Gunplay Believes Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Was A Government Conspiracy

Gunplay points to government conspiracy in the tragic shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

The world has been mourning the loss of those slain in the senseless shooting that took place last week at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

While the attacker has been identified and confirmed as Adam Lanza, rapper Gunplay believes that the shooting was actually orchestrated by the government through conspiracy.

In a series of tweets that he later deleted, the Maybach Music Group affiliate said that the government was behind the tragic incident. "Government killed dem kids to take our guns away. Another 9/11. Dont get it twisted," he wrote. "Yall are sheeple 4 thinking da government aint gotta hand in every crisis since the great depression."

He then followed with a tweet that still remains on his page: "Yall got to be da most ignant naive MF's on earth yall gon see! Trust Obama he knows best. Lol," he wrote.

Check the tweets below (via



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  • TruthNow

    He's right. The LIBOR scandal, case #12-cv-04269-jbl-rml, top government officials and bankers stole $43 trillion from us. Peter Lanza is the tax director for GE and DR. Robert Holmes is the man who was going to testify in court---both are fathers to both massacres. He's right you are all SHEEPLE.

  • Uncle Russie

    Gunplay Wasn't Lying.

  • malcbreezy

    this is coming from a nigga wit 1 DREADLOCK as a hairstyle!!!




    Lets hope the government are plotting to get rid of him, sounding off about garbage 24/7

  • mke

    Gunplay is a retard. Nothing this stupid fuck says is credible.

  • Sir Kones

    He looks like a homeless crackhead. I'd rather take my advice from Bling Bling of Bumfights fame if I'm going to listen to some ugly crackhead.

  • Anonymous

    Paranoia. This guy is an embarassment just like most rappers out there today.

  • Federal Reserve

    totally agree with him. I thought about this the moment Obama considered stripping Americans of their civil liberties and banning the continuance of gun sells. the problem doesn't just stem from the selling of guns, but from poor parenting, violent movies and so on. criminals can still develop and make homemade bombs if they wanted to kill mass amounts of people at once. what about this issue?

    • Australia

      You Americans are so fucking stupid with your 'right to bear arms' bullshit. If you didnt have fucking retards with guns, you wouldnt need more fucking retards like you with guns!

    • BLACK


    • Anonymous


  • EddyBlazeBeatz

    just another dumb rapper with a need for attention and plant a seed in the minds of other dumb rappers SMH!

  • storm

    i fukin hate gun play....but he's right. u ignorant people don't even know the definition of conspiracy. hurricane sandy...then sandy hook... hmmmm... adam lanzas dad has a huge position at GE, he's a millionaire who had completely cut relations with his "whacked son".... perfect candidate for MK Ultra. seeing how are corporations run are government...and they are obviously trying to take are guns away..and its working because according to polls 52 percent of americans are now COMPLETELY AGAINST GUNS. its more so history repeating its self. same thing happened in nazi germany, soviet union....list goes on. the kids mom was taking him to shooting ranges weeks before the shooting... then she gets killed. the dad and his fianc havent been seen since the murder. funny the media never talks about how the oregon mall shooting was stopped by a civilian carrying a gun or the middle school that almost got shot in a ghetto just recently. but was stopped by the vice principal carrying a gun. the list goes on... but its not even worth it cuz the governments double psychology making the whole "illuminati" a joke, has worked. and yea obama cried for those kids, when he was a smiles the night he let all of those americans dies because he couldnt fuck up his election. they got you all exactly where they want you.


      double psychology making the whole "illuminati" a joke, has worked. +++++++++++++ THIS I COSIGN +++++++++ u ignorant people don't even know the definition of conspiracy. hurricane sandy...then sandy hook... hmmmm... +++++++++ THIS PROLLY THAT FCUKBOI SH!T HE THOUGHT ABOUT B4 HE GRABBED THE GATTS

    • Trent

      You cannot spell nor use proper grammar... please do not try to educate anyone. Obtain a better grasp on the English language...

  • firehawk17

    gunplay must be high on some new booga suga... smh this was a isolated incident. His reasoning is stupid.. Gun laws done effect criminals because they buy there guns on the black market anyway.. laws take guns out of law abiding citizens..

  • LOL

    the fucks wrong w u ppl.. to say the govt had a hand in killin little ass kids? like cmon w that if govt wanted to do that i doubt theyd use kids an an example.

  • Ya'll sheeple

    You know which other government killed people (including kids) to promote gun control? Nazi Germany, USSR, Africa, Venezuela, Mexico. What makes you think our government is any different when it blows weddings with drones, and bombs hospitals? What makes you think we did any different when we have Operation Northwoods in which the government planned to stage terrorist attacks on US citizens to start war in Cuba? Or why do we pass bills like NDAA that allows government to kill US citizens? Why do we blame a video to cover up Benghazi? Why are we trying to invade Iran when they haven't invaded anyone in over 200 years and the US is an invasion nation? I mean think about it... Doesn't it feel like the US is trying to start another holocaust?

