Ice Cube Says New "Friday" Film Will Follow After His Next Album

Ice Cub says fans will have to wait for him to drop his next album before he starts working on the fourth "Friday" film.

This past March, Ice Cube revealed that a fourth sequel in his Friday film series is in the works. Now, in a recent interview with 2DopeBoyz and The Well Versed, the N.W.A. legend gives an update on the film project.

Although Cube said that the film, dubbed Last Friday, is definitely still in the works, fans can expect to hear his new album Everythang's Corrupt before the film goes into production. Cube also discussed his next solo LP, saying that he's approaching it with a desire to have fun before everything else.

"Yeah, [Last Friday is] coming," he said. "We're marinating on it, putting it together…probably my next album [Everythang's Corrupt] will be done quicker than the Friday movie. We just turned in the script, so it's going to take a couple of more months to put it together."

He added, "[My goal with this album is to] have fun, go in there, look forward to the next song being better than the song you just did. To me, there's no pressure at this point . it's all gravy, and it's all fun."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • wayne boogie

    i agree soul heartedly. damned if he do damned if he dont. cube is in his mid 40's if he was stilll portraying like some of you wanna be thugs yall would say he need to act grown. but he doing family stuff and he acting so he a sell out. jeez stfu

  • Anonymous

    hilarious. if he kept strictly doing gangster rap ppl would say hes rich n old n not about that life. he does shit like make movies and trys to further the culture hes a sellout and not about the life. cant win with you dumb shits

  • Anonymous

    fuck white people!

  • arkitekt

    Look at all these haters. smfh. If it don't interest you, don't listen to the album or watch the movie. People mad for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    ice cube is a legend stop talkin shit u clowns

  • staccup support the new west and check out my album all original music i promise you won't be disappointed


  • Shone Jones

    It's a sad day in hip-hop when a dude like Cube is called a sellout for making major moves for himself and his family!!!! Stuck-in-the-90s-assed Muthafuckas!!!!!!

    • Tuflove

      I agree with grim, the other 2 guys look like 2 butthurt fckn retards. Yeah ice cube just fell off when it comes to making movies. Look at barbershop could have been a great set of 3 movies but he got the big head with part 2 thinking it was gonna be bigger than part 1 so 3 never happened

  • michigan

    I hope Chris Tucker and Mike Epps is in last friday. They got to have everyone back. People dissin Cube for making family movies is stupid. Cube's like 40 years old man. lol as you get older you grow as a person. People can't be mad that he got out of the streets. smh Who the fuck wants to stay in the streets sellin dope for their whole life?

  • J.Martin

    The first friday was dope.. now its just gettin played out. Come wit somethin new and original cube.

  • EAzy!

    C'mon nigga how the fuck you go from "True To The Game" to "Are We There Yet"?!?! One's a song, the other one's a movie/tv show 19 years apart from each other. His message in the music hasn't changed save for a couple tracks here and there. He an actor Arnold went from Terminator to Jingle all the way it's acting.

    • IDK

      cosign @ michigan What do you expect, Eazy? Ice Cube should continue with that thug life even after raising kids?? Like what michigan said, Ice Cube is growing as a person. Also, for Ice Cube to star in Are We There Yet, we call that ACTING. It's not like he's selling out to his race. He'll be an idiot for retaining a thuggish and juvenile lifestyle and not growing up, or else he'll make his race look bad for continuing with that stereotype. I bet if Cube still continued embracing a gang lifestyle, some of y'all will criticize him for doing that and for not growing up and moving out of the ghetto.

    • michigan

      wow callin Cube a phony because hes making kids movies? GTFOH lol Cube is what pushing 40 or older. You grow as a person. Cube still hustlin getting that disney money the right way. Cube has a bunch of kids. What do you expect from him? to still be in the streets. smh thats dumb as hell. If Cube is phony then every rapper to ever come out is fake.

    • Anonymous

      Then listen to that song and you'll know Cube is a phony. He says "stop selling out your race and wipe that stupid ass smile off your face" then the mothafucka acts like a clown in a goddamn children movie

  • Mr. Spell Check

    Ice Cub? Man y'all dudes can't even spell and want us to read this crap!!! Who writes this stuff.

    • Anonymous

      @idk- maybe because facebook/twitter users dont get paid for advertising.. maybe because this is SUSPOSED to be a "respected" hip hop website... but really its just a piece of trash... lol

    • IDK

      @ Mr. Spell Check and every other grammar nazi I've seen typos, grammar and punctuation issues, and other kinds of mistakes in USA Today, Time and all other news websites. No news article can ever be perfect and free from mistakes. Do we really have to point every single harmless mistake out? How about we preach all of that grammar nazi wisdom onto Facebook and Twitter users who talk like complete idiots with that leet and gibberish language? :)

    • shh


    • Ray Tay

      Nigga who cares about the way shit's written just read the goddamn article

    • Lil Loc

      Man I've been telling these niggas for years the HHDX writers are retarted

  • Swisha House, Baby!!!

