T.I. "Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head" & Chief Keef "Finally Rich" First-Week Sales Projections

The projected first-week sales are in for T.I. and Chief Keef's albums.

Even though it's been less than a day since T.I.'s Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head and Chief Keef's Finally Rich hit store shelves, it looks like the first-week sales numbers have been counted for both albums.

According to HITS Double Daily, T.I.'s anticipated eighth solo album is expected to debut to between 150,000 and 175,000 units sold. The album, which boasts features from the likes of Andre 3000, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne and others, is going up against singer Michael Bublé's Christmas for the number two spot on the charts.

Also debuting on the charts this week is Chief Keef, whose premiere album Finally Rich hit stores courtesy of Interscope. The controversial Chicago upstart's album is expected to bow out this week at between 50,000 and 55,000 units sold.

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  • John

    If youre signed to a major label.....and your putting up independent numbers...then it is a flop..no matter who you are. The fact is Keef is becoming a has-been sooner than expected. Once folks stop looking for you..then the calls for shows stop coming in...etc etc. Its like a free fall. But thats the nature of the business. Interscopes plans, as of right now, is to profit off Keef's singles. After that...its a wrap! Btw......Keef career could be compared to Soulja boys career. Both got a buzz off youtube....got a deal..etc etc. But the only difference is SOulja Boy with platinum...and gold. so even though he's a has-been whos not making as much money as before...he still has enough money to tide him over.

  • Bust A Rhyme

    Only rappers that should be selling are Eminem, Nas, T.I., Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole and B.o.B

  • HipHop

    T.I. sold a lot without a pop/rap song or any kind of buzz, I thought he was going to sell 60-75K to be honest. 175K today would be 475K 5-10 years ago.

  • 40

    lol 50k isnt a flop for chief keef, if anything id be happy with 50k, you got to think about it ... who do you think would buy his cd? and wouldnt those very same people just download it? i think he did pretty good

  • lorenzo

    50k is a solid number for chief keef why you guys hating

  • Anonymous

    T.I. could still go gold in 2013, but Keef... That's flop city. From millionaire to check out clerk at Albertson's.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck is Chief Keef set to do better numbers than Big Boi did?? Man today's hip hop is just messed up

    • Cristian

      That Big Boi album is trash I'm a huge Outkast fan and i gotta admit he disappointed that's why he sold what he sold

  • anonymous

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! keef did Kreayshawn numbers. Time to learn a craft youngin' don't believe the hype right? I am so glad the masses are not falling for EVERYTHING. Let's say he had a 3 album deal. 1st release debuts at 50K 2nd release debuts at 25K 3rd release debuts at 12K and so on and so forth. YEah keef looks like a good investment.

    • Anonymous

      kreayshawn sold less than 4000 copies so you can hardly say keef doing kreayshawn numbers when he gonna sell 10 times that

  • Tuff Guy Flop'd???

    Its nice to see Keef flop. I hate to say but thats what he gets. His entire personna is negative, his friend even beat a woman to the floor. The Gangsta Image is his downfall, he never spoke out against violence. I assume he and his people thought he would go on to be number #1 because of his murder rap sheet, etc. He tried to play the tough guy and played himself to a flop album. LOL!!!

    • Anonymous

      only because hes young and new? get the fuck outta here he gets hate because he has no skills, sounds retarded and is a piece of shit human being

    • youngsta

      don't be a hypocrite. some of your favorite rappers are probably gangsta rappers. you're only hating o chief keef because he's young and new.

  • youngsta

    lol at everyone hating on chief keef because of 50k first week sales. some of your favorite rappers probably sold that much on their first album anyway and grew up to be bigger in the future. chief keef's gonna be fine and besides, he's only 17 and making more money than you and your family combined. and old ass t.i. can't sell for shit anymore. remember this dude was going gold in the first week? now he can't go gold in the first month. lol, THAT's what you call a flop.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy iovine owns Beats By Dre so he's good plus he sold his stake in interscope years ago, the only person hurting out of these situations are the rappers because they now owe their record labels their advance money & no they wont be better off is they get dropped because that means they will lose whatever little bit of their Masters & Publishing they owned, ask Wale & the Lox

  • ok

    Jesus Piece deserved more in its first week, it was a dope album, but interscope only care about eminem and Lady gaga.

