Family Of Slain Teen Rapper Says He Was Shot For Wearing Lil Jojo Hoodie

An 18-year-old rapper named JayLoud was shot and killed on Christmas Eve.

Following the death of 18-year-old rapper Joshua "JayLoud" Davis, his family claims that the shooting was caused by him wearing a Lil Jojo hoodie.

According to NBC Chicago, Davis was shot to death in Chi-town on Christmas Eve several blocks from his home following an altercation with a group of men on a CTA bus at around 11:30 p.m. The crew followed Davis off of the bus and one of the men pulled out a gun and shot him several tims in the torso and once in the ear.

His sister told that he was murdered for "wearing a hoodie" that honors slain rapper Lil Jojo, who had a rivalry with Chief Keef. Keef allegedly took to Twitter to laugh at Jojo's death but later said his account was hacked.

While the family thinks that the shooting was related to the hoodie, a Chicago Police Department spokesman said that the police report didn't name a piece of clothing. Detectives are still investigating the case and no suspects are in custody.

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  • Anonymous

    damn he looked like wiz khalifa. r.i.p. little buddy

  • Anonymous

    like straight up, never condoned to that whole "death penalty" shit but ALL of the black disciples should be SHOT IN THE FUCKIN LEGS an left to bleed the fuck out..

  • Anonymous

    straight up someone please MURDER CHIEF KIEF AN HIS SQUAD. like straight up murk that evil little fuck an everyone he knows, LIKE CMON YOU DON'T HAVE A NIGGA SHOT ON CHRISTMAS EVE.. this world makes me sick.

  • Anonymous

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  • Chi

    And JayLoud claimed to be GD....

  • Chi

    Rifuckindiculous... To somewhat explain this madness, hoodies like "JoJo World" is in memory of a fallen gang member, Jo Jo was Insane Gangster Disciple, their main enemy is Black Disciples, that rivalry goes waay back further than Lil Reese and Jo Jo (He was not Lil Jojo..just Jo Jo, or BrickSquad JoJo) guess is ran into some guys who rival that..

  • Malone

    Who here like corn dogs? Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Look this kids picture.. look at his shoulder width .. hes got a small frame.. I don't understand the kind of weak ass boys that would need a gun to deal with this kid.. even if he was a 6'6 nigga I would fight him with my hands like a man.. all these kids now are weak-ass bitches. weak minded weak spirited and their taste in everything is lame...

    • Fuckhead

      They're weak for using technology? Yes they fuckin are! How you gonna say you're stronger by standin far back and shootin like a lil bitch! The man is the one who stands and faces it! Pussy asss motherfucker

    • MalcolmLittle

      And the award for Most Asinine & Backwards Ass Comment Of the Year goes to...^^^ Do you even know what degenerate means? The degenerate's the one who feels he has the authority to decide who lives and who dies, and comes to those conclusions based on petty ass street bullshit that holds NO real significance in the world. It takes a real special type of pussy ass nigga to try and justify a kid losin his life for nothin.

    • yup

      You're right. Instead of just being degenerates and fighting him with their hands, they are weak for using technology. You are an idiot.

  • thought dog

    It was probably less the hoodie and more the attitude/posing with guns for his rap career and throwing up gang signs that got him into trouble.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck would wear a lil jojo hoodie, cmom son thats retarded

  • Anonymous

    I don't think it was related to Jojo. The report says there was an altercation. Jay basically fucked with some real niggas and had to pay the price.

  • Badmofo

    What a dick move!!! Everybody knows you can't kill on Xmas eve. You shot them in the leg & give them a bad lip not in the chest. Its just bad gangsta etiquette.

  • d-nucks

    You will burn brain cells trying to make sense of this niggaz these days...kill for nothing...we are witnessing people that have very litte value of life.

  • Indelible72

    I don't think it was necessarily the hoodie, report said there was an altercation. Way too many altercations end up in shootings though.

  • Anonymous

    niggaz should have been home watching ROOTS on since of history and real struggle.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Later on Xmas Eve Chief Keef laughed about it as he waited for Santa to bring the arrest warrant.

  • Anonymous

    People still mad over JoJo ? no way you gotta be kidding me

  • Doubl Negative

    The perpetrator in this senseless crime has yet to be apprehended, so the assailant's ethnicity and gender is still to be determined. Automatically assuming the killer's a Black male is being presumption. RIP to dude regardless.

    • Anonymous

      Seeing a murder happen in the rural farm lands of England and assuming it was black people would be out of line. Seeing a murder happen in a gang heavy area of Chicago with mostly black people is just stating the odds.

    • Esq.

      No lie, I feel what you're on this side of the city, and judging from the fact that it all started on a CTA bus? It's MORE than likely that they are black. It's fucked up and sad as hell, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough to get you shot out here right now.

  • Esq.

    Damn joe...shit's fucked up. Smdh.

  • cj

    Its sad how we stay killing each other over nothing. these kds don't realize that once you are gone there is no coming back. really sad and pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    These fucking gangs are fucking retards. anyone in a gang can fall of a cliff and die for all I care. Fucking idiots couldn't prove themselves at life so they joined a dumb ass gang.

  • Jay-Z

    Illuminati took away this nigga's life.

    • Anonymous

      yeah. every crew that wants to make it have to offer one of theirs up to the illumnati. TDE and Pro Era did it already.

  • DontWowwwy

    I think he said blacks because they were already slaves! So he meant send them backf to their ROOTS.... Get it... Roots.

  • LL Cool Gay

    "several tims in the torso" Someone please take Horowitz back to school.

  • Anonymous

    Jo Jo was a gang member just like Chief Keef.

  • Luca Brasi

    No Lie its sad, but he got caught in the wrong hood wearing the wrong shit...