    • Anonymous

      nigga as long as there's arms industries it's always gon be murders the government fails to realize that you can't guns away from the people but they'll eventually get others

  • Ya'll sheeple

    I agree with him 100%. There is enough evidence to at the very least say the government did this to promote gun ban. From the "dark knight raises" where Sandy Hook and Aurora are both clearly written, to the idea that this kid shot 26 people dead accurate and actually killed them. He clearly walked inside the school, giving cops at least 10 min to respond since it started. I don't see how this is logical, since they also said they found way over 100 rounds depleted in the scene. He was wearing full body armor and camo. I mean damn... I know schools are locked and the report says he "forcefully" entered so... you tell me... government BS. Most of you guys are just stupid and ignorant. Question EVERYTHING you're told. I hope someone actually gets the balls to go public on this sh!t, and I hope people react to their government. We can't have any more operation northwoods. WAKE UP!


      BTW miss me with the "sheeple" talk because no one with a registered handgun has EVER been contacted and asked to return their arms, so "taking our guns" is a fear tactic that a BUSINESS uses to make you buy MORE +++++++++++++ THIS SMART DUMB FCUKBOIS DON'T SEE THIS CONSPIRACY BUT WAIT IS THAT THE "CONSPIRACY" BECAUSE IT'S XMAS? WHAT ABOUT CO & WI? THOSE WERE HOLIDAYS? VIRGINIA TECH? COLUMBINE? OKC? DID U EVER WONDER HOW THE PLACE WHERE DOMESTIC TERRA-ISM HAPPENED IN A NO NAME PLACE NOW HAS A GREAT SPORTS TEAM? U WAKE UP

  • Milehighkid303

    Someone needs to show this man the afterlife.....period. bottom line. Dude is a fuckin' disgrace.....I wish one of them fathers that lost their children could get a hold of this fuckin lame....what a waste of air. STRAIGHT UP.

  • Anonymous

    I'm supposed to believe y'all have knowledge on gov't conspiracies, but y'all don't know about the basic business of distribution to know a store buys copies and those count as sales. BTW miss me with the "sheeple" talk because no one with a registered handgun has EVER been contacted and asked to return their arms, so "taking our guns" is a fear tactic that a BUSINESS uses to make you buy MORE. Gunplay knows what the gov't is doing but can't see a video camera in his accountant's office and can't notice a gang of wolves in front of him not to be airlifted into space. Okay.

    • Actually

      ACTUALLY during Hurricane Katrina, FEMA went door to door in NO and registered gun owners were required to give up their guns. FYI

  • madden

    talking about government conspiracies or whatever nigga u work for a fukkin cop!

  • Anonymous

    Ross needs to silence this nigga for he wrecks his whole shit. That was some extremely irresponsible shit to say.

  • dRob

    what a fucking dumbass. he just doesn't want to change his garbage ass name

  • Anonymous

    NO Gunplay, they're taking our guns away because 9/10 it's a stupid nigga shootin somebody. Sad but true

  • Got Rich And Stopped Trying

    Gunplay Believes The Snatching Of His Chain Was A Government Conspiracy.

  • yungdubz27

    Sooooooo the government contacted this little kid with a mental illness and told him to grab his moms gun and go shoot up a school where his mom teaches and kill kids as well....all cause they want to take our guns away...sounds far fetched to me. 9/11 I believe but not this.

    • yungdubz27

      I know what yall saying...stuff does happen like that. But this kid and I said kid cause at 20 you still don't know how the world are still a kid, just lost his mind went to kill his mom and happened to kill kids too. Sometimes things are what they are.

    • Anonymous

      20 yrs old is not a little kid

    • Anonymous

      that'd be a very round about way to do things when they seemingly have all the power.

    • Anonymous

      They don't "contact" or contract (which is probably what you meant) mental retards to do your bidding, you control them. have you ever heard of mkultra or nazi mind control experiments?


      im not completely sold, but look into MK ultra.. our goverment has been brain washing people for a loooooong time.. also, this kid has been nowhere to be seen for the past three years.. his friends havent seen him, his barber hasnt seen him (hes been going to this barber once a month since age 12), he dropped out of school three years ago, and there has been NO sign of him at all.. im not saying he was, but people need to at least keep an open mind about the possabilty of certain aspects of our govt being involved.. our govt has a long history of murdering innocent people.. a great country to live in for the most part, but still.. we have a lot of fuck ups.. if anyone wants links to verify anything ive posted just ask...

  • Anonymous

    That "Kount" person is really ignorant, smh

  • Just a person

    Oh shit here they fucking come.....I'll put this in the context of pokemon because it fits this randomo nigga to a T. "A wild Gunplay appears!!" "Gunplay uses hairbrained conspiracy theory" "Gunplay's Hairbrained conspiracy theory is not very effective" "Gunplay summons net conspiracy theorist randomo fucks via twitter fuckery" "IT IS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!! CRITICAL HIT!!" Fucking clowns. the lot of you. Somebody fucking hack this asshole's twitter account. PLEAAAASE.