  • Give A Nigga Some Pussy

    T.I.'s debut album flopped like a bitch yet nowadays T.I. is bigger than life same shit will happen to Chief Keef

  • Milehighkid303

    Watched that Behind The Music with T.I. last night.......aaaaaaaaaaand boy oh boy how times have changed.....N I'M STILL PUZZLED HOW HOMIE DID 9 MONTHS WITH ALL THEM AUTOMATIC WEAPONS THEY SHOWCASED......hmmmmmm. ANYWAY I like Tip's music just makes it SO hard to take what they sayin seriuos......you have to take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt nowdays SO many frauds in the industry. Feel bad cause TIP KNOWS he needs that street image to stay in that kind of lane. I will give the album a listen though.

  • Anonymous

    its lucky that Tip doin 150k....his album was mediocre compared to Jesus Piece

  • Wizz

    So HUGE names in the game like Big Boi or SH have lame sales over amazing albums and this faggot ass does 55k

    • Anonymous

      Big buzz? For Slaughterhouse? WTF are you talkin about? They didnt have one song on the radio. You got to remember they are originally an underground rap group. Dont give me that BS. There album wasnt even that good, and they still selling more than Chief Keef.

    • datnigga

      No, Slaughterhouse had lame sales because they had a lame album. To have that much hype and anticipation and buzz surrounding that album, with Eminem backing it, they flopped hard. Half of their fans called them out on their bullshit, and Joe Budden does an interview and says he don't give a fuck what the fans think, because he's so insecure and knows that his fans are right and can't admit it. Then he does an interview saying that Slaughterhouse was "high" recording that album? Lmao, I see their trying to take the Eminem route with the whole "sobering up" routine. GKMC > Long Live A$AP > Live from the Underground > Control System >>>>>>>>>>>>> Slaughterhouse

  • DMX

    i thought that they waited chief keef 100k+ first week sales. what the fuck. weaker than game. damn, interscope no more making that 50 cent money... jimmy iovine going broke

  • Chi-Ill

    So let me get this straight. My Nukka Chief, not even an establish artist that release his debut album 4-6 months after dropping I don't Like will sell an estimated 50-55k. Bog Boi has been establish for years yet he barely cracks 30k and yall talking down Chief? Com'n Man!

    • Anonymous

      dont forget his shit got leaked one week before the album realse gift that lil nigga his shine

    • Anonymous

      You look stupid trying to compare a seasoned veteran to a rookie on his first try. Seriously, you do.

    • anonymous

      Big Boi had nowhere near the buzz going for him. Keef was getting mainstream and social media traffic. Even the hipsters were giving him play. Had Big Boi gotten the noise Keef got, then yeah I would expect him to sell more. From a marketing and financial perspective, this is a big loss.

    • cHI-iLL

      Have you ever heard the term buzz? Have you also ever gone by an accident or something gross, you know you don't want to look, but you can't help yourself? Even if that is the case, let lil man get his money! But let me ask you one questions, what is your excuse for Big Boi?! Didn't think you had one! I'm just saying let this nukka from ChiRaq get his money! Yeah I said ChiRaq, I a mothaphucking war out here mane! Second questions, WTF are you doing with your life besides hatting on this lil Nukka!?

    • Big Dan

      Have you ever heard the term buzz? Have you also ever gone by an accident or something gross, you know you don't want to look, but you can't help yourself? That's what's happening with Chief Keef. Also and quite frankly, 55k is a flop considering. I would have thought every little knucklehead gangsta wanna be out there would go out and buy the record. Its also obvious that Interscope is expecting this party won't last too long. Since when did labels start signing people and dropping albums within a few months? Has it even been six? With his level of buzz and had Interscope done the right thing, okay, he is not mainstream, but he should have moved 200k first week. Unless he starts making the news for some serious nonsense, shootings etc, it will be downhill from here, so what are his sales numbers going to look like in a couple years?

  • Anonymous

    In any event, if he gets dropped from his contract he can always go the Gucci/Yo Gotti route and get money doing shows and features. Say what you want about his style (or lack thereof) he can definitely pack the club out. That's good for at least $5,000-$10,000 an appearance.

    • Anonymous

      If this formula is so easy then why didn't Young Buck stay afloat? Don't blame 50, you just said shows and features and appearances. Buck went platinum, think he was getting ten grand to show his face after G-Unit?

