Asher Roth Expresses Doubts In The Major Label System

Asher Roth discusses the major label system and why the independent route might be the best.

Even though he stated that his Def Jam debut would finally drop this January, it's looking less and less likely that Asher Roth's as-of-yet untitled project will make its release date. Now, in a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, the "I Love College" rapper discusses his options in the independent scene.

Asher explained that he's happy that artists like Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore are finding success without sacrficing their integrity. Although he didn't say whether he was planning to leave Def Jam in favor of the indies, he believes that the independent route gives artists like himself a dual sense of financial security and artistic control.

"All I want to say is, myself, these cats and everybody watching this stuff, I think we've seen the recent success of just kinda doing it yourself, believing in yourself and believing in good people," he said. "With that being said, it's great for me to sit back and see cats like Kids These Days…and Chuck [Inglish] and that sticking to what you really believe in paying off and getting that reinforcement from the fans. Look at Kendrick [Lamar], Macklemore - these are perfect examples of people who stick to what they believe in…and people are showing up now [to support]. That's huge for artists like us…we have a problem with authority and it was bummer when people were trying to control what we do for so long, and now it's just great for a lot of artists and fans."

He continued, "To me, when I first came, everything happened so fast, I was too dependent to a fault. Being on a major label - unless you're activated and you're like - if you're Rihanna [or] Justin Bieber, you're good, you have all the resources in the world. But otherwise, you're independent.

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Craig

    So Wait.... Alot Of Notable Urban MCs expressed this same sentiment over the last 10-15 years, but as soon as the white rapper mentions it, its NEWS all of a sudden???? not to make it racial, but HipHopdx is Run by Corporate White Media (We ain't dumb), and promote nothing but ignorant coon rapper beef, and now they want to show they feel the same way we do once asher roth says something about it? BULLSHIT. DX Ya'll ARE CORNY FOR THIS.

    • The_Observer

      you don't know what you talking about as Lupe Fiasco was well documented when he expressed his frustration with major labels last i checked, Lupe was black?

    • Anonymous

      or asher hasnt done a interview in a while and it most the thing said they wanna post

  • bmoc

    I cant wait for the album. And stop calling him the "I love College rapper". Hes done great things...just calling him that is rediculous.

    • JM

      Lol well get used to it, that song (as god awful as it was) will always be the song he'll be remembered for. That's the price he must pay for being a one hit wonder.

  • nibs

    same old story. it's like when these dudes get signed they think "I know almost every rapper bitches about being on a major label, but I'm different" then a year or 2 later they're cryin about it. fuck this guy he been rich way before rap.

  • 90s baby

    Son you just not good enough. Whats your market? Teenage kids???? Well they dont buy albums but download the shit and dont have money. Im not a hater dude can rap a little but isnt good enough.

    • youreanidiot

      14-25 hipsters buy more albums than anybody in rap...not these oldheads. they're the ones with money given to them by their parents that they spend on tree and cds. that's why chief keef got on. labels dont even care about albums...they just keep the artist happy and bring in extra signs. singles is where they cake.

    • R.Pgh

      his mixtapes have all been pretty dope. The 'Asleep in the Bread Isle' was very sub-par, but that Pabst and Jazz mixtape was ill.

    • joe

      your dumb as fuck thats all i have to say you dont get what hes trying to say

  • 80s baby

    Asher Roth is one of the most skilled rappers of this generation. But unfortunately nowadays gimmicks and swag is what takes you the top in this industry. In the good old days it was skills and keeping it real that got you to the top.. these 90s babies are retarded as shit.

  • Yolanda's House (Remix)

    And I'm sure Def Jam is THRILLED to have you, Asher...



    • roger

      You may generate less overall revenue with an independent, but you're getting a much larger percent of that revenue, which nowadays is likely putting more money in your pockets at the end of the day. Listen to Macklemore's song "Jimmy Iovine" to get his take on it.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick is NO GOLD YET, he's sold 427,993 ...... He'll likely hit gold next year but he hasn't sold gold yet

    • Anonymous

      success is what you make it homie. Its different for others. Some make them album sales is success or others money. Think Kendrick has sold the most albums for a rapper this year(solo). He didnt have to be trapped out or dancing. Just rapping thats big homie. Its showing majors get out the way let me do what I do.


      Kdot is certified gold (not many rappers got gold plaques this year. Is he the only one? LOL probably). and that other Macklemore guy is sellin as much as artists on major and he is independant. so yeah...

  • Jacc

    He's still doubting?!?!? C'mon son! The major label game is dead!!! You're gonna spend a million dollars on a record that won't move no more than a few hunred thousand copies. Nowadays going independent is the best thing you can do.

    • Anonymous

      Indie artists have to pay for everything. Now unless you're Mac Miller and can generate a huge buzz being indie is worse than going swimming after you've just eaten a Chipotle burrito.

    • Anonymous

      @SHone Jones You Sound Like a disinfo agent. That ain't no fairy tale... ask DOOM about his million dollar mansion. you don't know shit faggot.

    • Anonymous

      Shone Jones just picked up his 3rd copy of Nicki Minaj's album.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ Tell Tech N9ne & Atmosphere Independane is a fairy tale while there driving in there Bentley's and Tech is looking at his position on the forbes list

    • Shone Jones

      Stop with that Independent fairy tale bullshit. Just Stop!!!!

  • Mike

    It's all based on speaking to the right people and making the right choices Asher!

  • Mike

    He should just leave Def Jam & hit the underground scene, Asher Roth is basically saying he just loves making music & making money he didn't really want the high commercial success.

  • Anonymous

    asher is a really dope mc and cant wait for his album no matter what label

  • Anonymous

    I feel what sons saying. but it's to each it's own. Not every ones made for that independent grind, vice versa.

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