Kendrick Lamar Explains How Lil Wayne Influenced His Style

Kendrick Lamar also reflects on performing with Lil Wayne at Power 106's Cali Christmas LIVE.

Kendrick Lamar has gotten co-signs from some of Hip Hop's top veterans, most recently getting a hat-tip from Lil Wayne who joined K. Dot on stage at Power 106's Cali Christmas LIVE. During an interview with Civil TV, the West Coast emcee spoke on how Weezy influenced his style over the years and what it meant to get props from the YMCMB chief.

"The craziest thing about Wayne, what people don't understand is that you get a lot of younger cats that's listening to him now and feel he's a new artist," he said. "I go all the way back to the Hot Boys days and being 13, listening to this dude. Just remembering the staple he put on the game back then all the way to now, to have that longevity years beyond it. For him to actually acknowledge what I'm doing right now and seeing it as a path, the same way the longevity he created, it's a great feeling to share that same stage and a moment with him. Wayne ain't no new jack to this game. He influenced a lot of styles and a lot of sounds. I would say I was influenced by a certain sound and flow and cadence that he brung to the game."

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    I fucks with Lil Wayne, nobody could tell me shit because I also fucks with Kendrick, Nas, Jay-Z, The Game, Lupe, Em All your favourite rappers fuck with Wayne so I don't understand why he gets so much hate.. Some people understand certain areas where Wayne is weak but I swear most of you hate for the sake of Hatin

  • johno

    I got a lot of respect for mixtape weezy but he does too much pop shit too. some of his shits good and some of it makes me wanna throw up, it's like they're two different artists.

  • Queens Is The Best

    "Wayne is so wack", "Fuck Lil Gayne", "Fuck YMCMB", "Weezy ain't shit" Say that kind of shit to your idol Eminem or any of the greats on this industry who respect him. Just give credit where is due.

  • lol

    why people acting suprised the dude made a hwole mixtape influenced by the carter 3 always gave weezy probs and lets be honest weezy was damn hard early 00's

  • Anonymous

    Not listening to Kendrick's music anymore because of this.

  • Anonymous

    Monday, Kendrick will explain how Eminem being white made him relate better to people from the suburbs. Two days after Xmas, Kendrick will explain how Shyne's music impacted his life. Three weeks after that Kendrick will explain the reason why Kelis really divorced Nas. Three months after that Kendrick will explain why J Cole is his gay lover.

  • Numbers Don't Lie

    At least he is giving credit where credit is due. Despite of what the haters say about Lil Wayne, he has been going platinum since 1999.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a Kendrick Lamar website? All they do is talk about every interview he does.

  • ShinbrigGoku

    Still love Kendrick but I hate Lil Wayne, at least he's not as bad of a cancer as Drake

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    on K.Dots CB4 mixtape he sounded TOO much like wayne. glad to see he found his own style and voice

  • John

    Damn, smh. Too bad. ANNA PEARL was on Wayne's Carter 2 (Nikki;"Weezy Baby" & "Get Over"). She is gorgeous and making serious noise in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and youtube to support. Anna Pearl was one of the best artists Wayne ever had. This Wayne we've had for the past 5-6 years, smh. Kendrick is dope!

  • Anonymous

    DX loves breaking up Kendrick interviews into 10 different articles.

  • babidy

    I just stopped coming in the secction of comments here in HipDopDX . Isn't haters anymore, some shit that i never saw.

  • arto

    About time this asshole recognized how influential Wayne is to him.

  • BOY

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Well there you have it folks! KenDICK LAME-ar is influenced by the One, the Only, The Myth, The KIGN of HIP HOP Lil Wayne! How you bitch ass hip hop dickheads feel now huh?! HAHAHAHAH!!!! Each one of yalls favorite rappers respect Wayne to the fullest. Fuck you bitch ass niggas HAHAHAHAHAH! YMCMB ALL DAY my nigga! IANAHB 2 >>> GKMC LONG LIVE WEEZY!

