Police Investigating Death Threats Made Against Rick Ross

Chicago police are now investigating the threats leveled at Rick Ross by the Gangsters Disciples.

Last week, the world of Hip Hop was shocked to learn that Rick Ross cancelled the remainder of his Maybach Music Group tour over threats of gang violence. Now, in a recent report from TMZ, it appears that police are investigating into the matter.

The Chicago Police Department is beginning to investigate the threats levied at the Carol City rapper by the notorious Chicago-based gang the Gangster Disciples. Prior to the North Carolina leg of Rozay's tour, the GD's posted a video threatening the rapper's life if he were to perform.

According to the video, the GD's are demanding that Ross pay them for likening himself to the gang's founder, Larry Hoover, in his song "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)." They are also claiming that he ripped off their six-pointed star gang symbol on the cover of his mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah.

As of now, the police are investigating into the video and the parties who made the threats in it. DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • OfficerRickyShooter

    Ds Sucker Popo now bringn Cops into d game, ds nigga aint Gd up @ all, Too Fake

  • Boi64

    Sorry bout the few typos.. But that's what happen so stop with the bullshit six point star story Ross is a fake who steals others life and sell records off their mishaps .

  • Boi64

    For all y'all that's just yapping your mouth and don't kno here it is....... Rick. Ross went to mrs. Hoover Larry's wife and his on l.j, Larry jr and said "I want to do a song paying respect to mr. Hover" Wendy Hoover wife said" ok but don't promote drugs or violence because Larry wants to change the condition of our city" Ross said ok but wen the song came out he was talking about selling drugs .... So l.j. (Larry jr) told him he gave them false info so change the song .. Ross said he couldn't cause def jam had already pressed it up .. Ok so l.j. Said ok you don't have to pay just do some free back to school concerts in chi Memphis and Mississippi but Ross never showed now Ross waz had big meech guys on his ass wanting money for using his name so the gangster gave him security and Ross never paid and that's y dey want his fat ass!

  • Anonymous

    "#SALUTE KING O" Lames truly travel together.

  • CJ

    So The Police start investigating when Rick Ross gets death threats. Never saw that shit happen with Biggie or Pac.

  • N/A

    The pigs always have each other's back.

  • BOY

    Buncha ignorant starving niggas. Ricky Rozay will put a price on these niggas heads. Its that Piru Mob Gang that Weezy be runnin thats gonna silence these bitch ass Gay-ster Disciples. SooooooWooooooo!

  • Disciples scared of the Cops

    It's a shame they can't pressure the government to let Larry Hoover out of Colorado. If they really had some power, Larry and all there members would be free.

  • Anonymous

    A faker can only fake it for so long til things come crashing down,

  • Nuff said...

    He deserves the backlash... nuff said...

  • lol

    so does that mean the GDs will pay the jews for rippin of there stars.. clowns

  • King O

    All he knows is Selassie and swears that's all of "black" history. There are other people besides, Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Booker T. Washington. You just reflect on this fraction and think it's all of our history b/c folks like him, commercialize it and then try to throw it back in our faces, as if that's the only history of Africans & their descendents. Notice, how I got his attention. If your so called black friends aren't schooling you to the truth, then they aren't really "black" homey.

  • Arnold Schwarzenigger

    Ross is the biggest phony in hiphop history. Sure most rappers fake actions and tell lies, but ross is so bad hes not even good at faking it

  • Tony Montana

    OH fUckboi...I get it now...

  • Tony Montana

    What a bunch of dumb bl@ck nIgs....Pick a fucking book up once in a while, maybe you'll know what a Bar Mitzvah is and why he used the fucking star of David...coonery at its finest... They keep fucking around and the Israelis are gonna send Eric Bana in to merk all of them Folks for stealing that six point star from THEM...


      Solid Point....and good for you for properly using the term "carte blanche" +++++++++ THE USUAL WHITE ENTITLEMENT SNEAK DISS NO WONDER U STICKING AROUND STEALING FROM THE CULTURE

    • Corelli

      Fuckboi is what you are and is a southern slang meaning you a bitch ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Thanks King O for schooling this dummy maybe this ignorant internet thug need to pick up a book and stop speaking on stuff he know nothing about

    • King O

      The Lion of Judah, has nothing to do with Izrael. U big dummy. Everyone who isn't fooled by European lies, knows Selassie is Ethiopian and is the bloodline of Queen Sheba & King Solomon. You didn't even know who the real Israelites were. You are here just to rile up people's nerves b/c you can't wear your hoodie in public anymore, without getting eggs thrown at you. You are so 19 century. Get with the times and get in touch with the rest of us.

