Skylar Grey Explains Mood Of Debut Album, Eminem & Dr. Dre's Involvement

Exclusive: After hits with Eminem, Dr. Dre and Lupe Fiasco the songstress reveals that "C'mon Let Me Ride" is just one side of her presentation, and that the single was mixed by none other than Marshall.

Skylar Grey has been a part of three of the biggest songs in Hip Hop and Pop music the past two years (“I Need A Doctor," “Love The Way You Lie," "Words I Never Said"). However, in 2013, Ms. Grey plans to release her debut album Don’t Look Down. After years of struggle with the music business and her own identity, this album has been a long time coming. Showing that she can be a little “goofy” at times with “C’mon Let me Ride” featuring Eminem, Skylar wants her fans to know that is as far as she will go in that direction.

Skylar had this to say about what listeners can expect from her new album: “There are a lot of different things on the album. 'C’mon Let me Ride' definitely does not represent the rest of the album. You will hear things that are more expected, more melancholy, more melodic.  Then there is stuff that is more fun. That is because when I started making this album, the oldest song was two years old and was right around the time I wrote 'Love The Way You Lie.' After that song, I felt a lot of love while working with great people and having money again. I had a couple of really happy years and started writing some happier songs too. 'C’mon Let me Ride' is reflective of these good times”.

Speaking on her work with Eminem and Dr. Dre, Skylar Grey says that Mr. Mathers, Dre and her share a lot of musical chemistry and Em has given her a lot of advice for Skylar’s album. Skylar speaks about why she thinks she got along so well with such Hip Hop heavyweights: “I think I just have had a lot of different experiences in my life and musical career. I have had a lot of ups and downs. I am not really new to this. I think [Dr.] Dre and Eminem see that and it comes through in my work. I am really grateful to have people like Dre and Eminem supporting me and wanting me to succeed."

As previously mentioned, Eminem has given Skylar Grey a lot of advice. Out of all the sessions that Skylar Grey has had with Eminem, she speaks on the best advice that he gave her: “Well I have a lot of identity crises. I love so many different kinds of music and fashion. I am all over the map.  Sometimes I go too far in one direction and I say ‘Oh no, that’s not me.' Eminem told me, 'Just be you.' That is so simple yet so true. I should not try and be anything, I should just be me. It should be as easy as breathing to put out this album and make these songs."

Skylar also went on to mention that Eminem, an accomplished veteran producer, actually mixed the single “C’mon Let me Ride”. 

Don’t Look Down is scheduled to be released in early 2013 with more appearances from Eminem along with a feature from Marilyn Manson. As far as producers go, Skylar is going to be working with Alex Da Kid and J.R Rotem, among others.

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  • WTF

    Eminem is BEYOND wack, and so is Skyler gay for hoping on Ems dick for the promotion, this song is straight trash...

  • Da Commanda

    She's a wack, crew hoppin' beyotch...She was down with Mike Shinoda (Fort Minor) and Apathy (Demigodz) under the name Holly she jumps crews and changes her name to Skylar Grey....Booooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For all these motherfuckers that say 50 cent killed Ja Rule's career, read this: Ja Rule was the shit '99-'04. He sold millions of records, but unfortunately that dumb ass Irv Gotti had some ties with Suge and Supreme. And Feds came in and raided the offices NUMEROUS times. Everyone in went to trail and could have faced 25 to life if they couldn't prove their innocence. Luckily they did. Now, Ja Rule couldn't do music from '04 'till like '06 because he had all these trials and all this shit with courts and feds. And 50 cent just happened to diss him during this particular period and claimed he "destroyed" his career. 50 didn't destroy anything, ja rule had to stop making music for some time and had to put a pause to his career because the fucking FEDS were fucking the whole up. They really fucked their money up. After that nobody wanted to work with them because of their ties with the mob and DefJam didn't renew their contract. 50 just dissed Ja RUle at that time and y'all stupid ass 5-0 dickriders think 50 made ja rule stop making music. Fuck y'all, what's more important? A stupid rap beef with some hoe ass nigga or a fucking trial where your life is at stake? Hope now shit is clear to you. 50 cent never killed anyone's career, he didn't kill ja rule's career, Feds ruined it. He wanted to fuck Rick Ross' money up and even though he tried SO HARD, Ross still be doin' numbers, as if nothing even happened. And of course 50 could never touch Jay Z, Nas or Jadakiss. Fat Joe been doing just fine even though this hoe ass nigga dissed him. Not to mention how game annihilated g unit with those mixtapes from 2006. 50 cent isn't capable of killing anyone's career and that's a fact.

