Kendrick Lamar Wants To Rap With Jay-Z & Nas, Says He's "On Their Toes"

Kendrick Lamar says that he wouldn't be nervous in the studio with them.

Kendrick Lamar recently chopped it up with GQ magazine, discussing how his father never ended up getting his Domino's and how he would want Rihanna to play Sherane in a potential good kid, m.A.A.d city short film.

He also touched on some artists who he'd love to go toe-to-toe with lyrically, naming Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Rakim and Kurupt. He reflected on where he's at in his career, stating that he's "on their toes, for sure" and wouldn't be nervous to hit the studio with them.

"I'm on their toes, for sure," he said. "I remember when I was a young buck listening to them, I was thirteen or fourteen going back to the albums and how crazy they were. They just have a little more experience than me. I wouldn't get in the studio with them and be nervous, I'll put it to you that way. I wouldn't be nervous."

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  • chesthair

    Kendrick go hard n all but he aint all that. Would we wanna hear him with those he mentioned yes, it'll be a fresh look instead of the usual ratched shit out. Is he "on their toes" like he said? It's a matter of opinion but I say fuck no cause he aint been at it long enough to be equal. Meaning he haven't put out enough classic material to be "on their toes" feel me?

  • Anonymous

    "Nas though is another story, he's on point most of the time still today" Most of the time meaning he slips up more than he should for his degree of expertise.

  • Anonymous is technically superior to a lot of niggas out today. and i think Jay been sleeping thru verses since american gangster. no top 5 just 3 skyzoo jay-z lupe fiasco

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    Wow!!! SMH ... Kendrick is still in pop warner Jay & Nas in the NFL still playing, MVP's etc and in the hall of fame. NO COMPARISON!!! PERIOD... Slow down & continue to evolve as an artist. He is way out of his league. To be honest Kendrick's album is good but not great. Its a break from all the trap rap, dance music and really pop stuff but its not a classic. #TRUESTORY

  • Zee

    I Agree with YERo a 100%... Also Rihanna Would Make A Fine Sherane


  • YERo

    I swear some of yall hip hop heads are bugged the fuck out, no matter what you say, if kendrick gets on a track with any of those artists, it's classic, if not a classic, it'll be lyricism on a degree half of yall niggas still trying to decipher, Look at all their track records, it speaks for them selfs, Kendrick isn't makin a bold claim at all saying he's on their toes because the new gen is fuckin' with him so hard, you can see he's not to be the one to fall off

  • Shyne

    Somebody give this nigga the "negro please" stamp you going too fast pimpin hold the fuck up you just dropped your second album ain't no way in the world you're on pair with Jay or Nas

  • Anonymous

    "And J. Cole has an album com in out in a month" Yeah, and Detox is set to drop Jan. 1st lol

  • Anonymous

    "why else would Eminem place him above himself in his own list" At one point Eminem has praised just about every rapper there is. It's called being PC. I'll go even further and say that if it wasn't for Snoop, Kurupt would be nothing.

  • Anonymous

    You say in an interview with none of the cats your talking about are within a couple hundred miles your not nervous. They arrive at the airport to get into the booth with you. your nervous.

  • VEST

    Theres still alot of jay bandwagon riders on here kendrick will rap circles around old hov jays fans live off of his money not his lyrical ability thats the scapegoat but if he didnt have 450 mill which means nothing to all his fans thats not getting none of it he would be average jay is the most overrated rapper ever he sales dreams name 1 individual on gods green earth that will become a wealthy rapper after they made 900k from selling coke supposedly and his stans say that he inspires them how?