  • P!

    In prison this is a served pussy for the boys. Skinny fuck

  • Steve

    WOW, this is one UGLY man. You can bake pancakes on his head. So some retard says something stupid and dx puts it on the website? Lost a little respect.

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay is correct. All you Euro mis-educated Niggas who don't study outside of what your Pro-fessor gives yo don't have a clue. The New World Order is real, and they want to take all of your weaponry away so they can step it up a notch. Right now they can't implement anything nationwide because the citizens will fight the knowledge They create disasters then provide the answers by taking your rights away.

  • King O

    To the Hip Hip dx staffers, writers, whomever you may be. A word or two about this article.... "This should be removed for violating spam and/or offensive content policies." Hip Hop dx should follow their own policies. This article is trash! Why even report something ignorant such as this. Must be marketing for this fool.

  • Chris O

    This guy is a fucking retard. I would love to smack the shit out of his bitch ass and stomp him until he dies.

  • Nope

    all you people calling this guy an idiot, are the idiots. yea his music probably sucks worse than his grammar, but that doesnt mean he is not a person who is aware. sheeple is a word for sheep people which you are if you think your darling government wants to protect you. haha no infact we are being lead to the slaughter. they want to take away our second amendment by taking away out guns. our guns are the only thing that stop the government from getting to us. our founding fathers knew government would try to over throw us. you watch it will happen. dont believe me? why is our dollar failing? GMOS? cant find jobs? tv absolute filth? music absolute filth? we live in a completely morally corrupt place.

    • Anonymous

      yeah cause your nation wasn't morally corrupt back in the 50's when they were hangin niggas from trees. or maybe it was back in the 1890s when they were executing indian villiages, or maybe back in the in the 1820s when it was commonly accepted to rape black women. yeah you had the moral bank filled back then. fucking idiot

    • Anonymous

      actually his music isn't bad, but this is retarded. US gov is what's keeping guns on the streets, which is the bigger conspiracy.

  • Vigan

    This so called rapper (hes shit) has to be the world stupidest person

  • anonymous

    This guy...I bet he lasts 1-week in prison before he gets beaten for rolling with a C.O. and acting stupid. Dude's cherry will be popped in no time flat.

  • Anonymous

    gunplay is a fucking idiot

  • Whatever

    I've never heard his music either, but I believe him. The government has been causing all of these tragedies. Of course many of us don't believe it. That's what they want. I feel things are going to get worse... That's just my opinion

  • Anonymous

    U.S.Government made Toyplay smoking crack-check U.S.Government made him get a nazi tatoo-check U.S Government got his ass wooped by Curtis-check U.S Government has him hanging with fake gangstas-check And people would listen to this poor excuse for a human being.

  • Rodzilla

    Not only is that the most retarded conspiracy theory I've ever heard, but it's also a really bad thing to say publicly with his trial coming up....

  • Come On

    I'll make this quick ,Gunplay is a fu*king Douchebag he's the worst thing to happen to the hip hop culture and he sucks at rapping, one last thing please stop putting up stories about this clown cause nobody cares.

  • Anonymous

    people it may not have been planned , but the goverment will use this to take your guns away and you can BELEE THAT!

    • yungdubz27

      Of course they will and they should start to look at how to prevent some of these killings...doesn't mean they are going to ban ALL guns.

  • Anonymous

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug

  • YouSerious?

    I have never heard any of this guy's music. The only reason I know he exists is because media outlets keep reporting what any rapper has to say about anything as if its news. I'm commenting on this because its hilarious how desperate the guy is for press, and yet nobody gives a fuck about his music or brand at all still.

  • sam uk

    An example of why certain people shouldn't be allowed access to the internet. Absolutely ridiculous statement from this idiot. Not surprising he deleted the tweets. Insensitive and just downright stupid.

  • Fossie

    Icy Boi releasin an album ..............llllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll that will hopefully never happen!!

  • Caesar

    And HipHopdx with the latest edition of stupid nigger news...

  • donny

    (sucks teeth) this nigga jus saw that video on worldstar about batman predicting the shooting in sandy hook.. now he think he enlightened n shit. nigga talkin bout trust obama? nigga aint obama in the government ?

  • Be Easy

    Gunplay you've won the award for the stupidest comment ever made by anyone. When someone doesn't have anything articulate or insightful to say, they say something of shock value to get the same amount of attention. You're as ignorant as they come...don't use this tragedy as a platform for you to push sales of whatever lame ass shit you got out there. Gunplay is Hip Hops answer to a question no one fuckin asked

  • So Icy Boi!

    Gunplay is right. he knowz da truth. fuck Obama. I cant release my album because Obama fucked up da economy... fuckin up everythin nowadays. swag

  • anonymous

    what an ignorant piece of shit. you dont use an elementary school shooting as a way to gain attention.

