Meek Mill Responds To Cassidy Diss "Me, Myself & iPhone," Wants To Battle

Meek Mill addresses Cassidy's latest diss and challenges him to a battle.

Shortly after Cassidy released his diss track "Me, Myself & iPhone," Meek Mill has responded to the song.

Taking to Twitter, the Maybach Music Group rapper said that his fellow Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native "lost ya mind" and that he's willing to take him up on his offer to battle.

"Listening 2 this diss..... Ima say cuz you lost ya mind! U really gone up top mentally ...... I feel sorry for u! Lol," he wrote. "When me and @CASSIDY_LARSINY was locked in the same jail!!! He was on 'PC' protective custody .... I was on the 'drama block' #difference. He gonna battle @lilsnupe now! Lol. Ima let em b great tho! 'Stroke em condom style' lol. Then @CASSIDY_LARSINY u got booked for a body u ain't do and took a deal on ya co-defendant..... Left him for dead! Halfway telling! Now we calling ya bluff somebody put it up if he don't got it.. Ima waiting...riding thru my old hood in my new whip."

He then entertained the idea of a lyrical battle, stating that he would like to do it tomorrow for money. "After tomar I don't wanna hear no more about it.... #mmg #dcr. And when beanie sigel was in jail he was never on 'PC' so we found out 'that was a lie.' Then we can donate the money 2 the schools they Truna close .... Our city need it....lets do it tomar! U don't even come back home! Lets stop tweeting and give the fans what theyw ant tomar .... I'm done...this when u don't get time 2 write raps ...and we gone donate!"

Cassidy responded with a simple tweet: "I gave @MeekMill months to respond.. Tomorrow? I thought you wasn't battling.. FOH That song got you tight!!! Step them bars up.."

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  • christopher chambers

    don't get it twisted cass gets it in but when was the last time you heard a hit from him? Meek on fire right now and if you do the research cass did get his car repo'd. FACTS. Cass is lyrical but hip hop, TODAYS HIP HOP, is not about that today.Meek gotta large fan base and he nice. Initially he said he wouldn't mind seeing cass and mook battle. Why didn't cass diss mook? Bottom line....cass is broke and saw a way to get some shine and he took it.

  • Mj62992

    Meek Mill makes better songs but he's gonna get raped. Lol. He's reallly feeling himself if he thinks he can hang with cassidy lyrically.

  • denisewest8543

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  • Anonymous

    cassidy is gonna destroy meek mill!

  • silly wappers

    Im tired as fuck of these coon ass twitter age silly wappers trying to bring up some fuck nigga jail shit.. mad ignorant and we the fans dont give a flying fuck about what sector of the modern day slave plantation a dude had to stay to serve his time. Jail is not a bragging right for fake hip hop street cred. all that damn lip service but cant spit his bars right to save his pathetic career. either battle or dont say shit youngin. will meek mill be around in 5 years. I highly doubt it....

  • Anonymous

    "And the albums u compared, Cass didn't have a major behind him spending 300K in marketing" So it's Meek's fault Cass didn't have major funding?

  • lol

    ok so its been like 3 days n i still got no meeek reply.. WTF. lets get the ball rollin cass alrdy came off w somethin crazy

  • OKletsGO

    Ok, Meek is cool & all but you know he doesn't really want to battle Cassidy. He wouldn't not be able to handle that kind of embarrassment!

  • Anonymous

    battle ring that what i should call my t.v show just picture it ... meek mill in the blue corner ... cassidy in the red corner.... crowds rapping what's beef mics come down from the ceiling and fat man scoob comes running out screaming ... lets get ready to battle! dopest shit

  • Anonymous

    kid got to battle for money just do it for your man hood cause Casidy ate you

  • Anonymous

    it's dinner time, and Cass got his knife and fork out.....

  • oasis

    Im pissed that he is acting like a bitch and not wanting to battle for 100,000 like he initially said in the first interview. He was talking like he's filthy rich say he cant battle for no less than 100,000, he cant do it for free. Now the dummy talking about giving the money to charity. Man up. He wrote a check that his ass cant cash. Like them boys in Alabama told Ricky Rosay, "Time to check in." lol

  • Heavy Chevy

    This nigga ducking Cassidy like Floyd used to duck Manny...