    • Anony,ob4

      Man, stop being delusional. You know Ja Rule had already fell off the top in 2002 with that Last Temptation shit. Then in 2003 he dropped Blood in My Eye which didn't even go gold, and put the final nail on his own coffin with that R.U.L.E. shit. Trust me, it didn't have shit to do with a trial, cause his problems with the law would of help him with record sales, but people were so tired of him it didn't matter if he got killed like Tupac did.

    • Cmonmanexcuse

      Ja put out that "New York" shit in 2004, and it flopped, despite being all over MTV ( which mattered at the time, ask 50/G-Unit). I'm not saying 50 ended his career, but Ja freely put out music after 50 dissed him, and he was backed by major label dollars and push. That whole hiatus was really after he had fallen off. That was his second release in a row that didn't go Platinum. "Clap Back" got push/play and that album didn't even go Gold. Then R.U.L.E. has a R.Kelly/Ashanti single plus New York, all kinds of guests, videos on MTV all the time. And still barely went Gold. He was on the downslide. He had 3 albums after Pain is Love that all flopped, BEFORE he stopped making music. The only thing that really got stalled was putting out something like PIL2 which would have sold more in 2006 than 2012 but it wouldn't have been a hit no matter what.

  • Deahol

    Skylar's a talented song writer but she's very boring. She needs to stay behind the scene she has considerable success there. She's going to wear out her welcome using these guys to promote herself.

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  • pickle

    if anyone other than hiphop dx watched the fuse interview she did she does say that all she wanted from this song is that when you hear it it gets stuck in your head so you know who she is (or something like that) its not a bad idea bc its got ppl talking, good and bad, but they still talking about her. anyways i like her thanks tobias never really heard of her before

  • pickle

    i think this chick is pretty awesome im not going to lie and shes hott(in my opinion) so that makes it a little easier. why does it seem to me that 90% of comments are negative, but do not give reasons why... sounds like jealous bitches to me

  • JLove

    That songs sucks. track it with that fucking friday song.

  • Anonymous

    em's banging skyler

  • Anonymous

    why cant eminem just come straight up and tell us his bis plan and why he put out recovery

  • Anonymous

    emienem created a whole new fan base with recovery only certain people like that album



  • Anonymous

    So many Butt hurt Eminem Stans come out of the woodwork when he or one of his flop artists get written about.

  • Whateva

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  • Boohoo

    The lady said these is just her showing she's not always melancholic. Can't y'all read that. N if she's fucking Em. It ain't the end of the world or like she's doing something wrong. Let her fucking be.

  • Anonymous

    All she needs is a tattoo on her forhead and she'd look like Yelawolf in that photo.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't she Eminem's niece?

  • Luis Miguel

    This is wack just like Wale's go go album

  • casper21

    these blog posts are funny. The editors of this site post articles related to her because of an Em affiliation, but all your reactions are almost comical. What have you heard of her music, the odd song or two that were released as singles? Are you fans of the genre that she might be placed in? Likely not, would you support her music if you were, likely not, he'll half of you don't even support your favourite artists, if you do I commend you. There is an entire generation of young females that will back her product, regardless of your hate, which means absolutely nothing to anyone but yourselves. Who cares what Marshall gets behind, he's putting out an album next year, and regardless of what it sounds like ya'll gonna be on this damn blog bitching about something as if your opinions mean something, get a hobby people! Life is far too short to be pissed off about the music you listen to for entertainment purposes. If your mad at anyone, be mad at the editors of dx, Merry Christmas.

