Dr. Dre's Beats Electronics Bases Three Companies In Ireland To Reduce Tax Liability

Dr. Dre establishes three companies to get a tax break.

Dr. Dre's Beats Electronics has set up shop in Ireland to reduce tax liability through the country's generous corporate tax rate.

According to Irish Examiner, the West Coast veteran has established three separate companies including Beats Electronics Services Ltd and Beats Electronics International Ltd. in Clonakilty, Co Cork. The companies share the same address as O’Mahony Donnelly accountants, who explain how they help international businesses operate in Ireland.

"Since I established O’Mahony Donnelly here in 2000 we’ve worked with a number of multinational corporations to get them set up in Ireland. This has become a great niche for our firm," says Michael O'Mahony. "We set up limited companies, provide company secretarial services including providing a registered company address, as well as other accountancy and business advisory services."

The establishment allows for "money to be channelled between the separate companies in the form of royalty payments or license fees to artificially but legitimately reduce profits as a means of reducing tax liabilities." U2 took similar measures with their publishing company back in 2006.

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  • Anonymous

    shipping companys to other parts other than the U.S...will not buy.SUPPORT AMERICAN MADE

  • Land of the free

    This is a reason the American economy is in such a bad way. The rich find ways to dodge taxes and loop holes in the business world to get richer. This can be argued as "good business" but when you are directly avoiding paying tax to the country you live in despite having above and beyond the means to pay it, its criminal. I realise this is only a small example in the business world but the product itself are far inferior to other lesser priced headphones. 90% of the headphones in the same price range a far superior yet 90% of the headphones people are wearing are beats, stop the sheep mentality and do some research on the product and companys you buy from. Why give your hard earned dollars away to someone just because they had a hit album in 2001?

  • Anonymous

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    • twoholla

      Dude!!! Don't HATE the player...HATE THE GAME! This is actually a common corporate practice. You know that company that makes all those iphones, ipads, & whatever else they make...I think Steve Jobs had something to do with that company?(haha). Well that company did the same thing in the 1980's. So you might as well throw away any Apple gizmos you currently own & NEVER buy another Apple product again in your life! Again let me reiterate>>>DON'T HATE THE PLAYER...HATE THE GAME!

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    Sounds like a front for money laundering.

  • Seanieg

    Yes there is a lower corporation tax in Ireland but our destination also had a big part in these companies setting up here as we are the closest European country to America, we have a English speaking work force and we are the first port of call to Britain and the rest of Europe. It makes sense for these companies to set up in Ireland

  • Seanieg

    Great news for us, creating employment for our fucked economy! Nice one

  • Anonymous

    I'm not even worried about his bank account, just on general principle I support any american that does this. Taxes are out of hand here and If I could put together a plan like that to get me out a break from them I'd do it in a heart beat

  • Anonymous

    From a business sense this is great news for Dre but he really doesn't need the break. If I recall the man was just named forbes top paid African American artist in regards to Hip Hop. He doesn't need the tax break but a clever business move none the less.

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    fuck Dre he has so much money.

  • Anonymous

    I don't blame him, taxes are out of fucking control here

  • mgf

    If the US government would just reduce taxes people wouldn't take their businesses outside the US.

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      Cause that worked great in the 80's. No rich people stashed their money in other countries. Rich people are all honest good people with magnificent souls looking to help the world.

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