NBC Blogger Calls Chief Keef "A Minstrel Show"

One blogger for NBC may find himself in hot water after he called Chief Keef "a minstrel show."

Whether it's Hip Hop listeners or his fellow Chi-Town emcees, Interscope rapper Chief Keef has been earning some critical disapproval from many members of the industry. Now, however, one blogger has taken his complaints too far by calling Keef's music "a minstrel show."

According to a recent report HipHopWired, Edward McClelland, a Caucasian blogger for Chicago NBC 5, recently attacked Chief Keef and the drill music scene in a blog, calling it "a minstrel show." He said that the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last week moved him to decry the 17-year-old rapper for his violent lyrics. 

"[F]rom what I've heard of it, is pretty lunkheaded: simplistic rhymes, primitive beats. But it's also a window into the world that has made Chicago the murder capital of America, and that piqued my curiosity," wrote McClelland. "Since last week's murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, though, I haven't had the stomach for any violent entertainment…I also don't want to pay $14 for the minstrel show of listening to a real live South Side thug. I don't want to support a scene that makes gangbanging a resume builder for music success."

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  • Anonymous

    "Flying? Hes project at under 50k sold, under a major label" Don't talk back blog boy. 50k still means a decent amount of people are seeing it in the store and buying it.

    • the_spiral

      Chief Queef is a flop and he ain't rapping about real life in Chicago or whatever his stans try and tell us. How the hell could you even tell what he's rapping about? He's a mush mouth idiot with no lyrics. He sounds like if Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane recorded themselves pooping in a litter box.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. It's still a flop.

  • zon

    It's easy to call Cheif Keef a minstrel show from behind a computer and inside your home...but go to Lamron street..or any urban city in amerikkka and write what you see...write what you hear...I grew up on 80s-90s rap and I see it as a young dude (he's not an adult ) talking about his surroundings...which in Chi-Iraq aint pretty at all..Drugs and murder is a everyday thing in urban cities...so until you are at ground zero and make a stand...remember your opinion is just that...an opinion and not FACT at all...personally I wanna see an old rapper Jay-Z stop talking bout hustling or murder...he aint been off the porch in decades and still talk reckless...whats his excuse??


      Yeah but who gives a fuck? There's enough glorifying of hustling and murder in this country already. Besides, rappers like Tupac and Biggie used rap to tell compelling stories about street life. This ignorant fool mumbles mush-mouth nonsense that don't even rhyme. Yelling and screaming like a dipshit over a simplistic beat is not rapping or keeping it real, no matter what the talent-deficient Guccis, Flockas and Chief Queefs of the world (and their dick riding stans) try to convince the rest of us.

  • tha_hyclass1

    Well I'm black and this dog and pony side show that is Chief Keef really embarrasses me as a black woman. This guy as well as about 70% of rap artists out now are brings shame upon the game with the crap they are putting out Follow me on Twitter @ the_hyclass1 and on Instagram @ tha_hyclass1

  • Articulate1

    Why is this Chief Queef faggot even worth mentioning? He's just one of thousands of garbage-ass new wave rappers with no talent and nothing to say...ignore these clowns and support quality new shit like Roc Marcy.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef and his shitty music is a minstrel show, the blogger is just calling it like he sees it.

  • Anonymous

    Know what i found funny on this site right now. I see alot of comments that says why is he being called a racist. Because he is white. You people do know that Lupe got the same kind of treatment after calling Chief Queef out a few months ago. Not my point tho. I see to many people complaining and disagreeing but agreeing with each other sounding really stupid. Most of you idiots are saying the same thing. You idiots say "I agree with the blogger he is a Minstrel Show."(whatever) 95% of the people are saying the same shit but somehow someway people are finding ways to argue with each other over Chief Keef. Come on people. Yall can't be this stupid. How people are arguing with people who have the same point of view is beyond me. Some of you are just idiots. Also i don't see to many black people disagreeing with the blogger, so why all the white people saying blacks always shouting racism. Out of 220 post i see only 3 comments calling this guy a racist, but somehow the white folks are complaining that blacks don't take responsiblity for a Chief Keef movement. See this is what happens when you let nerds in the game. The over exaggerate shit

    • Anonymous

      lol its easy to say you feel minorties are pampered if you're not a minority. you can never see it because the whole world has been indoctrinated with racial values. now you may not understand this, but this fictional racial infrastructure has not been dismantled, despite the fact that those who created it are long dead. if blacks in the US truly "complained" to the degree whites have been fearing for the past four hundred years, there'd be blood. consider yourself lucky people found more solace in fredrick douglass and not nat turner. your country is falling apart and you waste time with debates based in make-believe.

    • Fanglana

      Because this one exchange of comments in one article does not, in any way, reflect how things in the real world look like. In the real world, you have all these small, subtle politically correct signals that are sent to us based on two things: White guilt and black whining. On one side, we have white guys like Sean that has this white guilt stigma over him. On the other hand, we have black people who wake up and put on the "everything is racist" cloth on before they go about their day. We see it in our commercials, we see it in our movies and TV shows. We see it in our articles and even in our music. Everything, exactly everything is adjusted just so that black people can be pampered. People are getting fucking sick and tired of it, and the NBC commentor is just one of us. Im not even white, Im not black but Im a minority. We ALLLLLL get racism thrown at us, shit aint new. But black people constantly whine and cry racism. That's why people are getting in an uproar here.

  • 100

    The original hip-hop fans are leaving the music because there is no longer any intellectual meat to it. Even the old "gangsta" tracks had substance before but now, it's just formula rap. IT'S BORING! No diversity on the radio makes it worse. Doesn't have to be "deep" or political but it's barely entertaining anymore. Minstrel show indeed.

  • hustle

    unfortunately, that young man is taking care of his family at our images sake... reality is as long as there is an image similar to what that young man represents prevalent in media there will laways b a "reason" we r racially profiled point blank period. son aint make it this way... but he damn sure aint helping... but how can u knock a child for taking advantage of an oppurtunity to better his life? lets put things n perspective here, there is an entity that makes more $ off him than he does, and also perpetuates these racist sterotypes for profit... the long arm of hollywood. the "music industry" is hollywood lil brother.... its just murder for profit at the end of the day and the people who have no control of there image or community will continued to b whored, now stop insulting that lil nigga and invest in some real estate!!!!

    • 100

      People like 50 Cent, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye have a LOT of power to upgrade the art form in the mainstream and put out "better" music. But they don't have the intellectual capacity to take that leap of faith. But there are a new crop of brothers coming and they will be making changes.

  • Anonymous

    I hate when People come on here like, Im black i approve. Nigga you white stop fucking lying. White people do the same shit. Someone say something racist, White dude calls other white dude out and say im white. You mother fuckers is corny real shit. With all that said you niggas take entertainment to fucking serious. Really out of all the negative shit in Hip Hop from NWA to Eminem we go give this young dummy air time over ignorant music. Its alot of nerds who come to this site, im sure one of you sensitive ass niggas read ignorant shit in literature class. I know for sure i have. Overall i never listened to no dam Chief keef.

  • DUH

    He makes tom coonery music for dumb coons to follow and white suburban kids to purchase .. Blame the record labels for promoting his music to the dumb masses

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I agree with the NBC blogger and I am not white. Chief Keef's music is pure ignorance and purely using the Chicago murders and gangster scene to push his music...

  • Stro

    Edward McClelland is to be lauded for his column, not placed in hot water.

  • Anonymous

    "Since that incident, nobody has time to hear all that ig'nant" Yet ironically, Keef's CD is flying off the shelve.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Flying? Hes project at under 50k sold, under a major label. I would not say that is flying off the shelves. I hope Interscope Records gets the hint and drops this dude for good.