  • Anonymous

    jus like a coke head lol lol fuckin weirdo go to rehab u fuckin clown

  • jakefromstatefarm

    Where does officer Ricky find these guys? (post sarcastic hypotheses below)

  • Anonymous

    this guys a bitch just finding anyway to get publicity, if dude had talent he wouldn't need to say shit! fuck u crack head

  • Johnny Blaze

    what a fucking idiot....nobody is going to kill their mother, let alone children just because the governmen told him to...if they did, they would have to a) give dude a lot of money and b) keep him out of jail somewhere reaaally safe..dude shot himself after he did that shit so that wouldnt even make sense...some of yall really cant accept the fact that there are just some plain sick minded people in every single city in america

  • steee

    and if hes saying this to try to get publicity, i'm still not going to listen to his shitty music

  • steee

    this guy is a fucking idiot. so there's no chance that some guy was just crazy and did this terrible shit? how would he have any idea whether or not its a conspiracy

  • Anonymous

    If the illuminati is real, I want to join that shit so I can get paid, how the fuck do i sign up? Please tell me!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If the illuminati is real, what are their point? What are they up to? When are they going to do, what y'all say they are going to do? Like, be forreal.... What? is it like some mark of the beast type shit? Whats bad about it? If rappers are illuminati, so what? They are getting paid, living the good life, while we are broke, or working a 9 to 5, living paycheck to paycheck. I swear, people who believe in that shit is dumb as hell.

    • Henny

      the "illuminati" are a group of insectilian beings that have an agenda of keeping the matrix upthis matrix is a 3d illusion that is propelled by the media, politics & entertainmentthey use these famous people to keep the illusion up we are chasing this dream that is unattainablethey created this system where you grow up watch their television shows, get into their education systems and declare a political sideall of these things are distractions from yourselfthey don't want you to know about your higher self because if you did you wouldn't be dependent of all of their shitthe whole system is made to drain us & keep negative energy around because thats what they thrive off ofhumans have enough energy to light up a town the elites know this so they basically use us as batteriesthey spread negativity through the media, music and politicsyall dont hear me thoyou gotta detach get back to zero point which is selflove your real self not your ego get back with nature, eat right & meditatethis such a simple solution please get hip & wake up yall!!!!! NAMASTE

  • Anonymous

    once a crackhead always a crackhead

  • Nemesis

    if you dont believe your an use the internet for just twitter an facebook or something....i can make a simple youtube search and know everything thats been happening and why since the u.s became a nation....heres some keywords for some great documenteries that show FACTS...NOT OPINIONS...PURE UNCUT FACTS about why the illuminati exist...."Invisible Empire"..."Loose Change"..."Zeitgeist"..."Obama Deception"...everyone on here is the "Sheeple" gunplay speaks of, so search them shits an wake the fuck up...even b.o.b went on a crasy twitter rant on the goverment a few days ago

    • Nemesis

      the 10 minutes of credits at the end of invisible empire,is a HUGE list of politicians talkin about plans for the new world shows them sayin everythin an i hear new world order more then the word fuck in the movie scarface

  • static

    gunplay go play with guns and shot yourself.. your name shows your ignorance your gonnna get dropped anyway. garbage. stop trying to stay in rap game and go to prison come back and sell crack.

  • Dirty Lou

    Its a Government Conspiracy that our hiphop now has all these wack rappers and awful songs they make.... the government want hiphop to die..... im moving to mexico where its safe!!!

    • BeanTown Breezy

      Wow son! must be really stupid or retarded for real. Mexico is one of the most dangerous places in the world the last 5 years you dick. Do you ever watch the News or read a newspaper or get you head out of your ass to know what has been going on in the world. There have been more drug war related killings in Mexico the last five years than in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined you turd. Wake up dummy!...let alone all the kidnapping and innocent people being killed daily on the borders.DUH!

    • Anonymous

      Mexico is not a safe place. js lol

  • Sarcasm

    The government doesn't lie to you.

  • rre

    This guy here just proves how retarded him and most of you no good niggers are.

  • 490717

    If the world really is ruled by evil, than the Universe is really God's work. I lose no sleep knowing the crooked always get what's coming. Pro4i7

  • Anonymous

    the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist = the greatest trick the illuminati ever pulled was convincing the world they didn't do it





  • Pegasus Flow

    Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, who in the mid-70s wrote the conspiracy satire Illuminatus!, which has become a cult classic. Wilson et al have been shoveling baloney about the Illuminati/eye on the pyramid/world-domination conspiracy for more than 20 years, and some credit them with single-handedly keeping the thing alive. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, it's a joke intended to separate hip folk (who get it) from right-wing losers (who don't). So ya'll, let me ask you. You think it's real? Get off the internet and pick up a book you fools. Too funny listening to you dumbasses

    • Anonymous

      You're telling people on HipHopDX to read? Might as fucking well go on WorldStarHipHop and tell people to go to school.

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up you stupid nigga! man I can't stand these dumb ass niggas act like they opinion tip scales, go fly a kite Gunplay!

