Rick Ross Says Tour Cancellation Wasn't Gang-Related, Tried To Choke Young Jeezy At BET Awards

Rick Ross speaks on a few situations going down in his career.

Rick Ross has broken his silence on the cancelation of his recent tour, which was reportedly due to threats from local gangs. During an interview with 99 Jamz, Ricky Rozay cleared up rumors that he was afraid of countering the gangs. He said that the tour promoter, Shawn Gee, wasn't communicating with him about canceling shows, so he decided to pull the plug on the second leg of the Maybach Music Group tour to "take away" the power.

"I canceled the rest of the tour due to the promoter was really not handling his business. He canceled a date of mine. I was going to Tuscon, Arizona and I was really a few hours outside of the market when I heard. I believe it was Tuscon, this was a week and a half ago," he said. "And I let the dude know how we move and just to communicate a little better. So I woke up and realized that two more dates had been canceled. I felt like that was some power I needed to take away from homie, so I canceled the rest of the dates."

He referred to some life advice from Larry Hoover, stating that there are halfway gangsters who are comfortable around others but fold when situations escalate. "It was never due to any threats," he said. "I'm a certified man. I'm a boss. Everybody need to understand, gangsters move in silence. In situations like that, I remember something that an old school Dade County gangster told me a long time ago: any dude can stand in the crowd with 30, 40 dudes. Everybody real, trill, everybody bout that life, everybody gangster. But when them choppers come out, everybody fold." 

The MMG boss also touched on his beef with Young Jeezy at the 2012 BET Awards, claiming that he tried to choke him. He established that it's "nothing personal," but that he felt he needed to handle the situation based on past experiences.

"This is nothing personal to me. At the BET Awards, it basically boiled down to me running across Young Jeezy, he had five security guards in front of him, five policeman behind him. When we crossed paths, I said what's up. As soon as he said what's up, I tried to choke him. His security guards held me up, whoever the big black dude is with the bumps on his face, he should give that dude something special for Christmas. He really should. It wasn't a big deal to me. I went and performed, it wasn't nothing personal.

"It's not personal, but if I see Young Jeezy again, will I try to choke him?" he continued. "I don't know. That's an option. If I seen 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all. But it's an option. [It's personal] because there were certain lines that were already crossed." 

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  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Peace First of all, money the only certified you are is a certified entertainer, I mean live n....s need to laugh now and then, you are comic relief; second, 500 lbs, you can't walk 2 yards without wheezing and gasping for air; third, Jeezy must be a lame, because I know chicks that could box and drop your fat ass in 3 sec. flat; lastly, a 'certified' boss would be in jail not as a c.o. but as a resident. Much success to you, you deserve it as a 'certified' entertainer but stay in your lane. PEACE

  • DAD

    50 really in his head...he gonna start his own boxing co. to be just like him....this guy is finished I'll put money on it MMG will not be around in less than 2 years...P-P-P-Poser Music

  • Dad

    Stealing a real gangsters name....that's gangster

  • D Chief

    Let me educate some on this gasta shit,The Point, hood niggas dont want to run streets forever the street wont let you,ganstas dont live that long thats real,You thinks you gone be 40 or 50 throwing up gang signs. If you a thug nigga and you have the oppurtunity to cross over into some leggit shit you take it and thats most gansta ass move you can ever acheive, You know how many nino brown niggas or Nicky barnes niggas you see walking round broke today,or dead, or still locked up, This new gang shit is B.S let you get lock niggas aint coming to see, put money on your books nothing,or look out for your real family, You out serving banging for some leader that dont give a fuck about you and you will find that out soon enough...But you calling Ross a fake when a nothing fony bout money and making a living is the only thing thats real

  • D Chief

    Im just proud of my dog and you run up on him if want too, cus everyday chopper day in the MIA, All most yall see is this holleywood shit, you believe what the media feeds,Dam that Rick ross or rozay, That my dog Big Will, always been a real nigga,Ya he was a corrections officer for brief time, but all our C.Os, dirty and original hoods niggas every niggas real and lame done touch some cane round here at one point or another, how you think dope get in jail,and Miami we just started getting gangs down here we dont see that shit, My dog got millions all most you have is two cents of running your mouth like most young dumb niggas, get some money stop acting like crabs its just so easy to attack another brother giving white folks what they want this the only reason rap exist look at the expansion of jail system in direct correlation with the rise of gansta music, prisons on the stock market, just shut the fuck and listin to the music dam....