  • T_TreezZ

    It's complete bullshit that this blogger is getting in trouble for expressing his opinion. Well he's a blogger isn't he? He writes based on opinion. Plus this is the realest comment ever made about Chief Keef.

  • Terminate Sean Ryon

    HipHopDx needs to fire sean ryon for his stupid ass "caucasian" tag on that blogger, nobody gives a fuck what his skin color is, stop trying to start race war drama you fucking fag!

  • Anonymous

    how else does he get 20 million views on youtube on a song that barely has one rhyme in it. the number one retard rapper

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Because Kanye West blew up that song "I don't like". Thats the only reason Keef got 20 million views and landed that stupid crazy contract that his label is pissed about it since he's not selling any records to make that money back.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA this is exactly what I thought. Honestly black people can't even be offended by this because we all know keef is retard. 2012,year of the retard rappers. Fuck them all

  • yunggawd

    your stupid if you dont have the common sense to know hes right....if a black writer said the same thing, hed also be right, and nobody would say shit cuz of the phrase "minstrel show"..chief keef does make ignorant music....you cant get upset when people call it what it is....its no diff with Trinadad James...be serious

  • Sanglana

    As a response to Jim Bean on my post a couple of scrolls down: Jim, the thing Im annoyed about is the constant fucking whining. Who CARES if the guy writing the article is caucasian, why write that? Why is it important? Ill tell you why, because as soon as a white person does ANYTHING and says ANYTHING that isn't completely pro-black, then they're racist. Matter of fact it doesn't just have to be a white person, ANY non-black race that says or does anything that isn't completely pro-black, is racist. Im sick and fucking tired of that shit. The guy is not racist and he did nothing wrong by deeming Chief Keef a minstrel show, because that's what he is! But somehow, Sean had to let us know the dude was "caucasian". Going by your logic, why does he have to write the guys race? He just deemed all white people "racist".. Why mention race? This happens all the time, everyday, everywhere.. Everything that doesn't mean proverbially sucking black people off is "racism" according to black people. Mind you, Im not white, Im from a muslim country (not arab). Ive grown up with racism, since I live in a european world. I know what it is to be looked down on just because you're of another race. Ive felt with black people for a long time because I could relate. But this shit has gone too far. Black people get so pampered with and get this special treatment just because they happen to have black skin. That, in turn, makes many of them act like fucking babies and cry for the smallest issue. Either that, or we have politically correct white guys like Sean over here that just HAS to steer everything in a racist light. Guess what, the article writer was spot on. Chief Keef is a minstrel show and he puts blacks who work hard and want to make a name for themselves OUTSIDE of the entertainment business about a couple of decades back. But no, Im racist right? No, fuck that. Im not, Im saying the truth and if the truth hurts then get the fuck out the kitchen.

    • MaG

      I'm Black. And, your absolutely right. We can't have real race dialogue until we (Black folks) make it acceptable to hear the harsh truths about sh*t without turning it into a race war. The blogger was right. And, so are you brother.

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    The blogger was 100% correct with his story...period.

  • UR MOM

    Isnt this got really saying what basically everyone is thinking?

  • Arnold Schwarzenigga

    "Edward Mclelland, a caucasian reporter..." Sean Ryon is trying to start a race war, is it really neccessary to inform people of his skin color?

  • guerilla jones

    why is that taking it too far?isnt that what he is?

  • hellno

    yeah chief keef sucks... but this article goes way too far. first of all, comparing a rappers lyrics, which are not even all that violent, to sandy hook is just absurd and completely inappropriate. also he generalized the entire hip hop scene into "having gangbanging be a resume for success" and the fact that he has a problem with listening to him just because hes a so called "south side thug" which i doubt he really is, is obscene. chief keef sucks, but he raps about money and hoes not violence. i think this guy just heard it was rap and assumed it was violent. hes incredibly ignorant and probably racist. For all you who are supporting this just cause you dont like chief keef thats awful logic cause this is insulting to a lot more than just him i dont like him either but this has a lot of other problems.

    • ughead97

      do u even read bro?

    • Anonymous

      ^stfu nigga you can't even afford to shop at Walmart for groceries, let alone an AK.

    • Anonymous

      You bitch niggas can buy a gun in a fucking Wal Mart and you still wanna put the blame on one nigga cause he took a fucking picture with an AK???

    • 905

      Chief Keef has a picture of himself with his shirt off holding an AK-47. Nuff said...this dude didn't take it too far y'all are just blind. Violence is rampant in American culture and for some reasons you Americans don't want to admit it. You try to place the blame elsewhere like gun control and mental health issues. And sure those things contribute but I would say the biggest problem is promotion of violence in the media.

  • mac DIESEL


  • c

    fuck chief keef he sucks at life

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Agreed with blogger.

  • Anonymous

    at no time did the blogger say anything negative about hip hop or anything racist. Why is everyone's opinion news? The topic of race was never even brought up by the blogger. after reading this article and the original article, it seems like both of the writers added the topic of race to get us to do exactly this, turn it into a racial, and moral debate. This may be part of the problem (sarcasm). Why, when speaking of a person of a different race or ethnicity, does the media make it racist in tone or even meaning? I don't know the intentions of the bloggers words so I can only take them for face value; Chief Keef whether intentional or not is perpetuating violence and glorifying the part of the hip hop culture that needs to be fixed. The comments on the article from hiphopwired blame jimmy iovive for even signing him in the first place, buy jimmy likes money and he knew that Chief Keef and his nonsense would be loved by many (sarcasm). Bottom line i guess... Keef is wack and the blogger was spot on, and until fools like Keef stop getting a platform as powerful as music, not much is going to change, we sometimes believe what we hear and see and thats a shame.

  • Got That Right...

    He is absolutely right. Chief Keef is a minstrel show. However not just him. Hip Hop Culture has become the new minstrel show. The music that condones gang banging, sex and violence gets the green light and is all over radio. Yet When Lupe, Talib and others who have significant substance in the music it's not really given a proper avenue to reach the masses because they arent "Hit Records" Lupe is from Chicago and doesnt perpetuate the negativity. Like its been already said the blogger is absolutely right. And Im a black man co signing his remarks. Its not about racism. Its about truth!!!

