Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/16/2012

Game grabs a Top 5 debut with "Jesus Piece" as Big Boi's "Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors" just misses Top 30.

Two key additions hit the charts in one of 2012's final weeks. In his latest publicity wave, Game's Jesus Piece garnered a Top 5 debut, selling over 85,000 units. Meanwhile, veteran lyricist Big Boi delivered his second solo album in three years with Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors, debuting at #33.

Kendrick Lamar confirmed the gold plaque of good kid, m.A.A.d city in eight weeks on the charts. This is the first gold-album for Top Dawg Entertainment and Black Hippy.

Game Has Reason To Clutch His Jesus Piece 

Game's fifth solo album, Jesus Piece, marked the lowest chart debut in the rapper's decade-long career. At #5, the Geffen Records release reunited Game with longtime collaborator Kanye West on the title track. One of the album's singles, "Celebration," united Wiz Khalifa, Tyga and Lil Wayne over a sample of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's classic "1st Of Tha Month." Incidentally, Game brought all five members of BTNH together for the "Celebration" remix. On the Best Buy version of Jesus Piece, Game included "Blood Of Christ," a diss record prominently aimed at Tony Yayo and Shyne.

Vicious Week For Big Boi

OutKast's Big Boi released his second Def Jam solo album in Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors. The release failed to enter the Top 30, debuting at #33. Following the Funk-infused Sir Lucious Left Foot: Son Of Chico Dusty, this effort features an array of out-of-genre acts, including Little Dragon, Phantogram and Wavves. V.L.A.D.R. sold less than half of the first-week units scanned in 2010. Interestingly, Dungeon Family brethren Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob out-sold Big Boi with his Holiday album, which has been at retail for over seven weeks. Big Boi's current single "In The A" features Ludacris and T.I., which is co-produced by longtime Dungeon Family affiliate C-Bone.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/16/2012

#5. Game - Jesus Piece - 86,000 (87,000)

#8. Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire - 61,000 (298,000)

#14. Rihanna - Unapologetic - 51,000 (420,000)

#25. Wiz Khalifa - O.N.F.I.C. - 40,000 (182,000)

#28. Cee Lo Green - Cee Lo's Magic Moment - 36,000 (113,000)

#33. Big Boi - Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors - 30,000 (30,000)

#40. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city - 24,000 (506,000)

#65. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -  The Heist - 12,000 (176,000)

#82. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up - 9,800 (759,000)

#103. Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares - 7,800 (274,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Will T.I.'s Trouble Man cause a stir in the Top 3? Check back next week on HipHopDX.

Last week's album sales.

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  • Jake

    The Game did good considering he only had Celebration that peeked at 82 on billboard, but he worked his ass off with the promotion. I'm actually really pleased with the sales based on 1 single that was garbage. It's time Game does a solo album cause nobody wants to listen to all these wack features. Jesus Piece is gonna go GOLD in 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    "Banks had a Gold single that literally funded his entire album" That song should have re-launched Banks though. Instead he seems MIA.

  • Anonymous

    "Here's a hint, a label (even his, Def Jam) is not giving Big Boi a budget like Drake nor are they expecting him to sell like Drake" That was not a low budget album though, so you better believe Big Boi's label cares about those numbers.

  • 40 Glocc

    You guys are non thankful, you guys just like the tight skinny jean music. No one respects gangsta rap anyway and good lyricism. Because of ya'll hip hop is dying, it is a great album and i bought that shit. Go listen to soulja boy and lil b base god you losers.

  • Anonymous

    game career was ok could have been better good luck with rolex records

  • Anonymous

    sales dont mean anything anymore, no artist gonna sell like game did with documentary or doctors advocate or 50 did with grodt and massacre. now getting gold is like multiple platnium. music industry sucks anyway im happy they lose money because internet

  • Anonymous

    5 albums deep and game still wont release a solo album smh

  • Anonymous

    Xzibit had the album of the year go out and buy it

  • Anonymous

    Young Money still buying Minaj record. Or the woman who acts like a 8 year old child is buying her own.

  • BeanTown Breezy

    Kendrick STILL banging them numbers out.respect to the kiiiiid.