  • GoDonnieX

    Kendrick's technique is on point. Mad lyrical. Very talented. But you gotta have more then one masterpiece to put you in the realm of these hip hop legends. Your technique gotta be more than on point to have verse be on par with a Eminem verse... More than mad lyrical to fuck with Nas. More than super talented to be fuckin with a Jay-Z verse. He didn't even have a better verse than Tech N9ne on the song "I Love Music". Just because I think J. Cole is one of the illest don't mean I'ma say he's better than Jay-Z. .and Jay ain't even one of my favorites, real talk. 5 years, or 4 albums, or 2 classics later, Kendrick Lamar will be eligible for my top ten IF he continues to put out music as good as what's on his first. MY Top 10: Tupac DMX Lupe Fiasco Nas Eminem Joe Budden Immortal Technique Tech N9ne Kanye West BlackThought

    • sun_god7

      Top 10 - no order (except for 1-3) 1-Tupac 2-Rakim 3-KRS-One 4-10 Nas Jay-Z Big Daddy Kane Scarface Black Thought Mos Def Brother J (X-Clan)

    • Conch SHELL

      U niggas trippin REAL TOP 10(NO ORDER) 1. Based God 2. Lil B 3.Dirt nasty 4. Og Xl 5. Zangoon 6. Logie bear 7. Riff RAFF 8. Crabkiller 9. JB 10. Jaden SMith My list UR OPINION DONT MEAN SHIT>

    • Inconito

      REAL TOP 10 (NO ORDER) -Ice Cube -Kurupt -Xzibit -2Pac -Treach -Big Daddy Kane -Tech N9ne -Jay-Z -AZ -Pharoahe Monch



    • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

      THIS IS THE REAL LIST!!! 01 - KRS-One 02 - Ice Cube 03 - Rakim 04 - Scarface 05 - Bid Daddy Kane 06 - Melle Mel 07 - Kool Moe Dee 08 - Nas 09 - 2Pac 10 - Immortal Technique 10 - 2Pac

    • BOY

      Real TOP List! 1. Lil Wayne 2. Lil B 3. 2 Chainz 4. Mac Miller 5. Wiz Khalifa 6. Rick Ross 7. Wale 8. Waka Flocka 9. Gudda Gudda 10. KenDICK LAME-ar

    • Anonymous

      thats HIS top ten... not yours... different people got different tastes in music... thats not my top ten either, but all the guys on dudes list can spit... heres mine.. (no order) 1. jay 2. Nas 3. styles/jada 4. dmx 5. em 6. kanye 7. wayne 8. tip 9. immortal technique 10. big L

    • Anonymous

      If Joe Budden is in your list over guys like Rakim and Biggie then you have no credibility. You're just a posing hip hop head.

    • BOY

      And no one gave a single fuck bout what you just said KenDICK LAME-ar DICKRIDER! Hahahah! LONG LIVE WEEZY!

  • Anonymous

    man, everyone need to get off em's dick; he fell the fuck off, kendrick would murk him easily

  • BP

    all the interviewer asked him is who would Kendrick like to work with... y'all actin like Kendrick said he's in that elite circle or some shit. niggas love to fuckin hate I swear

  • Anonymous

    Eminem,Nas,Rakim !!! joke of the year

  • Cudder

    Kendrick could murder Jay on his best day, so why don't y'all chill Nas though is another story, he's on point most of the time still today

  • Anonymous

    Chill kendrick you talking to much bullshit these days just like attention whores 50 cent and game

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick, chill. You're cool, but Nas would make you look terrible (you couldn't even outshine Drake)

    • vest

      Nobody will outshine drake if the song is about a female or partying in a strip clubthats drakes lane him and kendrick are different its real life against fantasy

  • EvrybdywanbHov

    I be trying to chill, bitches wanna fuck me Every little city I go, fuck me Shawty mustve heard, got the word, I move that D Had it by a bladder, she like "oh I gotta pee" Ran into a Rothko in my restroom Singer slash actress in my bedroom God I have the ticket for a walk through Everything that do is big I talk big money, I talk big homes I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome Million dollar voice, came through phone We heading to the top, if you coming, come on Im Flying out to Pisa, just to get some pizza Fly down to Jamaica, just to roll some reefa Sex on the beach, left love speechless They say that money talk, tell these other niggas speak up Whats up

    • Conch SHELL


    • BOY

      Real lyrics from a real talented rapper! Bitch Im trillmatic, skill to kill these rappers dont have it Chronically on that chronic, stay away if you asmathic Your bitch a dick taker and she wants a dictator so I guess Ill dictator with my dick later Im on that elevator, why you acting snobby in the lobby? WAKE THE FUCK UP and smell the coffee! You been sleepin on me? Ill put that pillow case to your face I bet in hell them demons keep your ass awake bitch! SwagSwag!