    • Santa Claus

      You sound hurt. Is that you Skylar? It's ok pookie. I hope you find that "entire generation of young females" to back you because all your solo stuff constantly flops but it's Christmas so pray for miracles!

  • Anonymous

    Why Skylar choose to have him again? Eminem never seemed to into the business side just the performing side. Aside from 50, whose career did he have a major part in? Everyone else signed to Shady just got a guest verse or left because, you know, its Interscope. Interscope is using Eminem connections to promote her but what good will it do if you choose wack songs as single? I was disappointed with the slaughterhouse album. The production was wack and the direction was disorientating. I am most disappointed on how Eminem kind of did a terrible job at executive producing Yelas album. Eminem did a great job on Proofs album and then Obie Trice. Unlike Fiddy who is out of touch and out of mind, Eminem is suffering something that is very heartbreaking to his fans because we are watching something that is really painful. hes not the same em as before. his life got better, the talent is still there, but the hunger/ passion isnt. em could spit, but it was that combined with raw passion that made me, and others fans. most sounds i hear from him these days are mehjust my 2 cents tho. Good luck to Skylar though I respect her cause she grinded to get where she is

  • Josh

    Why everybody praises the "new" uninspired Eminem every now and then? He is washed up. No drive to inspire other artists creativity just look at yelawolf and slaughterhouse. Both flopped. His beats sucks so bad he uses them in his own artists. How can a rapper who fell off can help a talented artist who is looking for a major break? He lives like a recluse where do he get his inspiration from? Watching TV? Lol. Hes exhausted his staple content (every rapper has their staple content that they primarily rap about over the course of albums) and the novelty of his earlier shock lyrics have worn off. Time to hang it up Marshall and not ruin another artists career!

  • Anonymous

    She Em's new hoe? Damm he must got tired of hittin Hailie ass.

  • Doubl Negative

    This hoe has nothing to do with our scene and it's people like them contaminating hip-hop that is ruining our culture. Fuck 'em all.

    • pickle

      ? our scene? if you rap and your on hiphop dx commenting being a bitch then you must suck shit so maybe its you that is contaminating hiphop "scene" loser.

  • Mel

    Poor Skylar has learned nothing from Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf. You don't want Eminem as your Executive Producer. He'll convince you to go more mainstream, piggy back off his name and watch as you flop harder than a dying fish.

  • Dell

    She should have taken Eminem's advice and stayed true to herself. Clearly this is not her lane. She's trying to capitalize off the rapper association & it's not working. She looks a poser with her new "urban" look.

  • WhiteChickLover

    Skylar can get it. Love me some white girls. They will do anything.

  • lol

    lol ems verse is funny tho still smooth just not what i want to hear from eminem though still kills it. and to the post below me ..she wrote part of love the way you lie

  • makaveli

    As much as i like Eminem, that song "C'mon let me ride" is a total crap, a big pile of crap i should say. It's like those few songs that Em has, that you can listen practically nowhere. Not in a club, not at home, especially not in a car. Those crappy songs that have no sense, no lyrics, no flow, no nothing. Those crappy songs are the reason most people are saying "Eminem? Ah yeah, that clown, i can't stand his stupid music". That said by a big Em fan....

    • shh

      #THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP...13/16...PFUNKY..very very very "ICONIC"... now..that FRANK OCEAN has happened..... WILL EMINEM BE ABLE TO GET BACK TO HIS "old swag" MY FAVE "LP" is 8 MILE sdtk.....LOSE YOURSELF...13/16! STAN..."a visual art" masterpiece.....13/16 EMINEM WITH RIRI....ICE WATER!...3/13 EMINEM with GAGA....ICE WATER!...3/13 EMINEM with "the INFAMOUS" DRAKE....13/16!...PFUNKY! IF EMINEM waz from OHIO..ey3 would BUY...*smile....THE REBIRTH OF TR3Y DAWG 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....613

    • Anonymous

      His rhyme schemes were sick and punchlines were funny. The whole song was making fun of modern music anyway... Not really meant to be all serious.. Although I do agree that I wouldn't want to listen to the song anywhere.

  • f


  • Anonymous

    And another soul is sold!!!!!!!!!

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