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is wrong with this christmas, first steez dead now another teen rapper dead


    Damn, you go to Chicago to die. A waste of land like Detroit is. On another note, dudes are weak as hell for pulling a gun on a dude because of a hoodie. That's that HO SI^T. BIATCH

    • Southside Girl

      ILLWILL!!! You were making some valid points with your first few sentences, but you lost me when you said only DOWNTOWN and the NORTHSIDE matter PLEASE!! I live on the Southside and while we have our "hoods" there are plenty of middle class neighborhoods. I grew up in the Ashburn area around MIDDLE CLASS blacks and Latinos. And have family all over South Chicago. All of my family is solidly middle class and have been for a couple generations. Stop with the generalizing, all you are doing is perpetuating the stereotype that all of the Southside is purely wild. Its mostly a small minority of individuals who cause problems and only a few neighborhoods are shooting gallery's (Englewood, Roseland, ) I'm not making excuses cuz black folk nationwide got a lot of work to do. but I have lived on the Southside my whole life and was never a "minority" by being black and middle class, and with good values on the Southside. That's how most people are regardless of ethnicity in MANY areas of Chicago. And you really are stupid if you think there are no poor people on the Northside please. I know people on Section 8 who live in Rogers Park (as far North as you can get!).

    • Anonymous

      Ill Will is right tho, Southside stretches wayyyyyy south. Wild Hunneds, Altgeld. Big wealthy city but ur on another planet in some parts. And it's cold as hell so people w/ nothing 2 lose, no money, raised in hostile environments r gna be acting crazy. Thats life. U take that same kid and raise him up North and I guarantee he comes out different. City has tough environments.

    • Anonymous


    • deuce7290


    • Ill Will

      See this is where you are wrong!! Detroit is an overall shit hole! There is no money in Detroit their entire economy is fucked up! Where as Chicago was voted the #1 City in the USA by Forbes...why? Because we have a strong economy, schools, nightlife,tourism, sports, and tons of opportunity for people WANT TO SUCCEED IN LIFE...our city is great for people with shit going on like a job, school, degree, and some fuckin sense. Chicago is highly segmented and divided by sides. The poor people live in different sections of the city mainly the south and west side. But the parts of the city that actually matter are the north side, downtown, and the downtown surrounding areas...this is where the middle class, wealthy class and normal acting people live. The violence is mainly in concentrated areas miles away in south side neighborhoods where mainly lower class Blacks and Mexicans live. I dont think people outside of Chicago realize how big Chicago is....its a huge city!

  • Caesar

    HipHopDx with todays stupid nigger news...

  • 777

    Keef was the nigga behind the trigga.

  • jonty es

    Why the fuck murder sumone over a hoodie like is that how you prove your point there was a group of them they could of easily hit him a few punches on the bus then left even a shot to the leg which is really extreme is better than killing the kid over sum bullshit. Lifes cold as fuck sometimes

    • Umm, ok

      I understand your entire point. In reference to your shot to the leg comment, understand there are major arteries in your leg and if you get shot there, you could still die. In conclusion, even though I understand your point, there is NO EXCUSE to do any of those things. Shit is pointless. Sad world we live in. Peace

  • One

    Sad to hear. Comes to show these young bucks out here don't care. All over some dumb shit. I feel bad for the family but from the looks of it this aint gonna be the end of this. The only thing feeding this situation like this is ignorant black teens and bad hip hop music from Chief keef. And I can't just leave it to him. They are other bad rappers who do the same thing. Wont say anymore names but you know who they are. There was a time when rap music would tell you about the violence and it wasn't to encouraging you to do it. It was meant to be a lesson stating, "you shouldn't do what I did." Now, the music is encouraging you to do the damn thang.

  • Anonymous

    i hope all thugs and gang members are raped and sent into slavery. Not black people, just gang members and thugs. They deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    that's cold blooded shit. To shoot somebody multiple times like that means you have no soul. What the hell is going on.

  • Anonymous

    I just hope that plage of downsydrome infecting the children of chicago gets quarantined there. No need to effect the rest of us

  • wow

    These are the black people that make it hard for the rest of us. Why can't they get their shit together and stop killing each other? Are people really this stupid? Don't they realize what they are doing?

    • MalcolmLittle

      old White women*

    • MalcolmLittle

      Y'all don't even get what he's tryin to say...whether y'all wanna admit it or not (or maybe y'all ain't Black so you just don't see it, hell I dunno), society as a whole's ALWAYS judged the entire Black race based on the actions of a few bad apples, and there's generations of history to back that up. If y'all cracked open a book sometime you'd know that, but I digress. If shit wasn't like that, old White wouldn't clutch their purses and lock their car doors when they see us in their presence. If they didn't, the term racial profiling wouldn't even exist...I take it y'all have never known a legit brotha with a nice whip who repeatedly gets pulled over cuz the law wants to ASSUME he's out there servin. So yes, these buffoons' actions DO reflect on the rest of us...cuz when lil Timmy from Iowa who's never seen a Black face in person in his life turns on the tv and sees clowns like Keef, etc. plastered all over it, it's only natural for him to think this is how we ALL are, and once that notion's in his head it's an uphill battle tryin to break him of it. Sure there's a couple examples of more "positive" images of Blacks sprinkled here and there on tv, but I guarantee he ain't gonna know shit about em cuz those ain't the images they like to shove down our throats. People really need to wake up and start payin attention to what's goin on around em out here instead of livin with their heads in the sand with their eyes wide shut, in denial that shit like this actually happens.

    • ETK

      Then by your words the KKK represents white people, Pablo Escobar represents Latinos, and so on...

    • Anonymous

      shut up coon. i dont know any black people that let a few gang members represent their entire race. only weak ones like you do that. fucking bum.

  • Ken Riley Jr

    This shyt is just sad man....

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