  • fuck y'allz

    y'all should stop frontin u fucking wiggaz. this aint real that aint real. shut the fuck up and go suck on ur daddy's little balls u fucking fake ass bitchez. i swear kids these dayz are fuckin retarded. u got a problem with them niggaz? say that to them muddaphukin face u fuckin wiggaz. y'all damn bitches sound like ur no wiser than a fuckin 4th grader. y'all broke and living with ur parents, u cant even afford to buy a single on itunes yet u talk trash bout every fuckin nigga out there. if u that much of a rapper go put out an album u fuckin retards. fuck all y'all cunts. word

  • Rashid Muhammad

    "They dont like confident, opinionated, black folk Spoken like a true racist." Yeah, I know. The truth is gonna always sound racist to white people.

  • They ain't real

    Real gangsters would be putting pressure on the government, to release Larry Hoover.

  • Anonymous

    The more I listen to his guy speak, the more I think he's a fraud. I have no beef with his history as a P.O, but now this clown is talking like he's Nino Brown. You're a rap artist my friend not a gangster. What's worse is that people are falling for his foolishness

  • kamauri1234

    yo fat ass a hoe ass niggas them niggas will pop you up fat boy

  • Anonymous

    "he already sold 30 million albums he dont have shit to prove" Eminem's sold 50 million in the states and still felt like he had something to prove.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Rozay provin hes a bawse gettin at these two lame attention ass seeking niggas who losing relevancy wit every fuckin week. Niggas on here with them old ass cop jokes wish they were in ross spot. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shame on those losers for not putting time and energy into getting them federal sentences off of their leaders.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross has build himself that image which sells the fat rapper, he uses rap to get wealthy just like diddy, Jay-Z etc. It is nothing new. the recycling process of rap is just shorter nowadays

  • GD fo' life

    fatso iz mad scared. he just pretend that he isn't. GD bout to bust that azz.

  • Quick Knowledge

    Why can't the Gangster Disciples scare them white folks into canceling Larry Hoover's life sentence? Because they scared of white people, just like all of the black criminals. George Bush is the real gangster, not them lil boys and girls calling themselves "gdz"...lol

  • g

    "as soon as jeezy said what's up, i tried to choke him"-that is downright hilarious and if it had to be made any more obvious that ross dint try to touch jeezy he makes up his own standard shit of jeezy having to give some black guy (non-existent) a christmas present!

  • Anon

    Officer ricky got taught the choke hold at the academy. Ja Rule should ether this fool.

  • mases

    Its niggaz out here who ribs are really touchin, then you got these clowns niggaz making paper and wanna be gangsters....stop frontin clowns and eat before real niggaz eat your food...

  • the Done

    Im from the midwest so i know how real GDs are. in my city the biggest GDs are the regular GDs and the Native GDs and everyone gets shit popping. but the way the media is playing with the GDs,they're making them look like bithes with all these gimmicks and RAP shit. you dont see Mr.Capone e and surenos in hip hops news every second for stupid shit like this. if Surenos threaten a rapper,somebody is really getting confronted. this GD shit is to sell records. These white people probably laughing at all this GD shit. The Surenos on the other hand is real,they already tried to shoot and kill snoop. thats a real threat,i dont know what this rick ross shit is.

  • PuCho

    "Everybody real, trill, everybody bout that life, everybody gangster. But when them choppers come out, everybody fold." This fake ass CO keeps talkin reckless, he never learns. At this point in his rap career everyone knows who this fraud really is and its only a matter of time before this shit catches up to him.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • j

    Ross is so phony. Gangster pop. He won't do anything. Tough talkin' after GD let him know what's up. SMH. We see right through you...or well around you

  • Anonymous

    this fatass answers are always im a boss...shut the fuck up. hes taking quotes from Biggie now

  • Anonymous

    Former correctional officer turned gangster rapper Rick Ross has come out claiming that he didn't cancel the rest of his Maybach Music Group tour because he feared the GD's (Gangster Disciples). Ross instead placed the blame on his promoter, but a new report has surfaced that says the Chicago Police Department is looking into threats the rapper received from the GD's.

  • Bigfatlier

    This big ass bitch trying to save face! your a fake ass mark bitch retire and buy hostess!