  • Anonymous

    2Pac told people way back in 1996 not to believe in that illuminati bullshit, and people are still believing in it. Illuminati is bullshit. Yes the gov. might be a little crooked, and shady, but the illuminati is all bullshit.

    • anonymous

      There is no illumiati. Everything is as it seems. Continue on.

    • Nemesis

      We know ABOUT it, but we dont know the details homie...we dont know 10% of whats goin on behind closed doors...idk how niggas dont believe in it to be honest, david rochefeller admitted to it in his autobiography...niggas act like 2pac is the know it all oracle of truth, that nigga didnt have the internet

    • Anonymous


    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      #Peg, what do I need to get my knowledge up on? Tell me please, I want to know! I don't even believe in no damn conspiracy shit, but I probably know more bout the bullshit than the people who believe in it.. And what holes do I need to fill in, what the fuck?

    • Anonymous

      I hate people who think they know everything, just because they know some bullshit about the illuminati! That shit dont make you smart! The fuck is wrong with people? @Peg, so.. a person have a simple mind if they dont believe in the illuminati?

    • Anonymous

      How do you know secret societies exist if they are secret? I have a secret society - its called my family"!

    • anonymous

      It's a secret to you. Not me. Wake up partner.

    • Pegasus Flow

      Anon3, it's not that simple. It's just that you have a simple mind. Now that is that simple. Your mind is just weak. While I don't necessarily believe in all that, your reasoning fallacy should not be ignored. Get your knowledge up my dude, you're way behind. I'll let you fill in the holes your missing.

    • Anonymous

      If its a secret how do we know about it? If we know about it, its not a secret man.. It's that simple.

    • anonymous

      That's exactly what they want you to believe playa. Secret societies do exist. They exist on the highest levels. That's a fact. And believe they don't have your best interests at heart. Believe that.

  • val

    REAL TALK!! Colorado shooting...this school shooting...all STAGED! Wake the fuck up sheeple! They wanna take your arms away so they can get this MARSHALL LAW happenin!

  • Got Rich And Stopped Trying

    Gunplay Believes The Snatching Of His Chain Was A Government Conspiracy.

  • TaZzZ

    Of course its a conspiracy... Hurricane SANDY then SANDY hook. Why else would the government name them both sandy... everyone knows sandy is really Y.D.N.A.S. which is what they chant at illuminati inductions and ceremonies. Rick Ross is in the illuminate, these dudes probably smoked some crack together and Ricky let it leak. This Gunplay dude is smart but he takin big risks, they gon knock his ass off

    • Anonymous

      Gunplay is Black. B.L.A.C.K. LA, Los Angeles. CK, Louis CK, born in Mexico. LA and Mexico have a bunch of Mexicans living in them. B, B for Big Pharma. Mexicans like pills. Gunplay is a spy for the cartels.

  • TaZzZ

    "The government" doesn't care whether you have your guns. Half of them support gun control because they get greased by those lobbies and the other half fight to protect gun rights because they are paid by those lobbies (NRA). The government with their own so-called agenda are just a bunch of guys who's strings are pulled by different interest groups, its an organization of very different positions there is no master plan... Fucks wrong with people... do you even know how our government operates?

  • Anonymous

    What's next, Gunplay? I guess the government tricked you with that whole robbery case to put you in prison, so we cannot enlightened by your unearth wisdom? Thinking critically is healthy and important, but to a certain point. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, conspiration theories are more about beliefs rather then facts, because on the lack of proper information. This is okay too, knowing your limits is desirable - what is not that okay is doing such statements, which only shows how simple-minded and ignorant you are. But hey, at least his tweets are quite readable despite the slang, I mean look at them, more ore less correct spelling, punctuations ... Isn't that something?

  • thought dog

    People are all over this page saying how they would never ever listen to a "cokehead" "drug user" this and that....But when you turn on the tv Dec 21st 2012 is everywhere. Guess what the Mayans used heavily.... Mushrooms. Your logic has just been fucked.

  • dontworryaboutmyname

    OPPERATION NORTHWOODS: google it,then read about it,and you cannot just take our guns away it would cause a civil war especially with this whole 2012 tommorow thing,you'd almost have to stage a event to make it to where more people say take the guns away it makes sense 100% if you look up opperation northwoods trust me.[TRUTH]

  • Anonymous

    Like I'm really gonna take wisdom from a cokehead who was too stupid to know where the video camera's were when he robbed his accountant. Gunplay is the perfect example of somebody who believes these kinds of conspiracy theories; A certified loser who is looking for other people to blame for his own shortcomings. I bet after he gets convicted he'll be writing letters from jail bout how the illuminati put him there. If you believe in this kind of shit, I hope you die, and spare future generations the annoyance iy your paranoid delusions.

  • Anonymous

    The Government is involved When you think about where did the mom get the guns? Through the government

  • Anonymous

    Government dosn'y need to kill kids to take your guns They'll take them if the want YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS THEY'RE Privalliges 2nd Amendment is going anywhere Im upset im commenting in this shit given it attention

  • Anonymous

    too bad that kid lanza didn't take out gunplay instead.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when you give a GROSSLY!! Ignorant as Negro a platform to speak his mind ...

