T.I. Speaks On The "Trouble Man" Recording Process, Says He's Focused On Being Humble

Following the release of "Addresses," T.I. says he's now focused on being a more humble artist.

Atlanta rapper T.I.’s eighth studio album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, may have finally been released this past Tuesday (December 18), but according to the Grand Hustle artist a tremendous amount of work went into the album. So much so that the 16 records featured on the project were narrowed down from a little under 130 songs.

While appearing on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this morning (December 20), T.I. spoke on what the recording process was like for Trouble Man and when he decided it was time to stop recording and start narrowing down records.

“This one I didn’t pick a date. I just worked,” T.I. revealed in a video posted on RapRadar.com. “I just worked and worked until finally after about 110 songs everybody looked around and said ‘Aye listen man, for real, we got it. We just need to figure out what to put out.’ But I just kept recording and kept recording and kept recording…So at that point when my partners around me who know me best and know when I’m pushing myself and they can see what I’m trying to find, that place of excellence in my own creative spirit, when they see that and they ‘Alright cuz, now listen. Let’s focus on how we gon’ roll this out.’”

The Trouble Man emcee also spoke on the much talked about “Addresses” and revealed that now that the song’s out and he’s addressed everything he had to, he’s now focused on being humble. He even went on to salute a number of Atlanta artists including Trinidad James, Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane.

“So now that’s where I’m at today. That’s where I’m at right now today," said T.I. "It’s time for me to have this humble spirit. I done said everything it is to be said and now it’s time for me to kick back and just be humble. Salute those who deserve it. Salute Trinidad James on his accomplishments and what he has to contribute to the game. Salute 2 Chainz. Salute Future. Salute Rocko. Salute Jeezy. Salute Gucci. Salute all who have assisted us and salute all who maybe not know it, but should be assisting us because it’ll be better for everybody.”

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  • Kelly

    T.I. is a success cuz he's damn good and y'all know it. i'm only commenting because it is soo freakin typical these days to see all these haters lol. Damn the man for not staying thugged out and using all his talent to make a positive change in this messed up world. What should he be doing? I love all his tracks, both old and the new, he's bad ass and gon stay bad ass. Which one yall haters can out do him?

  • Milehighkid303

    OH btw heard that "Ball" song and seen the video at club last night, these cats are SKATEBOARDING with sparklers....... ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  • Milehighkid303

    This guys music USED to be so raw and I loved the hunger and the LACK of humbleness he displayed in his lyrics (IMO), I understand he got a family now and is maturing, but you just can't take cats like this serious anymore especially with that debockle that man had with the feds.......like I said though because I've loved his past music I will still give it a listen...

  • Chris O

    Used to be one of my favorite rappers on "24", but can't let him shine because he is a snitch. The feds would of only made that deal if they gained something from him.

  • Fuck Bankhead

    The Introduction and Track Number 15 are far from humble

  • A

    Being HUMBLE? Really? I must have missed that....

  • Anonymous

    he didnt sound very humble in that interview the other day claiming he created trap music and that all the other need to pay homage, LOL

  • Malcolm Garvey

    I don't know why the last post were deleted but like I said I'm a fan of T.i he said that he was the King of Trap music and I think he forgot about Adamshame and B.Gotti and the Trumpp Tight Trappers are the grandfathers of Trap Music, let's not get it twisted.. And the whole A came behind them, real talk.. Be humble and pay respect when they're due.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-W3DJWaAe8

    • Anonymous

      impossible..MJ created POp music

    • Anonymous

      yeah but they were just local...TI MADE THAT SHIT UNIVERAL AND PUT A STAMP ON IT....just like there were pop artist before Michael Jackson...but that did not stop him from beind crowned KING OF POP.

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