A$AP Rocky Debuts "LongLiveA$AP" On MTV's "RapFix Live"

A$AP Rocky also performs "Goldie" and "Peso."

While in the studio yesterday during his appearance on MTV's "RapFix Live," A$AP Rocky treated viewers and fans to the premiere of the first track on his upcoming album LongLiveA$AP.

During the performance, he ran through the title cut, also ripping through previously released tracks "Goldie" and "Peso."

Rocky is currently making the media rounds to promote LongLiveA$AP, slated for release on January 15th. For the project, the Harlem, New York native enlists a handful of guests including Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Santigold, Florence Welch and more.

Check the performances below.

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  • Anonymous

    A$$WIPE is a fucking hemorroid in show business; talentless fuck with cute dick sucking lips who's "hype" is 99.99% bought and paid for by SONY and its attendant lackeys... 0.01% are fashion nerds and retards. What a world where Nelson Mandela will be and this retard will take his place.

  • Anonymous

    Where has the dress gone.

  • Nemesis

    sick beat and flow as usual for asap rocky....gonna cop the album...and to the commenters at the bottom, im a hip-hop head that buys albums like nas life is good album and go to concerts of legends for years,and im buying asap rockys album,cuz the beats are sick,the flows are sick,an occasionally he'll talk about something other then weed an pussy an lean

  • Anonymous

    It's a shame this nigga didn't put Ja Rule on his album. The song with Ja would've shot to #1 on the charts in less than a minute.

  • xFoxHoundx

    Hip Hop died when people became divided...i admit this dude did a song where he didnt say shit or anything worthwhile...but i cant front i like the beat and asap did his thing with the flow...its not ground breaking by any means and just like wiz and drake any other "m.c." that came out the game will play unoriginal dudes out...i mean i fuck with asap but lean sipping and all that other shit will get him far...but yea..

  • Dre$$wearingbiotch

    Shits weak. the new generation is retarded!

  • Real Nagga

    i really liked him but he wore a shirt sayin prohibit 13that's really sad he is basically advertising for people to stay stuck on this 3d realm instead of raising their vibrations to 13 & being in harmony with mother nature & universelook up da13thsun on youtubehe will get you hip 13LOVE

  • Anonymous

    disappointed af smh

  • cary

    this is pretty hot...I just hate how all the young kids will immediately go out and buy it; but they dont buy or support older guys who are lyricists

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