    • Tony Montana

      "U HAVIN SOME "FRIENDS" & LISTENING 2 RAP OR KNOWING ABOUT ZION DON'T GIVE U CARTE BLANCHE BITCH" Solid Point....and good for you for properly using the term "carte blanche" One question though, whats a fcukboi? is that english for batty bwoy or a fassi?

    • Anonymous


    • Tony Montana

      You must be talking about King Selassie Eye and the real Zion.....or am I wrong? If so, then please, Mister "Getthephuxxouttaherewithdatbullshyte" Scholar...school me and my uneducated mind....and my apologies if you took offense to the black nig comment, Im allowed to say that, I have black friends...

    • King O

      Get outta here with that. I can break down the whole real history of Izrael & you'll be wondering what hit you in the mind. Talk about black nigs....Like we aren't educated scholars. Don't get it twisted. You got his-stories and we got our actually stories, of what really happened and then you talk about, picking up a book. There's so much African knowledge out there, you would say something ignorant like that. 'WE' are world history. Pick up a book. Getthephuxxouttaherewithdatbullshyte....straight up.

  • John-Boy

    I knew Rick Ross was gonna call for backup on this one.

  • Anonymous


  • Melton McLaurin

    Them gang members going hard at William Roberts, but won't touch The KKK, Skinheads or The Hell's Angels. They're nothing but some cowards and poster boy's for Willie Lynch's letter.

    • Anonymous

      The police (white people) make them GD'z run from them everyday. Them clowns ain't no gangsters if they running from the police.

    • King O

      But there isn't rappers out there pretending to be the KKK, skinheads, or the hell's angels. RR is using these dude's names and acting like he the real thing.

    • Anonymous

      The KKK wear police uniforms in all the cities, where them Folks live and them dusty gangsters running scared..lol

    • larryloc

      i bet the kkk wont walk down the street in front of a gang with there shit on either so shut the fuck up

  • King O

    Because of his background, Ross is really affiliated with law enforcement which explains why this would happen. Ross claims that the tour was cancelled for other reasons but it's starting to look Ross is scared and now he got po-po, or even hiring private PI's, to work for him. Soft like a baby's ass. You know, if Ross didn't pretend to be something he is not and strictly stuck to smooth rimes about luxury, he would be the Barry White of rap. But he feared that he wouldn't sell records this way, so he because a fraudulent gangster, knowing the ignorant massed, who don't know real Hip Hop, would still buy his music. Anybody that bought any of Ross's music got shammed, making Ross the pretender rich. And now, he cancels the tour on you, issuing a fake apology. Street King Immortal cannot get here any sooner. Fresh for 2013....u succckkkaaazzz!

  • loki.3

    yeah officer this is gonna smooth things over with the GD's bawse is a smart man lol

  • Pells

    If the real Noriega owes you a hundred favors, call one in. Rawwwws, Bawssss. This guy is a fraud.

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Ross will never perform in Chicago. That city is a lifeless place where uneducated boys (not men) will shoot and kill anyone because they lack the skill set to do anything else in life. Like Detroit. Ross would be better served if he played cities where he can perform without the threat of ignorance. Maybe South Dakota.

    • yeah

      you making foolish statements about something you know nothing about...must be a William Roberts fan

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      Better believe that they are not the one's making ignorant death threats. Smart people never say a word, you just end up dead.

    • White people are real gangsters

      They have racist organizations in Chicago, that none of those so called "uneducated boys" ever shoot nor kill. The Outfit still runs Chicago.

  • Majaboy BestUnsignedRapper

    This is yaboy Majaboy, the best unsigned lyricist in rap comin at you mf's live and direct straight from Miami by way of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Ill and speaking on behalf of all real niggas and the Almighty Vicelord Nation from the Motherland of the Holy City (Chicago) to the brothers on every end of the globe. From our Chiefs all the way down to the soldiers we salute Mr. Roberts for his entrepreneurship and dedication to upward mobility from the slums that have oppressed members of these mobs since the we were formed in the 1950's. With all due respect to Mr. Hoover, we respectfully disagree with the Folks in their charges against Mr. Roberts. The purpose of him using MR. Hoover's name was to empower our youth and reignite the fervor for the underlying concepts of GDism, Growth and Development. We support Mr. Roberts and applaud him on his mission to keep the legacy of people like Minister Rico, Larry Hoover, and Jeff Fort alive==as their concepts are about self-empowerment and unity--not banging and destruction.