  • fukmmg

    If your born after 1990 you opinion dont mean shit! Rick "the blob" ross speaks no knowledge he regurgitates the same old shit. And all you litttle cock boys made him a boss by buying his shit albums which all sound the same! his career is over in less than two years you queers have short attention spands!

  • Anonymous

    "why did you say platinum selling rapper though? everyone knows ross is gold for life" How much is 50 selling these days? That's right. 0

  • Anonymous

    "They dont like confident, opinionated, black folk" Spoken like a true racist.

  • Anonymous

    "keep hip hop black" Keep hip hop interesting.

  • bang em smurf

    put pay per view match for 50 and ross, i bet all my money on 50. he knock that fat nigga out like tyson

  • er

    80% in this room are White red face boys. They dislike black rappers cuz we off the hook. They mad cuz we the best. 122posts 110 White red pig face boys comment. Boss shitting on all ya.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. This news has nothing to do with black vs white. STFU and save your speech for something that is relevant. I'm a black dude by the way. Jackass

    • Anonymous

      just because you share a skin color doesnt make your opinions or beliefs the same. BUT if youre stupid you usually share the same opinions as stupid other stupid people. like racists of any color are usually morons with the most make believe reasons ever. have you ever met a really smart racists whos doing really good for themselves? i havent the ones i know usually live in ghettos trailer parks slums the back wood swamps. weird how that works huh

    • Anonymous

      You aint lying. 3/4 of ross' support and sales come from black people. White people stay hating on him... They dont like confident, opinionated, black folk. Only soft, 'safe', geeky artists like j cole and kendrick lamer get love from them.

    • Anonymous

      we dont dislike black rappers, why would would be on this website if we did? we just happen to dislike this rapper, who happens to be black

    • Anonymous

      keep hip hop black...

    • Milehighkid303

      YOU ARE AN IDIOT my brother. STR8 UP!!! LOL, you pull the race card. NO WHITE BOY HAS AN ISSUE WITH HIM, in fact it's QUITE the opposite, WHITE BOYS LIKE MYSELF don't support THIS LYING FRAUD....I support black artists ALL the damn time, lol, in fact, my whole hip hop catalouge is black dudes besides Em......my man, you giving your own kind a bad name with this stupid ignorant, rant.......don't make stupid statements like this again, cause some ignorant white boy will come along and make some stupid blanket statement about you black folks....



  • Anonymous

    stfu fake ass nigga dont act like boss

  • Money

    Yo this dude making things worse.Claiming real niggas move in silence so you saying GDs aint real niggas right Big larry and lil larry wont be happy with this........This dudes aint playing officer ricky they will serve your head on a silver platter dont think you got 30,40 mil and you untouchable.....Keep digging your grave boy

  • Anonymous

    Delu-fucking-sional at best, money, you ain't a gangster and the more you open your mouth, the more you look like puss...fuck outta here.


    We hit makers with acres Roll shakers in Vegas, you can't break us Lost chips on Lakers, gassed off Shaq Country house, tennis courts on horseback Riding deciding cracked crab or lobster Who say mobsters don't prosper Ricky is actors, Ricky deserve Oscars Me I'm, critically acclaimed, slug past your brain Reminisce on dames who, coochie used to stink When we rocked house pieces and puffy Gucci links Now we buy homes in unfamiliar places Tito smile everytime he see our faces Cases catch more than outfield-ers Half these rappin cats, ain't seen war Couldn't score if they had point game, they lame Speak my name, I make em dash like Dame

  • Anonymous

    only GD's he respects is Glazed Donuts

  • Yungdubz

    Don't know what gangs he would be scared of in Tucson


    LOLOLOLOL this clown continues to make a fool out of himself more and more everyday!...he wouldnt do a damn thing to 50...and he wouldnt of tried to do a damn thing to jeezy if there wasnt anybody between them...thats like the cat that pops off in front of the cops, knowing damn well hes safe