  • siu

    Am i the only one that thinks Jay-Z is way too over rated i feel like everyone considers him the best or one of the best and i Don't see how yea he has a few good songs but I just don't feel like hes one of the best

    • Anonymous

      Comments like "jay-z's catalog stretches pas the late 90's" make me wonder why I come on this website.

    • Jack

      Late 90s? Jay was gettin down with Jaz-O in '89 and dropped his first solo LP in '96. It just amazes me that nowadays people hear "Jay-Z" and think Niggas in Paris. Smh, cop Reasonable Doubt, give it 5 or 6 listens and then tell me he wasn't one of the best

    • Up North

      You definitely haven't listened to Jay's catalog. It stretches back to the late 90's.

    • Anonymous

      He really is one of the best. I would say you haven't listened to much of his catalog if you think he only has a few good songs

    • Anonymous

      Yeah he dumbed it down alot. He was good.

  • BOY

    HAHAHAH! Ofcourse you wouldnt be nervous being in the studio with them KenDICK. Jay-Z, Nas, Kurupt and all them are WACK as FUCK! Get in the studio with the KIGN himself, Weezy and THEN you will take both a PISS and a SHIT on your pants fuckboy! You aint shit but a Footlocker-worker-pinhead-looking ass nigga, nigga! LONG LIVE WEEZY!

  • hfhfghghghg

    aller dont toute chier mes osti de tappette de negres sale gang de crisse crever toute mes tabarnak de calisse de negro sale fucking dirty slave from the white supremacy KKK

  • smh

    your supposed to believe your the best rapper smh people. if you dont believe your the best no one will. your never gonna be the best if u dont try and beat the greatest in the game

  • Bee

    Kendrick is wack and overrated, that garbage album will be the high point of his career

    • Anonymous

      @ETK Story telling isn't much of an lost art. Its just that people like you don't pay attention. Roots just put out an album telling one story throw out the whole album, but niggas like you are dick riding so hard you act like Kendrick is the only nigga telling stories on their Album. Nas, Common, Ghostface the list goes on. Story telling aint never been a lost art. Niggas just don't pay attention. And you are a great example of that to say Kendrick brought back a lost art.

    • ETK

      rappers like him because he's doing him. it's that simple. GKMC delivered on the storytelling aspect, which is a lost art in hip-hop. watch these other niggas create stories for their LPs in the future and shit. he managed to go gold without having some chart topping single on the radio or whore out some pop celebrity like Lady Gaga. if someone calls GKMC garbage I don't blame a nigga for thinking he listens to French Montana.

    • Silky Johnson

      @Shawn: Of course that was Shawn talking. Shawn on the weekend, does stunts for Little Richard in gay movies.

    • John Blaze

      @shawn & anybody else that says this.... Why every time somebody says "yo, _______ is wack as fuck", ya'll go "well if you think ______ is wack you must listen to *insert maybe less talented yet more popular rapper here* & _____ is "real Hip Hop"???.....That shit makes you sound like more of a bitch than they could be.....

    • Shawn

      You bitches dont really understand the concept and the lyrics of the album. And Kendrick is not overrated because you bitches always listen to fucking wack ass rappers like 2chainz and French Montana who are truly overrated and they dont passion on their work as Kendrick do. So for all haters included you fake ass bitches who hating on Kendrick...suck a dick and get your minds straight. P.S. At least his album is much better than a disappointed album 2chainz brings to the table

    • Sam

      Agreed. I do not understand his appeal. And why do other rappers love him so much?

  • Born in 86

    I met PAC in a Jail cell in 2008, we both got Busted for doing the Butterfly and Tootsie roll !