  • jerryc

    actually it does have to do with the musics quality..Record labels have decided to try and tamper with the albums; making them more pop and trying to sell more singles. The reality is, a great album will outself an album with a coupel singles and mediocre filler anyday. People generally will buy what is pushed on them, but the great albums will gain critical acclaim and word of mouth, and the artist will have more longevity. The next album of that artist will then sell more....unlike a one hit wonder

    • Anonymous

      @ 1st Anonymous...how many fuckin albums does Wayne have...??9 fuckin albums...while Kendrick has 2...and let it be known his first album was released under Top Dawg Entertainment...Wayne will go down in rap history as the homo retarded rapper who brought gay shit into this culture and he kissed a man on his lips...he never dissed nobody cuz he was a bitchmade nigga,he kissed Eminem's ass for a collab,he even got dissed in those songs by Em...he created a pathetic crew made outta soft niggas and crazy bitches...in 2-3 years GKMC will become a classic

    • Anonymous

      "The reality is, a great album will outself an album with a coupel singles and mediocre filler anyday." Nigga, GKMC>>>>>>>C4 but that shit ain't going plat so what the fuck is u talmbout?

  • K-Dot

    I stay winning Ya Bish... GKMC

    • shh

      KENDRICK...THE FOUNDER OF TRAP/HOP TIP is "not" a RAT...HE LOOKS LIKE "MIGHTY MOUSE"...*smile KL506...DAZ WAZUP!..506,000...TDE # "weirdo" label..*smile

  • FUCKtheGame

    love watching this dude go down he think he the shit. HONESTLY IS JUS ME OR THIS ALBUM IS JUS STR8 UP FUCKEN SUCK??? C'MON HALLAUJAH FT. JAMIE FOXX??? WUT THE FUCC WUZ THAT ABOUT..

  • Heffe Christ

    "Hip-Hop has the most fickle fans" -Joe Budden

  • Anonymous

    I'm a fan of Game....but he lost with the sales.....that's what you get for loading up your album with features!

    • Anonymous

      ^ Game's a Gold going artist....but lately he isn't carrying an album all by himself why would his fans support him ?

    • Anonymous

      What sales did you expect dumb ass? Compared to what many rappers are now selling (eg. less than 10,000) those are good numbers.

  • Anonymous

    I would've purchased Game's album if he didn't have Pusha T on there.

  • jay

    shame games album sold 85 even tho in todays market thats gold off the rip.. album was awesome

  • Roc

    who cares about sales....we just finished bangin that Game album and its tight...didnt like maybe 2 songs.

  • Master P

    LOL y'all remember back in 1998/1999 when basically anyone with a record deal would go platinum??? Those were the days LMAO it's a shame that shit doesn't happen anymore but it doesn't have shit to do with the music's quality it's just that ain't nobody gonna spend money on a CD when you download it for free plus these niggas keep dropping mixtapes every week they're getting boring





  • justin case

    Meek's album never recovered from that hurricane...lol. Sandy R.I.P'd him.

  • escomillions

    #MMG ALL DAY Meek and Wale Destroying these so called Vets of Hip Hop TI is done Game is Done Big Boi No Comment Wiz pants getting tighter by the album

  • Kizman

    Record sales dont mean shit now days. This aint the 90's. Ppl need to realize this. I heard albums that was dope as fuck and sold enuff to go wood. I see records thas wack as FUCK, but go platinum. It dont matter. Times have changed and we are in a digital world where ppl dont have to buy music anymore. If u are one who cries and omplains about how fcked up rap is, but not supporting ur fav artist by buying their album, u need to shut the fuck up bcuz YOU are half the problem. Im a fan of Game, but i gotta admit, this album was shit. I liked one, maybe two tracks but thas it. He need to go back to his old style and stop fuckin with all them lames he fuck with now days...