    • pshog

      I appreciate this comment. The problem with most online posts is that people argue opinion over facts. The more knowledgeable you are about particular facts, generally speaking, the more likely you are to come to an accurate conclusion. In this case, the particulars are knowledge of the rap/hip-hop scene, so to speak, as well as awareness of what a minstrel show was. Most people that have a surface understanding of the aforementioned particulars will recognize that minstrel shows were funded almost exclusively by white men. Their objective was entertainment, at least, on the surface. History proved minstrel shows to be misrepresentations of black culture as a whole; therefore, minstrel shows came at the expense of an accurate portrayal of black culture as a whole. A person who acknowledges the minstrel shows exploitation of black men, but fails to understand the parallel between the societal framework which minstrel shows helped create and the contemporary social framework that the "rap game" has helped to create, misunderstands the point entirely. They view the issue from a surface understanding of the particulars. The "rap game" is often a progenitor of caricatures of black culture as a whole (and presents it as such) because non-black record labels/producers exploit the talents of black male rap artists by preferring artists that will provide a persona that create caricatures of black culture, which can then be widely spread and labeled as "normative of black culture" in order to solidify false ideas about black culture as a whole. This perpetuates a particular brand of "racism" by exaggerating the differences between black people and white people. People are people. At its worst, rap/hip-hop culture is used to support the notion that the differences between blacks and whites are more than social constructs, which is patently false. Every difference that exists between blacks and whites is socially constructed. To believe otherwise is to be ignorant. Its not a matter of opinion; its a matter of scientific fact. A Norwegian person can be more genetically similar to the Kenyan man sitting next to him at the bar than his Norwegian mother-in-law. In its purest form, the rap game spreads truth. At its worst, the rap game spreads lies which serve to undermine what people know to be scientifically proven fact and highlight socially constructed differences between black culture and white culture. It could be that this is an unfortunate unintended outcome, but its far more likely that it was calculated; a calculated attempt to keep black culture separate from mainstream culture by labeling it as other. As long as white culture and black culture can be kept separate, black culture can be relegated to the fringe of society and stripped of its worth. It is the modern version of separate but equal. The doctrine of "separate but equal" existed in America from the 1890's (after the supreme court ruling in Plessy vs. Fergusson) and remained the overarching policy in America until 1954 when the supreme court overturned their initial ruling (see Brown vs. Board of Education, http://www.nationalcenter.org/brown.html). It wasn't all that long ago that this all happened. Racism still exists in this country. Racism is systemic and thus takes a long time to change, especially when socioeconomic issues are at stake. Dr. Martin Luther King was only assassinated after he began to threaten the social order in this country by taking on racism at the level of class. Martin Luther Kings doctrines became dangerous when he began to address issues of racism and its ties to class. People with power, racists whose wealth gave them a vested interest in making sure that socioeconomically advantageous policy did not disappear, actively resisted Dr. Martin Luther Kings messages regarding the ties between racism and classism. The more you can deny that a problem exists, the more likely it is to go unresolved. Racism and classism have always been calculated (not by everyone, but by those in power). Capitalism necessitates class struggle (Karl Marx recognized this and it is the reason he holds a place in history). Every civilization and society throughout history has had some form of class systemsome more malicious than others. Consequently, certain groups retain power. For Americans, in particular, the division has tended to be "white = economic power = political influence" and black = other. Given that racism towards black people does exist in this country (and always has), then it follows logically that those with wealth and power who do not like black peoplefor whatever reasonwould be reluctant to turn over their resources (i.e. economic power), as well as their political influence. It should come as no surprise that some have fought aggressively against allowing this to happen. It should also come as no surprise to anyone that the people that have the most power and influence in the country are generally the wealthy. They control the media and, by extension, have a degree of control over our beliefs (assuming you dont have your head in the sand). Rap is about more than excessive materialism, but you would never know that by looking at most mainstream rap today. The owners of record labels who, conveniently, sell other products as well (or, at least, have stock in companies that do) saw that there was an advantage to having charismatic young black men serve to define what success looks like (expensive cars, clothes, jewelry, etc.). It doesnt matter to them if an entire raceblack people in Americaare misrepresented, just as it didnt matter to them in the days of the minstrel show. I conclude with the words of a young scholar by the name of Tupac Shakur, We gotta make a change. It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes. Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live and let's change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't working, so it's on us to do what we gotta do, to survive. Aristocrats (i.e. the wealthy) have always had more power and influence than the average person. A democracy only works as a democracy when the citizens are committed to one another. We have power when we come together, when our voice (irrespective of skin tone) joins together in unison.

  • Big Dan

    Yes the blogger is right. This is beyond a minstrel show and I am not talking about his music. Him rapping violent lyrics does not make him a minstrel, coon or what have you. But watching a Chief Keef interview is painful. Also, while there is such things as free speech, there is a point where people have to step up and do the right thing. You want to sign a Dr. Dre and have him put out The Chronic, that's one thing. Signing a minor (lest we forget) and encouraging his nonsense knowing that there are consequence is the height of irresponsibility on the part of Interscope. Lets forget about CK doing it for the $$$$. He's been doing it since he was probably 14 if not younger, so we can blame it on youth and stupidity. Interscope has no excuse here and I'll be the first to defend the labels when critics knock them for the content of artists' music. Long and short, he is only 17. I hope someone, maybe 50 or hopefully, he has more people in his life than can sit him down and say look, you are rapping about what you see, cool. But most likely, like all rappers, you'll take it too seriously and in your case, maybe even further. You need to transcend, make your money, SAVE your money and understand you are no longer trapped. You've been given a way out the hood, take it. Take some classes in the summer, maybe even get a degree, do something positive. Don't just stay rapping about nonsense. And if you need to "stay" in the hood, then use your position to call attention to and help other young kids in SS Chicago. Start a Stay in School campaign or something because unfortunately, one downside of your success is now more kids will think they can put ghetto ass videos on You Tube and get a record deal from Interscope. He is 17. Someone should intervene. I wanna see the kid be a 50 or Jay-Z in 10 15 years, not Gucci Mane. And Chief, please get rid of the guns if you have them. Don't go down for that. That makes you a dummy. They are probably watching you and waiting for you to slip. You also have too many people around you and probably half of them are in trouble, so lots of opportunity for snitches looking for a deal. PLS DO NOT EVER GO TO NY WITH A GUN. ITS AUTOMATIC TWO TO THREE. Don't know if your minor record matters, but right now, you getting caught with a gun will be hell for you. If you need protection, you can now afford to get an adult with no criminal record that can be licensed to carry a fire arm and handle security. Full time is too expensive, so when you roll out, lots of security firms in Chicago, rent for the day(s). Interscope can handle it, but make sure you or whoever is handling your biz, since you are a minor, stay on top. Whatever they pay for comes out your royalty checks, so don't give them carte blanche.

    • alex

      people need to stop picking and choosing what is wrong and what is not. Gucci raps about murdering people in ATL where where there is a significant murder rate and nobody fucking says shit. oh its cause he's so young you say.. BULLSHIT look at lil wayne or any of the hotboyz they were rapping about murdering people in new orleans when it WAS the murder capital and they were 15 16 years old and again nobody said ANYTHING. Just because this cat hails from the southside of chicago where there are people dying left and right its big fuckin deal if this kid trys to make a buck off of it. how ever small cheif keef has some amount of talent in him so no mattter where he came from its fair to say he would have got signed so whats the point here he could've easily came from atlanta or oakland or huston then no one would've said shit. the real problem people need to adress is not cheif keef its the fucking poverty and in opurtunity that is south side chicago.

    • Anonymous

      he will never be like 50 or jay, he will never even be like gucci

  • gun di liro

    It doesn't matter what colour the blogger is, he is 100% correct. Chief Keef is a buffoon that should never be given access to a microphone.

  • Anonymous

    100% Truth. Anyone trying to flip this comment into something its not is in denial. Anyone defending Keef's album as an important portrayal of disenfranchised youth is drinking the kool-aid. This is straight up glorified gangbanging and the promotion of ignorance and hate. The major labels are behind this to make money and could give a shit about who this music influences. With that being said I'm not against Keef nor his album. The blogger is just calling a spade a spade so don't catch feelings and twist this into something it isn't. Anyone that has any knowledge of minstrel shows of the past can take a look at this scenario and see that it's not too far off.

  • LemonDC

    I'm black: and I approve.

  • Wow

    "Edward McClelland, a Caucasian blogger" wow. So it'd be fine if the guy writing this was "Edward McClelland, a Black blogger" would be fine. You gotta love how in America racism works one way, the white way. Black folks have free range to tout any racism they please with no consequence. Amazing. Hypocritical and exactly whats wrong with this article.

