50 Cent Disses Diddy's Manager James Cruz On Twitter

50 Cent takes a few potshots at Diddy's manager James Cruz on Twitter.

Between taking potshots at French Montana on Twitter and calling out Game on "My Life," 50 Cent has made an increasing amount of headlines dissing his peers in the Hip Hop industry. Now, it looks like the Queens rapper has re-ignited a past beef with Diddy's manager.

According to SOHH, Fif took to Twitter earlier today to take shots at James Cruz, Diddy's current manager and alum of Chris Lighty's Violator Management team. Although the details surrounding the insult are murky, Fiddy did liken Cruz to a woman, saying he acts like "one of [Diddy's] girlfriends."

While the circumstances surrounding the diss are unknown, rumors indicate that Fif's issues with Cruz date back to their days at Violator. DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • Anonymous

    Schwarz, you really need to start typing your dribble in English. You sound like a twelve year old boy who never gets out of his room.

  • Anonymous

    "PROVE HE AIN'T IN LIMBO" Already have tiny.

  • King O

    Three words.... Street King Immortal. Coming to a city near you. RIP to MMG.

  • Milehighkid303

    He fell off.... The nigga beefs EVERYDAY.... He's lyrically wack.... He's not relevant anymore.... He's self destructing.... (Insert audacity statement here....) Really?? Well.......why are you guys still HERE CHECKING FOR HIM.....to poke at his news?? You fans REALLY think he wakes up and comes at people?? The guy was BORN in a hood where this was a daily routine.....he's not like 99% of these guys who say something, get confronted on it, and double back.....as a fan of his since 97' the guy has PIPED WAY down in that sense....you 50 haters are WAY WORSE then us "50 stans" as you all so elquently put it all the time. Oh, and keep the hate up.....he's not leaving anytime soon. Peace.


    I imagined the end of 50 Cent just as it is..lol Dissing out of desperation, recording phone calls like a cop, running investigations...this nigga basically the Hip-Hop Police at this point..I'm just waiting on him to actually arrest a nigga..I wouldnt be surprised if 50 and Ross work in the same Police Department.

  • Cased Closed

    Shut up and make music! Case Closed

  • acidrap

    lol I love when 50 goes in on the industry fags.He got so much money,but he stay grounded mentally.I like how he dont prostitute himself and always gotta have a new song with the rapper of the month like these other clowns do.50 the real deal.


    50 Loves Twitter...

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent is a media whore. No One is checking for that lame music mane, just make energy shots that no one is buying and call it a day. Oh, heard those headphones and they sound like some high priced "Koss" phones, no limited highs and the mids are muddy. Step yo game up!

  • Anonymous

    no one's going to buy your new album or watch your new movie 50...so stop with all the lame disses which actually make you look more like a bitch than anyone else

    • Anonymous

      at least half a million will. your dissing someone who wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire so whos really the bitch?

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    50 Cent is a clown. Every time you turn around he is dissing someone else. How about 50 Cent makes some good music and let his records speak for him instead of twitter.

  • Anonymous

    thats dat bullshit...

  • Anonymous

    this dude sounds so bitter and depressing because nobody likes him anymore. Yo 50 who you gonna diss tommorow????

  • Anonymous

    die you fucking attention whore

  • MajestyKagiso

    Yup this confirms HHDX has become like MTO, partial reporting as well as distorting articles just to get comments and hits. I've been a fan of this website for years, even referring friends and family to it way back in 07-08. Sad day indeed for an old fan of the site. For those who want this article in full unbiased go read the article on AllHipHop.com (yeah you can ban me for reporting the truth HHDX). This article was written to present 50 Cent as the one who started all his recent beefs including this one out of nowhere without provocation (i.e. 50 Cent has made an increasing amount of headlines dissing his peers in the Hip Hop industry). Yeah HHDX it's not like Rozay poked at 50, it's not like Buck said fuck G-Unit at a Wayne concert, it's not like Montana had 50's name in his article when he was a G-Unit affiliate before, it's not like Game has had 50's name in his mouth since BISD and in lead up to both his albums. I like to keep it 100, I might not be a Game fan but his album on point, but if you must keep it real, keep it 100% real not selective Birdman like truths. HHDX is becoming an article troll just like it's comments trolls SMDH. Disappointed, if I wanted to read fueled and instigated crap i'll read MTO, expected far better from this site.

