2 Chainz Reacts To Grammy Nomination For "Rap Album of the Year"

2 Chainz explains his personal reaction to a Grammy nod, as well as whom he thanked.

2 Chainz has had himself quite a year, including garnering a Grammy Award nomination for "Rap Album of the Year" for his album Based on a T.R.U. Story.

In an interview with DJ Drama on Shade45, the artist formerly known as Tity Boi reacted to the news of the nomination.

"I can't say, 'I told you so,'" admitted Chainz. "All I can say is that I'm honored. ...I didn't know. Honestly, I didn't know."

2 Chainz quickly gave props to some of the artists he felt most benefited his career this year. "I definitely texted the big homie [Kanye West], I told 'Ye that I appreciated him giving me the opportunity to get on 'Mercy,' because that song was huge for me. And the homie Drake, me and him collaborated on 'No Lie, ' that's already platinum. It's a few people I feel assisted my campaign that I wanted to tell I appreciate on the way up."

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  • Anonymous

    "Nah, Def Jam put him where he is now. Simple as that" The hate must be burning a hole through your screen. Def Jam can sign someone, but they can't do the work for them. Not saying 2 Chainz is some kind of genius, but he re-invented himself (not easy to do) and seems to be everywhere these days.

  • 4Chainz

    u gotta be kidding me? kendrick lamar all da way

  • no talent

    If you were born after 1990 you opinion is worthless you skinny jean wearing fags!

    • hating is for females

      I was born in 90' and I don't wear skinny jeans.far as opinion goes 80 babies where fucked over by the crack and meth epidemic so if that's your category then so sorry your values/opinions are much more worthless than anyones opinion

    • 90's Baby

      Eat a dick nigga.

  • no talent

    Fuk a grammy give this fool AIDS!


    I love to see rap niggas getting that long dough, so I refuse to knock this nigga hustle.

  • LOL

    Why y'all hatin my idol's success.. 2 Chaiz is my boo boo, and I'll defend his honor from you hatin fuck bois!! Grrrrrrrrr.. U guys make me mad! I wanna run my fingaz thru his thick dreads mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • King Kool

    Why are people hating on 2 Chainz?this dude earned his way to the top.I wish all the best for this Dude

    • Anonymous

      Nah, Def Jam put him where he is now. Simple as that. Do you think its a coincidence that suddenly he evolved from a long forgotten one-hit wonder to the most heavily featured artist of the game? Playaz Circle had trash sale numbers, aside from "Duffle Bag Boy" there were never hot, not to mention the actual skills of the members. How did he become a multiple Grammy nominated star in 3 years from a flopped average Joe? Especially that he haven't changed a bit, still the same simpleton with ABC lyrics who always been. Such miracles cannot happen without serious label interference ...

  • selby

    Why so many people dissing 2 chainz on such an accomplishment???? WHats the matter did they record stores or itunes not except your EBT cards?? WHats a matter babymomma(s) didnt buy it for you???

  • Mu

    Whenever a rapper says "I didn't know" when he's nominated for the most important award in music, we should believe him. He's basically saying "I didn't know the music I made was capable of being recognized by the Grammys". Like others have said, it's not 2 Chainz fault he was nominated, he's as surprised as all of us. The problem with the genre we all love is that the corporate machine (urban radio, BET, etc.) and dumb, ignorant fans have made hip-hop largely about popularity and image. 2 Chainz and his marketing/management team did a brilliant job of getting the 2 Chainz name out there and his popularity soared as a result. The Grammys make their nominations around quality of the music AND how the fanbase responds to the music. Regardless of what we think about him, 2 Chainz had a #1 album. No way in hell he wins though

  • Anonymous

    why the fuck he call kanye his big homie he got like 10 years on yezus lol! i lost mad respect for yeezy after he signed this clown.

  • 4.5*

    "she got a big booty, so i call her big booty,"

  • yeaaahh

    What people fail to realize is that at the end of the day it's still music. You can be the most lyrical rapper but nobody is going to listen to you if you can't make songs. And since there are few in this era who can do both, people settle for what they can vibe and have fun to..

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. For the most part music is about entertainment, having a good time. People like 2 Chainz know this, so they act dumb because they know the more rational rappers almost never last. Their thought provoking lyrics and dictionary inspired metaphors get thrown in a dark closet just like Schwarz's blow up doll.

  • Killem Dafoe

    Don't blame the bullshit ass artists for being nominated. Blame the dumb fucking consumer that couldn't make the distinction between the wack rapper and the real emcee! You morons that support this trash are to blame,and also the yes men in the artists lives that don't recognize, or scared to say when they people ain't up to par with things. It's your fault! "Watch the Devil win it, some say it's our fault!" 50 points to whoever can name the song, artists and album that was on...

