Freddie Gibbs Leaves Young Jeezy's Label, Says They "Move In Different Ways"

Freddie Gibbs and Young Jeezy part ways. Gibbs explains how it was a "good decision" for him to leave Jeezy's camp and says no diss records will come unless he's dissed first.

After spending time in Young Jeezy's CTE label, Freddie Gibbs has moved on. The two parties announced a parting of ways recently and Gibbs also spoke about his exit from Jeezy's camp. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Gibbs explained that the move was one he had to make and that it was "a good decision" for him and his family. 

"It was a mutual decision," he explained, before adding that there wasn't just one reason for him leaving.  

"It was a number of things but at the end of the day, it was a good decision for myself and my family. It was a move that I had to make personally and business-wise." 

Later, he added that he and Jeezy "just move in different ways."

"We just move in different ways so it's best that he move in his way and it's best that I move in my way."

When asked if he'd be releasing any Jeezy diss records, Gibbs said he wouldn't start a beef.

"As long don't nobody diss me, ain't no diss records coming," he clarified. "As long as I ain't disrespected or I don't feel disrespected then it's all good."

Gibbs also explained that he has a new deal coming soon.

"I've got a new deal in the works so everything's smooth. Everything's good...I'm not one of them guys to sit back and be bitter. This don't define me. This is a move that I gotta to make in my career. Players get traded all the time and go to different teams and win championships." 

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  • Anonymous

    fuck cte cant wait till cocaine pinata....madgibbs freddie can stay street and still make it. mainstream is in trouble!!!!!!!!!

  • MP

    Should sign with Rap-a-lot!

  • Brizz

    Best damn news in a while! Gibbs is in another league as a musician then any who ever been on CTE. Keep it gully Gibbs and get that album out asap, i need that shit in my collection next to my str8 killa cd. And for the dude thinking he should go to mmg, i say this from the bottom of my heart, FUCK YOU! Gibbs go to a indie label and do your thing any way you please!

  • Nemesis

    sickkkk....freddie gibbs on CTE just wasnt be honest, i know G-unit is dead, but he'd be the perfect young buck replacement...alot of gibbs songs sound like young buck

  • Anonymous

    Young Jeezy definitely isn't the place for Freddie Gibbs. Where Jeezy is primarily trap music, the best of Freddie Gibbs work so far has been with Madlib. He needs to move to boom bap.

  • mick

    best move sign with mmg...

  • Dee

    Im sorry i like gibbs but he a busta he talk all that gangsta shit got on hot 97 and bitched up when got asked about beef but u so bad it should be nothing

  • Anonymous

    I respect this. Authentic.

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy moves towards money. Gibbs moves towards the unemployment line.

  • 614grind

    I don't know where Freddie would do well. He's street so chances are he's never gonna get off the mix tape tour circuit. He gotta do it alone like Freeway did.



  • Case Closed

    Told everybod this shit wouldnt work. Jeezy is not good at running a label. Makes me question was he really running shit in these streets Case Closed

  • Anonymous

    Wow!!!! How do you lose Freddie??? Man, that's a damn shame. I hope he gets situated really quick at a new label. We need that Gibb music!!! And is it me or does Young Jeezy seem to be taking L's lately?

  • Anonymous

    Why do y'all always copy EXACTLY what a person says in an interview verbatim? Y'all too lazy to paraphrase what was said? You may as well not even quote them since you said it all for them.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, can't wait to see where he gonna be signed now

  • -

    he needs to drop a full album with madlib.. those 2 singles and their b-sides are the dopest shit he's done

  • Anonymous

    A lot of these lower tier rappers will jump on a bigger rappers dick the moment he offers them a deal, without really thinking about it... I think everyone knew this shit would go no where, but he got blinded by the big name. Big Rappers signing semi-known rappers never works, unless youre Rick Ross...

    • Anonymous

      Freddie Gibbs was a perfect choice for CTE and vica versa, but it seems Jeezy don't care about anybody but himself. While Gibbs, doing that authenic gangsta rap, was not the most profitable option in the market, would've been able to bring money to the table because his hardcore fans. Young Jeezy should've given the final boost to Gibbs's career by presenting him to a much wider audience. That's what I miss mostly from Snowman, I don't feel like the value he added to his protege's career. As much as I hate Rozay, he is the best in this: signing artists with potential and raising them to mainstream success. And he doesn't give a fuck about who is or will be bigger than him, since either way, he still getting his money from it. At CTE, the only rapper who matters is Jeezy himself, and that won't change any time soon. Leaving them is a good move from Gangsta Gibbs, hope he moves to Strange Music or going independent.

  • Anonymous

    I understand this, they're very different people. It's like when Rakim signed with Dre, that shit would never work out.

  • Real Bo$$

    Jeezy, Game, Ludracriss and T.I. aren't good CEO's.

    • Anonymous

      Most rappers just need to stick to being solo acts and not label CEO's.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. A lot of Artists are guilty of just not holding it down for proteges/artists. Busta Rhymes is also in that category, and as much as I love Nas, he can't hold a record label down for shit, nor an artist. Some artists though have it down, like Rick Ross (even though I hate to admit it), Kanye, etc. I hope Gibbs ends up at a lable/roster that can contriube to his expansion.

  • fever

    I think this is a good move by Gibbs. I never thought Jeezy was any good. His mixtapes sounded a bit different after joining CTE. Can't wait to hear some new tracks!

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