Chief Keef's Probation Hearing Moved Up Two Weeks

UPDATE: A member of Chief Keef's management thinks that the pushed up date could be an omen.

It looks like Chief Keef has earned himself some breathing room between the release of his debut album Finally Rich and his impending court case. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Windy City upstart's probation hearing has been pushed back to the top of 2013.

Chief Keef's long-standing probation violation case has been delayed until January 28, 2013. The court date was initially scheduled for December 12, however, the prosecution required more materials in order to properly try the 17-year-old rapper.

As previously reported, Keef is due in court on charges of violating the terms of his probation for pointing a gun at a police officer. The charges first came about in the wake the now-infamous video interview with Pitchfork Media, in which Keef used a firearm. 

[December 18]

UPDATE: According to Complex, Chief Keef's probation hearing has been pushed up from January 28th to January 15th. Idris "Peeda Pan" Wahid, who serves as a member of Keef's management team, is concerned that prosecutors' willingness to move the date forward could signal their confidence that Keef in fact violated his probation.

HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • Anonymous

    "Chief Keef has achieved more financially at a young age then most of you commenting here ever will" But honest people don't care about obscene wealth. Keef thinks one million makes him rich. After you subtract everything that goes with signing that deal, in reality he's almost broke.

  • Anonymous

    So he can take his Lame Azz to jail.

  • Anonymous

    He should have went to jail the first time. This kid points a gun at a cop and gets probation, WTF, I've seen kids his age get sent to 18 month programs for selling drugs. Then people in Chicago wonder why there city is out of control, if there are no consequences who the fuck is gonna care enough to follow the rules??? Then you cry when someone you love gets killed by one of these outta hand lil psychopaths....... They need to lock a few of these kids up just to make an example for the rest of the 12 year olds out there killing each other

  • shh


  • anonymous

    I don't wish death or jail on anyone but they are going to make an example out of Keef. He should have went into gospel to show the judge he had changed. A front but a useful front. I don't understand how homies keep trying to act tough after all of those cavity searches from going in and out of the system.


    i dont wish jail upon anybody...not even a snot-nosed dirt bomb like chief keef

    • shh

      ey3 know LIL B'S "ZILLI"...his best song ever...*he went "80'S" JIGGA A BILLE...* don't ever even DREAM about going against DAT WFB "A MILLI".....ABOUT TIME LIL BARS STEP UP LIL B VS WEEZY F BABY.... A HUGE HAME with BOW WOW(SWAG PIMP)....SNOOP "DOGGY" DOGG "groomed" him "Rite"...*HUGE SMILE.....999

  • Ken

    why don't people watch Spike Lee's classic movie "Bamboozled"? cuz that's what Keef is: a part of a minstrel show. jesus christ you stupid fucking idiot read a book and no the liner notes to soulja boy's albums don't count.

    • anonymous

      "Even when he finally does go broke for making poor decisions he can look back and say he accomplished more than you all." Homie, you are the dumbest stan for making a statement like that. Finally going broke means that your dumb hero keef is in a worse position than a 9-5 worker with health care. When your dumb stan ass is supporting keef, his baby mammas, babies and drug habit, then we'll hear you talk.

    • clevelandchief

      I read a book, and it said that some books are created to confuse/mislead the reader. Books in general don't make you any smarter. Chief Keef has achieved more financially at a young age then most of you commenting here ever will. Even when he finally does go broke for making poor decisions he can look back and say he accomplished more than you all.

  • Anonymous

    now this is news!!! FINALLY, you get it right!

  • Whoa

    man, all the wrong decisions, bad social circle and lifestyle. in 10 years, this dude is going to be the uncle rico from napoleon dynamite in rap.

  • Bobby

    This kid is the beiber of rap. He can't even speak. Sad days in music.

  • Chief Keef

    thats that ish i DO like!

  • Caesar

    So some dirty looking nigger's on probation, this is news?

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