Future Confirms Collaborations With Rihanna, Kanye West & More For "Future Hendrix"

Future talks "Future Hendrix," reveals the names of the artists featured on the album and breaks down the title.

Although Atlanta rapper Future may be fresh off the re-release of Pluto 3D, he’s already heavy into crafting his sophomore album, Future Hendrix, an album he says he’s been working on for a solid year now. And the Free Bandz representer is pulling out all the stops when it comes to securing artist features for his sophomore effort.

While speaking with Rap-Up.com, Future rattled down the extensive list of artists he’s collaborated with for the album including Kanye West, Rihanna, Drake, Kelly Rowland, Jeremih, and a handful of other artists.

“I love the way Kanye work because he’ll allow you to be you and try new things,” Future revealed. “I believe that’s how music should be done…Me and Drake got great music coming out. [With] the chemistry that we have we just feed off each other. We’ll come up with it by the second. We come up with hits easy. We ain’t been around each other that many times. We probably been in the studio three, four times but every time we go in the studio we come out with magic, easy.”

The rapper also offered up an explanation for the title of his album, sharing that he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s uniqueness as an artist.  

“It’s different; I’m not trying to copy Jimi Hendrix,” said Future. “He played the guitar, I’m a street dude. I’m from the hood. But at the end of the day I understand that being from the hood that I’m different. And I try to find my ways to stand out. And Jimi Hendrix what he did he stood out for the music that he made from the days he came out. Being a black dude and you making rock n’ roll music when he wasn’t even accepted.”

There’s no word yet on when Future Hendrix is expected to be released.

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  • Jaa3colereal

    I don't think he is trying to compare his music to Hendrix. He is just saying that just because you are from the hood or rap about selling drugs doesn't mean you can't pursue other types of music whether it be pop, R&B, rock, or whatever. Hendrix grew up in a racially segregated environment yet instead of becoming a Motown singer he pursued other types of music. Future is ahead of his time as far as being labeled just another "hood rapper".

  • mannnnnnnnn

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  • dazeon

    His music is terrible

  • Anonymous

    I bet he never listened to Jimi Hendrix' music

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