  • Anonymous

    A lot of mcs are nice, but that does'nt equivelate success. Nas is an example of a lyricist having successful career lasting through 2012

  • Anonymous

    Rakim's a cool dude I met him back in '97 I don't know about the others though

  • Anonymous

    Slow down Kendrick. You're just now having some success yet everyday it seems like you're comparing yourself to someone. Enjoy the success of your new album, but don't pretend that suddenly makes you elite. People acting like he's putting up Drake numbers. More like J Cole, and Cole can't even get a second album out.

    • TaZzZ

      Your an idiot... The interviewer prob asked him who he'd like to work with and whether he thinks he's earned that. He's the most humble dude out there. And J. Cole has an album com in out in a month... Drake sucks, fuck numbers Kendrick gets more respect by every legend in the game. thats what matters, carrying on tradition

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck is Drake. lmfao!

  • Anonymous

    "kurupt actually was one of the dopest lyricist back in the mid 90s believe it or not so not sure why u lol'ing for" He was never considered a top 3 MC, nor was he even a headlining MC. Hope that clears things up for you, sport.

    • Nemesis

      idk bout top 3 but kurupt was always nice as fuck...theres a reason method man an redman worked with them an why they were the most succesful independent artists in the 90s-2011

    • TaZzZ

      So if your not in the top 3 your not shit? Your retarded, Kurupt was a fuckin animal in his day, why else would Eminem place him above himself in his own list. Guessin Eminem's not a legend either huh? Fuck outta here

  • Raekwon

    Kendrick Lamar Wants To Rap With Jay-Z & Nas, Says He's "On Their Dicks".

  • Anonymous

    Moving too fast, sir!

  • jungle

    i dont know about rakim hes a lyrical genious



    • Anonymous

      I know you're trolling but Drake does say he is better than everyone and all that cocky shit, he does it in his rhymes. He's constantly saying he's better than his idols and legends.

  • Po

    Joe budden is who is the best in the game!

    • Anonymous

      joe budden will fuck your bitch in front of you... then we'll c who's emotional

    • Bee

      I've seen jay-z and nas concerts on tv and wasn't impressed, I hope u r joking about tech, the roots are on jimmy fallon every night for fucks sake. I've heard Joe has the best show but the point was that he's got more than lyrics, moron

    • TaZzZ

      Joe Budden is the best live act, you fucking kidding me? I've seen him 3 times and he's nice but thats a joke. How about the Roots? Tech N9ne? Nas? Jay-Z? People who are actually known for amazing stage shows... I hope you were joking

    • Bee

      I think lyrics are the most important element but Joe also has the flow and the voice and he's considered to be the best live act in hip hop today

    • datnigga

      And what game is that? Twitter? Dude is an over-sensitive emotional girl, confused and depressed in the midst of an identity crisis where he doesn't know whether to be vulnerable or cocky. Dude is so insecure that he kicks out people from his show for talking bad about him on twitter, and acts like he doesn't care that his own fans disliked the SH album, when deep down it bugs the hell out of him. He still acts like he's in high school. And just because he may be a good writer, doesn't make him a great rapper. As an all around emcee, he falls short in every category except lyrics but lyrics alone are not enough to carry him throughout a long lasting career.

  • sam snead

    I think kendrik needs to chill a little bit about being on nas,eminem or jay-z's toes. He has a very impressive debut and some hot records on the underground but there have been other rappers who have had impressive debuts that went away afterwards or never came anywhere close to what they did when they came out. examples: AZ,Bone thugs,Mobb deep,etc.

  • anon

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kendrick died on an overdose of media hype, the industrys so thirsty for a new face. GARBAGE

  • Trill Talk

    Fuck the fact about his ego, kendrick is NICE but he only looking like some lyrical king right now cuz J.Cole fell back for like the whole yr and Slaughterhouse doesnt gets recognition for their projects...With these wack ass mainstream niggas ofcourse kendrick gunna stand out from everybody easily lets be real now...2 Chainz, Asap Rocky, and all these other wack ass commercial dudes..

  • Ramon

    He's nice and probably the best young artist right now, but in the leauge of Jay-Z and NaS, that's a no-no, he's got fire, but there legends...

  • Born in 86

    Kendrick meant to say he is on " their Dick " !