    • Anonymous

      floyd would have murdered manny anyway,come on now,you cant hit what cant be touched.stick and move,aitn nobody touchin him,maybe mma

    • jay

      LOL @ case closed..mayweather must of had a party when mannyt went down so ppl didnt have to call him pussy no more for not fightin him..ill never forget it tho may sitll a bitch for that move and is why boxin succks

    • Case Closed

      funny you would say that because if Manny would have ducked maybe he wouldn't be still sleeping on the canvas. LOL

  • Malone

    everybody poops... Sincerely yours, Malone

  • Real Talk

    the more i read the comments the more i feel bad for yall... its entertainment let them entertain..

  • ELI

    Meek Mill is trash at the end of the day. He does come correct sometimes but for the most part he does sound the same on 99% of his records and features! Lyrically he's not a threat to Cassidy and is probably just a Rick Ross tax right off. The hardest track on his album is his intro. and his track with Kirko Bangz who actually makes the song Youngn Gettin It!

    • dj nemesis

      ^get off meeks dick dude...meek is the black eminem right now, even if its a love song hes gonna yell at the bitch like she slapped his mom

    • !

      matter of opinion, 99% ? so how many songs has he made that sound the same to come up with these numbers? wheres the math?

  • J

    Who cares about cass being protected in jail and all that use it in a diss or in the battle lyrically cass murder him and I like meek mill too but cassidy got this

  • jackjohnson

    stop ducking then meek they already got the money and tried to set it up

  • Ghost

    Everybody commenting dont mean shit. Cass got enough respect for Meek to have to respond in a song. Meek has too, if he doesn't then he is scared. The ship is already sinkin, battling Cass in songs can plug the ship or make the whole bigger. Twitter beef is just wack. Let's hear it in songs. That is HIP-HOP!

  • MMG

    Rick Ross fuking Meek Mill could help him sell but im sure his blood sugar went up

  • FOH

    And if meek REALLY wanted to do it for charity he went about it the wrong way! Dont try and drag philly into this meek thats some rick ross hoe shit! he does the same thing, do questionable bullshit and put it on dade county instead of standing behind his own word! if it was all like that yall coulda hooked up ON YOUR OWN fuck the media all they did was made it into something it wasnt, yall could have did the battle, or did a big concert with all the philly greats and donated that to charity...I mean since you care so much meek! it wouldnt been over wit already, and it woulda been a good look for philly...but had play the whole industry Im hot you not u got egg on your face...that dirty braids line hurt! lamo! nigga dropped the beat out and everything lmao!

  • killa

    this nigga meek stays tweeting. write a diss you fuckkin corn. he aint ready for cass at all.

  • Anonymous


  • FOH

    SMH yall sittin here tryin to piggy back off what meek talkin bout like you even know what PC is lol! FOH! And how is meek questioning ANY RAPPERS street cred when he run with officer rawse and his dicey past! And yall niggas over here cheerleading! Yall was just making excuses for officer ricky lame ass just last year, couldnt nobody say nothing, but NOW yall tryin to pull niggas cards on some street shit cause you got a mouth fulla cock! FOH! I swear I cant stand the youtube niggas POV is complete garbage! yall dont keep it 100 about NOTHING all you do is troll, e-bang, try and be down with the popular opinion...

  • jay

    lets not fuck this battle up by pre judgin shit all say cass would win (which i would put money on) but if meek comes correct this could be the current day nas/jay..50/ja... heres to hopin meek comes hard and we got a real battle!