    • Anonymous

      White liberal guilt. Racism is wrong in any society, but stereotypes exist and many comedians have made a fortune by pointing them out and mocking them. You find this is only publicly acceptable if you are of a specific race. For further evidence of this look to the success of Russel Peters, Dave Chappelle or Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour films and then substitute those people for a Caucasian saying the same thing and you can imagine the public outcry. No one should be able to promote racism, which is essentially hatred towards a race of human beings, but we also shouldn't be so sensitive to suppress open dialogue or confuse comedic quips as hatred.

  • gasoline

    what has he said that's not true? and im black too..

  • Anonymous

    I'm black and I approve that blog.

  • Anonymous

    Truth is truth...trust he didn't get signed kuz of his talent...

  • Anonymous

    yessssss someone needed to say this shit.. this dudes straight evil, he'll slap a bitch an kill a nigga .. AND LAUGH ABOUT IT. dude feels nothin, lifes a big joke to him therefore hes a big joke to everyone else.

  • Jig203

    The Blogger made a good point but Chief Keef is only makin music for 1 reason......$$$$$$$. He feedin his family with the only thing he is capable of doing. Only people that live in the hood like myself can understand. The Sandy Hook thing has nothin to do with what he represents in his lyrics. At least he ain't no gimick tryna b someone else to sell. Our life is different from alot of yours we can't walk into a building a get a six figure job like that.

    • Anonymous

      Keef is one blip on the radar and shouldn't be called out for things that Eminem, Jay Z, DMX, basically everybody popular, has done themselves and made millions off of. Remember too, he's young. I bet if he reaches 30 some of his choices now will seem bad to him. Right now it's all about money. While that NBC blogger has the right to his opinion, he does seem like he's preaching to the choir a bit. One rapper isn't the problem. I'd blame the people who made him possible, Interscope.

    • Industry Advocate

      Yo, I was young in the heart of wear Crack and Bangin' started! That's not the only thing he's capable of doing! I live in the hood and still don't understand the ignorance and exploitation of it all! Kid dies, on You Tube flashing guns, beating down a girl and downplaying it cause it happened last year...then to top it all off the music is trash!! You're wrong, you CAN walk in the building and get a six figure job like him by doing what he did, educate yourself and stop thinking that there's no other way! That blogger was 100% right in everything he said! Chicago has the most gun violence in all of the U.S! It's like a third world country! Don't make those HOOD excuses...

  • Nike Champ 718

    The blogger is on point. His head would probably explode if he heard and saw Trinidad James.

  • StankFoot

    Everything about CK and most rappers is Minstrel!!!!!!!!! Fuck Ignorant RAP.

    • shh

      DRAKE!..*the greatest JEWISH RAPPER OF ALL TIME.....*smile TAKE CARE is going to do.....ICONIC NUMBER$... FROM.."THE LITESKIN "RULE BABY".....*smile

    • Anonymous

      true that lets bring hip hop back to real life struggles and problems in our society lets bring integrity back to hip hop.

  • John-Boy

    The bloggers comment is not racist at all. Anybody who knows anything about the Minstrel show will agree with him 100 percent. I implore all of you to do some damn research and learn something your high school history teacher will never show you. Comparing him to the Minstrel Show is not a racist comment, it is simply the truth. These white record execs are forcing artists to sell out just so they can sit back and laugh at our race. The comment "those who dont know their history are doomed to repeat it" applies strongly to our current generation of hiphop artists.

  • Akim

    this blogger is a racist lonatic ,yeh chief keef is the problem not the gun manufactures and the N.R.A who makes guns easlly accessible to every body in America.Any problem just blame it on Black people even is dons't make no sense

    • SheckJ

      ie: if i am wrong, i doubt it. But didn't Little Brother put out a album named Minstrel Show, examining the same topics about hip and mainstream recogniti on

    • SheckJ

      Being against this bloggers report, you should use spell check before defaming someone where others can read your response. Not only does it legitimize your thoughts, but disproves constant attacks on hip-hop, that we are all as ignorant as Chief Keef or as unable to spell as you. No hatin', just pontificating:)...peace, love, music

    • wolfman

      Yea!!!! AND because computers give us the ability to steal people's identities, commit fraud, attack people anonymously...BLAME THE COMPUTERS TOO! Better yet, go beat someone with a tree branch... then GO SUE THE TREE! I'm so smart...

    • Trippledoubles

      Boom! Nuff said!!!

  • John-Boy

    He was right but to a much lesser degree then he may have realized. The ENTIRE pop rap scene is one big Minstrel show and the "Show" has gotten a lot bigger in recent years.I don't feel like breaking down the history of the show but take a look at Lupe's amazing Bitch Bad video which touches on the subject. Rap music has basically become a way to reinforce negative thoughts about black people.

  • PickSix

    What makes this racist is the fact that whites are, for the majority, racist. Minstrel Shows were when whites would dress in "Black faces" and do nigger jokes and demeaning skits. If you are white and your wordplay reflects racism then it is just that. If a black blogger/writer/whatever was to hint at white people being Marilyn Manson devil worshiping killers who target innocent, defenselss people such as children, students or their entire family it would be racist, correct? Yeah what is happening in the cities and towns across our nation, and the world for that matter, is sad and horrible; and for the most Cheif Keef music sucks. But, to refer to racial undertone does not help. He could have used a better term than "Minstrel Show," it's race driven. No different from "Daw" using the terms "Coon" and "Nigger" in this thread. Thats the truth.

    • BeanTown Breezy

      Ooooh shut the F up you sensitive little pussy. He did not exagegrate racially like you are applying. Racial undertone. You sound liek the kind opf dude that would run and hide vs. fight for the cause punkass sissy.

    • John-Boy

      You are correct but you failed to mention that eventually black people in black face became the main stars of the "Show". You had black people on stage displaying every negative stereotype that existed about black people. This is why the bloggers comments are spot on. Does Chief Keef and many other rappers display EVERY negative stereotype that exists about black people?? HELL YEAH!!!

  • Badmofo

    Minstrel Show: noun, A popular stage entertainment featuring comic dialogue, song, and dance in highly conventionalized patterns, performed by a troupe of actors, traditionally comprising two end men and a chorus in blackface and an interlocutor: developed in the U.S. in the early and mid-19th century.

  • dreckless

    It is a minstrel show he told the truth and its sad just cause hes whit people are gonna take it the wrong way...... smh

    • Anonymous

      hes white but hes speaking the truth hip hop is getting out of hand with negativity lets prove people wrong and bring hip hop back with messages to the youth and the world ...

  • stretch...

    The Sandy Hook shooter probably never heard of Chief Keef. Duke is trying to build his resume off the easiest target. There is no tie in between Sandy Hook(mass murder of innocent children) and Chicago gang violence. Nice try though. Stretch again.

  • OC

    i actually have zero problem with what he wrote

  • shh

    *greatest SWAG ALBUM EVER!....FINALLLY FAMOUS KEEF'$ best "moment" ROZAY..and the "ICONIC" KDUB....went 2 KEEF..2005

  • BeanTown Breezy

    The sad thing is that everything the dude said about Cheif Quif is right on point. Black people sometimes live in a state of denial like their music is not negative and it is ridiculous and retarded. You are teaching the youth nonsense,drugs,killing,and bullshit that young impressionable teens look up to. What the fuck do you think?...Hello!...you can front all you want but rappers like Cheif Keef, Gucci Mane, and Waka Flaka Flame make black people look really stupid and ignorant and somewhat half-retarded,but when someone of another race points it out, it goes staright to the race card like some hypocritical bitchass shit in a state of denial.Get ya mind right people. If you want to be respected by REAL G's or regular society, you need to step your LIFE game up and wake the fuck up. You wanna portray yourselves as ignorant animals in society then so be. You will struggle the rest of your life because normal society with hard working people who live by a certain moral code, will not accept your minstrel show bullshit. Go check Little Brother "The Minstrel Show." This is what REAL respected mc's have talked about forever, and what rappers in the early to mid 90's would diss you for when fronting like you were hardcore. Go listen to Da Lench Mob "Ankle Blues" then you little youngin's will have a clue of what hip hop stood for and it was not these dumb friggin' donkeys dancing around for a dollar making the white man rich...and that includes any light complected mu'fu#$as who perpetrate the role as well. Ignorance and retardation aint about color and it does not discriminate...fools. People get mad at the truth. This IS THE TRUTH so suck it up like a baby and go on your bitchass way.