    • jj

      My dude, you ain't say nothin but the truth! You can't get mad at 2 Chainz, Future, Waka Flocka, Gucci, etc for making trash music because people buy it, download it, whatever. These artists and the labels know it and they give the people what they want. Personally, I can't listen to that trash, but for every one of me, there's 20 niggas that blast that crap and swear its the hottest stuff they ever heard.

  • oldschool4life

    this would be a sad sad day for hip hop... and people wonder why rappers can't do taylor swift numbers

  • budly

    Congrats to the ATL homie!!! music is music, dont like? Dont listen, that simple

  • Dom

    2 chainz makes monster hits!!!! MAN I LOVE DEM STRIPPERS

  • Anonymous

    BOATS instant CLASSIC!!! TRUUUUUUUUUUU 2 chainz is the GOAT niggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yall broke niggas love hating, props to 2 chainz. People act like they cant get praise or anything. Same people hating are the same ones on food stamps, baby mommas everywhere, drug problems...you know, just really trashy

  • Anonymous

    "she got a big booty, so i call her big booty" thats all what 2chainz have 2 say. NAS FOR WIN

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    At the end of the day, this nigga makes "2 Chainz" type of music. That's the problem. Whenever this niggas are about to drop an album y'all start over hyping them and shit and when the shit is released y'al get disapointed. But what'd you expect, some "Illmatic" type of shit coming from a guy like this??? I ain't mad at him at all.

  • Absurd

    Rap Album Of The Year is like the MVP award of hip hop. You can't give it to a guy like 2 Chainz. I'd rather see Lil Wayne win one every year than a rapper like Titti Boi.

  • meh

    meh i listened to the whole album... 2chains is fucking rubbish

  • Mr. Love

    Can someone please answer me these questions: -If you are not contending for the Grammy why does it matter to you, that this man is? Is he your God? Is He your God's Enemy? WHAT??? Why the hate? (and I promise you, any one reading this...IS NOT CONTENDING.) -How is this article worthy of your thoughts, and why are so many people in a rush to spread an opinion, instead of seeking understanding? -Do people, in general, not realize that the words they use only reflect who they are, not who they are describing? Think of who uses the following words, when they are used, and why: Nigga, Nigger, Coon, Coonery, Bitches, Honkey, Wigger, Gay, Fag, Faggot...Those words have no purpose other than to help intelligent people know who to avoid in business and in life, when those words are used to tear down. There are times a few of those words can be used intelligently but that's because 'gay', 'coon', and 'bitches' are actual terms, not rooted in hate. But intended to help in communication between brother and sister. ( gay= happy, merry, joy...coon = the shortened form of raccoon....bitches= female dogs (popular term used by dog breeders and handlers), male form is stud...) To all my white and black (and all between) brothers and sisters...friends and enemies...know that you are loved and that you were made for more than your own selfish desires. I love you. If you don't believe me, challenge it any way you want. The Love I have for you wont change. Be Blessed all...I hope these words help you grow closer to those you love and help you understand your enemies better. Have a peaceful day all.

    • JAZ

      Fuck all you faggots hip hop is dead !!!!!

    • DUH

      It's no essay it's just you niggaz have short attention spans L.O.L.Z @ you peasant minded idiots

    • lol

      And you are a fucking faggot :)

    • NOI 4 Life

      I refuse to read your essay, but I'll do say this: no white person is my brother or sister.

    • Anonymous

      there is no god ya bish

    • Anonymous

      the reason for the hate is simply 2 chainz is evil. theres no other word for it, he takes music that people love, and exploits the fuck out of it. he has no substance, (not that he writes his own rhymes anyways), and his raps make no literal sense, its actually a bunch of keywords that try to appeal and exploit those who are livin the struggle.. hold up in clubs, you know that life.. he takes the trap, and glamourizes it, tries to make it into something cool.. for all this exploitation and fuckery , this dude has the audacity to even accept a grammy and be honored as rap album of the year ? FUCK THAT, dudes like nas, the roots, kanye, wu block, slaughterhouse, etc actually WORKED HARD, AND PUT THEIR SOULS INTO THEIR MUSIC. people hate because this worlds full of it, as long as money hungry RATS exist there will be no peace. they will do ANYTHING to get money, including destroying americas youth.