    • nyc

      "lets not fuck this battle up by pre judgin shit all say cass would win (which i would put money on) but if meek comes correct this could be the current day nas/jay..50/ja... heres to hopin meek comes hard and we got a real battle!" lets be realistic lol this aint going to be like neither of those beefs if meek mills actually writes a song (cuz we know there will be no live battle) i would give him a little respect for atleast attempting to box out of his league, but we know lyrically he cant battle cass unless he has a good writer, when its all over with neither of these dudes will have an empire like 50 or jay and i dont see cass as the type of dude to do to meek mills what 50 did to ja rule, and meek aint nas so he will not last the same way after its over. on a better note i would rather hear these two dudes battle than to listen to most or any of the post g-unit rappers, if you want real hip hop listen to CHEIF KAMACHI, SNOW GOONS, JEDI MIND TRICKS, CANIBUS, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE , ECT. AND LET THESE NEW DUDES LIKE MEEK MILLS DIE OFF EVEN THOUGH HE IS PROBABLY THE BETTER OF THE NEW BUNCH

    • Yeah U

      current day jay vs nas? lol man calm ya monkey ass down! ol giddy ass...u sound like a fuckin woman...

  • Anonymous

    this gay is a twitter gangster!

  • NONO

    Cassisdy said more than that. hiphopdx taking sides? lol

  • Anonymous

    "why you comparing Cassidys album that sold the least out of any of his releases to Meeks best" You never saw Jay go platinum then years later go wood. Since your reading comprehension seems below the national average I even pointed out how Meek's numbers weren't great. Yet dude's still making moves and generating hype. Where's the hustla at???

  • RickRossIsAFatFuck

    Meek Mil twitter thugin' it, just man up & battle him, so far Cassidy is fucking this nigga in tha ass word up.

  • Anonymous

    cassidy fell off years ago

  • Anonymous

    "cassidy sold more records than meek mill" Cassidy's last album sold 5200 first week lol Meek did 165,000 in the downloading era. Not saying those are great #'s, but at least he's signed to a major and making moves.

    • ghost

      Dude, that was a horrible example. Cassidy had like 3 commercial albums, and went Gold for at least two of them. And the albums u compared, Cass didn't have a major behind him spending 300K in marketing. Meek flopped with all the hype he had, and with Rick Ross backing him.

    • logic

      why you comparing Cassidys album that sold the least out of any of his releases to Meeks best? Get off his dick, kid. Also, lol @ Cassidy fell off years ago. SMH at you morons.

  • anonymous

    so cassidy hardly dissed him, and then mill goes and sends out ten tweets talking about Cassidy's jail time?? HAHAHA sensitive much?

  • Anonymous

    damn, I really am getting old because I'm FLABBERGASTED that people on a HIPHOP site are here dissing Cassidy like this. smfh, you niggas don't know shit.

    • !`

      Cass a lengend??? what name some classics whiteboy

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, cass is a legend but he should really keep to himself, he has nothing to prove anymore, and dissin meek is just a lil kim move and unless they actually battle (which i hope they do) and cassidy wins....its going to hurt cassidy's rep....maybe not in the "streets of philly"..but everywhere else...

    • Anonymous

      Seriously.. Cass is a legend!. These damn kids are stupid as fuck..

  • jet li

    "Suge Knight and Shyne weren't in PC but I get what you are saying about the stars. Most of them should be in PC because they would be ripped to shreds by the general population. Also Black Rob wasn't in PC." Suge Knight was in PC. Do your research, Snoop even got a song called "Fat Cuz" clownin Suge about PC. Also, Black Rob aint shit and never been!!! If BR walked up to me and ask for a nickle, I would mistake him for the man pushing the buggy who daily digs in my trash bin. Bottom line is 99.9% of todays stars would do PC, and they should. Google Micheal Douglas son and see how safe it is for a star in jail. Not to mention poor little Douglas boy WAS in PC.





  • Anonymous

    meek need to stop talkin shit on twitter n battle.

    • Anonymous

      he can't. Hes gonna get destroyed, easily. I dont know how they fell out, but I honestly thought he was just giving cass props by saying he wants to battle him at first, I think this shit went too far, too fast, and it can only end if they both squash it

  • Cassidy is a liar

    If Cassidy doesn't answer in 24 hours, then he scared because he wouldn't have time to write "so called freestyles".

  • Mickey

    Neither one of these niggaz ball have dropped. They both sound like Mickey Mouse on a helium balloon. Why the fuck yal even care? I'll listen when they hit puberty and get some bass in they voice.