    • ShinbrigGoku

      And who got emcee of the year AND always landed in the top 10 in EVERY MAGAZINE for albums of 2012?? Check last year on how Lil Wayne releasing Tha Carter IV, it's recognized as a biggest let-down of the year #Hiiipower

    • Anonymous

      snd its been proven wayne cant hang with EMINEM

  • Anonymous

    I give props to waynes old style but his shit right now is so fukn wack.



    • Anonymous

      calm down hype man. He never even came close to saying without wayne there would be not kedrick. Huge fucking leap you clown. Wipe the herpes out of your mouth and realize he was was saying is how his flow bounces alll around, the same with how different waynes flow is all the time. Not that wayne puts any content, skill, or relative thought, especially without ghost writers. So please, shut the fuck up. The best rappers are still from NY. (except for em)

  • musicphenom91

    listen to my swimming pools mix on youtube that I made on Virtual DJ

  • anonymous

    i guarantee all of you haters were sucking wayne's dick when he was puttin out those mixtapes back in the day, why do ppl just hate on everyone? i just dont get it sittin on your computer talkin shit about ppl making millions living the dream doin what they want. he might not be the best lyrically but he has originallity and a style(yes i agree, not the best of late) go ask a white grandma what "bling Bling" means and she will tell you, but he didnt have influence???


    Every time I hear this guys name he's got someones johnson in his mouth talking about all of his fav's... Okay we it, you're a collecion of other artist... Wish he would just go back to being Jay Rock's background singer.

  • Anonymous

    When he talks about Lil Wayne he is talking about last era's version of Wayne not the stupid shit you hearing on the radio right now.

  • South

    Man smh... y'all niggas just dont care. if yall dont like somebody thats a done deal lol... EVERYBODY thats relevant that y'all fuck with appreciates this dude. Jay passed the torch, Eminem said he was basically jealous of him, Kanye steady called him the best, Nas featured him on his album with Damian Marley, and the next big Legend Kendrick Lamar said that Wayne's flow made him work on his own! That's one of Kendrick's BIGGEST ASSETS! Give it up "Hip Hop Fans." The actually people that you call "hip hop" embraces this man with open arms.

    • ^

      BULLSHIT!! Nothing you said is true.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. internet fans hate Wayne because he's popular. But he's got respect from the greats so it doesn't matter. Wayne was the only rapper featured on Recovery. Does that say something? Same with Nas and Marley's album, I think. Eminem also said in one interview that he felt Wayne was one of the best doing it. Hate him or love him, Wayne gets props from the best. And the fact is, that he IS one of the best. Wayne's dedication 4 shitted on everyone's style with the aggressive flows, crazy wordplay and sick punchlines.

    • EW2003

      ummm Eminem did say he was jealous of Lil Wayne on his "Recovery" album.. On the song "Talking to Myself" he said............." Hatred was flowing through my veins - On the verge of going insane - I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne- It's like I was jealous of him 'cause of the attention he was gettin'- I felt horrible about myself-He was spittin and I wasn't."

    • souwff

      Tell me the truth now just between you and me you've fuked at least one of your cousins right!

    • smh.

      Eminem never said he was jealous of him. What's you're point about Nas & Marley featuring him. Kendrick isn't the next big legend. Get off Lil Wayne's dick.

  • Anonymous

    lol I've been trying to tell these kdot stans weezy is a big influence to him haahhahah

  • ap

    *PAUSES*......then watches for "hip hop heads" & Kdot fans who are never objective to jump off disappointment and

  • Jimmy

    To all of you commenters who are shocked/pissed Lil Wayne influenced his style: did you forget he did a mixtape using mainly Carter 3 beats? Here it is, for reference:

  • Anonymous

    What Kendrick? How come you didn't mention Ja Rule? Ja raps and sings, you rap and sing. The fuck man? Just like 50, you biting Ja's style. Even worse, you disrespected the Mighty Ja by not mentioning him. Now you must suffer. RULE! It's Murda!!!

  • killah_casp

    yet another rapper kiss assing wayne how sad the game has become revolved around one cross dressing rapper and his shitty music and this guy had a mc eight feuture on his album so i thought there was hope for him guess not i prefer ab-soul any how in my opinion the weakest member of black hippy

  • kenny carter jr

    These fools should have a kid together. i bet that lil dude would spit fire yo!

