Consequence & Joe Budden Featured In "Love & Hip Hop" Season 3 Supertrailer

"Love & Hip Hop" newcomers Joe Budden and Consequence make an appearance in the show's extended trailer.

With the premiere of the third season of Love & Hip Hop set for January 7, 2013, fans of the reality show were finally given a glimpse at what they can expect this season thanks to a supertrailer released earlier in the week.

In the trailer we’re given a closer look at the storylines for the show’s two new Hip Hop additions, rappers Joe Budden and Consequence.

On Joe Budden’s end, it appears that the Slaughterhouse emcee will attempt to balance the relationship between both his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia and his ex, Tahiry Jose. And on Consequence's end, his storyline seems to also be geared towards his relationship, but will also touch on the varying religious beliefs between himself and girlfriend/media personality Jen “The Pen” Bayer.

During an interview with back in November, Budden remained relatively tight-lipped about the show, merely stating that thanks to editing he really has no idea what to expect when Love & Hip Hop does air.

"I wish I could tell you about it. You know they do a lot with editing so you never know. As a cast member you just have to sit down and watch with the rest of the world, that's the fucked up part," said the rapper.

Love & Hip Hop season three will air on January 7 on VH1 at 8/7 Central.

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  • Leanne

    It feels like forever since Love and Hip Hop has been on television. The previews for the new season look amazing and my heart melted when they showed Yandys beautiful baby. My co-worker at DISH and I are so excited for the new season, but Im going to miss the premiere because of my work schedule. Luckily, I have my DISH Hopper already set to record it when it airs. I usually set a weekly timer in order to watch my favorite shows, but this time around Im setting it to record the entire season. It is so nice not having to set a weekly timer and with over 2,000 hours of entertainment space I never have to worry I will miss my favorite program.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus collection dot com order rip the jacker infinity 10 hours of video and music!!!!!

  • Tracy Chapman AKA Best Nigga Alive

    Yeah right, since no one is checking for you, you gotta resort to showing your ass on TV. Good looking out, Joey!!!

  • Consequence has a Grammy

    Isn't Consequence the rapper that put Kanye West in check and sonned Pusha T, when Pusha tried to rescue Kanye?

  • Anonymous

    It's funny how people aren't focusing on the fact that Joe Budden is a "down low brother".

  • Anonymous

    that nigga cons aka the fifth member of atcq aka mr. "I used to write for kanye west. really" aka mr. "ayo dog whenever you write about me make sure to put grammy-award-winning in front of my name" be desperate for attention.

  • Anonymous

    VH1 has turned into the "Coon channel." I remember when this was the place to see the rarely aired music videos. Now look at it.

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    This might be interesting...Can it out do the comedy and entertainment value Love & HipHop Atlanta brought to the big screen, remains to be seen...We'll see!!!

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