  • babylon21g

    Hey post your videos here www.iambabylon.com

  • Anonymous

    HFM Banks did not sell 300k. He opened at 45k and barely crept to 150k stop that BS. Game flopp'd bad and he deserved it for feeding every coast except his own. He got what he ask for maybe now he will learn. BUT, He has always and still will outsell Banks, Yayo, Buck, 40 Glocc, Mike Knox, Shawty Lo all 2gether. Spider loc too, none of them niggaz will see a release date. Game sucks, kissing these niggas ass wont sell records. If he put on some West Coast homies he might sell more. I bet All 20 of them artist wont have Game on they shit. Sucka

    • Anonymous

      No he'd sell even less featuring no-name West Coast rappers that no one cares about. If he made a really good album again with only a few features (like Doctor's Advocate) then he might sell a bit more.

  • da1

    Game had over 20 features with lil wayne being on two songs I think. He had a controversial album cover and intriguing album title and still got soft numbers. Did't he say after the red album there would be no guest features or name drops? But he did it even more then he's ever done before. Over 20 features? I dont even think DJ Khaled ever had that many people on his shit.

  • Anonymous

    Yo who the fuck is you nerd niggas who comment on these sites. Its crazy to many of you niggas. Back to Allhiphop.com. This shit is nerded out.

  • Anonymous

    y'all suckas need to stop comparing Lloyd banks HFM2 and Game's Jesus Piece. Beamer Benz or Bentley went Gold and the entire album did over 300k. I doubt if Game is gonna beat that or will any of his singles go gold like BBB did.

  • Money Earner, Pussy Eater, Block Burner, Party Heater

    The question that remains is: why in the fuck do people still pay for albums???



  • Anonymous

    The game numbers are always looking rough lmao. Terrel done lost his mind if he thought he was sellin over 100k. He better start back up at the strip club

    • Got Money In My Ghetto

      Nigga you just mad cause you saw me in Monaco throwin up my hood, Game's a legend regardless of what you say you better pray that I'll never pull up at your home ice looking like my neck's in a freezer cause you know I'm throwed as fuck I don't care if you die I'll laugh at it and get your ho

  • Anonymous

    ain;t karma a bitch? game clowned banks for HFM2 and now he has the same number with a big label behind him.............

  • jet li

    Big Boi album is hot trash! I believe if the album was descent he could do 70k to 90k. I listen to that shit on on YouTube and fell asleep. Every track I heard was ass. I love Outkast with 3000 in the group. Alone he is awful!!! That style only works with 3000 in the group. Big CD was the worst I heard in years. It had NO direction, bad production, and little promotion. Sad thing is, its obvious 3000 does not want to work with Big no more. His shit wack, garbage, awful...etc. He gotta beg 3000 for that reunion, my nigga sucks. Game flop because he didnt listen to the people. Everybody been complaing about the features for years. He said after R.E.D flopp'd his next album wouldnt have features, he lied. Nobody buying no album filled with a bunch of artist they hate.

    • joe

      C'mon son? You listened to it on youtube? No wonder it sounded ass, all new albums on youtube have the speed and pitch adjusted big time just to beat the youtube copyright blocker. Moron. Big Boi's album got more critical acclaim than any other rap release this month.

    • Big Boi's New Album Ain't Shit

      ^^ If "getting with times" means supporting the garbage recording artist do nowadays, then I'd rather "be left behind".

    • dadukestin

      hahaha shit changes man. i bet outkast lost fans saying the same thing you said when they put out speakerboxx, beacuse its diffrent. Get with the times or youll be left behind. .....

    • Big Boi's New Album Ain't Shit

      cosign shit's boring as fuck I wish I'd never buy that garbage

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or are sales kinda too low for december lol

  • Anonymous

    jp 85,000 im in shock - wack album

  • yeaaahh

    When will people learn that sales don't determine quality?? It just means you aren't popular. I blame 50 Cent for people going crazy over sales because when he sold a lot he basically clowned others who didn't.

    • Bang Em Smurf

      yeah i havent bought any albums in like 7 years. if i remember correctly games doctors advocate last album. after that isohunt has supported me thousands of dollars worth of music lol

    • Anonymous

      word of mouth, jp is wack enough said

    • Really

      Plus the main people on this site laugh and complain about their favorite artist album sales but never buy albums anyway. Hell my friends ask me why in the world I still buy albums, my reply, If it's an artist I like thhat make quality music I buy their album (albums that you can go back 5 years later and you play the album all the way thru not that here today gone next month crap.)Sad day and Big Boi should have done more numbers than that. No telling how many people downloaded it for the freezy

    • yeaaahh

      By the way I meant to put "low" in front of sales.

