album was called only nigga first in class. DONT YOU SPELL CHECK BEFOR POSTING SHIT DX??????? shortbus journalism

  • OnemikE

    damn Hip Hop world, Kenny Chesney sh*ttin on all of ya'll...

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