  • Malone

    If no one sees the comments then whats the sense? . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • GB

    Kendrick must have been drunk and high as fuck when he made that comment. Fuck Lil Gayne.

  • Karl Malone

    Fuck Kendrick AND Lil Wayne.

  • Malone

    No need to be hostile. Malone is simply here to help with what ever your needs are.. . . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Hip Hop please

    I knew K.Dot was a fan of Wayne, just something to put away. somewhere far away in the back of my skull

  • Anonymous

    So that means if he was influenced by Wayne that means he's going to eventually sell out like he did too *sigh*

  • Plex

    Lil Wayne will never be considered a legend by actual hip-hop heads. The dude has no classic tracks or classic albums. He's a sub-par lyricist at best, and I'm giving him more credit than he really deserves. Now, a pop icon? Absolutely. You have to give the man credit for being that talentless and still being able to convince people to buy his garbage ass albums. Rakim is a legend. Kool G Rap is a legend. Nas is a legend. Jay-Z is a legend. Kendrick is well on his way to being a legend, as his first two releases are better than Wayne's entire discography and contain more real shit than Wayne's entire life. Stop co-signing this cornball. Rap is not pop, if you call it that then STOP

    • Anonymous

      Rez, Dis Nigga Rite Here, and South are fucking idiotic Wayne stans making up bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Kool G Rap a legend? lol In what sense?

    • u mad hoe

      @ Anonymous bitch ass, stop hating on the next man and get your shit together. Being jealous is a bitch trait. You must be the product of a single mother household or something smh

    • South

      The south feels otherwise. Wayne's a legend who's been co-signed by your legends that you've listed. Before Jay signed Cole, he was trying to sign Wayne some years back. and even tough he couldn't, he still went out his way to pass the Torch to bra. Wayne ain't been pop for too long. Y'all "Hip hop Fans" just got y'all panties in a bunch. After you give the fans all that free top grade material sometimes you have to do what u need to make some money. Or be that broke nigga saying that he stayed real.

    • Dis Nigga Rite Here!

      CO-Fucking SIGN for Plex!

    • Anonymous

      @REZ you're an idiot if you think wayne will be in the legendary category KILL YA SELF

    • Anonymous

      Real talk Plex!

    • rez

      You're an idiot if you think Wayne won't be in the legendary category smh

  • wu wear

    Well I do constantly get told that both of their lyrics are 'over my head'

  • dentaldamboy

    This proves everything that Yessir and I have been saying all along. Lil Wayne is a legend in the rap game and is paving the way for new artists. Meanwhile, Jay-Z, Pusha T and Common are a bunch of old-ass bitter dudes. If you like Kendrick Lamar, you are now obligated to be a Wayne fan.

  • Malone

    Lil Wayne never influenced his style... I did. . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Back in '10 he was pissed at Jay Rock for putting Wayne on his he's dickriding smh....Kendrick was supposed to be the realist right?

    • BP

      he's not dickriding you fuck. God I'm tired of these fags overusing the word soon as a nigga says one decent thing about another

  • Anonymous he didn't go out to actually say he was influenced by Wayne. Epic save!!!

  • Anonymous

    Didn't he say in one article that Eminem influenced his style?

  • Anonymous

    nooooo kendrick c'mon

  • ETK

    people need to wake up n smell the coffee... Lil Wayne influenced a LOT of rappers today. and some of the vets today are even lookin up to him. as shit as Weezy is, in this fierce hip-hop game he's been making the most out of it. he's doin things rappers wish they could do, all with the lyrical ability of a spack I'm not sayin niggas be jealous, but Wayne has done a lot of things right. lyrics just ain't one of 'em.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Kendrick sucks.

  • Anonymous

    haha the bloggers are gonna hate this



  • WTF

    Haha damn, Wayne? Never thought that would be possible but whatever works lmao

  • Michael

    Some people don't actually know that Kendrick was influenced by Wayne that he made a mixtape, based on beats by Tha Carter III. Lol inspiration can come from the weirdest places.

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