  • truth

    Can someone tell me what is racist about this? The guy implies he doesn't like minstrel shows.

  • JRich

    Man no one gives a fuck if the dudes living his dream. There's niggas out there with the same dream, who also know how to write a verse and how to add and subtract without using their fingers. But fuck it, props for making money off these dummies. But the blogger's retarded to even try to link Chief Keef's music to a school shooting. People should find things to actually be mad about instead of blaming this on music and video games. There's a lot of dumb mothafuckas in the world today

  • Osgood

    What does the Sandy Hook shootings have anything to do with Chief Keef?

    • Anonymous

      lmao at vargo05...you know 0sgood's SAT scores were lower than a bitch.

    • chillthrills

      @vargo05,,,,you a wild boy,,hahahaaaaa!!!!!ooooh shit,,that was funny,,

    • BeanTown Breezy

      He is associating the gun violence from a young individual, the tragedy itself, and how sickening it was. Since that incident, nobody has time to hear all that ig'nant killing shit. You feel me?....you did'nt understand that?....go to school or something. You are straight retarded.

    • vargo05

      Reading comprehension is a bitch isn't it?

  • ziploc

    I think it's lame to go after a young kid living his dreams.He has become the poster child for ingorance but he was brought up on that shit..I have yet to see a bunch of 90's gangsta rappers taken the blame for poisoning youth and making $ in the process..so if you're gonna blame dude for the state of hip hop..other names come up too..it should not just be him..even if he acts like a retard..and where is Jimmy Iovine in this discussion? He's the one signing the checks and making millions of coonery since the 90's..he just as responsible if Keef is.or Dre,or Suge,or any ingorant rapper past or present..

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    The blogger is right. Regardless of his race he hit it on the head; Chief Keef is a minstrel show, his music does nothing but reinforces negative stereotypes about Blacks.

  • Donnie

    In all honesty if Keef really put his heart into making good music I think he has potential to be legendary.

  • Donnie

    People can say what they want to. Chief Keef has a unique style, and is very talented. its easy for all of us to dog somebody because they are successful. they'll find a flaw in a rose just trying to express jealousy towards anothers achievements.

  • Anonymous

    When I read the headline, I was like yeah, and? Who the fuck thinks Keef isn't retarded at this point

  • Daw

    Spoken like a true coon ass nigga

  • Money First

    You know its sad when white people wind up being 'right' about shit but the truth is the truth...I always support artists from my hometown but the shit is sad at the crib right now..Chicago is in dire peril!! Many 17 yr olds are either sitting in Cook County jail or losing their lives over bullshit everyday on the streets and all they rap about is killing more and more people everyday. Its fucked up and not getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef is one among millions of misguided young males that needs some sort of guidance. Whats worse is the support he gets.

  • Donny

    regardless of the writer bein white or whatever... he is 100% right. BANG BANG

  • Sanglana

    Why mention that the blogger is caucasian? Are whites not allow to deem something a minstrel show? When someone black does it, it's not as bad right.. But dear LORD just don't let it be a white guy saying it, or else it's racism! This witch hunt for "racists" and this day by day pandering of minorities (especially black people) is what's creating more and more racism. Im sick and fucking tired of this gag imposed on non-blacks where EVERYTHING they say and everything they do is racist against blacks. Ive never in my life been even slightly negative about any race but now Im getting a foul taste in my mouth about black people more and more every day. This politically correct world we live in has created an environment where I feel like - if you're not explicitly saying anything good about blacks and black actions - EVERYTHING you say about a black person is racist. Even when what you say is 100% true, like Keef being a 21:st century minstrel show.

    • Jim Bean

      *stop enjoying

    • Jim Bean

      @Sanglana You must be white, right? You should have just let this go. As far as that "white guilt" crap, I live in the South and I don't know any white boys suffering from that. How can you blame someone for something they didn't do? Secondly, won't you research the writers of hiphopdx because they are majority white. You're getting a " foul taste in your mouth about black people more and more every day." Do you know how racist that sounds? You just generalized a whole group of people. There are 38 million Blacks in the U.S. with different views and everything. You just lumped them all in one category. You sound like an ass and a closet racist Sanglana. YOU DO. YOU, SANGLANA. NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE OR WHATEVER RACIAL/ETHNIC GROUP YOU FALL IN TO BUT YOU, SANGLANA!! See, now that is called judging someone by the content of their character instead of their skin color. I keep trying to tell my Black friends that White boys can love hip hop and be racist just like you can have a racist sports fan who roots for a Black athlete. Anyway, if you have such a problem with Blacks then start enjoying hip-hop, which is basically "Black Music." P.S. I'm White

    • Sanglana

      So what if he's white? This imposed, politically correct mouth gag is partly applied by whites on themselves. Some sort of "white guilt" where they try to "appologize" for things that happened a long time ago by taking a very, very politically correct stance. We see it everyday and it's intensifying more and more. Inbetween all this we have people like me who go WTF?? And suddenly a dude that never even categorized people based on race is growing more and more resentfull towards blacks and these politically correct snakes like Sean. Everything that is said about blacks or a single black person is put under the microscope, disecting every little bit of information to try and find racism. Kramer said some racist shit and got bashed for it, Katt Williams says similarly racist shit about hispanics and people just laugh it off.. Im not with this bullshit. Fuck a black person that finds racism even where it doesn't exist and fuck a white person that goes out of his way with the "white guilt" just so he can get a pat on the back and be told "you passed the racist test, you're now officially not racist, here's a cookie".

    • Anonymous

      Sean Ryon is white. If you dont know by know by now, he has his own agenda.

  • nossirr

    this needs to be repeated: "So...laughing at a fellow adolescent's death, posting pictures of getting head on instagram, being filmed shooting at a gun range while on probation,laughing about the video in which his partner beat and stomped a girl half to death,and so on... is not an issue, but a caucasian man making a connection between Chief Keef and Minstrel Shows is too far???? Fuck Dot! I wonder how out of line this comment would have been perceived if coming out of a fellow black man/woman's mouth...Matter of fact, a fellow colleague of mine (who is African American) said "Chief Keef gives black people a bad name...." the other day. I think the Minstrel Show comment is pretty much saying the same thing, right? Chief Keef has the right to say or do whatever the fuck he wants, but it really bothers me that people complain when an educated individual becomes passionate and uses figurative language to respond to the glorification of violence. Don't forget that Lupe Fiasco said pretty much the same thing that this white dude did, and he was criticized-even threatened-just the same."

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck da critics. fuck da bloggers. Chief Keef is da realest nigga out dere bitchez! diz God MC is teachin me how to be a better MC and gangsta. he is my idol wit da likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, French Montana and Gunplay. swag

  • Caesar

    Basically he's saying he hates niggers.


    who cares? who is this blogger and why are you guys talking about what he thinks?

  • Anonymous

    He is though. Obviously had nothing to do with Sandy Hook, but...yeah. Keef is an idiot. There is no refuting this.