    • Bang Em Smurf

      yeah, he did extacly that. on MTV interview he dissed people who sold "only" 500k and he did sold 15m and everybody loved him. he totally pissed on those broke ass niggas

  • bizzalls

    Yooo....Who the FUCK heard ANYTHING about Big Boi's album coming out?? It's like these stupid ass labels are their own worst enemy. I didn't see ANY promotion for that album whatsoever. Why would they not promote a rapper who is actually good? Shit doesn't make sense to me. Shit, with no promo I guess 30,000 really ain't that bad. Game flopped haha, even with his 4,000 features on the album. Good to see Kendrick go Gold. He shoulda went gold in the first week!

    • Anonymous

      Bizzals go take the dick out your ass, and Bizzals out your mouth fuckboy. Rappers ain't selling like they used to, Game's last album debuted with the same amount. If anything it's more albums than you've sold dumbfuck.

  • Slick

    Looks like games career is dead, niggaz criticize jeezy for goin gold but game aint even making it there.

  • Fish

    So much for Tity Boi's claim that he went gold this week. Dickhead.

  • The MG

    Kendrick got that gold finally. Great to see that. And looks like Big Boi's album kind of went under the radar. Album's good but Sir Luscious trumps it.

  • bang em smurf


  • Dr. Dre

    Game and Big Boi both went unnoticed

  • Andre

    Ok, Im guessing this is a stupid question and make all the jokes you want, but are the numbers Nicki put up a total of Pink Friday Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday Roman Reloaded The Re-Up? I cannot imagine Re-Up moving that many units

  • Anonymous

    The numbers not that bad. I believe R.E.D sold 95,ooo so two years later he lost 10,ooo fans? Its not good but the decline is sloww enuff, there is still hope. Next year IF he limits the features, and name dropping he could do 75k on his own label. Thats good money, even 65,ooo on your own is good money. (shrugs shoulder) Maybe.

  • Your honor

    cant belive how many mother fuckers are hating on both these albums there both pretty solid albums from both..(AN YEAH FUCK ITUNES...I STILL BUY PHYSICAL COPIES & IN THIS CASE I HAVE BOUGHT BOTH SAME DAY THEY CAME OUT!) an its been really the only two albums holding me thru the winter..Games album is solid..its not the best from game or Big boi but 20Xs more Cohessive projects then anything else.shits crazy both these guys gave u all an complete album ! an let me say for the dumb fucks talking stupid about big boi needa jump off a bridge! Its nothing like anything else! AN STOP BITCHING ABOUT ANDRE 3000 IF THAT WAS THE CASE IT WOULD BE CALLED AN OUTKAST ALBUM) FELL BAD FOR THE GUY CUZ STUPID FUCKS CANT APPRECIATE DIFFRENT MUSIC WHICH IS WHAT OUKAST STOOD FO4 BEING DIFFRENT AN STILL THERES POINTS ON THE ALBUM THAT REMINESE TO ERRLY BIG BOI ON ALLOT OF TRACK ! In my opinion BIG Boi Hasnt Lost a stepp its jus Humanity get humanity being dumb an ignorant!..

  • yup

    This was Games worst album imo, to many god damn features and the name dropping was absurd on this album, game is an incredible rapper and can be very dope, i just don't know he relies on corny shit like name dropping people. Hopefully this is a wake up call to Game that just because you get the hottest rappers in the game on your album, doesn't mean your gonna have success. People are far more likley to respect you for making a strong album as opposed to just selling out.

  • mb

    No one has the right to say album says are declining. u call this a flop, then y wouldnt u call K Dots album a flop (its a great album tho). Game sold 500k+ with his first album and 350k with his 2nd in 1st week. j cole or k dot didnt sell that with their debuts

    • Ricky.Boby

      ur forgetting that at that time goin gold ur 1st week a regular thing for buzzing artist because there wasnt as many torrent sites out. (Tony yayo sold 300,000 copies his 1st week back then and that was considered 'Disappointing numbers for the aftermath brand And even mike jones went platnum back then) im not sayin its impossible, but extreeeamly rare to do so now days.

