Lyor Cohen Advising Kanye West, Reportedly Launching Management Company

Former CEO and Chairman from Warner Music Group Lyor Cohen is rumored to be in talks with Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz to form a new company.

Shortly after leaving Warner Music Group as its CEO and Chairman, veteran record executive Lyor Cohen is reportedly making some big moves.

According to NY Post, Cohen has been advising Kanye West on his music deals and upcoming tour. "He's 100 percent in Kanye's camp," said a source of Cohen, who has been recently spotted hanging out with the Chicago rapper.

Additionally, Cohen was previously rumored to be starting his own management company. The paper reports that he is going to launch his own talent-management company that structures 360 multiplatform deals for artists. He is reportedly in talks with former WBR executive Kevin Liles and former WBR chief Todd Moscowitz to join forces as partners.

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