RZA Sued By Dutch Singer Over Unpaid Royalties

RZA reportedly forked over a fraction of what's owed to a Dutch singer.

A Dutch singer has sued RZA for failing to pay royalties on work they did together from 2004 to 2011.

According to TMZ, Thea Van Siejaen sang vocals on RZA's "Baby Boy," featured in the Jet Li film Unleashed. Siejaen, who also co-wrote with RZA and sang on 13 other songs, says she was only paid a fraction of the royalties that she's owed.

The songstress claims that she was afraid to ask RZA for the money because she feared that he would blackball her from the industry, but is now demanding royalties for the 14 tracks.

A source close to RZA says, "Unfortunately this is a groundless lawsuit by someone RZA had helped get off the streets, lent a helping hand to, and now thinks he’s an easy target to mark looking for money."

HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • Edubb

    She probably is in the right but she will never she the money that she is owed. This is was and how the music industry will always be, the little people get fucked over. Just because RZA is a popular artist doesnt mean he is a good dude!!! So before you go callin this woman a money grabbin hoe or whatever, just take the time to think maybe she really didnt get paid what shes owed. Its funny how people spin shit when it comes to their favorite or popular artist. Oh well sign of the FUCKED UP times we live in!!

  • Malone

    This is the real Malone. Please ignore the troll using my name that's been annoying all of you, he's all played out already. With that said, this Thea woman sounds like she's more jealous that she isn't in the spotlight like RZA is, and is just out for the money.

  • NONO

    Help or no help...If you made an agreement..Stick to it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis hoe only doin it for da money. tryna bring ma nigga rza down. swag

  • CJ

    She was on some afro samurai tracks and on the Digi Snacks album IIRC. I thought she had a pretty decent voice, but this shit is low yo. Though I don't know why this article has to specifically say it was a dutch singer. attracts dutch commenters like flies to a pile of shit.

    • @CJ

      The last line of your comment sounded a bit racist. Just saying.

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      Never bite the hand that feeds you, thats all I can say. In the progress of writing/singing there are contracts, so this would be a way of her to get that little extra something. It did not play out the way she hoped for so now she tries it the dirty way.....afraid that Rza would blackball her, well if you have talent and a great voice, thats a package that sells itself

  • ziploc

    @dutch...you kill me with the dutch come back...te grappig..

  • Hip Hop please

    Siejaen?? Thea van Seijen, that's her real name

  • Mr. Blackman

    Did she WRITE on the songs or just PERFORM/SING on the songs. If she didn't write he doesn't owe her ish but a flat fee. Non writer/performers only get performance royalties through Sound Exchange.

  • Dutch

    I'm Dutch, and I've NEVER heard of Thea Van Siejaen....

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