    • Anonymous

      kendrick sold more records than any other rapper in 2012, game was never the bell selling rapper in any year,

    • bizzalls

      Dumbass, that was 10 fuckin years ago, when Game was selling 500k first week. What kendrick sold first week is basically the equivalent of selling 500k first week in 2003. The Internet and illegal downloading has obviously fucked everything up.

    • John-Boy

      No one has to verbally say Games album sales are declining. The actual numbers already prove it. Soundscan is speaking volumes.

  • brollya

    rolex records is now in effect..... 80k on a independent is good but wit folex records, he will not have the same promotion and all dat other shit he had wit this album so the next album wil do lik 40k "no not my rolle, now its a stolly"

  • Same ole features... Smh

    I dont mind the 85k, its just bad when you have that many features. I did not buy the album because Weezy, Jeezy, 2 Chains, Big Sean and so on are not my taste. He shoulda did features with new and different artist. Weezy, Jeezy, Kanye, Ross are on all his albums. Too bad because Game had a good buzz. He blew it with those wack features. Smh!

  • RRRR


    • Anonymous

      ...and Banks had a Gold single that literally funded his entire album. I'm no fan of sales but sit the Fuck DOWN!

    • Anonymous

      I counted 14 on Banks' last album, Game's had 23 and that's not including the bonus tracks. Not exactly sure what you were looking at.

  • brollya

    im a start callin gayme dj gaymlid.......

  • Real Money

    If an artist has a $100,000 appearance fee and does 50 shows in one year, that's about $5,000,000 before taxes. If an artist sells 1,000,000 albums at .25 per album sold, then that's about $250,000 in royalties, so I don't think Game really cares too much about album sales.

    • Anonymous

      @Real Money: the guy above me is right, your formula is way off. Here's a few quick tips you should consider before doing calculations like that: 1.) GOLDEN RULE: at a major label, the artist is the last who got paid. Period. 2.) As @Mochinushi said, record sales indicate your marketability - thus, its still the most important number for corporations when it comes to the artist's promotional value, because its easily measureable and has been a standard in the indurstry for decades. 3.) Game's fee is nowhere near 100k/show, and without hits (the last time his single went Gold was 2005, never had Platinum) its rare to get highly paid promotional appearances. Plus he's not a touring animal like Tech N9ne, who does 200+ show/year, so he don't compensate his money that way either.

    • Anonymous

      Learn about the industry before you talk numbers. Your formula is way off.

    • Mochinushi

      Promoters only give you that kind of money "$100,000" if there is a demand for you music. so yes, game cares lol Endorsements and all the money doesn't come from record sales but sales indicate you marketability to Hip-hop culture. That why you'll Jay-Z, doing comercial for stuff that isn't really Hip-ho, because certain companies pay him a lot of money to get their brand into the hiphop market

  • Eye Control

    I first seen Jayceon when I was watching his show on VH1 and my friend played me his new debut album. I have to admit that it is a little blasphemous to my religion, but he is such a good singer. I'm going to buy his new debut album when I get my allowance soon, and I haven't bought a rap album since Recovery. I don't like how reality stars turn into singers but I think Jayceon is one of the best new artists out right now. I think Eminem should sign him and put him in Slaugterhouse because then they would have a west side artist. Can't wait for Eminem's new album, I'm going to buy 2 copies and I already bought his new baseball cap.

  • Nuff said...

    Record sales dont mean shit now days. This aint the 90's. Ppl need to realize this. I heard albums that was dope as fuck and sold enuff to go wood. I see records thas wack as FUCK, but go platinum. It dont matter. Times have changed and we are in a digital world where ppl dont have to buy music anymore. If u are one who cries and omplains about how fcked up rap is, but not supporting ur fav artist by buying their album, u need to shut the fuck up bcuz YOU are half the problem. Im a fan of Game, but i gotta admit, this album was boo boo. I liked one, maybe two tracks but thas it. He need to go back to his old style and stop fuckin with all them lames he fuck with now days...