    • MajestyKagiso

      Agreed on the hashtag stuff, since the site update a year or 2 ago AllHipHop fell off badly, that's why I have been on HHDX more than any other website, but with this article they clearly just pulled a MTO, and because not many readers on this website check other content out they bit into this crap. Might as well claim 50 Cent and Ciara together to promote his new album too like that crappy website (MTO that is)!

    • Anonymous

      allhiphop needs to take those damn hashtags and @'s on everything...makes the thing look even more like a gossip site than dx

  • Anonymous

    lol, 50 a funny motherfucker tho, can't deny that shit



  • Anonymous

    50 is clearly self destructing...hes clearly been on a mission since he said "i dont think imma live much longer" hes not gonna stop until someone puts a end to him...people can think im crazy or im shot but it clearly makes sense because hes been talking about it for over a year now.

  • realgangsterforrealyo

    because only true g's take it to twitter. #smsmorelikesmh

    • Anonymous

      Real talk, they actually know each other and social network just like you and your friends do on Skype, Facebook, and Twitter. Only difference is they're famous and y'all are not so none of your followers are going to post your tweets on a website for traffic.

  • wolfman

    How about changing the name of this site to ilove50cent.com. You might as well and maybe he'll pay yall for putting up these yawn-worthy tweets on the front page EVERYDAY.

  • KY

    Ok i swear I see 50 taking shots at people on TWITTER at least every other week. Starting to lose some respect for him

    • dan

      Its becuase most people keep their tail between their legs and stay shut... 50 doesnt give a fuck hes coming at you if you insult him and its true almost all the beefs were started by the other person but becuase 50 was the bigger name and won them they made it seem like he started all the shit. On top of that its like what 3 dudes hes been going at the past 2 months? 3 dudes? thats alot of of beefs for you? I can walk outside my house and fine 3 dudes in a day that i wanna speak my mind to but i dont.

    • rex8

      It's like he always says. They only show & talk about 50's response. No one ever cares what happened to make him do or say the things he does.

    • Anonymous

      I've lost the respect for him long time ago, this guy beefs everyday of his life, it's depressing really.

  • Anonymous

    50 aint been the same since kanye ethered him and ross defeated him.

  • Anonymous

    "hes got a bigger single then game and a release date, how is that in limbo??" I'll take an album release over a single any day.

  • Anonymous

    "50 too busy to multi million dollar things. Being on The Voice, having his single debut at 26 on billboard, starting a boxing promotions company ..." You sound like his publicist lol An appearance on The Voice. Wow. A single that will do nothing to help save the album, and a boxing promotion company that will collapse now that Manny lost his recent fight.



  • Anonymous

    50cent shut the fukup you fat gorrila shit come see me il smack ya jaw out ya ugly shit

  • Anonymous

    How about sites like "DX" just don't cover stuff like this.

  • 360

    Exactly, their both dope. If i didn't like a rapper i wouldn't even take time to post a comment on a post relating to them, ain't nobody got time for that!!

  • Leandro

    50 Cent & The Game are both dope artists. Its not by force that under every new post on them that you downplay the others abilities or credibility. The fact remains they both respect each other as artists otherwise they would have never worked together. They said stuff in disses but what do you expect, Nas and Jay-Z said stuff in disses that they both said was just for popularity not actual truth. Therefore if Game & 50 ever made music again, would you still consider one of them a 'wack' rapper. I wouldn't. You don't have to take sides this ain't even a beef no more, its old and played out. Neither of them really care, because if they did something would happen. If you think ones wack you don't have to post comments on every post relating to them saying so.

  • Anonymous

    dam why is 50 always pikn on people oh i forgot he was bullied and raped as a kid

  • Anonymous

    Curtis, are you mad that Game has another album coming out tommorow while your's is in release limbo?

    • rex8

      I hope dis guy isn't tryin' to say Game is a more successful rapper than 50. U may personally like Game more but don't be ridiculous.

    • Trooth

      we all know 50's new cd will be wack. He got a decent single thanks to eminem. he might be a good business man but his rap career is coming to an end.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you sound retarded...check the $tat$...

    • Anonymous

      hes got a bigger single then game and a release date, how is that in limbo??

    • andrews

      Your an idiot. Game has an album coming tomorrow? who the hell would know that buy you. 50 too busy to multi million dollar things. Being on The Voice, having his single debut at 26 on billboard, starting a boxing promotions company ... get the heck outta here sucka

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