  • its wrong for dude to think he can get down with nas and rakim

    but wack ass maino could get on the same track as rakim and ross and minaj could do tracks with nas? the backlash against a young'n trying to be one of the illest and being serious about it is ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    btw, hes already done tracks with kurupt and was on point everytime.

  • to everyone getting bent out of shape

    hes hungry and confidence in his skills. its not being cocky if he can back it up lyrically, and trust that he can, hes not gonna go in the studio and spit a weak verse with these guys he means serious business. plus, you all forget who are the rappers (whos lyrically weaker and wacker than kendrick) whos done tracks with rakim? maino, dude is no where near the level of kendrick as a mc nor has he made dope albums that can stand alongside kendrick's albums/mixtapes, but somehow he got to do a track with the god whos done tracks with nas? game, rick ross, nicki minaj and lil wayne. game got killed by kendrick on his own shit, no question! kendrick is better than ross, minaj and wayne, NO QUESTION! whos done tracks with eminem? 50 cent (yeah thats his artist but he could never spit a verse that could lyrically match em), nicki minaj, kanye, wayne etc a bunch of wack mofos whos done tracks with jay? some of the same ppl who collaborated with em and nas (wayne, minaj) and a bunch of other sucker rappers my point is, a rookie mc who actually has talent and skills and whos a student of hip hop comes along and wants to get down and serious spitting with the best in hip hop lyrically, and ya getting mad dissing dude and calling him cocky and big headed....when mcs of a lesser calibur than k. dot has already done tracks with these legends? get outta here with that! if those dudes (as i pointed out) could get on tracks with these guys (not being near as skilled as kendrick) then so could kendrick and more over, he will deliver. you dudes keep doubting lamar though, he'll prove you guys wrong, you'll see.

  • GoldenEra91

    All I gotta say is that Kendrick has a right to show off his confidence because he's been nothing BUT humble his ENTIRE career. He may not be as humble as say, Big Krit, but he can't be humble his entire career in an arena of rap that is full of competition. What I'm saying is that he deserves and has a right to be cocky if he's trying to earn his spot, which he is. And if anybody doesn't like it, Kendrick nor his real fans don't give a fuck about it.

  • ayo

    the proper phrase is, "on their heels", not toes.

    • Anonymous

      kurupt actually was one of the dopest lyricist back in the mid 90s believe it or not so not sure why u lol'ing for

  • wu wear

    more like under their toes

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar has surpassed Jay-Z..for what it's worth (he doesn't even care about rao anymore though).

  • carlweston

    "I'm on their toes, for sure," GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!@!

  • Nilved Neb

    Lol at everyone talking about Kendrick getting an ego. He never implied that he was "nicer than Nas" or "on par with them". He said he was on their toes, and he is. I mean, for god's sake, Lil Wayne was saying he was the best rapper alive, and that was while he was making his best stuff, so the bit of confidence that Kendrick's gained isn't exactly going to ruin him.

    • NY-Harlem

      Can't stand lil Wayne now but back then he had the right to say he was the best rapper alive.(every rapper thinks that) Wayne was killing shit. He had at least a 5-10 year run when he said that and that was around the Carter 2. Kendrick has the right to say he is on Nas and Jay or whoever toes also. Dude is nice. He ain't J-Cole nice.(no diss) Dude got skills.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. The last overhyped best rapper was Wayne, at least now we have an overhyped artist who can actually stand a chance against an MC like Nas.

  • Ny H-world

    People are reading a little bit to much in to what he said. All he is saying is he wouldn't get killed on a track, in a booth or a cypher with them. Now i don't agree with the im on their toes statement. Its hard to be on Nas and Jay toes when both niggas have been well respect and putting out great music for two decades.(Well Jay fell off a bit as far as Albums but his catalogue is still solid) Kendrick only have two years under his belt(one as a major artist). Get at least ten more. But at the sametime i don't expect him to name Lil Wayne, The Game(no offense) or T.I(no offense) as his stepping stone.

  • Anonymous

    He's not on Royce toes tho.......

    • Anonymous

      but kendrick outdid him and big sean on that on track they did together but maybe its cause royce didnt go in as hard as he could of??