    • wtf

      goddamn you young niggas are illiterate these days i swear! did the man say keef was responsible for the ct shootings?! NO!! the man said that after the ct shooting he now has ZERO tolerance for bullshit violent music.. and thus now has zero tolerance for chief keef...

  • damn

    I dislike keef and everything he stands for but he has ZERO connection to sandy hook....This is the most extreme reach ever... That guy is clearly racist and digging for a reason to attack a black kid.

  • Shone Jones

    Where was this blogger when 80% of Chicago's murder victims were under 21 and black? These smart-dumb bloggers always get shit twisted.

    • chicago

      plenty was done in this community and the greater chicago area, look up st. sabina church and STOP TALKING ABOUT THINGS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!

    • Mr. Wow

      The real question is where was the residence of that community when the kids got killed. Why nobody making moves within that environment to get rid of the slackers and jackers?

  • Jason

    i have yet to hear one of his songs yet still. so he raps violent? like Spice 1 shit im confused? i like the word caucasian its not used ever lol. imma get a hat made i think lol.

  • RT

    minstral show yes, blaming Keef and other violent lyrics for real massacres.. get a life.

    • shh

      WHO"RUN" THE WORLD 1.PORNSTARS 2."RAPERS" 3.FAGZ.....*tears...2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vargo05

      He isn't blaming him for it. He's saying after the Newtown tragedy he has no stomach for violent entertainment. A lot of you have a reading comprehension deficit. He's not blaming Keef for anything. He's just not going to have any part in supporting anybody who glamorizes the lifestyle.

  • Anonymous

    real hard niggas from chi town don't even listen to this teeny bopper as a matter of fact who does little kids that don't know better dude can't even pronounce words or form a sentence and all his shit sounds the same and has no meaning or value what so ever

  • jay

    having said all that ..chief keef SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS ppl could take that from nwa and em bec they were actually good.

  • jay

    he isnt sayin something that ppl like him said about eminem, 50 cent, nwa, snoop dogg n all them its just another rapper rappin about baning and another old white guy with money who cant relate coming off with his opinion.. that said hes right but that said he doesnt realize keef just raps about shit that happens everyday, in almost every city, in every state, in every country in the world..exept americans dont blow themselves up

  • Anonymous

    and if he was, would that have made it any less or more forgivable. if its bad its bad, that shit shouldn't really come into the arena. Look, for all you saying this shit, to be honest, the first hip hop shows weren't what hip hop is now. For what they were then, they would have probably called that shit a minstrel show Actually i'm sure that's how many saw it back then.

  • Anonymous

    look at it this way: if keef chief happened to be white, would he have said that.

  • Waste

    He's worst, he's a cancer on young black males that come from where he comes from. I also blame INTERSCOPE and dumb grown men like 50 Cent.

  • Oakland187

    Yeah, Eminem sold a million in a week. Marshall Mathers LP

  • Anonymous

    I just don't understand why he would be in hot water? Smh. This is why it looks as though blacks are crying wolf when we actually ARE being bashed for the color of our skin. He makes a fool of himself and fully exemplifies the stereotypical 'ignorant negro', which is what Minstrel was. The only difference is, white racists don't have to dress themselves up as foolish blacks. We our solidifying these stereotypes all by ourselves.

    • Live YR

      Remember its easy to focus on the 'colour' in an ocean of 'white'...meanin its easier to point out and highlight negatives in a smaller minority area.. because we stay 'saw thumbin' from caucasian majority White communities commit plenty of violence aswell believe me. but u know how the media works already

    • Live YR

      I hear some white ppl say ''It doesnt matter we're all equal''... but i always wonder, would they say that if the white countries that have generally large capitol, were forced to give back half of the wealth that they amassed from years of fuckery? haha yea I bet it'd be a problem then right?? they wouldn't be talking all this 'we're all equal' stuff.

    • Live YR

      Black ppl ... Love yourself. Now , I'm not islamic, but peace to the Gods & Earths, who i learned a lot from, and also peace to the NOI. I dont agree with everything they say, but i'm proud of them for standing up for Black ppl. A lot of black ppl bash their own too much...like we invented violence...if a white guy kills another, why is it not deemed 'white-on-white' crime ?? not to knock christianity...but its not really black ppl's religion in essence. Alot of brothers n sisters runnin round thinking their surname is really 'smith' or 'jones' haha. Usually it's these type of black ppl that seem like they've been taught to go against their own ppl.

    • meezy

      By calling Keefs music a Minstrel Show hes not degrading black people, he's saying that Chief Keefs music degrades black people and speaking out against that! How is that offending people?

    • Anonymous

      anon1, if you look at it that way, you've already lost. the key is not caring about the fuckin bullshit lies that were invented. who gives a fuck if it fulfills some white fantasy that only exists in fiction. regardless of its quality, chief keef represents what's happening.

    • Anonymous

      The NOI is a disgrace to black people. Fuck outta here with that nonsense

    • Black: Love It or Leave It

      A good hour in a NOI mosque and you'll stop talking shit about your own race.

  • Anonymous

    The media fails to realize they're turning Chief Keef into the new Eminem. Controversy = record sales, everybody knows that. He'll stay in the mainstream as long as you talk about him.

  • Chuck

    What is wrong about that comment? Just because he is white doesn't make that statement wrong. Because he is RIGHT, and everybody knows it.

  • c

    Why would he be in trouble. What he said is true.

  • N/A

    There's nothing wrong with that blog. He meant well and there was truth in it. Does Jesse Jackson work for DX now, because this article is obviously trying (unsuccessfully at that) to stir up racial tension.

    • Don't Believe The Hype

      Jesse Jackson is a fraud. HHDX posted an article a couple of years ago exposing Rev Jackson as a extortionist; back on the Game-50 feud he called Aftermath and said he wanted a million dollars or he would get a thousand niggas to march against Interscope and Rap music.

  • Keenan Cunnin

    So...laughing at a fellow adolescent's death, posting pictures of getting head on instagram, being filmed shooting at a gun range while on probation,and so on... is not an issue, but a caucasian man making a connection between Chief Keef and Minstrel Shows is too far???? Fuck Dot! I wonder how out of line this comment would have been perceived if coming out of a fellow black man/woman's mouth...Matter of fact, a fellow colleague of mine (who is African American) said "Chief Keef gives black people a bad name...." the other day. I think the Minstrel Show comment is pretty much saying the same thing, right? Chief Keef has the right to say or do whatever the fuck he wants, but it really bothers me that people complain when an educated individual becomes passionate and uses figurative language to respond to the glorification of violence. Don't forget that Lupe Fiasco said pretty much the same thing that this white dude did, and he was criticized-even threatened-just the same.

  • Anonymous

    Hahhahahaah I hope Sean Ryon reads these comments and cries himself to sleep.

  • OnemikE

    if keef goes platinum which he won't i swear i hope the world ends on the 21st... dat white blogger dude jus made me laugh!!! lol

  • Truth Hurts

    Oh... And you same bum ass clowns trying to defend this peanut brain aren't even going to support him any way! His carrier will be on the back of a milk carton by next year! You're just going to sit at home and steal his album like you always do because you're to cheap or broke to spend $12 let alone help your mother pay the internet bill that you use to steal music! That's what leaches do! You suck the success and life out of your own! The more ignorant the less they sell... Hmmm I wonder why? LMAO

  • hahahahahahahaha

    He said, "Minstrel show" lollllllll. People like Chief Keef set the standards so low for hip hop and people wonder why the game is hurtin.. That blogger may be a white man but atleast he knows a clown when he sees one...

  • Hmmmmmmm

    FUNNY THING IS....... HE'S RIGHT!!!! If Chief Keef isn't pure ignorance, what is? Go listen to his interviews dude doesn't even have a mediocre grasp on the English language.

