Freddie Gibbs Reportedly No Longer On Young Jeezy's CTE Label

Freddie Gibbs posted cryptic tweets about him being a "Free Agent in the game."

Freddie Gibbs has been signed to Young Jeezy's CTE imprint for over a year, but it appears that their business relationship may be no longer.

On Friday night, Gangsta Gibbs took to Twitter to hint that he's without a record deal and imply that he's not signed to CTE. "I'm the coldest Free Agent in the game," he wrote. "Feelin like Lebron at decision time."

The Gary, Indiana rapper recently gave an interview where he discussed the delay of his debut album for CTE. He said that he doesn't see Jeezy very often because of scheduling conflicts, but that they are "cliqued up" and still tight.

Early yesterday morning, though, Str8 Slammin' affiliate Hit Skrewface took to Twitter and suggested that there could be controversy brewing between Gibbs and Jeezy. "If @YoungJeezy take @FreddieGibbs off all them songs he wrote, he will not be considered the realest nigga in it in my eyes #keepit100."

Check the tweets below (via FSD).

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  • Shuttaman

    or G-unit, He'd really bring back the G in the Unit. But, he would have to diss other niggas that fiddy don't like. He clearly stated that unless them niggaz dissing em he aint finna do it. Game did the same shit, and he got kicked off the unit.

  • Shuttaman

    Oh yeah, you always got TDE! But I don't think interscope likes him very much so nay. But that could be a possibility.

  • Shuttaman

    He should sign with T.I. T.I. was able to do good with one rapper, B.o.B. cuz he had talent, Jeezy never had the type of talent Gibbs had, I mean who the hell is on CTE? NO ONE! T.I. would have pushed Meek Millz career even further if he did not goo to jail. B.o.B. is now incompatible with T.I. cuz he's not a gangsta/trap rapper like T.I. is. But GIBBS with T.I.? GAWD DAMN That or Jay-Z, if he works for it he could make it, i mean J.Cole had to work his ass off with no help from Jay, and he's not better than Gibbs. Freddie Gibbs u gotta make it brah!

  • Midwest

    YES!! now he can go somewhere raw.fuck wack ass CTE. Freddie Gibbs > the entire CTE

  • IROC

    Its just bizness people time for Gibbs to do whats best for him alot of guys jump in the game looking for instant fame some have and some dont but this guy will be ok he has a foot in the game and thats a plus

  • K. Wells

    Even though he's not NY based, I think Gangsta Gibbs would be a decent fit for Duck Down. Street credentials that sell w/o going commercial.

  • Anonymous

    Better, he should sign on a better label

  • Anonymous

    if he was the raps game equivelent to lebron james...A. he would be the one signing people, not him signing with someone else and B. he would be A LOT better rapper...not saying hes bad but he used a bad analogy

  • Anonymous

    thank god hes off jeezys label...he is one of the most skilled rappers out right now, but his commercial music was just terrible to listen to...listen to straight killa no filla and you will be blown away



  • Sonny

    Freddie Gibbs deserves better anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Gibbs is cold but this dude KA is ice cold. Those two and Boldy James on a song could spark some investment interest in them.

  • OnemikE

    Got nuttin against Gibbs but I dunno about puttin urself along the likes of Lebreezy maybe more like Gerald Green....

  • Anonymous

    Gibbs never bad mouthed Jeezy so i don't know why his fans getting at Jeezy. Yall dont know story behind it, let it settle.