    This, kids, is the REAL Ice Cube:

  • Fuck South Central

    No one will ever see this movie, the same way no one will ever listen to Detox.

  • Critic

    Friday = Classic Next Friday = Mediocre Friday After Next = Garbage

  • Anonymous

    "everyone needs to get to the movie theatres over the next couple of weeks and support Tarantino's brilliant Django Unchained" If Decaprio wasn't in it I bet nobody would see it. Foxx is not a good actor, and a Xmas day release is not smart.

  • Anonymous

    "Hollywood's only content to show us in mawkish, degrading films like Blind Side, the Help or Lincoln" How was The Blind Side degrading? lol

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the movie it will finally be Saturday.

  • Doubl Negative

    Cube needs to fuck wit' dude who directed him in 21 Jump St. He's never lived up to the potential who showed in legendary cult classic Boyz N the Hood. As for Black films, everyone needs to get to the movie theatres over the next couple of weeks and support Tarantino's brilliant Django Unchained. Hollywood's only content to show us in mawkish, degrading films like Blind Side, the Help or Lincoln. Whenever a movie with balls aimed at Black audience arrives, it's of paramount importance that we support that shit. I can't stress how important this film is for our people, culturally, politically, historically and artistically. Bigoted whites have already taken umbrage this film, so it's doing something right.

  • Proof read ur sh!t

    Its not the fourth sequel retards

  • grown crack babies

    The nigga you love to hate must've been about hhdx trolls. So what he's made family movies, he has a family! That's grown man shit, that doesn't negate street cred. I'm sure he's not the only person in his age group that has made that switch in or out the industry. And you can't compare it to Lil Wayne's trend switching that's just a case of a leader that would rather follow.

  • Anonymous

    I think dude needs to quit with the Friday films, i thought the first was classic the second was good and the third was wack. Come on with something new.

  • Hip Hop please

    Ice Cube is DOPE I like his music & his Friday movies But.. I hate HHDX-TROLLS Do something about it DX

    • He Was Once A Thug From Around The Way

      C'mon nigga how the fuck you go from "True To The Game" to "Are We There Yet"?!?! Just realize this nigga sold out and be done with it.

  • Snr.Malone

    Welcome to the scrolling Game. Keep scrolling You ain't there yet! Okay,almost there. Thank You for playing the Game with Snr.Malone

  • jase

    no one cares. ice cube went pop eons ago. he's a fucking clown now. wish mc ren woulda blew up. he was always the realest from nwa.

  • Mortis

    hang it up you wack mutherfucker

  • Ice Cube

    Straight Outta Compton!!! Though I never lived there I'm just an old nigga who hides behind a gangsta glare Ask Kam if you doubt me, I'll rob your style and run with it From Friday to next Friday to Friday after next, get it? Used to be down with the AK, but now I star in family movies like I'm a motherfuckin gay Niggas call me an OG when I never was a gangsta Cause I act like I'm hood, but deep inside I'm a pranksta Used to say fuck white people, but now I work with them crackers And hire them as actors, cause I'm a hypocrite faggot Sold St. Ides and bean pies on the same sentence Then got rich so I jumped to the other side of the fence I say "Everythang's Corrupt", when I'm corrupt myself Plus I became irrelevant, so they took my shit out the shelf Can't rap for shit anymore, but I'm still itching for more So I see what Hollyood's got in store, and do a movie with Al Gore WESTSIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!

    • bang!

      LOL...pathetic kid

    • Obozo The-Clown-In-chief

      ^^ You sounding like you're a relative of Ice Cube or something. Fuck outta O'clown

    • read between the lines

      Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt It's not like your gonna confront Cube about doing kids movies just like you wouldn't do it with Arnie or Sly Just go away somewhere cos Ice is busy... You couldn't even ghostwrite for Diddy!

  • grim reaper

    too late holmes. this movie want turn heads. it will turn out to be some c rated movie. wit the way black dedicated movies are(tyler perry being the leader of what blacks like to see) i'm sure this movie will turn out to be more comedy than actually thuggy with a mix of comedy. friday and next friday was good at a mix of being thugged with a mix of comedy. the friday after next they was just trying to be funny. I wouldn't call this movie friday as it's not what it will be im sure after looking at ice cube's movie he's made the pass 6 years...... I just don't hope he's trying to aim for the tyler perry crowd, just bring in debo, christ tucker, ice cube and a few local gangstas and you got a good core friday movie don't have no more than 1 comedian in the movie bruh people watch friday to experience they life they never had.....ouch

    • You dumb ass niggas

      The first Friday was no doubt the best, but it's not because it was "thugged" that just sounds ignorant. It was funny because of the dialogue and acting. You sound like a fucking retard.

    • Anonymous

      im sorry but he might just go for the tyler crowd but if tucker is involved maybe not

  • HipHop Alive Once Again

    my nigga cube on his shit im on da look for dat everythangs corrupt and last friday keep da shit coming my nigga show these young niggas how its done

  • anoyy

    with the name of the album i thought it will be a political album but we shall see

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