  • TruthBeTold

    WOW, HONESTLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT. if this dude wins a grammy i will have officially lost all hope for humanity. how can people be so OPENLY RETARDED and support this guy? HE DOESNT TRY AT ALL, his verses literally dont make any kind of sense, its like he jus shows up to the booth, downs a 40 , an says random shit that will hopefuly appeal to dumb mothers who are stupid enough to take his fake ass seriously.. fuck all of you.

    • meh

      yeah i got that about the album too, seemed like a bunch of random shit with some OK beats. But unless the lyrical content is good even if the beat is good i cant listen to it for long.. Honestly where are the good songs like 'Till' I Collapse' at these days?

  • Anonymous

    I didn't think it could get worse after 36 Mafia winning one. There is absolutely no way 2 Chainz can win.

  • youknowmySteez

    The Grammy's are a joke, always have been. May as well be the MTV Awards or VMA's. They put a couple of real artists in there to look legit. Fake Fake Records Records Records.

  • steviebee82

    Next year it'll be Chief Keef, French Dressing, and Trinidad James.

  • Wash My Car

    Coon music. For niggas that attend Everest College, but end up working at UPS throwing boxes, all to buy a Charger.

  • killah_casp

    wow this is truly horrific news hip hop has become a joke how you gunna award 2 chainz "rap album" off the year thats some bullshit cuz i make better rap than 2 chainz and im unsigned.

    • Anonymous

      Weak lazy Americans what you expect from these dumb dumb Americans of course they love their 2 Chainz


      LOL @Anon this dude catching wayyyyyy to many feelings? Whats a matter bro you live in some fuck hole????

    • Anonymous

      its because record companies are like investors.. they only put money into "ACTS" that will appeal to a nation of fucking idiots like yourself. i sincerely hope that america gets blown up, i cant even fathom how much i hate your entire society of fucking functioning retards. fuck all of you.

    • LOL

      LOL WHERES YOUR MUSIC BROOO???? oh yea thats right fucking sucks and no one wants to hear it thats why your unsigned LOL

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to next years Grammy award nominees for most outstanding rap album of the year ... French Montana,Chief Keef ,Gunplay ...

  • Anonymous

    Can't believe these idiots getting Grammy nominations. This is what fucked rap music up, all these cooning ass mofo's getting the spotlight. Skyzoo made a modern day classic with A dream deferred. He showed what a rap album could and should be. But no grammy nominee for someone upholding the quality of the art form.

    • @ truth

      LOL nigga catching feelings like hes in a butterfly field ...TRUUUUUU

    • truth

      Oh my fault @GBC, I didn't mean to insult your boyfriend, but next time just say that up front. The only people wacker that 2 Chainz are you and LOL. But back to the article like you said, congrats to 2 Chainz for the nomination; anybody that can get a Grammy nod for unoriginal, unimaginative, slow baby rhymes deserves it. Hats off to you 2 Chainz.

    • GBC

      @Truth, who are you trying to diss? Failing miserably. Anyways back to the article, congrats to the homie

    • truth

      LOL, you sound like a groupie trying to get in his hotel suite. I mean, I don't know 100% sure, but I think 2 Chainz likes females.

    • LOL

      LOL at u 3 fag boys gossiping about another niggas life! LOL act like you cant rap all his songs and arnt saying his adlibs and shit! lololol yall cant do anything about it but complain and but fuck each other to distress! lool

    • truth

      @JesseM, dude when I first heard that line, I was like "Who let that retarded nigga into a recording studio?" And people eat this stuff up, young kids because they don't know any better, but grown, seeming intelligent adults. To think this fool got a nod along the likes of Nas and the Roots, music, hip hop in particular has gone to hell.

    • JesseM

      "She got a big booty, so I call her big booty." Yeah, that definitely deserves a grammy nomination. Lyrical construction of a four year old, and it is being recognized as rap? GTFO 2 Chainz.

    • Loco

      Nas and Roots got nominations they being true to hip hop. That roots album in my opinion was a classic.


    A white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir....when I was born I was BLACK " "When I grew up I was BLACK, " "When I'm sick I'm BLACK, " "When I go in the sun I'm BLACK, " "When I'm cold I'm BLACK, " "When I die I'll be BLACK." "But you sir." "When you are born you're PINK". "When you grow up you're WHITE, " "When you're sick, you're GREEN, " "When you go in the sun you turn RED, " "When you're cold you turn BLUE, " "And when you die you turn PURPLE. "And you have the nerve to call me colored?" The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away..

  • jay

    good to see a rapper humble himself in the spotlight..

  • Anonymous

    Roots better get the grammy for "undun". Album was fire.