  • Anonymous

    why so much beef.... gfid was ok not great

  • maddog

    this fat fuck is lying

  • Shero

    OK lets break this down, "I'm a certified man (We can give you this or can we say 50/50, your beard could not be that of a female hormonal defect. Your pussy could though). I'm a boss (Hilarious). Everybody need to understand, gangsters move in silence (Platnium selling rapper, last album named God forgives I dont. Subtle/Silent as a brick in the face). In situations like that, I remember something that an old school Dade County gangster told me a long time ago (While I was prison officer, listening to his conversation through a class I had pressed to his door): any dude can stand in the crowd with 30, 40 dudes (Ground breaking). Everybody real, trill, everybody bout that life, everybody gangster (standing in groups of 30/40 people is gangster obviously, better watch out for church congregations). But when them choppers come out (as they do regularly in Ricks life as a CO) everybody fold (OF COURSE they fucking fold you complete lunatic it a fucking machine gun!!! Can you deflect bullets on top of everything else you DONKEY)." THIS DUDE IS LYING AS HE GOES ALONG, please do your self a favour. Listen to artists like Cormega, Saigon, Freeway, Skyzoo, REKS and all of these brilliantly talented dudes not this fat shit head. Such garbage. What if the GD's try out this dickheads folding theory!

    • Anonymous

      Listen to Saigon, Cormega, Freeway? lol You really should become a comedian with all these jokes.

    • Anonymous

      Dude can talk some fly shit but, would only be convincing of diplaying real logic in Movie...

    • Trent

      I enjoy the commentary but this joker will never go Platinum as you said "platinum selling"

    • Shero

      I assumed this ass clown was Platinum, mind you not many are these days. Point duly noted Anonymous, just rest safe in the knowledge that this is a sign of little I give a fuck!!

    • Anonymous

      why did you say platinum selling rapper though? everyone knows ross is gold for life

    • WHY?

      Why does he keep talking? So what that you cool with the GDs in Chicago, that doesn't mean shit to GDs all over the country. He's just making things worse for himself. If l were him, l wouldn't talk all that extra and keep it civil and simple. Choking Jeezy? Beefing with 50 in the boxing ring? what the fuck he talking about?

    • Atik

      Shero, my dude, thank you for the side commentary and keeping that on the up and up. Shit made my day, keep up the real talk.

  • static

    i dont believe him.. at all.. he afraid you afraid ricky.. admit it.

  • Anonymous

    officer ricky willing to die for his oscar

  • dunk

    lol what a load of shit you fat fuck.. only serious rick ross fans would actually be dumb enough to believe that shit so oh well...hopefullet GD actually come through with their threats

  • HA

    Rick Ross tripping over his words as usual

  • Anonymous

    He might be running low on sugar since Twinkies stopped being made.

  • mike

    Drunk clown ass outta here

  • Mike

    This nigga drank the whole bottle of ciroc thats why he doing all that tweaking and talking

  • TheDUke

    This guy's mouth is gonna be his undoing

  • Da game

    Gd ain't funna do Ish there just trying to have music careers. Boss

  • Anonymous

    this man talks too much shit

  • Anonymous

    nigga fuck that fat ass bitch he is an actor.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many of yall leaving comments on this are white? I would guess about 70-85 percent. I notice white people hate rappers like rick ross and kanye west..Dont know why. lol

    • Anonymous

      its always the stupidest people saying the racist shit. just because you share a skin color someone doesnt make your belief system the same. but stupid people usually have the same beliefs. funny how that works

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Rick Ross and Kayne have two totally different styles. This makes no sense.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you're retarded. White people love Rick Ross and Kanye. If they didn't like them, they wouldn't be famous. Race has nothing to do with this shit. Ross is a fraud, period.

  • Yeeah Boiiii

    All yall niggas need to realize one thing none of these niggas real at all. In my eyes only real street niggas in the game is 50, meek, Gucci, maino etc .Cuz those niggas really from where they say they from and there background stories match up. Jeezy, Ross, weezy, game etc those niggas are frauds. Real niggas know if your bio dont match what u yelling shit dont add up

    • Anonymous

      jeezy was real just turned his back on it. pretty well documented that you wouldnt know his name if it wasnt for BMF

    • Anonymous

      wether he real or not i cant say.. but when i was locked up jeezy was getting mad love from the brothers in jail...

  • Anonymous

    I hate reading articles on here, only then to look for intelligent comments to find rants from immature kids who have comments with no substance, sigh.

  • enel

    lmao rick ross is a clown that nigga would of ran and left gunplay right there to get beat up then that nigga would of said i went to go get the piece from the trunk huh!

  • King O

    It's over RR. I find it a funny coincidence that 50's LP is dropping at the same time RR will be a waning memory, which by the way is the beginning of the New Year. Street King Immortal...soon come!