    • fuck vickie lous

      majaboy u tha dumbest mafucka i heard n a while im not even gonna waste time goin in on ur bitch ass all i can say is i hope they murk yo whack ass after they catch that fake fat sloppy sorry ass rapping police ass nigga so you and that fat bitch eat a dick 1 more thing u talkn bout how that police ass nigga got this n that if he so tough why he cancel his shows yea thats what i thought fuck both u sissys 6 poppin 5 droppin pussy

    • Anonymous

      Fuck a Vickie Lou 6 poppin 5 droppin 7 4 VLK

    • Anonymous

      You should be a fucking Comedian

  • KNLondon

    You feed the wolves or the wolves will feed on you. You can't keep referencing people you don't know, things you never did and a lifestyle you never lived and expect nothing negative to come out of it. Rick Ross has been lying for a long time and people will be pissed if they really are about it, about it. Most of 50's enemies (those close to him before he was famous) like Bang Em Smurf will spew all kinda of shit about 50, but never do they question his authenticity or the bullsh1t he went through on those streets. This guy is a fraud, and he deserves to face the music. As does Lil Wayne and anyone else throwing up gangs and speaking out their league.

  • R.O.D.

    Man......Aiight, If I was Ross.....I woulda payed these niggaz off. It's starting to come to ahead that this nigga could get killed over all this Lying shit......I don't get into anyones personal life & I'm from Miami Fl & I know what it is out here......If that nigga Ross was smart he should break bread with all these niggaz he shouts out on record & interviews.......Whats worse is that homie comin' up with an excuse....Lets be real my dude...You canceled your tour cuz you got SCARED of being dealt with.....These niggaz got you losing money......Plus you still think you're untouchable...Dawg Pac got Killed, Biggie got killed IDGAF who you are.....If niggaz want you killed, they'll find you......All this bragging, showboating & tough guy shit won't mean SHIT when a nigga catches you slippin' on the block & handles you homie......Miami nigga to another Miami nigga.....If you're smart.....Pay these niggaz off....You claim you a boss & you got all this bread well these nigga making you LOSE bread so before you get capped you better just pay what you owe......If not then thats one less rapper to worry about (I'm a fan of the music so I'm not wishing death on dude but it is what it is)......It aint worth ya life. REAL WORDZ

    • dog

      if they KILLED your cousin, then they gotta be about more than just intimidation

    • Anonymous

      Folks ova People

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      You sound stupid as hell Majaboy BestUnsignedRapper! So what you are saying is you are weak as a man so you had to join a gang to try and justify your manhood and you are proud that you made it to 30? Wow. Dumb asses deserve every negative thing they get in this life. If you bread negativity, you reap negativity. People need to grow up and be productive. Never seen retired "gangsta's" living the good life.

    • adam

      fucking dead @ this warlord.

    • Majaboy BestUnsignedRapper

      Man get the fuck outta here with that shit R.O.D. Let me give you a dose of reality nigga. Dog betta not pay them niggas NOTHIN because to do so will be career suicide and probably financial suidide as well. Nigga I'm from Milwaukee only one hour from the Chi and I'mma Conservative Vicelord I been gangbanging against Folks my whole like and I'm 30 nigga. Half my family Folks aint but two Lords in our family we know about Folks very well and how they get down. Intimidation is they game nigga you fall into that it's a wrap. I ain't get to be this age by gettin scared everytime them niggas throw up the rakes and start yelling shit we had pistols too and just like them niggas killed my 16 year old brother Dante we killed plenty of them niggas too everybody bleed homie! That nigga Ross nem got plenty choppers dont make no mistake and trust them MMG niggas rich and aint no pushover for no nigga, no matter what kinda job he had before he got on nigga! That nigga Ross got some killas, and you can start with @305Iceberg nem them boys got goons down here so you can rule out any mf coming to Miami (which is where I stay now) and fuckin wit Ross. Niggas try to gain points and buss at dog in traffic while he in another city and them niggas deep and strapped they gone hop out and give them boys the business with them hammers and the rest of them niggas gone think twice. All he gotta do is make one example outta them niggas! #realrap

  • clevelandchief

    Watched a video of Ross doing an interview for a radio station. He said the shows wer canceled because he is a boss making boss moves... I belive Ross he never lies..