  • Anonymous

    just imagine how bad this guy smells, get a haircut fuck boy

  • mac DIESEL


  • Anonymous

    Listen to Lil B's "Age Of Information" & everything will finally make sense.

  • Anonymous

    no gunplay, the government is taking away your guns because you got caught on camera, assault and robbing someone you junkie.

  • jburnz

    Can't wait for that Gunplay/Immortal Technique album where we can get more relevant political commentary. This article will get more reaction than any album or song from this representative of American freedom.

  • Left & Right Brained

    Gunplay has a point regarding the possibility of the Gov't using this incident to rile up public support for revoking the amendment to bear arms.... Now whether the Sandy Hook incident is an actual Gov't controlled conspiracy, nobody knows and I think Gunplay might be reaching. But the discussion he's initiated is a valid one...... so to rebuke him with your insults either proves that you people really do not understand, or your minds have been molded to a point where you can no longer question anything rationally or critically.... hence SHEEPLE. Good night and God bless.

    • Anonymous

      Um they're riling up support for an assault weapons ban because some crazy fuck got access to a legal assault rifle and killed 20 kids. These conspiracies are for RETARDS

    • Anonymous

      The government is riling up support in synch with their stake in the spectrum. It's not Obama calling for gun regulation, it's Democrats. In the EXACT same way the Republicans are fighting it. It is not an "emperor against the people" thing. It's a national issue, and mass shootings occur on a frequent enough basis to polarize the spectrum in the same way abortion, gay rights, and wars have.

  • Anonymous

  • greg

    yall been talking about this illuminati sinister nwo plan for 10 years and nothing has happened. can we please get a date or at least a ball park estimate as of when this shit is fin to come to fruition? yall been dead for years not progressing just waiting for the shoe to drop, yet nothing ever happens. what happened to evil world war 3? haarp? comet elenin? nibiru? blue beam? chips in our brains? how long are we supposed to put our lives on hold and worry about this evil plan that just never seems to happen? And as a man, when is it time to concede and let it go and start taking responsibility for your own life and decisions?

    • Pegasus Flow

      Greg, u ready for me to kick some knowledge? Cuz you're right but only bc you're too lazy to look for the real reason. Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, who in the mid-70s wrote the conspiracy satire Illuminatus!, which has become a cult classic. Wilson et al have been shoveling baloney about the Illuminati/eye on the pyramid/world-domination conspiracy for more than 20 years, and some credit them with single-handedly keeping the thing alive. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, it's a joke intended to separate hip folk (who get it) from right-wing losers (who don't). So Greg, let me ask you. You think it's real? No, u don't but you're just another jackass who doesn't know why.

  • Marc_Aurelius

    Either way nobody wants this nigga to have guns in the first place.

  • One

    I swear this man has no sense. The most ignorant nigga I have seen all year and it's only december.

    • Anonymous

      CO-SIGN! This is the same guy who has a Nazi tattoo on his back. When asked why he chose that tatoo. He said something to the effect that it means killing off all the 'bulshit!' or something like that. He was reaching when he said that & he's even reacher a little bit more with this!

  • Taking away our guns

    Gunplay is 10000000000000000% right, how are we gonna defend ourselves against the NWO with no guns? EXACTLY!!!

  • Punch yourself in the throat

    Dear Gunplay it seems you have missed your latest throat punching you have to reschedule soon or else your stupidity will make you forget also you are truly ignorant human being thank you and please shut up mas puto

  • VonSeyVerse


  • What

    Ok, let me get this right this is the same guy that got his tail beat up my G-Unit and comitted a robbery in broad day light with the camera rolling, Sure sandy is a Goverment Conspiracy and thank you for letting the world know you are an IDIOT, by the way who buy this nigga song's or buy this nigga album.

  • @BlueScalise

    Would someone please kill this nigga already!!!!

  • Rick


  • Flyacoca

    So, we are listening to this guy now?

  • Friday

    Hands make you a man, not guns. When I was growing up, this was all the protection we needed. You win, you lose some, but you live. You live to fight another day.

  • chillthrills

    niggga on house arrest,,,he bored to death,,, cant smoke,,,now he tryin to kick knowledge,,lol if the government want to take away the guns,,,they wouldnt kill twenty plus white people,,,,mind control is possible,,but uuum,,,,they would just stop making them,,,basically,,,,but they wont cause,its bread to be made,,and its a form of population control,,,,,niggas kill each other every day,,,,and now african american are third in the food line in america,,,seems like their,,plan is working,,,,and all this from a nigga named gunplay,,,lol,,,,,niggas is crazy

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up gunplay you weird freak americans are just fucked in the head, no conspiracy you weirdo

  • OnemikE

    Coca*ne 1 hell of a drug!

  • OnemikE

    This nug done snorted himself retarded!

