Cassidy Disses Meek Mill On "Me, Myself, & iPhone"

Cassidy throws some bars Meek Mill's way.

Another chapter has been written in the Cassidy vs. Meek Mill beef.

Cassidy has released "Me, Myself, & iPhone," which plays out as Cassidy speaking to several affiliates questioning his status in the game. In the third verse, he addresses Meek Mill:

"He said he wanna battle niggas, but when I took him up on his offer he started to reconsider/ That cat lame on every song he rap the same/ That cat changed he got a deal and don't act the same/ That nigga wilding cause he sold a couple hundred thousand/ But I sold triple what that nigga sold my first album/ He not selling cause that nigga can't stop yelling/ He know he can't fuck with you that nigga look up to you/ That ain't nothing new I raised son/ I was around when that clown couldn't even get his braids done/ Why he dropped that 'I'm a Boss' shit?/ Cause his boss say he a BAWSE and he just on his boss dick."

The track also addresses Cassidy's "Condom Style" track, as well as the current state of his relationship with Swizz Beatz.

Listen to the track below:

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  • The Don

    now who is yaw favorite rapper? i bet the nigga is the fakest nigga in the industry too.

  • The Don

    Niggas comin at my Young Buck comment...For what? He is a platinum artist,and he got a gold plaque too. He is very consistant with rhymes and i can tell yaw dont listen to young buck cause he rap about real nigga shit which is street life(guns,selling/doing drugs,going to jail,making money double) and he lived all that. the nigga been shot with an AK 47,he got like 20 mug shots, made 8 million dollas with g unit and traveled the world,hit the bottom and he still here. well he in prison right now but he ALWAYS have good music like Blood Hound from get rich or die trying,the whole beg for mercy album,Lloyd Banks "Work Magic"song,His mixtape called "Case Dismissed",His platinum selling "straight outta Cashville LP", His gold selling album"Buck The World",His recent mixtapes "B.O.M.B.S 1" and B.O.M.B.S 2(Back On My Buck Shit). I mean this dude had and currently have dope ass music but if you listen to the media or 50 all the time saying all bad things about buck and you believe it and not give it a chance and actually listen to it,how would u know if its good or not? stop dick riding and open your eyes and ears. dont listen to another man fuck is wrong with you? 50 signed buck cause he obviously know he have talent idiots otherwise he wooda never signed him to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    He killed Meek, and this isn't even Cassidy at his best. Cass is just gettin' ready to eat him.

  • Anonymous

    meek will get eaten lol

  • Ghost

    Meek not goin to say nothin. Meek started all this b4 his album dropped, when his ego was big. He flopped (based off of what the industry thought he was going to do) and he is almost off the charts. Cass completely out sold Meek. WB/MMG may not put no more marketing $$$ in dude. But, Meek needs to keep pushin himself, drop Dreamchasers 3, and not worry about Cass. Don't fall for the trap.

  • jay

    watch everyones shittin on meek (i think cass would kill him in battle) but all meek gotta do is drop 1 hot diss and everyone wont be sayin shit about meeks skills or w.e.. i cant wait to hear what meek got, bec cass had the crazy concept to start this battle off right..

  • jay

    funny just a few wks ago before cass dropped that bait meek diss ppl was sayiun cass is washed up n shit now he dropps that and this and 'oh hes back' when rly cass hasnt lost it he just never had a hot single out.. same with game ppl was sayin he was done and he drops jesus piece which is fuckin crazy i might add game rly got me w that one and everyones sayin he sback..even 50 cents single had a buzz n ppl was sayin hes back.. point is ppl r dickrides appreciate the music for what it is not whats hotter than the other.. this is why raps failin bec u dont see ppl in country or pop or we doin the same shit

  • Bay Area 510

    There is no need to meet up. You got dissed! Now keep your 100k and just put out a few bars squeek mills. I been a Cassidy fan he just need Just Blaze and he top 5. Lol..................... *Im An Innocent Man *All By Myself *Im A Hustler *Misunderstood Smh Cassidy is way better than Sqeeky Mills!

  • Anonymous

    "you forget about im a hustla? he was bigger than meek is now" Meek has created buzz on various songs.

  • GZ UP


  • Anonymous

    "activist/revolutionary agenda he was born into and probably died for" Thank you Oliver Stone. I'll contemplate that conspiracy theory.

  • Anonymous

    "How is Cassidy broke?" If Cassidy was caked up he'd be signing new deals, or making movies, not bickering with Meek.