  • Anonymous

    This is basically a bullshit nigga talking about a bitch ass one. You niggas like this is the modern day Jay-Z/Nas beef. C'mon both these niggas can't write or freestyle for shit, their "battle" is gonna be garbage

    • ghost

      Dude probably rusty, but cass can rap off the top of his head. He was a true battle rapper. Seen him do it. May not be able to do it now, but he could.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Cassidy I mean Faggidy iz fake ass weak lyricist. Meek Meel is more poetic and intelligent den diz irrelevant ass nigga. Cassidy has sold 0 records and he was protected in prison. lmao.. Meek iz da real nigga. he a real g. swag

  • Anonymous

    "Cassidy is a superior MC" Why cause some nameless stranger says so? lol Cassidy is a scrub. He knows it. Meek knows it, and soon the world will know it... Again.

  • Anonymous

    "I got no more respect for this tweety gangster!" Meek must be heart broken.


    I quote meek: Gangstas move in silence, nigga and I don't talk a lot I don't say a word, I don't say a word And now your trying to be a twitterthug and be talking way to damn much! I got no more respect for this tweety gangster!

  • Po

    *meeks publicist* "lol meek mill smh...... stop now, you may still have a chance if you divert this, garner his bars towards you and apply that to your future. you are on a sinking ship(MMG=MeekMillGroup) , but you got something bubbling over there at dream chasers, BE HUMBLE AND BUILD YOURS, and pay homage to the IVY league, you major right now po.... "

  • So Icy Boi!

    Meek Mill is da greatest underground rapper right now. he will destroy Cassidy pussy nigga. swag

  • Zee

    It took a minute for me to acknowledge Meek Mill's tweets.. but better late than never... Anyways, Cassidy on 'Me, Myself & iPhone' didn't even diss Meek Mill.. All he did was express a few things... If Cass wanted to go in.. Meek Would be over... I like Meek Mill but Cassidy over Meek anyday. Also Cass is a lot better for those who don't know... Cassidy is not to be fucked with.. I think Meek caught amnesia in his absence..

  • Sensaye

    The funny thing about it is they're actin' like it's the clash of the titans or some shit, and they're both average by industry standards, and that's a pretty low bar. There's 50 MC in any given city that would eat these niggas alive. This is probably just a ploy to get Cassidy back in the lime light. By the way, Meek Mill needs to attend one of the schools that they're "truna" shut down. You need a ghetto translater to decipher this niggas illiterate ass diatribe.

  • Anonymous

    cassidy is washed up, get over it people. after that condom stylr garbage i lost faith.

  • loki

    meeks a fuckin pussy, all cass has to do is get a few GD's at the battle and when its his time to spit, yell out "GD folk" and meeks over lol

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy - "The Problem vs. The Hustla" youtube it youngin

  • theson

    Meek ready to battle after he, Ross, Wale, Stalley and Gunplay helped him write a verse LMFAO Cass is nothin to be played wit

  • Ogontz

    Cassidy is really the mental giant on the beanstalk. Meek need to read the art of war and chill. Gettin all baited...Fish.

  • suavetitan

    LMAO, why was Cassidy jail terms even brought up ??? Cass wasn't on the song saying how hard his jail time was, he didnt say I was arrested for such n such, he just sent light shots and Meek got so mad he said "You was in PC in jail" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO thats like losing in basketball and saying "My sneakers cost more than yours" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Kofi

    Cass done proved himself on the pop and battle level. He is right Meek yells on every song. I got Cass at the end of the day.

  • Cassidy is a Mouse

    Lol Cassidy know he needs time to write, that's why he won't accept Meek's 24 hour challenge.

    • Anonymous

      yeah that's weak shit. meeks a bitch to say that now

    • Anonymous

      So why Meek didnt accept Cass challenge 2 months ago ??? Meek didnt need time right ??? LOL Meek mad started talking about jail conditions LMAO Cass said nothing about jail or even being arrested LMAOOOO

  • Anonymous

    he even yells on his Twitter

  • Anonymous

    So from what I read. Meek mill suddenly wants tobattle, and now Cassidy doesn't want to? Dafuq!?