  • King O

    Everyone knows RR is a denier & liar. So now, he's lying to save his label & reputation. Now he's claiming that he tried to choke Jeezy. YEEAHH RIIGHT!! Trying to look good after his boy gunplay got rolled over by a pack of hyenas called the G Unit.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent had his kid and his baby momma out at floyds mansion on video but its not personal? you know he lying! thats straight bitch!

  • Anonymous

    this man deserves an academy award for that performance!

  • bs aside

    Ross wants to choke Jeezy Who at most throw jabs at u on a record or few . But with 50 it aint personal??? He exposed ya CO life took ya BM shopping fucked ya homeboy up n u shouting him out??? Fake is the new real n u ricky is the Realest

  • Trill OG

    Exposed by 50 Running from the GD's Officer Ricky you need to call for backup

  • thadnprince85

    BoyStop u scared of th GD's & they most deff comin 4u so u betta be ready 4 tht asswhoopin & those choppers to unload tha full clip onur bitchass

  • this nigga

    i really dont like this nigga,,,he talks real greazy,,,but aint put in no work nowhere,,,,he gonna hide behind that money he got,,,,he can get a thousand heads to make moves for him,,,ooooh this nigga is fucking the worst,,,,i dont like to see blackmen get shot on some street shit,,,,i wanna see this fucking clown,,get pounded out,,for real,,,,this nigga has no class,,,,and is corny as fuck,,,,anyone that co-signs,,his fuckery,,,,should stick themself,,,,,dont hop on larry hoovers nuts now,,,cause if he was around you would be paying dues,,,pussy!!!!!!

    • Milehighkid303

      Best comment ever on this man. I've been saying this since I heard "Whip it" or whatever his cocaine pushin claim to fame ass was lyin about...


    50 Cent is my hero I wanna be just like him Im a bitter everyone knows that...I want my own boxing promoters liscence im just as famous as 50!!!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Watch the public turn on son next year

  • Maj

    50 beat his boy down, took the chain ross lets gunplay rock but belongs to ross, and all ross can say is shout out to 50 boxing promotion? lol he shook for real . I knew ross would b the one to bring himself down. This is straight CB4



  • veron

    So jeezy said wad up, an that gave u the urge to choke him???? this mutha fucka be on some fraud shit

  • Dapstylz

    WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Officer Ricky ain't got no gangster in him. He a corrections officer whose whole "boss" persona was created in the Def Jam A&R Dept. GD'z pulled his hoe card now he wanna talk tough on the radio. NI66A if you real hit them shows and make them GD'z put actions to words

  • Majestykagiso

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is the funniest crap I've read since Ross denied being CO. Hahahahhaa Yup eat it up kids eat it up, the BAWSE has spoken. lol

  • Anonymous

    What's up with this "Gangsta" madness? C'mon son, you are an ENTERTAINER not NENO BROWN. Make songs and shut the hell up. Remember 2pac?

  • Sincere

    Why is being rich gangsta?

  • Anonymous

    wtf choppers is he talkin bout??? LOL... u was hollin bout being a boss, put yaself on the 6, and now u wana placr blame on somebody else y ya shows was cancelled lol... fckin choppers this guys delusional

  • Anonymous

    did fat boy really just says hes better with his hands than he is at rapping? stop it william you will stroke out or have another seizure if you got in the ring with anyone!

  • Anonymous

    the hole he has dug himself into keeps getting deeper!

  • Simakf

    Yo Mr. Roberts, you already lost your non-existent credibility. Just stop it!

  • Anonymous

    Never a fan of this man, or the music..but hes actually speaking real talk for once.

  • Get a life

    wow do yall haters just wait all day for Rick Ross post get a life....lol

  • Anonymous

    he said he wants to be just like 50 cent and get his boxing promoters license

  • fatman

    LOL - Like when an actor ODs and they say it was exhaustion. You are not a Boss, you were a correctional officer - a 30+ year old grown man who stole another man's identify, refuse to compensate him, and run around acting like you are something you are not. Tattooing your body, and acting reckless is for kids, not men. And, claiming to be something you clearly are not, is not a good look. You were called out, and when you were confronted on it, you were scared out your wits, hightailed it away from NC and canceled the show. Now, knowing you are not going to NC, you are trying to save face. If you're telling the truth WHY NOT RESCHEDULE THE CONCERT FOR THIS WEEK. SMH....