    2 CHAINZ G.O.A.T tittyboy deserved this!

  • jeanyiz

    Yall stupid as fuck. GKMC didn't get nominated because it didn't meet the time elgibility. It will get nominated and probably win next year u dumb fucks.

  • Anonymous

    The only hip hop artists to win grammy's are the ones who sold that year- how it always goes

  • Hip Hop please

    Album of the year??? What the hell is wrong in Hip Hop..

  • dearl Lord

    deliver us.... LOL @ "2 chains" and "nominee" in the same sentence! ahhhhh

  • Prestor John

    What the fuck? There are so many more deserving hip-hop albums than the snorefest that was TRU story. Same tired, old, cliche rapping over boring beats. OH COURSE it gets a grammy nod. What a fucking joke.

    • LOL

      LOL at prestor John for catching feelings!!!! STFU fag and go touch some lil boys

    • Nearly Over

      It's called marketing tell the people what they should like and eventually the sheep will follow .. Mainstream -Hip hop /Rap has become nothing but a marketing gimmick ...And a way for record labels to become rich from product placements ,colluding with private prisons share holders etc etc ..This thing called hip hop is quickly losing it's integrity !

  • jeanyiz

    Have any of guys actually sat down and listened to 2chainz album collectively? Im gonna assume you haven't, otherwise you guys would understand why its being nominated for rap album of the year. His album is solid as shit, the best Rap album this year besides Nas-Life is Good. And yes im a huge Kendrick fan and I like GKMC< but i love 2chainz album because it has the perfect balance between ignorance and intellect.

    • LADI

      Yall broke niggas love hating, props to 2 chainz. People act like they cant get praise or anything. Same people hating are the same ones on food stamps, baby mommas everywhere, drug problems...you know, just really trashy.

    • truth

      Wow, you're even wacker than 2 Chainz. Niggas like you are hilarious to me, trying to match wits with someone that has more than a GED like yourself. You probably posted this comment on your smoke break at McDonalds, you better hurry up and get back to work because they start serving lunch at 10:30.

    • LOL

      LOL all yall catching feelings of 2 chainz success!!! That is fucking hilarious, hey i have an idea instead of paying your dial-up internet connection with your food stamps, you go out in the world and get a job and do some good, instead of talking shit just because 2 chainz doing what all yall niggas want to do LOLOLOLOL dont catch 2 mannnny feelings cosign jeaniz

    • truth

      @jeanyiz, Hey fool! When a 'rapper' says things like "She got a big booty, so I call her big booty", he should not even be invited to the Grammys. I listened to 7 or 8 cuts from the albums, admittedly not the whole album, and it was weak, pure ignance from start to finish. It was mad predictable, about nothing but money, strippers, and trapping. 2 Chainz is only getting a nod because he's popular, he's trash as an artist.

    • Anonymous

      Perfect blend of intelligence and ignorance ..R.O.F.L the album is just straight up dumb coonery nonsense

    • LOL

      Fucken RETARD... hahaha the album lacked substance for real

    • jay

      @the mule..if the album blows so bad whyd u listen 2 it acouple times? lol

    • TheMule

      I have listened to thatalbum a couple of times actually, and it completely sucks. t's totally generic unoriginal, and apart from maybe 1 or 2 songs it isn't even fun. If I want to listen to some ignant rap, I'd bump Floackaveli or Chief Keef before even thinking about TRU Story. And I actually like 2Chainz, his features pn Mercy and CurrenSy and Big KRIT's last albums were pretty good, but this album flat out sucks.

    • Anonymous

      Solid as shit in terms of bangers, I will only give you that based on PREDICTABILITY of content from a man of his caliber; I'm like you, I have a hip hop dichotomy-- i like to get ignant, then i like to get intellectual, but based on content it is unfathomable that 2chains is getting a f*ckn grammy over GKMC, but then to only include Tru and Life is Good as even grammy worthy you seem a bit confused my man

    • Anonymous

      chances are most of these cats haven't. 2chainz isn't on that level, but i ain't gonna judge something i haven't heard. while i can't judge it, im surprised he was nominated, but he's not garbage either.



  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of guy but he had a huge year and deserves the acclaim. I do feel the Grammys are overrated, especially in regards to hip-hop IMO. Other than that, congrats to the rapper formally known as Tity Boi.

  • Anonymous

    They're the grammys; who gives a shit.