  • Truth Hurts

    Don't be mad at him for saying the truth! Why would he loose his job? Black people with sense say the same thing! What's the difference? That fools brain must be the size of a peanut! My dog could probably rap better then him. A baby makes more sense then him! You must of dropped out a 2nd grade if you like his music. Real gangsters are educated and sound intelligent! Ya want to be like the stupid workers the real gangsters used to have doing their work for them! SMH!

  • Anonox

    Oh Mammy Mammy! He in trouble!! Oh yes sir he is!!

  • david

    NO ONE says caucasian except the police, why did you have to specify his race? like its some pre qualifier to him not knowing what hes talking about. especially when his liberal ideology is more relevant to what he was saying than his race.

  • Anonymous

    This is a lame post tryna start somethin bout nuthin. I actually like chief Keef in a passive entertainin way (and the beats are NOT primitive)..but he is a minstrel show. ignant ass nigga up there coonin and bufoonin illiteratly in his rhymes and all that ..but that's his thing and he eatin off it..it aint hurtin nobody so i don't really have a problem with it or him or the article. Stop tryna start stuff.

    • Brownsuga

      Sadly it is hurting someone...the kids who listen to it and think that this is real. Even his grandma said he was lying in his music which is ok, but the kids who listen to it have proved that they don't think of rap lyrics as entertainment, they think it is reality. i don't know that is worse the fact that hs is someones father, his raps or the kids not having better role models.

    • yailovesoda

      what you mean it aint hurtin anybody........ its killing the rap culture... hes makin the common man look like a joke people wonder why we cant grow together as people.. and its because other people cosign shit like this... i dont wish death on no man.. but fuck everytime he rhymes hes wasting my fuckin air

  • Anonymous

    I can't front though, that "I don't like" song and video is stragely interesting, and somewhat diobolically mesmerizing.

  • D

    He called it what it is. "Minstrel shows lampooned black people as dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious, happy-go-lucky, and musical" Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup.

  • Anonymous

    The worst Talib Kweli album > the best Chief Keef album.

  • Anonymous

    The sad part about it though is that 90% of the rappers are using that same thug persona to make millions, their music is just better than Chief Keef's music. If Chief Keefs music was really good, like Rick Ross, or Game not a word would be said.

  • anonymous

    If I were black, I would absolutely despise people like chief keef and waka flocka becoming famous. It gives a false representation of a culture and stirs up the racial pot.

  • Anonymous

    this is one of the cats that writes these articles... does he really look like a hip hop head? honestly... https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/17771_10101437569416218_269019252_n.jpg

    • lou_bevlo

      Don't see what being a hip-hop head has to do with anything. I'm black, I like hip-hop, metal, rock whatever. I'm pretty sure Nas or any other decent rapper would say the same thing. And any hip-hop blog/magazine that was worth anything.

  • Decatur

    I listened to his lp his mixtape and i wanna no why ppl single him out i really dont under stand yeah the nigga aint the best but yeah he got punch lines and lets be honest finally rich is betteer then talib kweli attacc the blocc somebody tell me im wrong and they be fuccin liein

    • ^

      That's a joke, right?

    • Decatur

      @leakleak iight lets be on some trill shit is all the hate this nigga get even worth it? is he doing more harm to music then helping mind you he opened the door for drill music witout him cruel summer woulda been addressed a whole different way lupe lp woulda been way different he changed alot and i think for the better and this isnt coming from some one who supports that nigga i downloaded the lp cuz it wasnt worth the money but was worth a listen


      woah woah woah, no he does not have punchlines. worst chicago rapper actually. lol just had to comment on that. but i guess what the reporter dude was saying is right...unless he was honestly just trying to use the shooting as a reason to say shit about his music. like someones just using that to make thier point stronger which is kinda messed up.

    • decatur

      so you mad cuz? niggaz get mad wen a nigga live they rhymes but niggaz love wen niggaz dont?? lupe lyrical af but never struggled had mom dad strict oc house hold but yall praise him for being aware not involed so its cool to be aware but its horrible too be involed?? niggaz is bitches cuz i swear

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up. thats not the point.

  • Anonymous

    whoever got twitter needs to get at these journalists personally!! fuck leaving comments on DX, we need to let these guys know THEY ARE FUCKING UP!!!!!! If you have twitter, get at these fools for spreading disinformation and ignorance!! Do it intelligently, don't troll, we need to let them know its serious... we are not allowing these artists, websites, blogs that they are acting irresponsible! @SlavaHHDX @speriod

  • RC

    This guy hit it right on the head and called it what is, Little Brother warned the Hip-Hop community about artist like this 7 years ago and no one even paid no mind. Way I see it we don't gotta enough angry fans calling out these wack ass emcees.

  • Anonymous

    i agree completely except primitive beats lol

  • Anonymous

    Why would he be in trouble? he's actually one white reporter i have to agree with, unlike roman cooper, slava kuperstein or steven J horowitz, dude actually showed concern for MY COMMUNITY and doesn't use his "journalistic talents" (again, unlike the three i have mentioned earlier) to boost a lame ass hip hop websites views or promote controversy.

  • Anonymous

    So what we gonna do, start punishing journalists for telling the truth now??? What would you rather he did, lie to you??

  • Anonymous

    In hot water? For what? Speaking the fucking truth? Get the fuck over it. Chief Keef is a piece of shit, stop tying to defend the fucker.

  • Doublespeak

    The only thing I picked up from this story is that Edward McClelland has more journalistic ability than Sean Ryon.

  • 777

    This blogger speaks the truth.

  • Anonymous

    true that he is a minstrel show, and i'm black.

  • VS

    "simplistic rimes, primitive beats" Exactly. Young Chop and such are sub-par beatmakers (the term producer would be hyperbolising it) and Chief Keef hardly deserves to even be considered a rapper.

  • Anonymous

    This article becomes even funnier when you realize Sean Ryon is caucasian himself. Dumbass.

  • Ben Dover

    I agree with you but when the rappers themselves acknowledge this themselves but then say we do own that word, it inspires the continual ignorance. Example: Game was on The Breakfast club a while back and Charlamange brings a point up at around the 2 minute mark that why should a white person be afraid of saying the word if blacks use it all the time. Game response is hood-jungle response. He stares down Char and then Envy cuts in to calm the tension. Over all there is no black consensus on the word and each person reacts differently. http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=Tlmo4zVQ0Q8

  • Ben Dover

    I agree with you but when the rappers themselves acknowledge this themselves but then say we do own that word, it inspires the continual ignorance. Example: Game was on The Breakfast club a while back and Charlamange brings a point up at around the 2 minute mark that why should a white person be afraid of saying the word if blacks use it all the time. Game response is hood-jungle response. He stares down Char and then Envy cuts in to calm the tension. Over all there is no black consensus on the word and each person reacts differently. http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=Tlmo4zVQ0Q8

  • Anonymous

    You guys are so stupid ... Looking up the word minstrel Try looking up the phrase minstrel show then you'll see why they said it took it too far

    • Anonymous

      You assume the rest of us are as stupid as you and have to look up the term "Minstrel Show"?? LOL Your the one who heard that shit and said "Minstrel Show, what's that??.......I'M GONNA GOOGLE IT!!!!! Fuck outta here lil buddy we know what a Minstrel Show is.

  • Anonymous

    It's the truth, I don't care if it came from a purple martian it would still be the truth. I applaud that man for having the balls to call it what it is.

  • Anonymous

    chief queef = wackest rapper out right now.