    BIG BOI JUST FLOPPED AGAIN his music is nothin with out 3000 to have that duo sound big boi better do his next album with 3000 to get his swag back and The Game Killed it with his new album Jesus Piece

  • blackula

    Poor Big Boi. Here i'm thinking he's on an indy label, totally forgetting he's on DefJam. Ouch!!

    • Anonymous

      C'mon son, you tried to throw dirt and now you want to switch the style up.

    • Anonymous

      Having Big Boi on your label is not for huge commercial success. Dude is a hip-hop legend with a brave, remarkable style, who - as you said - put effort into his music. If I'm right, "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" did around ~170k overall despite its poor first week sales, and anyway, albums tend to sell for a longer time period nowadays. So yepp, 30k are not that much, but I'm sure Def Jam won't drop him because of that.

    • blackula

      I'm not a huge Big Boi fan, but the guy puts effort into his music. A lot more than a lot of these clowns out here today. I'm just surprised his numbers are that low. Where you get "hate" from? FOH with that word.

    • Anonymous

      Dudes are dying to hate on anyone. You were really checking for Big Boi's album all year?

  • nicki minaj

    he should release the documentary again with some remix tracks

  • Anonymous

    damn big boi flopped hard

  • ggg-STRING

    game should have got taylor swift on a hook to a kanye diss track with adele spitting a verse

  • the youth

    a dub of haze>>>>>buying games album

  • The truth

    Game started rolex records because his major label days is over bws never got off the ground and running to mmg or ymcmb wont do anything for his career GAME OVER

  • matt

    lol big boi sells 30,000, thats the size of one drake concert. I guess "real" hip hop isn't what you HHDX dick riders thought it was.

    • Really

      @ Anon I think you missed the point. He's trying to say an artist established like Big Boi should do more than just 30,000 albums in week one. He was not comparing his sale to Drakes who has a different fanbase. It's not that hard to grasp...smh.

    • Anonymous

      OK, it's the kids in school shift who look at names and numbers and respond talking about business they have zero knowledge of. Here's a hint, a label (even his, Def Jam) is not giving Big Boi a budget like Drake nor are they expecting him to sell like Drake. And with your display of intelligence I won't even begin to think you would know what Hip Hop is. More studying and less internet commenting, You'll have to work until you're 80 before retirement.

  • 50 CENT

    he was 9 years old in 2003 excuse his comment

  • Optimus Rhyme

    lmfao!! Game might have to wear the title belt for flop of the year. He had the entire industry on his album. Like, who wasn't on that album? Game's name dropping/big feature formula he uses for every album is no longer working.

  • 50 CENT

    game get my money or you will be back on the pole ggg-string

  • Anonymous

    todays features suck because the artist don't make the song from the ground up the producer makes the track and the artist just spit game album has no chemistry at all

    • Anonymous

      Wow niggas is hating. Game has no chemistry. It seems to me the only excuse niggas could muster up about Game album is that he has to many features. No chemistry wow this dick sucking nigga is hating. Im no Game fans(Nas fan) but Game Album is up there for Album of the year easily.

    • blackula

      too many mailed in verses today.

  • Anonymous

    NM still doing about 9-10 thousand a week.

  • Anonymous

    damn master p was doing game numbers out the trunk of his car

    • Nuff said....

      So what...you cant compare any kinda album sales nowdays to album sales of the past. Everybody has computers now. Everybody can download and burn cd's now. It will nvr be the same.... -_-

    • Anonymous

      uhm stupid p was doing those numbers before he got a DISTRIBUTION DEAL that's when he started going platinum before that he was moving 80k out the trunk do your homework

    • Master P beat everybody though

      Master P's label also sold more albums than any other independent rap label in history, including Death Row, Roc A Fella, Ruthless, Luke, Rap A Lot, So So Def, Ruff Ryders, Suave House, Aftermath, Shady, Sic Wid It, Cash Money and Bad Boy, so your making a moot point.

  • ahahaha

    the dude, Game, was on 106th two weeks ago, saying, "I've had 4 albums that were no.1 and this will be my 5th, just saying." This shit flopped, what is this, his worst selling album to date?