  • Anonymous

    Corporate money calls the shots in America. Nobody say's anything when all these gang members are working for the record companies and Hollywood Studios in Cali. Because they are getting the poor people in the ghettos to put more money in the pockets of rich people. Other than when these rapper/gang members are coming out with a new album, or a concert is in town, you never hear a word from these companies in your community where the real struggle is. Your parents care about you, not these corporations or this blind justice system that favor the have's vs. the have-nots. Because Rozay called off these tour dates, some corporate people are upset about the money they won't be spending. GD's are fucking with corporate money and they're upset. But the same corporations are cool with Rozay talking that "Blood" garbage because it's making THEM money. I got love for Rozay; however, the truth is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is the biggest looser

  • Anonymous

    Gang culture isn't always about going out and doing crimes or violent acts. Most of the time you grow up together in the same neighborhoods as friends and family. These are the ones sometimes that accept you for who you are as a person when the world rejects you. Gangs should be better at truly caring for their respective communities. Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with being who you are if you aren't harming anyone. Be proud to be whoever it is you are, but do good by as many as possible. Never worry about being accepted because society is never going to honestly accept you unless you're the perfect tool.

    • Anonymous

      you have sense I try to tell thesed dumb ass niggas on here. I was in a gang and I worked everyday. Thats my neighborhood and my homeboys I grew up with. Its not always about doing dirt.

  • Anonymous

    The Big "Boss" seems to be well connected. #OfficerRicky

  • Reality Hurts

    If them Gangsters were so hard, why can't they break Larry Hoover out of jail? It's funny how they don't fear Rick Rozay, but run from the white folks.

  • Anonymous

    The police need to put all gangsters, who can't fight one on one in jail! Them fakes on them videos acting all brave with 30 people in masks behind them. I know some people in Columbus, Ohio like that. They join a gang for protection...lol

  • Anonymous

    Fuck them bum ass gds


    wats up wit these GDs keef is affiliated with them nd ross is too,wtf wat other rappers r affiliated in wat gang answer me please

  • Anonymous

    i gotta whopper in the car

  • IDK

    So the GD wanted to extort money from Rick Ross because he likened himself to their leader and because he stole their gang symbol??? So I guess a whole lot of other rappers should get death threats as well, as a number of them also referenced or likened themselves to criminals. Also, I guess all Jews should extort money from the GD, as the GD's gang symbol closely resembles the Star of David. I'm not a fan of Rick Ross btw, nor do I support his music. Just sayin'...

    • Anonymous

      The Jews are extorting them GDz. Who you think put Larry Hoover in jail?

    • Anonymous

      You are trying to talk down on Gang members like they are some sort of rapper that cares about public image. Use your head. They clearly won, considering Ross' fake ass canceled a whole tour because of fear for his life. What happened to the "pistol in his car" or making the "realest nigga look like a bitch"??

  • Anonymous

    the niggaz that made the vids werent even from the chi. shows hot out of touch the piggies are haha

  • Sheep!

    Hip Hop is the most fucked up pyramid scheme ever!They not only sell you bullshit,then rub in the shit that they bought by selling you the bullshit! But they also sell you the dream that you as well can make it slanging bullshit! Music is the best form of control.the better the headphone the less you hear around you and the less you interact with others. separation is must when creating conflict and making taunting music about material objects and stopping most random daily human interaction is a great way to start shit! just saying

  • Deena Strong

    If Ross snitched then where is the paperwork? Where is the complaint #? I dont care for this dude and I think hes fake as hell, but facts is facts. In the words of my man 50, "where is the signed document"? If somebody can prove Ross and 50 are SNITCH, then prove it! If Ross a snitch so is 50, if Ross is NOT a snitch then neither is 50. This is the same situation here folks you cant have one and not the other. Also people say Ross paid niccas in the Chi to hold him down at his concert. I guess Mike Knox just likes fightin for 50, cuz he cool. 40 Glocc and Spida Loc went at Game, cuz 50 an alright guy. French Montana made the video, cuz 50's such a swell fella. Homo shot 50, cuz Preme was a real nicca. Slick Pulla fought Waka, cuz Jeezys a great person. The cops killed B.I.G cuz, Suges the shit. Shyne shot in the club, cuz Diddys a stand up guy. NOOOOOO....Every rapper in the industry is diggin in they pockets to pay these lil niggas with $$$ or a record deal. They all pay!!! Oh I see Menace went at 40 Glocc, cuz he just reaally supports Game and his music. They all pay, Ross is right to connect with the REAL GD'S IN CHICAGO, why not???