  • Anonymous

    who is this dude?.... one of POs little flunkies?

  • Anonymous

    Meek is still trying to write something clever to respond to cass couple of bars seriously, cass has no chance

  • Anonymous

    shutup and respond back shit...


    • Anonymous

      if you think anyone is going to download any album thats called the templars of hip hop present space age slaves by beast, you're dumber than your rap groups name

  • Anonymous

    I just want this thing to get over with, because both of these rappers need to get back to their battling days.

  • Anonymous

    Meek is hot right now but Cass is gonna Kill him.

  • Anonymous

    meek is gonna make cassidy look like GOD period!!!!



  • Bblanco

    Cass iz gonna body dis nigga!!

  • yerrrr

    Meek scared of Cass writtens lol this dude wants to throw some quick ish because hes probably a better on the spot freestyler than Cass is. He don't want to test Cass pen game. He knows what the deal is they should do a battle both ways. No writtens and then battle over beats ala jay z and nas

    • Anonymous

      ^youre one naive bastard if you seriously think every nigga including meek aint gonna come prepared/spitt written shit. sheesh, like come back to the real world.

    • Supposed to think on the spot in a freestyle battle

      You're not supposed to write in a freestyle battle. Meek Mill doesn't want to give Cassidy a chance to cheat by writing verses and then trying to pass them off as freestyles.

  • Anonymous

    If you not feeling what Meek is saying about battling then you a hater point blank. He willing to do it for the right reasons. Lets see what Cass say about donating the money.

    • herbsaac

      What? Maybe donate 80 percent winner keeps 20.. Meek head is big form all the success rick ross has had and for some reason he thinks people(not teen girls and 12 years) are actually feeling him.. Cassidy's most poppy single > Anything Weak Willed has ever EVER done.

  • Anonymous

    lol Meek needs to chill or spit back and stop all the chit chat. Cass just murked him with that track. Hes not topping it. Period!

  • FuKKK MeeKKK Mill

    Oh OK, like Meek wouldn't be on protective custody as well SMH bitch ass nigga

  • michigan

    Cassidy killed the diss lol Meek jumped on twitter talking shit like a little teenage girl. lol Meek trash he started it by calling Cassidy out and now he talking to much like a bitch.

  • ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    yeah boi cass is a monster and gon shove it all in week will's mouth

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill is that kind of nigga whose bark is louder than his bite. He should just recognize he can't compete with another nigga and be done with it.

    • Anonymous

      yeah boi cass is da man boi he got that long dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    • Anonymous

      Preeeach this nigga supposed to write or freestyle but he can't do either even Soulja Boi can rap circles around Meek

  • Anonymous

    twitter doesn't count, still hasn't responded.

  • jery

    I have a question for everyone: does anyone know if people actually battle with freestyles? At the shelter in detroit, for instance, do most of the battlers have memorized lines or is it all made up. I just feel like nowadays its more and more memorized stuff.

    • LoveLife&Music

      i can do that shit but i ain't a battle rapper i can also freestyle and stay on topic about certain situation and what not ... it takes a while for me to right some shit but when i do it's always on point

    • Anon

      Not to put it out there but you can memorize with blanks that can be filled with your target to make it seem like it was done on the spot, but it's more like a form letter in a rap.

    • Anonymous

      C'mon. No, seriously. Do you REALLY think they make up those rhymes right there at the spot???

    • Anonymous

      i think it was a mix, and to the point where no one's really sure how much of what is what

  • Anonymous

    meek doesnt have a chance with cass in a battle

  • jet li

    The fucc is Meek talkin about? If he went to jail today hed be in pc too. Cass was a star at the time. Fucc you think, If 50 went in today hed be in pc. Suge was in pc, and so was Shyne. These niggas to rich to be in Gen Pop, they would be food. Ross, Jeezy, T.i, Gucci all these niggas cant be in Gen Pop they to well known. Dmx and Beanie crackheads, so the wardens prolly used they ass to scare the other criminals str8. Those the only well known stars to prolly do Gen Pop. They might have even been pc'd up. Maybe...But thats nothing for a star to be ashamed of you cant beat 1200 to 1300 wild niggas by yourself. So you be smart and pc that shit up, just like big bad Meek would do.