  • Cameron

    Business will be business. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and a nigga gets tired of being stifled because of management. Look at Meek and TIP. All I gotta say is Gangsta Gibbs still has that fiya flow... I'll rock with him

  • Ricky Rozay

    Fuck that nigga Jeezy this shit just proves that he like all rappers are just providin entertainment. None of these niggas (Rozay included) are real. See unnlike all you ignorant niggas on this site, I will separate the artists form their personal. Jeezy been called out by real niggas in BMF that he is a fake and now Gibbs ditchin his ass. This nigga career is over! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stilsko

    why everybody hating on jeezy truth is he gave gibbs some spotlight,its up to him to monoplize off it im livin proof if he neva sign with him i would hav neva checked his work out and look at his progression on datpiff from 16000 to 100000 in two years soo niggas need to look at it for what it is im sure he met mfs and all its all bout networking niggas want peps to feed them "if im paying for the meal id be damn if i make ya plate" truth

  • Anonymous

    he should do the smart thing and just keep putting out records with cats all across the board. If were to ever to sign to a label it should be something like stones throw or even brainfeeder. He would fit in very well with azizi gibson and jerimiah jae over at brainfeeder, or continue to work with madlib. I never say anything about an album that hasn't come out yet, but there is almost no chance that that MadGibbs record is going to be anything but great.

  • Anonymous

    "riddle me do you MAKE someone buy your album?" You put Drake and Wayne on at least 2 songs.

  • Anonymous

    "Lil Wayne & Drake with the amount of promotion they get should be selling alot more then they do" What promotion? lol They're going platinum + yet your still griping. That right there folks is a hater. If Ross doesn't go gold then it's a flop cause it didn't go platinum. Drake did almost 2 mill off Take Care, but that's not impressive to you. NM is certified gold but according to Mr. Industry Brain Trust, that's horrible. I'd go on but my laughter over your hater ways is preventing me from typing.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne and Drake don't get promotion? A 106 & Park appearance is promotion. You're full of sh*t dude. A c-o-r-n-b-a-l-l.

  • reason

    So baby face freddie got tired of being a weed carrier? cant blame him since hes obviously not getting paid for rapping. Also dont act like your feeling like lebron to make a big decision. your broke ass wont sell shit and you will forever ride jeezys nuts. BAWSE!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Confirmation of the best news heard all day. I wasn't thrilled when he "signed" with Jeezy. Wasn't his sound really truth be told. Strones Throw or Decon is where he should release albums and for the most part, just keep the independent route and work with diferent acts. I actually agree with the TDE label but I think that label is perfect as is. He sounds very potent and at his best with that pure ALC production and with dudes from the crib actually. That straight hip hop basement production. ALC, Madlib, Oh No, get back on the West Coast and just make solid music. This young fella has talent and gets the job done. He's not in need of a major label cause he's grinding way harder and getting way more on the strength of himself as it is now.

    • Anonymous

      He really should team with jerimiah Jae at Brainfeeder. They have similiar backgrounds. Both from the chicago area and then moved out to LA, and they have eached worked with similiar outsider hip hop producers, Jeremiah Jae w/Flying Lotus and Gibbs w/Madlib. I cannot even imagine what it would be like if they all teamed up. Then again thats what i thought about that Random Axe album and the O.J. Simpson record. Both good but they didn't live up to my expectations.

  • realtalk

    yall know jeezy got abc raps. shoulda known this was gonna happen. yall forget about bloodraw??the other real nigga who used to write for jeezy? yea

  • Anonymous

    So Freddie Gibbs was writing for Jeezy ...

  • DDC

    He should try and get signer by The Diplomats

  • Anonymous

    yeah I dont think CTE is the place. grand hustle might be a good look. roc nation could use him too. I think he's an artist that could sign to a bigger team and ride the opportunities to make his vision stronger.

  • Epik Nation Entertainment

    Check out "Mob Movie- Freeky Zee ft.GwappaDon, Ezduzit ( JRum)" by Holy Da Great -

  • Kardo

    Next it should be Boo Rossini to leave, he has to much potential. He had a following way before Young Jeezy even though I got hip to him around 2010. Jeezy is my favorite rapper but, he doesn't premote his artists. Smh look at Slick Pulla, he been with him the longest. Keep in mind though, CTE was the first "group label."

  • Kardo

    Next it should be Boo Rossini who should leave, he has too much potential. Young Jeezy is my favorite rapper but, he can't promote his own artists. Look at Slick Pulla...smh Keep in mind though, Jeezy was the first to start a "group label."