    • Anonymous

      50 is a snitch too. they both are bad for hip hop, in fact, being signed to a major label is bad for hip hop. no excuses.

  • Anonymous

    gd are dumb as fuck , who would make a death threat and put it on youtube , and they wack as fuck , nobody is killing ross , if you kill ross , your the first people police will come to

  • Anonymous

    ross is just doin what anybody that wants to be in the rap game bad enough would do.....yeah its fradulent ....lol but he doin him and getting paid..... i cant be mad..... it not like he a lyin politician who is literally profiting off peoples downfalls..while looking down on those same people..... get ya money ross....or william.... save up ...open a business so you can fall back on something when you fall off...... cause you WILL fall off....

  • 2000 and beyond

    It's crazy how y'all are over looking the fact that these gd gang members got on YouTube and basically said Rick Ross pay us or die, and all y'all can say is that Rick Ross is a snitch (no I'm not some dick riding fan so don't waste your lame ass time typing that) But why can't y'all understand that that Law enforcement constantly looks on YouTube to catch would be criminals up in cases. I mean stop being caught up in labeling somebody a snitch because you sound ignorant. I know for a fact most of yall would run fast as hell to the police if y'all was in the same situation. I'm just glad I live in Kentucky where the gun laws are in my favor!

    • Anonymous

      true....they just as dumb if you ask me.... talkin about "send a check". You know how much money was lost off of those threats.....F.B.I. gonna be in your hood doin checks a lot more often... for real if these GDs had more pull in thier hood they wouldnt be needing to check for some extortion money from a fake rapper.... the grands would be flowin in caues they really movin work

  • Anonymous

    The Blue wall protects it's own, those gang members were stupid as fuck for putting that video out there. You can't threaten the police and not expect repercussions.

  • JP

    Smoke and mirrors i tell ya.....

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt consider myself a ross fan. But i like some of his music. Its a known fact he was a CO or whatever. But most rappers lied about thier backround too. Lets say Eminem was exaggerating about his abusive come up? Would that take away from him? He is living his dreams and doing what he want to do depise the fact he has been outed NUMEROUS times he still finds sucess in what he want to do.....take it or leave it.... it should inspire some people on here really....

  • Anonymous

    911: Yes, how can we help you. Ross: Tell'em the shows are canceleed, I keep getting death threats and it's not worth it. 911: Where are you? Ross: In the bath-room of my tour bus, I'm not coming out until they get police to escort me out of here, this is crazy. You have real gangsters out here, I'm just an entertainer. 911: Mr.Ross, we are sending dispatch your way, stay in the bath-room until they arrive. Ross: Ok. I'm not coming out until I hear the police sirens. Tell the promoters and all the media outlets the shows have been canceled.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ros: You know I'm a Bawse and all that, but sometimes I get shook and gotta call the Police because I feel threatend by gangsters when I'm performing my shows. I don't want to get my Balloon popped on stage when I'm doing my rendition. Fuck this rap shit, I'm not getting killed for these fake stories I make and rap about.

  • Anonymous

    officer ricky radioing in..... the perps are on location.... beeeeeeeeeeep.... ---squad car speeds down the road--- officer ricky is on location, megaphone in hand.... drop GUNPLAYS chain....NOW OR WE WILL SHOOT....... WERP WERP





    • REALHIPHOP1984

      LOL!!!! Rozay's crew was gonna take care of it by themselves??? thats about as believable as Rikki Rozay claiming he was never a C.O. LOL!!! Anyone who signs to that Joke of a label MMG or is affiliated with them is about as believable as Pinnocchio!!! We all know Rozay was conducting police interviews last week when he was flaunting his fat ass in Chicago!!!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      thats 10 letters ya bish

  • The Game

    Rick Ross The Next B.I.G Fuck Nas Illmatic is trash ggggggg-unit

  • Anonymous

    "Officer Rickkkyyy radio for back up"

  • D

    LOOOOOOL Rick Ross calling for the cops thats not gangster my dude

  • Officer Down

    "I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover" Officer Down

  • Anonymous

    The Bawse calls for Blue Light backup. hahahah

  • hahaha

    Ross called for back up

  • Ricky Rozay

    Broke ass niggas hatin on the bawse. Niggas go get ur own cheese and stop fake gangbanging niggas. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    His homies got his back

  • nuc

    rick ross is rediculous and all gangs are rediculous straight up

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