    • L.A.

      Haha, you fags that say he's paid, is he paying you too? No. Does he give a fuck about you? No. Desperate fanboys. I'm also guessing "I'm laughing at broke lames like you!" is actually a broke, useless, absentee father, who is more into shitty music then taking care of his kids. Why would anybody other than dickriders care about how "paid" Game is?

    • LS

      Haha, you fags that say he's paid, is he paying you too? No. Does he give a fuck about you? No. Desperate fanboys. I'm also guessing "I'm laughing at broke lames like you!" is actually a broke, useless, absentee father, who's more into shitty music then taking care of his kids.

    • mb

      if u look at it from a hip-hop charts perspective, hes technically no. 1

    • Anonymous

      ^sounds like this lame his hurt because game is paid lol

    • Anonymous

      you broke also why you worried about his pockets fan boy U MAD BRO!?!

    • I'm laughing at broke lames like you!

      but, he still richer than your whole family.

  • congratulations interscope and game

    looks like interscope and game just made some more millions for 2012. too bad the haters don't understand this isn't the 80's and 90's, when album sales was the main source of income.

  • brollya

    FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! all u gayme fans jus take the flop and move on... sound lik a bunch of stans to me.... i guess he dont have his 5th number one album lol. more lik 4th flopped album cuz for real every album he done put out besides the documentary flopped... all the other ones was number one because aint nobody else come out that week and he got the number one....

  • recordpusher

    What matters is the MUSIC.. not the sales...

  • static

    if selling 87,000 records in a week is flopping let me flop onto 870k in one week yal stupid. he will go gold and in this day and age is hard.

  • Anonymous

    wow game flopped big time even with all those features

    • Reality

      Too bad you can't even get 8 people to spend money on you or better yet, let you have $12.00 of their hard earned money. Now that should put things in perspective for you.

  • Anonymous

    GO KENDRICK! 500K+

  • kayne

    black wall street kayne cole luke josh p f**k with g-unit

  • Donald Passman

    Record labels aren't like Car companies, so they don't make the majority of their money from unit sales. Interscope as well as Game are looking to make millions of revenue off of this release, even if it doesn't go gold.

  • kayne

    hi game cool the going talking dr dre his as yuo hell b*tch 50 llody banks tony yayo yuong buck you album jesus piece you good so much rapper homie kayne and michael power or about everything niggas you im nigga my take spaek

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z's highest selling album had a feature on 12 of 14 of his songs, so features don't mean nothing. Lil Wayne's 2 highest selling albums had multiple features as well. Game just isn't that dude at this point, but at least he made millions of dollars and is set for life.

  • Anonymous

    GAME>LAMAR= Beast mode Fuck Shady Records

  • Anonymous

    Game has too many features period. Im a big Game fan and I didnt buy the album cause of the features. Its not a solo album its a dj drama mixtape.

    • Anonymous

      same here, i dont wanna hear ross, 2chainz, wayne, drake, meek mill, big sean, lil wayne, french montana, i wanna hear game fuck all those features

    • Anonymous

      not true maybe he just wants to hear game if he online im sure he can afford a 9.99 cd you a idiot

    • Anonymous

      "I didn't buy the album the album because of the features" that's a lame ass excuse over there bro'. Broke ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you on that. However, I believe he had all those features, because it was his last contractual obligation to Interscope. I'm certain his next album will only have about 3 features.

  • West Coast ryda skip skip

    Game and Kendrick the two hardest spitters in Cali right now.. is Compton in the house without a doubt!

  • stopthemadness

    People kill me with that whole "its hard to go platinum anymore due to illegal downloads" Other genres are getting platinum plaques. Hell Adele is like damn near diamond. Sade went platinum and she hasnt dropped a CD in over 10 years before her most recent one. Music can still sell as long as its just not the typical throwaway generic garbage. If the music speaks and is timeless it will sell/Period

    • Anonymous

      True, but hip hop seems to be the only genre that people refuse to spend their money on.

    • OnemikE

      It's the demographics.. U think these youngnz are buying albums? Hell no, they rather buy a mcchicken sandwich and a dirty dime bag before they buy an album for $10 lol Feel bad for these rappers, we all know our buddy Kenny Chesney isn't hurtin from low record sales lol. Some sad shiz!!