  • jacquard

    ti king can't hell fuck bitches hell goddanm

  • John-Boy

    With those sales it looks like Chief is not Finally Rich.

    • anonymous

      Finally Dropped. keef stans are hurting like Romney voters on 11/6. He's swirling down the toilet bowl. That flop pretty much guarantees the mainstream press stops covering him...at least until he commits a major crime.

    • Anonymous

      finally dropped

  • gsonii

    Thought T.I. would do atleast 185.

  • Chief

    how many 17 year old rappers u know can sell 50k in one week...RESPECT CHIEF KEEF you broke ass haters

  • DA1

    we dont buy shit. because people with money buy albums. from taylor swift. moms and dads buy those albums 50 and 40 year olds buy that album. people under 21 buy cheif keef albums mostly girls. 50k good for him he old sold yelawolf and mgk in first week sales and they had hella backing and hype around their albums. tip didnt fall off good for him.

  • ogsupreme

    Chief keef album kinda trash... except about 3-4 good songs.

  • mike

    50K aint bad. he'll sell more as it goes. + Keef is still mad paid and he is talked about a lot. much more than you can say for a lot of these rap niggaz who cant even go 5000-10,000. and he brings interscope attention. just like Game does with that Jesus Piece cover. sometimes you cant put a price on publicity. good or bad.

  • Anonymous

    congrats to tip for the phenominal salls! not so much for the nigga keef

  • mike

    BET show is on right now saying how we dont support hip hop and buy shit. they dead on. taylor swift still #1 and done outsold every rapper COMBINED this year. we pathetic as fuck.

  • kingkong

    50-55k is fucken great for chief keef considering he got noticed only several months ago and hasnt built uphis fan base yet properly. kendrick,j cole and so on released their debut albums atleast a year or two after they were recognized and got some attention but keef released his debut about 4-6 months after i dont like came out

  • mike

    Taylor Swift done outsold all these rappers combined this year. we some sorry ass fans. balling? more like broke asses and stalling. just saying.. we pathetic when it comes to buying shit and supporting shit. no damn excuse for our sorry asses.

  • revin

    hahaha. I got my first estalker on this website. My, my, my what kind of homo is dickriding keef so hard. I can't believe a man is getting his feelings hurt because someone criticizes his fav' rapper. Sounds like a pedo. call the police. Get Officer Ricky. to the estalker: at the rate your boy keef is going, my tax dollars will be supporting him in jail and his bastard kids from the baby mommas. keef is TRASH, by his own choices. keef's family is TRASH for cosigning his fuckery. keef's fans are TRASH for perpetuating this madness. The sooner these trash rappers flop, the sooner the labels will move their investment money to something worthwhile, like a treadmill for Adele.

  • Anonymous

    Damn... T.I was selling 500k before he got locked up... Jail messed him up. Still he sold way more then I expected...

    • HipHop

      its because hip-hop fans are so cheep now and download every album for free, bet if the internet went out T.I. would sell 400-500K like he used to

    • shh

      WATCH THE THRONE = WTT = 13/24 = DO NOT BUY! LIFE I$ GOOD = 13/24 = DNB DO NOT BUY! and..NOW CRUEL WINTER = 13/24 = DNB = DO NOT BUY! TM = DO NOT BUY!....24'$.......*the former KING OF THE SOUF!...*smile BOW WOW = THE KING OF SWAG/HOP...937!!!!!!!!!!!...*tears

  • static

    chief keef flop please.. 20k he wont even go over 100k ever.

    • shh

      LIL B & SHORT DAWG THE "ONLY SHIT HOP" LEFT....*smile.... "MC SHUT EM DOWN"....*smile PUBLIC ENEMY MADE THE R&R HALL OF FAME..*THE BEST FOR LAST...*indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANNEL ZERO! is MY HERO!......MC SHUT EM DOWN...*smile

  • revin

    i have to admit, i'm a broke hater, who has never seen more than $20,000 of my own money. i hate the fact that me and nobody in my family has ever made more than $100,000 in a year.

  • Donald Passman

    Tupac's debut 2Pacalypse Now on Interscope didn't break 100,000, however, his career eventually took off. Debut albums don't always determine your future success. Imagine if Jimmy would have dropped Tupac after his debut didn't do big numbers. Jimmy knows what he is doing.