  • Garvey

    Real Hip-Hop heads make sure you support the new wave @

  • Warren Peace

    Kendrick's head gettin' swelled up already. I wasn't expecting this from him. He must look at his peers from this era like Ross, 2Chainz, J.Cole, Wale, Millz, Tyga...etc and feel like he's untouchable.

    • Anonymous

      except hes lyrically hungier than the guys you brought up and he can hold his own lyrically. you niggas getting mad at dude having confidence and hunger to rap alongside these guys are pathetic. ya act like its blashepemous for dude to have the confidence and hungier to be as ill as he can be

  • jnr

    It seems someone is getting ahead of themselves, hmmm.... You couldn't even go toe to toe with the nigga you was once jealous of... GAME and now just because you sold well you feel you can step up to Nas, Em and Rakim? Negro please.... I will say you can with Jay and Kurrupt because they not that good anymore

    • yugang

      when was kendrick ever jealous of game? plus, he killed game on his own track, and kendrick is lyrically legit and good enough to rhyme with these guys (just like he rhymed with the likes of talib kweli and mykestro) so get the fuck outta here tryna front on kendrick's ability to rhyme

  • hiphophead9

    dont get ahead of yourself kendrick

    • Anonymous

      how is he getting ahead of himself? do you guys not realize he is a serious lyricist and mc? you niggas in the comment section are really sleeping on kendrick's mic skills. so game, j. cole, rick ross, maino and minaj could rhyme with the likes of em, jay, rakim and nas, but kendrick cant? FOH

  • Shrug Life

    Yeah he aint nervous until Em or Nas raps a circle around his thing u know Kendrick talkn bout "man I left my verse in the car"...and never comes back

  • Anonymous

    i respect Kendrick Lamar and GKMC is a classic but damn ... chill the fuck out !! one of the main reason why i respected this kid in the first place was his humbleness but he's getting too cocky right now and that attitude can compromise his artistry hope he won't turn a sellout in a few years with this kind of attitude

  • KY

    Man fan of kendrick but dang does he have an ego

  • ...

    First Black Hippie brother, Ab-Soul, now Lamar. At least they're hungry unlike these other wack rappers.

  • Kanye East

    Big fan of Kendricks, but I have to say the boy needs to calm down. Yes right now Jay isn't rapping but lets not forget he is top 5 of all time and so is Nas. He isn't on par with them. He needs a few more years in the game and to get more experience under his toes before he can go for those two.

    • Anonymous

      plently of weak and wack rappers got to do tracks with nas and the rest, but when an actual newer respectable mc comes along and wants to throw down in the same cypher ya wanna act hes all fucked up and is out of his mine. no its ya who got shit all twisted if u think he aint good enough to hold his own as a serious mc smh

  • Lex

    Calm down lil nigga. One alright album and you think you on Nas and Jigga level. SMH

    • Waxxy Gordon

      Nigga, fuck those albums LOL there ain't one song on any of em that I can even remember!

    • Anonymous

      you obviously havent heard section 80 or overly dedicated if you think he has 1 good album. he has 3. plus he aint cocky for wanting to do tracks with rakim, jay, nas and em, he hugnry you dumb fuck smh

  • Anonymous

    see yall niggas hyped fam up now he think he nicer than nas, smh he sleep af.

  • Anonymous

    this is the problem i have with these new young cats they get a bit a fame and a buzz and think they something special

  • NTI

    Correct, he is on their toes. Call me when he reaches their knees. I don't know, maybe it's me, maybe it's because I personally can rap better than 95% of these new heads, but nobody-including Mr Lamar (respect due) are just nowhere near as impressive as they SHOULD be

    • Anonymous

      you need to listen to more of kendrick's catalog if you think he isnt impressive. hes proven it with overly dedicated, section 80 and yes gkmd

  • raidfuljohnson

    De Reuche Muetel 7-Reign

  • Typo

    I meant to say, "a former Dr Dre artist of current one".

  • All in the Aftermath Family

    Funny how everyone with the exception of Jay Z is either a current Dr Dr artist or current one.

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