Waka Flocka Flame's Management Ordered To Pay $501,000 To Man Injured In Shootout

A man who was injured during a shootout involving Waka Flocka Flame won $501,000 in a lawsuit.

Waka Flocka Flame's management Mizay Entertainment has been ordered to pay $501,000 to a man who was injured during a 2011 shootout in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to WCNC, Antonio Stukes sued Flockavelli's management company after he was shot last year. Stukes said that he and some friends approached the rapper when security guards began shooting. The guards later explained that they thought it was a robbery. A bullet struck Stukes in the shoulder.

Stukes, who is currently incarcerated for charges stemming from a robbery in Charlotte last month, was awarded for compensatory and punitive damages. “The jury came down in our favor and really hit them hard,” said his lawyer, Adam Seifer. “The facts that were in the evidence showed they essentially shot at my client without provocation.”

In May 2011, prosecutors dropped the charges against six men who were arrested following the shootout on account of the fact that witnesses were unable to identify who was responsible for the shooting.

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  • Laws are Horrible

    It's funny when a criminal can sue you for defending yourself against him. I remember over a decade ago a burgular was able to sue the person he was robbing, because the person shot him. He won a nice little some of money. Even the guy who broke into LL Cool J's home this year, is suing LL for that beat down.

    • Anonymous

      LL should have just made him disappear, im sure he knows all about that shit from NCIS or whatever shows hes on, feed that nicca to the aligators

    • Anonymous

      na he was on private property in lls house i would of done the same

    • Anonymous

      And rightfully so. LL thought he was being a bad ass, when all he had to do was get the guy down on the ground and basically hold him till the police came. If he killed the guy then guess what. He could be charged.

  • Anonymous

    A shootout involves two separate parties or entities ... does that mean that the other guys were firing shots back ? If so then they probably had bad intentions anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Can you say BANKRUPTCY

  • Anonymous

    He's going to jail now!

  • Anonymous

    gonna be nice to come home from prison to half a million of waka flockas moms money!

    • Anonymous

      still though! beats coming home broke

    • He'll be broke again in 6 months

      If an NBA or NFL player can blow millions, how fast do you think this guy is going to run through $250,000? Lol He ain't getting the full $501,000, his lawyer getting 165,000 and the other personel (doctors, therapists, specialist and investigators) his lawyer hired should get about $86,000 combined? Not counting the money he is going to trick off on cars, women, food, drugs and alcohol.....lol

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