Harry Fraud Names His Favorite Producer Of 2012, Wants To Work With Jay-Z & Cam'Ron

Harry Fraud explains that he hit up Cam'Ron for a collaboration and is waiting on a response.

Harry Fraud has had a productive year, teaming with Curren$y for their Cigarette Boats EP and Smoke DZA for his Rugby Thompson LP. While he was named runner-up for Producer of the Year on HipHopDX's Year End Awards, he agreed with our choice pick, telling the Village Voice that his top five favorite beatsmiths of the year are only one person: Alchemist.

"Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, and Alchemist. That's my Top 5," he said. "I fuck with Alchemist, man. Alchemist has a beat. I don't even want to say who it's for, it's for two West Coast legends, and every time this beat is in my presence, I just make them play it over and over. I don't even like anybody's beats but Alchemist, he's fucking incredible."

With a few full-length collaborative projects under his belt, Fraud contemplated with whom he would do a full-length joint album. Naming Jay-Z and Cam'Ron, Fraud said that he reached out to the latter but is waiting on a response.

"If I could do an album with anybody, you have to do the album with Jigga obviously, but anybody beside Jigga, I would probably do the album with Cam. If I could just play the beats in the room that I felt were the right ones, I just feel like he'd be... Cam is just so ill," he said. "We've communicated before. People like that, I hit him. He knows what it is. He knows I'm down for whatever with him but you know, I'm also not gonna be like, "Yo Cam! Yo, c'mon man! Yo yo yo!" I hit you. I let you know what's up. If you want to do it, we'll do it."

Read the full interview at VillageVoice.com.

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  • ozvictorian

    alchemist must have fucked him good. oh alchemist. alchemist alchemist.

  • queensnation

    I agree with fraud 100%. Alchemist is on fire and he put out free albums with fashawn, curren$y, domo genesis, and action bronson. Every one of them was hot top to bottom. But Bronze Nazareth is the only other producer shutting shit down right now.

  • Anonymous

    Alchemist's 2012 was mediocre at best; people are giving him props for past achievement, fine but just because he's trying to suck Oh No's blood for rejuvenate himself doesn't mean it WORKS... Or that Al should ever be allowed on the microphone. Fraud at his best MIGHT someday = Al at his worst so I guess it's a reasonable aspiration for a half-witted white piece of shit.

    • ozvictorian

      LOL alchemist must have fucked him good. oh alchemist. alchemist alchemist.

    • Fado

      yall are all tripping you must not have listened too all the numerous project Alchemist produced recently. All the beats on No idols by domo genesis knock hard has fuck and were original, same with Bronson and Curren$y.

    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      Agree everything but your last sentence. Harry Fraud ain't THAT bad, with a little farsight dude has future in the music industry. Of course he's not another Alchemist, but a very few can compete with Alc's catalogue anyway, so its nothing to feel shame about.

  • Anonymous

    Fraud is dogshit who lives up to his name and beyond. MAYBE one out of every 20 of his fucking beats are worth even half a listen-- not an impressive % by any means but hey... he works cheap!!!

  • Fish

    Young Chop. End of discussion

    • Mo

      nigga shut up. If you could be rich of making "shitty music" compared too whatever average ass lifestyle you lead you would.And he makes trap beats. As a trap producer hes actually talented. If you dont like trap music or beats offcourse your gonna find his music shitty, just like I find country music shitty

    • 905

      LOL Young Chop makes garbage beats. Most half decent producers could make beats like that. I know I could...and before you say "Well then why don't you do it?". And I would answer because I don't want to make shitty music lol

  • dipsetfan

    Yo why Cam aint hit him back??

  • Anonymous

    1. dylan 2. dylan 3. dylan 4. dylan 5. dylan

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