  • Milehighkid303

    DOJA wishes he was in 50's spot and this fraud NEED to put a disclaimer on this BLASPHEMOUS cover.......CUZO YOU AIN'T PAC... At least Pac had TRUE respect for Christ and put that sentence on the FRONT of Don Makaveli.....fuck Game sorry ass man. Period.

  • C.

    Don't act like selling 50,000+ is a terrible thing. $9.99 x 50,000 is a pay day! Now add shows, merch & physicals sales at shows. Then figure in labels tightening their belts on over head cost... trust everybody is getting paid. Yes the old days of grotesque profits are gone.

    • OnemikE

      50,000 is a terrible thing u idiot!! The artist doesn't get the whole $9.99 from a sale, they get more like $0.01 from the $9.99, the rest goes back to the label and what not.. so do $0.01 x 50,000 and tell me if you still think frontin in front of a camera and actin like a fool is worth it unless you some one like a Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne...

    • Anonymous

      well it does matter because they have to pay that money back to the label. with the album sales so yea being on a major label is a joke

  • Anonymous

    Jesus Piece debuted at #6, not #5. Check billboard.

  • Anonymous

    With all that promotion, reality show, attention dissin', worldstarrin', photo flickin'...collabos and still came up LAME...they don't like you anymore...damn shame kuz the album is actually good..maybe due to the collabs though *shoulder shruggs*...whatever the case maybe 87k with all that shit woofin' get you laughed at...check them KDot #'s though...#YaBish...

    • Anonymous

      This clown tried to diss Banks...smh...Game will have a TV run like Xzibit but both of em are sukkas so IRS will get at him in about 5yrs...nigga got himself with that big mouf shit...

  • Anonymous

    Big Props to Kendrick the people have spoken. He might have the only gold album for this year for a solo rapper. Big ups!

  • Anonymous

    industry has changed people stopped being music why would they when they can just download them off the internet back in the days GRODT & the massacre sold almost 1 mill in it's first week hunger for more documentaty straight outta cashville 500K

  • mike

    who cares. and that is just in america. and game makes mad money touring. game aint even hurting for money. but who cares, what matters is the album is fire so that's all that matters to me. now big boi on the other hand gotta feel really bad. he from outkast and just does 30,000. damn....

  • Anonymous

    No hip hop artist has gone plat this year, says a lot about the direction the genre is taking, downnnnnnn.

  • Anonymous


  • gunhillrd

    Game's album is trash. Everyone gets a fair shot with me. I listened to it and there is nothing new or special to it. And shame on him for using the Lord's name in vain to try and sell records. He will have to answer up for that someday.

  • yea ok

    who cares game is a washed up rapper at this point & his show sucks a$$ but hey dats how i feel fuQ yo feelings ni99a lmao

  • Anonymous

    When 50 debuts at #1 with 200k+. Game needs to shut his mouth and keep quiet.

    • Anonymous

      he wont do 200k just because 2 emeinem songs stop the bullshit you can just get them 2 tracks from I-tunes

    • You mad retarded

      If he sells 200k in the first week, it's only because of multiple features by Eminem. Also, if he doesn't sell 400k or more in his first week, then he is a flop, because he sold 10 million on his first album. Jay Z, Kanye and Lil Wayne still doing big numbers, even though they came out way before 50.

    • dk

      A.thats evan if 50s washed up old ass releases another album B.games over rated just like 50 c.50 would not sell 200k+ first week he be lucky to sell 50k+


    anyone who thinks JESUS PIECE failed is a damn fool...86k is allot of people, he had no to single and very little promotion...he 5 albums deep in the game..he official..hate it or love it..the industry not selling like it use to..gold is definatly the new platinum..

    • Joe schmo

      FOH If Ross' 5th album only sold 86k, there would be 200 comments on how bad he flopped. lol When you come out the gate selling 5 million and can't sell 100k on your 5th you flopped. DEAL WITH IT

    • Anonymous

      Gold is the new platinum only for hip hop. Every one else is going plat.

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