  • Really?!!?

    No brainer, gibbs is a better rapper than jeezy (now) and has better potential to be bigger than Jeezy.Everybody needs to heed pusha t's advice "You signed to one nigga that signed to another nigga That's signed to three niggas, now that's bad luck"...just dont do it.

  • will

    good move by Gibbs. Jeezy's influence brought him down a bit. Now Gibbs gotta decide, is he going mainstream or staying where he's at. Personally, i want him to sign with Stones Throw. Gibbs and Madlib is too crazy of a combo

  • Really?!!?

    This is a good move...if chief keef and A$AP can get a deal than gangsta gibbs should look easy

  • Anonymous

    "The Major label game is dead" The overall picture.... Lil Wayne's last album did 2 million. Drake has gone platinum twice. Eminem did what, 3 or 4 last time out? Jeezy, NM, & T.I. are gold. Ross, and KL will go gold. How then is the major label dead? The ones who don't make it are usually the one's who have questionable work ethics, and who don't take their career seriously. They make one song and think that means they're "solid". Those dudes will flop no matter where they go.

    • ?

      The main reason why rappers arent selling is very easy to figure can download frostwire right now and download any cd you want for free.the internet is killing mainstream,sooner or later albums really arent gonna be selling at all because technology just keeps gettin crazier and crazier.IT SEEMS THE FURTHER WE ADVANCE THE LAZIER WE GET,WHY GO N BUY A CD WHEN YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ONE RIGHT NOW,FREE

    • jon

      riddle me do you MAKE someone buy your album?

    • Anonymous

      Lil Wayne & Drake with the amount of promotion they get should be selling alot more then they do. The fact alone that the 2 biggest rap stars, with 5 or 6 songs on the radio at any given moment, are barely able to hit double platinum, is proof of what I was saying.......The major label game is a ghost town. Rick Ross all over the radio still aint hit gold, Nicki Minaj broke 6 singles off her album and then re-released just so she could be sitting at 700K?? That shit is a joke.

  • IDK

    Freddie Gibbs is a really dope artist. Cold Day In Hell and Baby Face Killa are two of my favorite albums (and mixtapes) this year. However, I was a little bummed when I read that he wanted to sign to CTE over a year ago, as that imprint seems pretty dead and inactive to me. I'll be pretty glad that those tweets do really hold true. I don't necessarily agree that he should sign to a major label, so hopefully he could keep it independent.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad. Young Cheezy done dropped the ball with this one.

  • truth101

    He should sign to G-Unit

  • reality

    CTE doesn't have a distribution deal, meaning they aren't a record label, more like a click. Freddie Gibbs bounced because he's looking for a record label, not a click. Young Jeezy doesn't know how to help artists. Gibbs has more than enough going on for himself. He doesn't need Young Jeezy. Top Dawg should swoop him up!

  • Anonymous

    baby face killa one of the best mixtapes of 2012

    • Anonymous

      I don't even consider that a mixtape, it was a free album. That shit had top notch production, Content And Guest spots. He could have charged for that, I'd have bought it.

  • Anonymous

    He was never really signed this happens all the time just like pill with MMG

  • kayaman

    good!! now hopefully he can release an album.

  • Anonymous

    CTE as a label never took off. Jeezy can take care of himself but he doesn't make a good music business label exec. It is what it is. If Gibbs has any common sense he'll stay independent. The Major label game is dead. In 2012 only one album even went gold this year. Nobody went platinum in hip hop. If you sign to a major label, it's either because your lazy and want somebody to do the work for you, or your a star fucker and want to see your face on TV. Because these dudes out here aint sellin shit, might as well stay Indy and get a bigger piece of the money from the little sales your gonna get.

  • Biggie Shakur

    Freddie Gibbs had a name before Jeezy and he will likely have a name after Young Jeezy. Hopefully he was paid correctly though.

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