  • Common Sense

    this the smartest thing gunplay ever said.. only a dumbass would give up their right to bear arms for a false sense of security.. its either defend yourself or wait for the cops, if you're still alive. plus its purpose is to be able to defend us against a tyrannical government in the event they become oppresive, which under Obama, is happening more every day.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, defend yourself against people who wanna kill you. If someone wanted to kill Rick Ross tomorrow they could, no matter how many shitty gold plated desert eagles with his face engraved on them he has. The issue is: how easily can his crazed murderer get a gun the DAY OF?

    • tooboss

      damn you're fuckin stupid

  • Anonymous

    If you believe a word of that your brain dead.

  • Anonymous

    You motherfuckers act like it's better to have guns.

    • Anonymous

      ^^another we are the world, dreams keep my spirit going alive ass nigga. This is reality. Guns will always exist so as long as money does. So its better to be strapped (for protection) than submissive and robbed of your material wealth, your freedom, and even your life.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Then you just made my point. Don't you think it'd better if NO ONE had guns at all???

    • Anonymous

      It is. Helps me sleep at night in a state with a 9% unemployment rate and home invasions on the regular

  • www

    this is sad smh, those were babys yall

  • rj

    Gunplay has to be the stupidest, ugliest nigga to ever rap and that is saying a lot. This stupid fugly nigga has got a swastika tattooed on his neck and can always be counted on to say the dumbest thing possible in any given situation.

  • LOL @ gunplay

    gun play isnt the one i look to for political opinions...he has a brain the size of a peanut...if he said it it definitely isnt true

  • Anonymous

    Illum to the Nati right there!

  • Anonymous

    Where is his chain?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He named his mixtape...BORN TO SNORT...his name is GUNPLAY but 50 was rockin' his chain with no worries...stick to flunkie status...

  • Hip Hop Fan

    If the secret societies exist Gunplay is going to lose his case now. Bye Gunplay, enjoy prison...

  • Anonymous

    This Puerto Rican is crazy for real!

  • Smh

    I bet if it was Nas, Immortal Technique, Mos Def you would all jump on their dicks. He has a point however his point is flawed.

  • sharin the word

    This maybe the smartes thing Gunplay has ever said lol jk I've nvr listened to Gunplay's music & from that interview he did w/Power106, he seems a little out there mentally. Any1, for the ppl who believe our gov would nvr harm American citizen information, I will look to pass on some information:(Plz google & research all of this for yourself also) 1.Operation Northwoods: Basically all Joint Chiefs of Staff & Sec. of Defense proposed to President JFK a plan to overthrow the governent of Cuba. This plan included hijacking American planes & crashing them, false news stories, inspiring riots in Cuba & blowing up a U.S ship. President JFK thankfully rejected this offer. This CIA document is declassified & can be found online. 2. President JFK was assassinated by the CIA for numerous different reasons. Their is great a great video called Conspiracy Theory:JFK on youtube which explains helps explains how the CIA pulled off this murder. Also, CIA Agent Hunt admits this on his death bed to his sons who recorded it & shares that recording on this Conspiracy Theory show. 4. The gulf of Tonkin incident is now declassified documents & its found that this incident was a lie that never happened. You can ofcourse find this online as well There's plenty more corruption in the government & many other countries worldwide but this is just a start to help inform ppl. If for some reason you dont believe it, question it & debate it with others. But plz, dnt believe every single thing the government reports to these major news media outlets. Do ur homework cuz knowledge is power

  • EverythingsAConspiracy

    Funny how all the people who agree with this buffoon also appear illiterate. About once every 5 years something happens and all the gun nuts go off the deep end and say bs like, "da govement tryin to take are gunz away, just watch, book it, bet on it, blah blah blah" It's only gotten easier to obtain guns and get concealed permits. I would suggest Gunplay take a history lesson but the stupid bitch probably can remember the last 5 minutes.

  • Wake Up

    SMFH. This guy is a complete fuckin retard! GTFOH with this bullshit.



  • Anonymous


  • Edubb

    Gunplay does make sense!!! Like him or not call him a bitch ass or whatever but this time around he is dead on it!! Some of you will learn the hard way and when that does happen I would love to ask "Do you still think it is conspiracy bullshit"? Anyway the facts are right in front of you but yet some will still believe what they want to believe. Oh well God bless us all!! Cause we are gonna need every blessing we can get considering what the future holds!!

    • Anonymous

      Hahahhaha that's how fucking scared gun owners are. Mass shootings keep happening and the only thing they can say is "no gun owner would do that! It must be a conspiracy!"

    • Anonymous

      But why do you agree? The government tryna take our guns away, derr!

  • Hip Hop please

    I don't believe Gunplay thinks at all

  • Anonymous

    Got damn stfu already. Gunplay watched Fahrenheit 9/11 and now he's all on Alex Jones' dick. Are you going to now claim that 50 beating yo ass was a government inside job too?

  • Anonymous

    DX Don't Get Try To "Expose" your masters now... we know yall down.