  • btw

    Big Boi sells 30K and yall say 50k aint shit; huge success

  • hateration-is-a-disease

    All you haters on here make me laugh; stop hating on chief keef so much. and btw 50k first week for a teenager is pretty impressive. so go support officer ricky's violence but denounce SOSA. Bitches love that SOSA is gonna be in every club on new years. all that hate in your blood can't stop your soul from vibing with it

  • Anonymous

    dont one of chief keef cd's hav 5 gs on it lol

  • Anonymous

    wow debutin 50k on interscope is horrible

    • youngsta

      slaughterhouse? no promo? lmfao. do you know how many articles and song postings of slaughterhouse were on here on hhdx and how many comments those generated, mostly from hip hop purists and dickriders? chief keef's album had half the promo and did just as much as those old ass niggas. so i'd say keef is beating them right now.

    • nah

      Slaughterhouse did exactly 53k with no promo. And Yela did 41k with no promo either but his album stands at 250k.

    • goat

      damn, the kid only 17! give the youth a break...damn, hate is an ugly thing. i bet he a millionare or near enough a mill in his pocket..97.5% of yall had no more than 10 dollors in your pocket! if you donk like his music, go listen to justin bierber or them jerkin guys!hey sweetness, hows your week going? better than mines i hope...xx

    • Anonymous

      Really? Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf sold less on Interscope, so you point is moot.

  • Brandon

    Thank God in heaven this cancer is only gonna sell 50K...

  • Anonymous

    chief 3000 copies first week. cant wait for finally dropped to the sophomore album to drop.

  • Anonymous

    So happy to see another shucking & jiving garbage rapper flop, not because I have anything against him personally but because the more of these retards flop the sooner the labels will stop signing them. Kendrick Lamar sold more in a week then Chief Keef is gonna sell overall probably...... There may still be hope for hip hop yet

    • revin is a broke lame

      re: revin well, at least he had the opportunity to even have possession of millions of dollars. the problem with haters like you is, y'all never even know what the top feels like, so you sit on the sidelines and hate people who accomplish and experience things that you never would.

    • revin

      "yeah, but chief keef has already made more money in the last 6 months," keef's funds are going to be devoured by lawyers due to his criminal tendencies. next come the baby mommas. wait until the tax man comes for him. And you know he's on drugs. That's an expensive habit. How many years will it take for Interscope to "recoup" their "investment" in keef? Hahahahahaha. the financial graveyards are overflowing with easy money boys like keef. Give that fool $10 million dollar today and I guarantee he's broke by this time next year.

    • he still paid

      yeah, but chief keef has already made more money in the last 6 months, than you and your parents have made in the 30 years.


    50 Cent has the hip hop world so amazed with album sales it is crazy. why does it matter if it sells or not if its good and niggas wonder why rappers go pop cause hip hop fans hate on everyone but their favorite rappers

    • Anonymous

      get 50 dick out your mouth you don't think these artist and major labels don't care about moving units?

    • Anonymous

      Actually Master P is the one who made the world recognize first week sales.

    • revin

      Sales are an indicator of future releases. Artists who don't sell get shelved. Some of the best artists barely sell 100K. Miss enough projections and you get shelved and your career stalls. Debating sales is silly but tracking them makes.

    • Anonymous

      Hip hop fans hate on their favorite rappers too, because showing any sign of support to a rapper makes you a dickrider or a stan. Hip Hop biggest enemy is it's own audience

  • raidfuljohnson

    "Antoinette" http://www.pmpworldwide.com/producer_detail.cfm?p=4C31F03E-FB9A-A1F5-2270DD30DAA97EE9&trackID=4C268D8B-A544-FF9F-791BC4F816C769CB&

  • raidfuljohnson


  • Anonymous

    one of the hottest songs of the year and a kanye co-sign, and only 50K?

    • revin

      hahahaha. These music executive are sharks. They could have hyped some boy band or another Taylor Swift and made their money back. Right now, Jimmy Iovine is shifting his attention to a getting another Justin Bieber. The shelf life on these dusty rappers is getting shorter. If keef fans hate it, I love it!

  • revin

    50K after all that hype and albeit negative press. Chief Keef's calls to Jimmy Iovine are going straight to voice mail now. "The Google Voice subscriber you called is not available." The streets have spoken. He needs to get in the Waka/Soulja lane.