  • Anonymous

    "U MAD THAT MMG LOSIN?" 2 Self Made volumes 1 Wale album 1 Meek album GFID certified gold Sounds like winning to me.

  • Anonymous

    "my favorite rapper is Young Buck cause of his flow,lyrics" Curtis, is that you?

  • The Don

    This is not beef. its just a diss/competition but it is dope. Im not dick riding this nigga but i bet doe this dude can destroy your favorite rapper in a battle and yes white boys eminem my favorite rapper is Young Buck cause of his flow,lyrics,the shit he raps about,and his lifestyle plus i never in my life heard a wack Young Buck verse but Cass wood murder Buck in a battle LOL. A battle i think wood be the best battle probably ever wood be Arsonal Vs Cassidy. I knoe you probably reading this shit Cass make the shit happen for hip hop nigga.

  • MMG Stay takin L's

    First Jeezy check Ross at the award show. Then in the same night, 50 Cent n the Unit mob on Gunplay. Now, Cassidy is bodying Weak Mills. MMG stay losin!!!! I KNOW YOU YOUNG DUMB NIGGAZ MAD, HUH LMAOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Suavetitan

    Meek been dissing Cassidy for a while now, Cass kept saying stop talking on twitter and lets just battle, Meek kept talking on twitter so Cass got in the booth, did something REAL LIGHT and Meek started talking about his jail conditions LMAO, Meek sent out like 8 tweets, this diss yall say is so weak HURT MEEK FEELINGS LMAOOO

  • Sales this year

    Cassidy is no different from MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. They all may have had gold or platinum albums years ago, however, none of the 3 could sell 50,000 in the first week. Cassidy doesn't have a leg to stand on. At least Hammer and Ice sold over 5 million over their

    • Anonymous

      you talkin about sales? unless cassidy sold records.meek never sold shit.i cant even name you a meek mill cd mmg artists sell.rick ross dont even sell.and hes supposed to be the hottest thing out?.i remember hearing a story that they gave rick ross a platinum plaque(1 million records sold) but it was for all his albums combined lol.please 50 has sold more records in 1 week.than rick ross whole discography lol

    • Anonymous

      cass has had more consistent hits than both those guys. yeah they didn't blow up as big, but its how you use the money you make, which mc hammer is an example of what not to do. but then again, cassidy has maintained way more credibility than hammer as an emcee. that was proven in that meek had him on HIS mind when talking about battling and not mc hammer.

    • Anonymous


  • Money First

    I was always taught the game is Chess not Checkers and Cass is definitely going for the checkmate... he strategically put himself back into the relevant lane!!

    • Anonymous

      how are you bringing mc hammer into this? that's like apples and oranges. MEEK MILL has cassidy on his mind and you're calling him irrelevant? hahahha

    • Anonymous

      @lmao at U: How are u laughin when u seem MAD? MMG STAY LOSIN HAHAHAHAHA

    • LMAO at U

      Really? That's like saying MC Hammer was relevant again when he dissed Jay Z or when Lil Kim dissed Nicki Minaj. Cassidy will never see a solo gold single nor album ever again.

  • Anonymous

    Meek took the bait and this wat happen

  • Anonymous

    This better just be the tip of the iceburg and signs of harder bars to drop from cass cus this track is the weakest diss track i heard in a while, nothing new. You got to do your homework about your opponent pretty well, if meek is smart he can murder cass cus the ball is now in his court.

  • Marlopain

    Cass sound like he six years old he's garbage why don't yall buy his music since he so dope

  • kelo

    only dudes ridin wit meek on this is you young boys, if that.. this track is dope.. cass gon take this one to the crib.

  • Anonymous

    Most of these rappers are oh-so predictable. Meek was clearly shook by this diss cuz he NOW wants to battle by 2mmorrow. He shoulda stayed quiet about the "Condom" song, now its on. I like Cassidy hes cool, but the diss is craazzzy! Meek is overated and he thinks too much of himself. The only Meek song I like is "Say It To My Face" on Ludacris mixtape, thats it. Cassidy got this one.

  • youngsta

    no one listens to old ass cassidy anymore. it's all about meek now. and this diss was WEAK. bringing up old shit about his album selling at a time when albums sold? stating the obvious about his yelling? c'mon son! lol. meek gonna kill his ass.

  • da1

    This really has a very good concept. But he really could've went harder with a concept like this. But I think Cassidy has sort of fallen off lyrically. His flow has improved and he rides a beat alot better but his punchlines aren't what they use to be.