  • Anonymous

    gunplays about to get in a lot of trouble, lol

  • Twon J

    not gonna say the thought didnt cross my mind

  • Anonymous

    He is keeping it real....REAL DUMB.

  • B

    Shit! This is the kind of BS that makes people who talk about what the government is really up to look crazy. I could believe it if the gov was actually going to take Americans guns away, but they won't. Once this story is out of the headlines those pricks at the NRA will make sure nothing happens. Banning assault weapons and that shit makes sense. You don't need that unless you are trying to kill dozens of people at once... 911 probably wasn't an inside job, but it was a damn good excuse for the PATRIOT Act, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo etc. Focus on real shit and stop making people that are trying to change things. The rich and powerful run the world against our best interests. That doesn't mean they're devil worshippers, Lizard people, baby rapists that are directly responsible for every bad thing that ever happened

    • Anonymous

      real fuckin talk. they illegitimize any real criticism or real conspiracies like COINTEL

    • Troll 2

      exactly what i was thinking, trying to make those who question the media and authorities look Luney toons, we need reasonable level headed intelligent people to start reppin, becuz when we sleep, we allow the elite to occupy that space with a clown to make fun of what we believe (with valid proof) is true. But, thats expected from corporate funded mainstream hip-hop website.

  • Anonymous

    somebody shoot this guy

  • Anonymous

    this dude just called somebody "ignant" i'm fucking out ya'll.

  • Grizzle

    Why does DX keep giving this bum ass nigga headline???

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up braniac. The only parts of the brain you should be concerned about is when your mom is throating my meat pistol.

    • Left & Right Brained

      Because idiots like you flock to the sight and post comments by the 100's meaning traffic to the site which equals profit for them. The fact that you fail to comprehend something so simple and evident proves that, you will never have the brain capacity to fully understand the fuller discussion regarding or prompting Gunplays tweets.

  • jburnz

    Everything this guy says is so valuable to humanity. NOT

  • Joe

    fucking idiot. not everything is a conspiracy, although many will use the incident to their advantage in the government

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking idiot.

  • Jason

    so the kid was a govt paid decoy? lol i blame perscription meds!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous:

    this is coming from a crack head g#ybach fool who has a nazi tattoo on his back you need your ass kick again.

  • 777

    This guy needs to stop sucking dick.

  • RAymond Valerio

    lol i cant believe Gunplay said this.. he actually has a POINT. after 9/11 BUSH SIGNED THE "PATRIOT ACT" basically stripping our freedom from us.. and if you dont believe 9/11 was a conspiracy do some research. with my Knowledge i agree with gunplay on this one. still cant believe this info is coming from gunplay though lmao


    this niggs rights fuck the government the sketchy ass people pulling strings and yall dont even now it.. smh

  • Anonymous:

    this is coming from a fool who has a nazi tattoo on his back you need your ass kick again you gaybach crack head..

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people belive this but even if they did not plan it they are still going to try to use it to their own advantage. They are crooked like that.

    • Big Dan

      So thinking regular folks should not have access to semi and auto weapons that they can use to wipe out a bunch of people before help gets there is being crooked? 20 innocent kids where murdered in cold blood at their school. How can any one come up with crazy ideas considering?

  • Big Dan

    The crack head is faster than me!!!! The post is already down.

  • Big Dan

    I forgot to add..Gunplay, you don't effed yourself up enough where you can't legally get guns, so what u talking bout Willis?

  • Big Dan

    I'm gonna go grab my screen shot right now so I can save it for posterity before dude comes down from the high and takes it down.

  • 50 CENT

    crack head can talk about everything except getting his chain back

  • Anonymous

    this is the same black man who got a swastika tattooed on the back on his neck the same man who robbed his accountant and didnt wear a mask so he got caught on camera

  • yolo

    dx don't need to post his crack high tweets why the fuck is this news dx be killin hip hop with this tmz bullshit

  • KY

    stupid as fuck and disrespectful to those that lost lives in that incident

  • Anonymous

    This guy is so fucking stupid its unreal.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the government had 20 kids killed, so they can take this niggers guns. Fuck you gunplay you stupid piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    i like all the comments made by the same bloggers.. real cute dx.. the public is waking up.. "theres a storm comming mr wayne......."

  • Anonymous

    this guy is fucking STUPID. "Another 911"??? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY

  • Arnold Schwarzenigga

    Gunplay also believes crack cocaine is healthy D.A.R.E

  • Anonymous

    fuck this guy is an idiot, snorted himself retarded. 50 should beat his ass again next time just for disrespecting the dead

  • Anonymous

    Who is this clown? And why is his name "Gun Play" Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    This man stil not right in his head, after he got knock the fuck out by 50.

  • Anonymous

    Staff off the dope fake ass Bizzy Bone

  • Anonymous

    He's a moron and anyone who believes Sandy Hook was a conspiracy is as well. Sigh. I have had enough of the bullshit paranoid dumb asses in this nation.

  • Anonymous

    for once i agree with this clown a lil scoplamine could make that kid do it. i probably spelled it wrong though

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