    • jon

      Future didnt drop pluto through a major label. HUGE difference. 50-55k first week on a major label like interscope is a complete failure i dont care how old the artist is.

    • Anonymous

      Revin that's not accurate. Chief Keef isn't under house arrest and he's touring. (Interscope gets a cut of that) Also how much do you think it cost to produce this album? Almost all of the beats are done by his in house produce, I'd be surprised if more than $500,000 went into the production of the album, which in that case they have already recouped their investment. Also 50-55k is just his first week, Future sold about 40k copies of Pluto first week and now he's over 200,000 copies sold. I think Keef and Interscope can consider this a success if he sells over 200,000 copies, remember this project was initially going to be released for free.

    • mike

      Keef is still mad paid and he is talked about a lot. much more than you can say for a lot of these rap niggaz who cant even go 5000-10,000. and he brings interscope attention. just like Game does with that Jesus Piece cover. sometimes you cant put a price on publicity. good or bad.

    • revin

      "At least he knows what it feels like to have at least a million dollars before the age of 18. " LMAO. If you believe that keef has anywhere near 1 million, you are a lost cause. His whole family is still in the same hole. At least move them out the 'hood right? That kid is about to get a rude awakening when Interscope throws those pennies in his face.

    • hater will never make more than $30,000 a year lol

      At least he knows what it feels like to have at least a million dollars before the age of 18. That fact alone makes haters mad, because they haven't even seen half of that in their lifetime.

    • revin

      "keef wont even be on Soulja boys level" True that. I think Soulja got a gold plaque eventually. keef is most likely to get Black Plague. At one time, Soulja was the worst. Then Waka was the worst. Now there is keef. That bar just keeps getting lower. The next bum rapper is just going to moan into a microphone. the bum after him will just do heavy breathing, like a phone stalker.

    • revin

      "the young man is still a millionaire before the age of 18, so i salute him to the fullest." A millionaire? Don't you need a million dollars to be a millionaire. That million didn't come from the 50K he just sold. His advance has got to be repaid. Mixtape? Nope. Shows? Nope. He's under house arrest. I know there is a certain "element" that is pushing hard for this kid to spread his influence. But if you are an accountant at Interscope, keef's a fail all around.

    • Anonymous

      the young man is still a millionaire before the age of 18, so i salute him to the fullest.

    • anonymous

      keef wont even be on Soulja boys level, "crank that" was a #1 song on the billboard charts in '07, Mr keef will only be popular in chicago, and a few other ghettos across the country, he's not smart enough to make a real hit record. "dont like" is his peak.

  • Yung Boss Baby

    Yung Boss Baby- Shattering Point Dime http://www.reverbnation.com/main/search?q=Yung+Boss+Baby#!/yungbossbaby/songs

  • da1

    Damn didn't T.I use to sell records in the upper 500k's the first week? I was expecting 300-400k atleast. And I was expecting chief keek's album to do what they said T.I's was going to do. Damn Eminem is the only guarunteed person to go gold the first week and go multi platinum overall, just like all his solo albums had done(atleast when it came to going multi plat overall.) Week ass sales

    • Anonymous

      kanye, drake, jay, wayne, all do consistently major numbers. not just em smh. ti used to...i dont know what happened here

    • Anonymous

      WTF??? Eveyone knows (hip hop) albums dont sell like that no more. 400k? Nah man. Trouble Man is great btw.

  • Anonymous

    apparently these bitches dont love sosa that much!!

  • g

    I know t.i. is pissed they put out songs they liked not those paper trail singles.

  • dan

    wow.... who debuts on INTERSCOPE and only does under 100k first week sales? thats what gets projected when u sign trash. FACT

    • Even 2 Pac's debut

      Marilyn Manson, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, D12, Jadakiss, Styles P, Truth Hurts, Obie Trice, Tony Yayo, Mobb Deep and even 2 Pac with 2Pacalypse Now.

  • Anonymous

    Only a matter of time until Love Sosa blows up radios around the country and Chief Sosa hits GOLD. Bwa.

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting Keef to sell like 100,000+ like the rest of the new wack rappers ... he's going back to the hood.

  • Durbey E. Macon

    I believe that T.I. will sail much more than that.



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