Action Bronson Talks Origin Of "Rare Chandeliers" Cover Art, Upcoming Studio Album

Action Bronson also says that he wants to work with DJ Premier and RZA.

Action Bronson settled on one of the standout cover images for his and Alchemist's Rare Chandeliers mixtape, touting an animated picture of the rapper brandishing a shotgun. During an interview with DJ Semtex, the Queens, New York native spoke on how the cover art came to be, stating that he came up with the concept and explained it to an artist named Johnny Sampson who then brought his vision to life.

"I don't like tooting my own horn unless it's by myself, but [the concept] was me," he said. "The homie Johnny Sampson, who's an amazing artist, we just got on the phone and I told him all the ideas that I had and he just straight up knocked it out the fucking park. I couldn't have been happier. It was the most amazing... From all the bullshit that goes on with the music side of everything, that was the smoothest side of the project."

Stating that he wants to work with RZA and DJ Premier, Bronsolino noted that he's at work on his upcoming studio debut that may include features from Kool G Rap, members of Odd Future, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. He said that the project will diverge from what listeners expect in Hip Hop and push its boundaries.

"I got my actual studio project coming out on VICE/Warner Bros. You can expect just a lot more of what I do. I'm taking it to the next level. I'm not the type of guy to go with too crazy a concept kind of thing. I'm more of a rap, rap, rap. But there's all kinds of songs and things that you don't usually hear in Rap and different types of scenarios and shit that are not really brought to the forefront of Rap. Because I'm such a sick person that not everyone's going to understand the concepts I'm thinking of or think the way I think."

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  • TaZzZ

    Anyone that has anything but love for this dude, go shoot yourself in the foot. People like Action are rare in this game, he's just a real fuckin dude... Not to mention a beast in the booth

  • Anonymous

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  • sunspect

    When Action Bronson was on his tour in Europe he recorded a track with Crown Order from Denmark. It's an amazing track. You can here it on you tube. Crown Order feat. Action Bronson - From the Ground Up

  • jmp_design

    Who doesn't want to work with RZA and Premier? I'm in no way a rapper or musician and I would want to work with them..

  • ShinbrigGoku

    Dude is gonna collab with Ghostface Killah? That's gonna be so weird because he sounds exactly like him

    • cinavenom

      They don't sound exactly alike. I have been listening to Ghostface for 20 years, no exaggeration and I love Action Bronson as well. You can hear some Ghostface influence and who better to influence someone than Ghost but Bronson is by no means copying or biting his shit.

    • Clint Barton

      They already have a track together... "Meteor Hammer"

  • Anonymous

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  • Assilani Diabetes

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