Ultramagnetic MC's Announce Several Dates On Critical Beatdown 25th Anniversary Tour

Kool Keith, Ced Gee and company put down two beginning dates to celebrate "Critical Beatdown's" 25th birthday.

Veteran Bronx, New York Hip Hop group the Ultramagnetic MC's have begun posting dates for their Critical Beatdown 25th Anniversary Tour. Beginning in Australia, the collective including Kool Keith and Ced Gee is celebrating the benchmark anniversary of their breakthrough album. Critical Beatdown yielded the singles "Ego Trippin'" and "Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Remix)."

The group, which at points has also included Tim Dog, TR Love and others, last released Best Kept Secret in 2007.

The dates are as follows:

Friday February 8th @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Australia

Saturday February 9th @ The Espy, Melbourne

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  • Shone Jones

    Ultramagnetic are the epitome of a group being underground and getting passes for that reason alone. They had great songs, but I don't think they were great MCs by any stretch of the imagination. I never really understood the "genius" of Kool Keith. If another rapper said some shit like pick em up, eat em up, pick em up, picklehead, pick em up picky none of the people who think Keith is so great would be giving that shit props at all. I liked Ease Back and those other joints, but those dudes could not rap for shit, especially not on the same par as the other MCs of that era like Rakim, Kane or G Rap. Ive seen people who are far less critically-acclaimed do far better than Ultra lyrically.

  • Sensaye

    Kool Keith's flow back then was way ahead of it's time. He's been rappin' off beat on purpose for like 15 years now. Just for shits and giggles it would be nice to hear him actually give some effort on a new song. He just says anything now, because Kool Keith fans will never negatively critique anything he does no matter what.

  • eighteze

    i remember i got this tape and i was coming back from school on the bus listening on my walkman next thing i know i feel a finger jabbing me give me that walk man i looked at the guy and was mad i said u want this? i unclipped my walkman and smashed it in his face i thought to myself after that i bet he never felt music like that before

  • Hip Hop please

    Oldschooool DOPE



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