  • jay

    oh damn this was not what i was expectin. i like what he was tryna do with the concept but u dont do that startin off a battle.. thats a style u put on an album not a diss..

  • Anonymous

    Busta Rhymes on the phone?

  • BlakBrit

    Song is actually hot, good concept but Cass is coming across as one those things rappers rap about, a "hater".... I think he just needs to concetrate on his on music, try get on with 50 cent, that could work, get papoose as well and throw in Uncle M on there as well....

    • Anonymous

      @flamez real talk. Meek Mill is the one who was talkin about cassidy first.

    • Flamez

      Another thing you niggas will dick ride who ever is hot at the moment.If Cass was the new nigga popping,and Meek was the other nigga.Ya'll would be like that nigga Meek hating and shit or he wack.

    • Flamez

      How the nigga hating when all he did was big up Meek and the nigga kept disrespecting him.I guess the nigga got tired of taking the high road and got at him.I think this was just a lil taste.Cuz i know Cass can come harder than this.

  • wwwww


    • anonymous

      Did you forget Weak Mill announced that he wanted to battle anybody a couple months back? You probably woulda called anybody that woulda stepped up to challenge a hater, it doesn't take away the fact that Cassidy got him shook about battling even though it was Meeks idea. SMH

  • The B

    Man listen...This was just a little introductory song to get the ball rolling. As soon as Meek put his response out, Cass is gonna eat his ass alive. Career ending type shit, then they will probably link up or some shit. Watch!!!

  • hiphop

    Im very disappointed this is Hella weak! Hope this isnt the knock out punch he was talking about.

  • TRUE

    But it's true about Meek Mill. He's always yelling on his songs. I just wanted to be like could you please stop yelling at me, bro! I can only listen to him for so long.

  • Anonymous

    Man. Beat is trash. Concept of the song is lightweight trash.. man... Respect the message, but no one's gonna ride to this shit..

  • Anonymous

    "Just look at Rick Ross, its proven that he's the biggest fraud in the industry" Pac started out a roadie for Digital Underground. To me, that's lower than Ross being a CO for one year when he was young and not affiliated with hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      ^ exactly. I don't really think its the fact that he was a CO, but that he tried to lie publically.

    • Chris

      Pac didn't LIE about his past though...that is where the term "fraudulent" comes into play here. REAL VS. FRAUD

    • Anonymous

      Here go somebody pulling Pac out their ass, it's like when a girl bring up old shit when they losing an argument. Look man, people who recognize real lost respect for Rozay for denying to be a C.O. not being one. Pac being a roadie was not a street cred killer because the shit Suge brought out of Tupac was a sideshow to the activist/revolutionary agenda he was born into and probably died for.

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy is broke. Meek is paid. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Meek will try and act like he's too big a star to respond even though his album aint sell even 300K LMAO, mainstream hip hop is all smoke & mirrors, they play these idiots songs on the radio 24/7 and try distract people from the fact that nobody cares enough about modern day rap to pend money on it outside of a couple of artists. Cassidy has something Meek Mills never will..........A GOLD ALBUM

  • Anonymous

    I'm just looking at Meeks tweets and dude is talking bullshit When me and @CASSIDY_LARSINY was locked in the same jail!!! He was on "PC" protective custody .... I was on the "drama block" #difference thats because back then cassidy was a big star and you was a nobody lol Dude is mad

  • Anonymous

    Meek aint got bars like this, He will just get a hot beat and make a better song with some weak bars mixed in.

  • Broward County

    Some truth to these darts. Meek Mill has a lot of talent. But he's being guided by the High Priest of All Bitchassness, Officer Billy Bob. And yeah, he does yell a lot...

  • Anonymous

    Wow, loved both the concept and the honesty, great diss track! Hope that at one point Meek could convince Rozay to bring the whole MMG against Cassidy, because it would be super exciting to see how Cass murk them one by one. There is a reason why MMG enjoying mainstream success and Cassidy labeled as a punchline / battle rapper, anybody who steps out from his comfort zone will be damaged - so it was a stupid move from Meek Milly. Too bad that not hip-hop heads dominating the sales right now, so from that point of view, nothing would change at the end of the day. Just look at Rick Ross, its proven that he's the biggest fraud in the industry, and yet people still buying his records. If an ex-CO copycat can be that successfull under the persona of a famous drug lord, credibility doesn't mean a damn thing anymore. At least for those people who actually spend money on music, so even if Cassidy destory Meek's career (or the whole MMG) it wouldn't affect their position on the mainstream market.

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