  • OneNaTrillion

    DX, did you really have to mention he was Caucasian? Way to stoke the fire of your article

  • stabler420

    I didn't know what a minstrel show meant. I looked it up and don't see where it applies to race. I guess white people aren't allowed to have opinions anymore. They should make a new version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and call it The Boy Who Cried Racism.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot if you dont get where the racism is in the term "minstrel show." Even with your ignorance; I agree with the white author. Before I make my next comment let me first say that: I'M BLACK. Alright.. Back to the point. Chief Keef's music is PURE IGNORANCE. And really highlights why alot of other races..Not just whites.. "Frown their nose up" at a alot of Black people. Because that dumb shit...along with Wakka..Juicy J..Soulja Boy (is he still around?) and many other idiots...Oh 2 CHAINZ too!! (tho I won't lie some of his shit has a tolerable catchiness that I can enjoy on occasion)is embarrasing and makes us look bad as a culture. Plain and simple. So for a WHITE PERSON... To call this ignorant ass minstrel shit out for what it is, I can do nothing but AGREE.. *End note*

  • Antoine

    Chief Keef is the definition of a minstrel show. Making a fool out of himself and giving a bad image of the people that come from the same place he comes from. All for fame and money. Whats even worse is that fame and money he is selling himself for will be gone in a couple years. Then he'll be looking pitiful after the lights go down because he doesn't have an education and has a criminal record. I feel bad for his kid.

  • stabler420

    "A minstrel was a medieval European bard who performed songs whose lyrics told stories of distant places or of existing or imaginary historical events." Where's the racism????

  • Anonymous

    Notice the editor points out that the nbc blogger is white. HHDX Why is this relevant to him telling the truth? Dude hit the nail on on the head "simplistic rhymes, primitive beats".

  • Anonymous

    HE AIN'T LYIN.....just cause he's white ya'll don't like what he said? THE TRUTH CAN COME FROM ANYBODY AT ANYTIME.....

  • rljunior

    He's a minstrel show because he raps about what he grew up seeing and living in Chicago? Gangbanging has been going on since the 60's in Chicago why hate on him? He loves to make music and literally made something out of nothing, in the Country I was born and raised in that's considered the American Dream. Too many sensitive people nowadays that are quick to hate SMH

    • rljunior

      What exactly am I lying about and what exactly is "trash" about Chief Keef???? Last i checked there is no right or wrong way to make music its a form of expression...once again we get back to the sensitive part SMH

    • Anonymous

      i'm from southside and u a fuckin liar. there are nice people from southside and not just gangbanging fools. i m a sophomore at chicago state by the way.

    • mitchslapped

      Yeah, the blogger's use of the word "minstrel" may have been contrary to the word's definition, but let's not focus on one word. Look at the entire passage and attempt to deduce the point that the blogger is attempting to make. The music his brash and violent. Yeah, he's from Chicago, but so is Lupe, Common, and Kanye. You can address the ills of your environment without promoting it as a way of life. Chief Keef is Black trash. And yes, I'm Black so me saying "Black trash" is cool. Right?!

  • triPAUD

    not cool. you can say its shit, you can say its exploitative, but minstrel shows have a connotation that isn't right for them to use. especially from someone who can't really understand the situation he comes from.

    • triPAUD

      lol I never said anything about nigga, that's a completely separate issue and i agree w/ ben dover w/ that. You can't just put a blanket statement and say "white people should be able to say whatever they want". One, i never said anything about his whiteness. the issue is "minstrel show" specifically that term used in this context is offensive. chicago had problems before. to say keef's music promotes stereotypes to the level a "minstrel show" consists of is to ignore the context in which keef was brought up. I'd say he'd be correct using "exploitative" which almost means the same thing, but is more accurate.

    • Ben Dover

      @MitchSlapped: I agree with you but when the rappers themselves acknowledge this themselves but then say we do own that word, it inspires the continual ignorance. Example: Game was on The Breakfast club a while back and Charlamange brings a point up at around the 2 minute mark that why should a white person be afraid of saying the word if blacks use it all the time. Game response is hood-jungle response. He stares down Char and then Envy cuts in to calm the tension. Over all there is no black consensus on the word and each person reacts differently. http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=Tlmo4zVQ0Q8

    • mitchslapped

      lack people need to get off of this "White people can't say that" bullshit. We let rappers say whatever the fuck they want in their lyrics and never say shit, but as soon as a White guy says ni99a or "minstrel" mofos act offended. The fuck out here! You should first be offended by your little cousins, nieces and/or nephews running around singing about "big booty hoes", "licking lollipops", and all this other shit that shouldn't be allowed on the radio.

  • bv

    I think the "controversy" is that the blogger is white because many times certain hip hop artists or music have been compared to minstrelsy by how they make fools of themselves by making shit music for entertainment critizing him for violent content is another story because PLENTY of MC's rhyme about violence in one way or another but make it tolerable/enjoyable because they have talent

    • Ben Dover

      MitchSlapped: I agree with you but when the rappers themselves acknowledge this themselves but then say we do own that word, it inspires the continual ignorance. Example: Game was on The Breakfast club a while back and Charlamange brings a point up at around the 2 minute mark that why should a white person be afraid of saying the word if blacks use it all the time. Game response is hood-jungle response. He stares down Char and then Envy cuts in to calm the tension. Overall there is no black consensus on the word and each person reacts differently. http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=Tlmo4zVQ0Q8

    • Ben Dover

      MitchSlapped: I agree with you but when the rappers themselves acknowledge this themselves but then say we do own that word, it inspires the continual ignorance. Example: Game was on The Breakfast club a while back and Charlamange brings a point up at around the 2 minute mark that why should a white person be afraid of saying the word if blacks use it all the time. Game response is hood-jungle response. He stares down Char and then Envy cuts in to calm the tension. Overall there is no black consensus on the word and each person reacts differently. http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=Tlmo4zVQ0Q8

    • Anonymous

      Black people need to get off of this "White people can't say that" bullshit. We let rappers say whatever the fuck they want in their lyrics and never say shit, but as soon as a White guy says ni99a or "minstrel" mofos act offended. The fuck out here! You should first be offended by your little cousins, nieces and/or nephews running around singing about "big booty hoes", "licking lollipops", and all this other shit that shouldn't be allowed on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    sometimes the truth hurts

  • mistrel show

    i can understand the backlash this guy is gonna get from the racially sensitive groups, but everyone gets wut he is saying right. perhaps he didnt need to use the word 'mistrel show', but i wouldnt pay a dollar for that bullshat album either. senseless violence is wack, and so is his music. nuf said

  • Codexgigas

    How is the Blogger taking it too far? Cause He Said the fucking Truth? It is a fucking Minstrel Show. I seriously don't understand how People can defend this ultra Ignorant Shit.

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY CO SIGN 3! True journalist understand that opinions of the author are a big NO NO.. Being objective is rule number 1!

    • Co-Sign3

      Also, shame on HHDX for pushing an agenda by injecting opinion in their reporting. "one blogger has taken his complaints too far by calling Keef's music "a minstrel show." That's up for readers to decide, not you.

    • Co-Sign3

      That's the truth. The NBC blogger isn't lying

    • MitchSlapped

      ^^^I absolutely agree. Quit defending worthless ass music that serves only to destroy our youths' states of mind and promote a culture of violence and idiocy. Would you say the blogger had "taken it too far" if the post was penned by a Black blogger?! I highly doubt it. Do a self-check. Sometimes it takes the opinion of someone on the outside of the "bubble" to really open your eyes. Don't automatically dismiss this person's opinion just because he's White. Black people aren't the only people allowed to criticize Blacks. Quit supporting Trash Music!

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