  • jet li

    Meek do be sounding like a female in labor with all that screaming. His shit flopped anyway. 2Chainz sales shitted on this squeeky voice hoe.

  • Anonymous

    the rise and fall of meek mill , cassidy will eat you for breakfast

  • Anonymous

    Meek ainn't got no bars, look like a mammys boy for real not even impressed

  • raidfuljohnson

  • Oasis

    I have never seen a gangster So concerned with helping charity. He would hate to see. Cassidy spluge with the winnings.he initially said 100k he cant even do it for 50k. He sees his own defeat. Cass should have been in pc. Well known rapper at that time. Meek was only a youtube sensation.

  • Fukurpost

    Lol nobody see that cass is doing the sme thing murder mook did to him. Fuck Cass I think he would win da meek battle but I don't respect the fact he jump on da blogs without seeing the interview or maybe he did see da interview and got mad because once again he don't want to battle murder mook but he ready to jump in da ring with meek his lil homey from his town smh meek said he wanted to see mook vs ass I mean cass and this dick head nutted up and said he wanted to battle meek lol Mook got ass shook if I was meek I would just whoop his ass and post it on world star lol

    • Anonymous

      yeah it is fucked how that happened, but the song kinda explains his perspective too. he didn't really pay attention to the whole thing, til mill started to get gassed and talk shit.

    • Anonymous

      dat interview got taken outta context but who cares? Cassidy dnt got the right to challenge Meek Mill? They both used to be battle rappers so there aint nothin wrong with this. Who cares who started it, just battle,& than it'll be finished.No beef,shooting or killing, just a rap battle.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, now we kinda have an idea about what the angle Meek is gonna use battling Cassidy.


    LMAO "I gave @MeekMill months to respond.. Tomorrow? I thought you wasn't battling.. FOH That song got you tight!!! Step them bars up...MEEK MILL IS SHOOK

  • da1

    I like the fact that Meek Mills is brave enough to battle Cassidy ater what Cassidy did to Freeway. I think this is good for hip hop. But that dude Meek needs to brush up on his grammar. I hope he wasn't being serious spellng that way.

  • Anonymous

    It's time for these two to stop talking and get to battling. Meek may not be the best rapper, but in a battle you never know whose going to come with what. Should be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Meeks been quietly writing some bars and memorizing them so now he wants to try and catch cassidy off guard NEVER TRUST SOMEONE WHO IS BEING MENTORED BY A COMPULSIVE LAIR AND FRAUD BECAUSE IT WILL RUB OFF ON THEM

  • d a h u s t l a

    fuck meeks ol shout every word no lyrics big teeth havin ass he dont want it with cass

  • >_

    This faggot ass nigga needs to get off twitter and do something. Tired of these rappers on fucking twitter today. Zero balls.

  • Anonymous


  • ray786

    that boy meek milly spittzz aite but nikka ain't got nothing point blank zero on cass cuzz..... cass will erase this nikka in a battle and why did he give a one day deadline? cuz he knew its the easiest way to get outta this shit and not get slaughtered lol, meek a biatch boy!!

    • michigan

      lol i agree Cass came at him and what did meek do? lol get on twitter and start talking like a bitch. Meek isn't gangsta like he trys to portray himself to be. If Meek was a man he would of put out a diss track instead of crying on the internet. fucking internet thug lol

  • Anonymous

    cassidy was pc'd up cus he was famous and meek wasnt at the time...u dont have to choose to be in protective custody to be in it....just like if meek got locked up now he would be in PC

  • Anonymous

    the talk is too much action most be takin dawg,@meek mill get set cass is mentally ill from the accident hungry for the money and major, cass voice is clear and clean he dont yell,like a BITCH NIGGA ,NOW THE HOOK HAS COME THE WORLD BEEN WAITING FOR

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