Damon Dash To Open Art Galleries In South Carolina & Hong Kong

Damon Dash announces plans to launch a pair of art galleries to expand DD 172.

Damon Dash has announced plans to open galleries in South Carolina and Hong Kong.

The move comes after Dame opened Poppington Art Gallery in Manhattan in September.

“South Carolina is the New York of the South…with beaches…I like the town and there is a strong undiscovered artistic community from music to art,” said Dash to AllHipHop.

The galleries will be part of Dame's DD 172 organization, and will "support the creation and distribution of works by artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative types."

“We will be bringing artist that we show in our New York gallery to the South and artists that we show in the South to the New York gallery,” added Dame. “It’s like a franchise. Next is Hong Kong.”

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  • Daniel

    As an artist, I have to give him some credit for trying to bring anything to the south

  • Anonymous

    i remember back in 2000 dame on MTV boasting that he pops new fresh socks everyday flaunting the high life, then he lost it all. i do agree what is said below Jay-z is a snake, he detached from Dame at the point he didn t need him anymore i respect Dame for contimue to hussle by himself having to live in the shadow of a gigantic Jayz

  • Anonymous

    what does this nikka know about art?????

  • Jamie

    Jay Z is a snake. If not for Damon Dash, Jay wouldn't have made it that big. People need to have loyalty towards those who you made it with. I think Jay Z is a good rapper, but what stops me from liking him as much as I should, are how he stabbed Damon in the back and how now he makes pop dance albums like Watch The Throne. Jay Z doesn't need to make whack albums like that to sell records, all he has to do is release The Buleprint 4 or something.

    • Anonymous

      You mean Gallery not Galery.... I bet your imaginary biz is a complete fuck up seeing as you cannot even get the basics right ... Like I said your just a dumb crab minded hating peasant !

    • Anonymous

      ^^ so by ur definition, that makes u a loser then..lol..takes one to know one i guess

    • Anonymous

      @ DUMB PEASANT I have two recordstores and an artgalery so shut the fuck up!


      What the fuck have you created in your life .. what movement have you started .. What record labels have you created from the ground up and cashed out for a few million .. Further more who respects your anonymous PEASANT minded ass (no homo) Stop thinking like a peasant minded bitch !!!

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