Jean Grae Launches Multimedia Company, Plans New Web Sitcom

Jean Grae launches a new multimedia company that will serve as the platform for her next solo projects.

Even though her deal with Talib Kweli's Blacksmith Records fell through, that isn't keeping Jean Grae from finding a new avenue to release her music. According to a recent report from HipHopWired, the veteran rhymer has launched a new multimedia company.

Jean Grae recently teamed up with Guy Routte, CEO of Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R. Media, to launch a new multimedia company called Kids Are Gonna Die. This partnership between W.A.R. and KAGD will serve as a platform for the South Africa-born emcee's long-awaited sixth and seventh LPs, Gotham Down and Cake Or Death.

Grae's next solo albums aren't the only projects that KAGD has lined up for the near-future, however. The company is also planning to produce a bi-weekly sitcom "Life with Jeannie" directed by and starring Grae, as well as release a comedic holiday EP from the underground veteran titled Ho X 3.

DX will keep you updated as more information on the deal comes to light.

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  • WW

    Jean Grae. Great Idea but that NAME for your media company IS MORE THAN KRYPTIC, it is uninspiring. What prompted you to name it THAT. I don't even want to type that name. Please change it Mama Chang IT.

  • Anonymous

    excuse making turd; there's ALWAYS a reason for Jean Grae's failure except the REAL one, which is Jean Fucking Grae. the 'sexist' excuse is tired ass too, in a wide world of music, there's NO REASON to listen to her whining crap, ever.

  • bombastic

    Jean Grae must be hard to work with...a bad apple. There is no other explanation.

  • yall don't know shit bout lyrics

    She is a Real Emcee point blank.

  • ben

    I dont understand why she has such a hard time getting signed with someone. She is a dope MC. She is definitely the best female rapper. It seems like she would be signed under on of the umbrellas of Common, Mos def, Kweli, the roots, or some one like that. Someone has to get her out there..... but the powers that be probably dont ever want her to get out.....Nothing but ass and titties and ignorance for black women. So more Nikki, Kim, Atlanta housewives, and Love and Hip-hop

  • Anonymous


    • tinyzuma

      Your don't know Hip Hop, her 1st name is Tsidi and surname Ibrahim. Jean Grey is a cartoon charactor. She is from Cape Town SOuth Africa.

  • Anonymous

    1000% bullshit! Yeah, there's a company I want to invest in... FACT: Jean Grae is annoying as hell, ALWAYS complaining about something and a straight-up cornball on the mic regardless of the (obviously) sexist environment she works in. Her parents were genuinely talented; she ain't even fucking close.

    • idontknow

      Breaking news 99% hiphop is full of people complaining. You got underground cats complaining about the weakest mainstream rap. You got mainstreaming rappers complaining about lack respect they get. Then you have female mc complains about repect they get from the



  • Assassin221

    Damn, that pic does not look like the same Jean Grae from "This Week." I guess rap wasn't paying the bills right so she decided to get her Awkward Black Girl on.

  • Anonymous

    Jean Grae Is Dope, It's just a shame DX doesn't promote her enough... she shits on any other female DX pushes. Bunch of faggot trend followers.

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