  • g

    "Everybody need to understand, gangsters move in silence," said the man airing out his grievances on a public radio show.

  • mmg is done warner losing money on them


  • KiiNG Santana

    RiiCK Ross aiin't afraid of them clowns!!

  • Rick "FatFuck"Ross

    These niggas trying hold me back But imma Boss

  • Real Gangster role Dolo

    He is definitely right about dudes and chicks being in crowds of 20 or 30 people, trying to act all hard. Being a real gangster means standing alone and not having to join a gang for protection.

  • Anonymous

    i hope he got a bulletproof maybach

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a fool. He really trying to test these gangsters ? they have nothing to lose, you will end up shot.

  • Anonymous

    jeezy and 50 already have a song together for the street king album they should make another dissing ross

  • R.I.P. Rick Ross (the rapper)

    Egos are clashing now! He should've let aside that Date County crap and be more !diplomatic. Why would u wanna piss off some real gangstas. Now u put the GD's on the spot and they coming fo you! Dis nigga dead! I'll give him 6 months!

    • Anonymous

      them lil dusty boys and girls, talking about "gd folk" with masks on, ain't nothing but cowards standing strong in a group.

  • Anonymous

    this man is a cartoon!

  • Anonymous



    lol, this dude is in his own world. he loves to tell us all how being a boss works. get your money ross, don't act like your saying anything new. no one asked him if he was a boss. or if he was "world wide". real "bosses" or OGs don't go around telling us how much they are. phony.

  • Anonymous

    this rich phony fat slob will never be anything more than that. the hip-hop heads see through his charade, and he isn't nearly interesting enough to be a truly successful pop rapper like drake or any of them other bubblegum faggot rappers. he fits an awkward taint of rap demographics and this is why i say fuck this cunt. still, he's filthy rich and none of this text matters to him or will ever make a dent in his "legacy". i'm just venting.

  • Anonymous

    In a shocking turn of events, Warner and Rick Ross have announced that MMG will be moved underneath their subsidiary Atlantic Records. After President/CEO Todd Moscowitz was forced to step down last week, due to taking huge losses for the calendar year on MMG releases, the call was made to cut bait and wash their hands of the mistake. Hilariously, Young Jeezy was named the Sr. VP of A&R at Atlantic Records over the summer. It appears that Jeezy will now have final call on, if and when, any new MMG releases will appear in the marketplace. Its safe to say that might not happen. If Warner didnt want to lose any more money, we doubt Jeezy will be making the same mistake twice.

    • Anonymous

      this is true actually , just announced a minute ago

    • Anonymous

      Todd Moscowitz Steps Down From Warner Bros., Cameron Strang New Label Head Read more at http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/industry/record-labels/todd-moscowitz-steps-down-from-warner-bros-1008041832.story#Y1BObxiUrj1HQvLK.99

    • Anonymous

      i googled this info and nothing came up so this must be happening in your mind, acute schizophrenia.

  • Anonymous


  • Krumb

    Certified?? don't make me laugh. Certified as being the most talentless one dimentional rapper in the game is about the only thing this dude is certified as. step ya bars up ross your shit is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    HA HA HA HA HA i don't believe anything he says

  • acidrap

    Rozay is so corny lol!His last sentence in this interviews contradicts himself,so you can imagine his real day 2 day life,the lies he tells.

  • Anonymous

    the biggest joke in hiphop after Lil Wayne

  • dras

    we don't believe you, we need more people...Jay-Z

  • Chi-Ill

    REALLLYYYYY!!!????? This nigga need to stop with the lies! "I'm a certified man. I'm a boss. Everybody need to understand, gangsters move in silence. In situations like that" How many more lies??? lmfao this nukka too funny


    Ross Just Knows He's A Stone Cold Goon...LOL!

  • Anonymous

    lol saying Jeezy had police and security when even DJ Drama said Ross was with his security smh and him saying 50 and everyone was hiding in their trailers lol why would 50 or anyone else be hiding from this guy and he also lied about Gunplay saying he was with them but run off when the police came cause Gunplay already said he wasn't with them at all

  • Anonymous

    I nearly pissed myself laughing watching that interview. Does William know how stupid he comes across. I really think he has a serious problem and can't stop lying.

  • Anonymous


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