  • A Fools treasure

    i applaud him on his success..i truly believe that hip hop will be at its truest for once U-NYCE is given the lime light... http://youtu.be/81pNiFYpM8M

  • Chris Etrata

    The source named him Man of the Year. Doesn't mean shit. If Kendrick's album was released in September, (due to grammy rules of elegibility from October-September), it would certainly win this year.

  • Emily G

    Crazy that Tity Boi is getting this nomination. I think his verse is my least favorite off of A$AP's "F^ckin' Problem"track...anyone else agree? http://bit.ly/TmQfsU LONGLIVEA$AP droppin' 1/15!

  • Fish

    I give up. Tity Boi wins. To start with, he was just an irritation with shitty features with Drake and Officer Ricky and that sort of shit. But then he started trickling onto the tracks of decent artists like Young Jeezy, T.I. etc etc etc. He even managed to get on the new Papoose tape last week. Now the fucker has been nominated for album of the year. Mission: Kill Hip Hop. Return to base Agent 2chainz, mission accomplished....

    • Fish

      LOL = troll, but fuck it, I'll respond. I dont have dial up I dont live in America so we dont have 'food stamps' I have a job I dont want to do what Tity Boi does, or be like him in anyway. And finally, you're a faggot. I hope your next shit is a hedgehog.

    • LOL

      LOL all yall catching feelings of 2 chainz success!!! That is fucking hilarious, hey i have an idea instead of paying your dial-up internet connection with your food stamps, you go out in the world and get a job and do some good, instead of talking shit just because 2 chainz doing what all yall niggas want to do LOLOLOLOL

    • F U C K 2 C H A I N Z

      F U C K 2 C H A I N S fuckin ruining hip hop even more, fuck my generation

    • Anonymous

      ur assuming hes mad ? he wrote a comment get a life and a better taste in music lol it must suck being simpleminded

    • LOL


  • Bob Dylan

    "SHE GOT A BIG BOOTY, SO I CALL HER BIG BOOTY !" - 2 Chainz I dear say,the penmanship in this lyric is awe inspiring.

  • Cheddaman

    put this in history as the worst thing to happen in hip hop since 2 pac and biggies death what a shame. Hope ross gets it. I think the best slept on album was yelawolf radioactive though that album was the perfect belnd of commercial and underground but 2 chainz wow seriously wow. His production is what keps him afloat and his features other than that never a reason to listen anything he does solo wow thats all i can say

  • Michal

    hahahahah 2Chainz and top rap album of the year ? rly? hahahah World must end in next 2 weeks

  • Anonymous

    2 Chainz is cool and all ... but a grammy ? thats like Gucci Mane being nominated.

  • smh

    lol all these kooks hating on 2 chainz about the "Grammys". yall love to catch feelings for another niggas life LOL 2 chainz dont care what you think of his album!! Where yall bum ass niggas albums? oh yea they are postponed due to the fact that your out shopping with your EBT cards.

    • LOL

      AND LOL to the "gay ass bitch" wanting to beat my ass....RIP internet gangstas! Go listen to some beat ass hip hop like gucci or waka you fagboys And come beat my ass, you coudlnt even afford gas to get to my house let alone the security code for our neighborhood LOL

    • Anonymous

      ahaahahahha 1st comment fucking hilarious, the 3 below it are just a cry for help.....awww are you guys mad 2 chainz is up for a grammy....and did he sell a few records or a couple hundred thousand records LMAO' DOnt catch feelings over another mans life LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLL

    • Anonymous

      His just a dumb ignorant peasant

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you're right. Some fucking idiot sells a few records, nobody is allowed to say anything about it. Fucking fascist hip hop retard.

    • ^gay ass bitch!!!

      shut up bitchnigga, nobody gives a fuck about yo shit, motherfuckers can have opinions about whatever the fuck artist they want, i'll beat yo ass nigga

  • yeaaahh

    2 Chainz is cool for the party/club crowd (yes it has its place in hip-hop) but they should take him off and put Killer Mike's RAP Music on. That album is incredible. I want The Roots to win because of their actual musicianship.

  • Gerard

    Nominated!? Hmm, world ends 2012. I like 2Chainz though...on features. But the features on his album were good, him not so good on his own album.

  • 80sbaby

    I completely lost faith, the grammy's are as worthless as the kid's choice awards.

  • Anonymous

    Who gave this shitty idiot a grammy nod?

  • Ricky Rozay

    GFID was a CLASSIC!!!!! name me ONE BAD SONG that doesnt have good beats Bawse!!!!!!!!



  • Anonymous

    "she sold out by going pop. Sacrificed depth for just a hook you wish to stop hearing" In this case, the hook made the song.

  • Anonymous

    This 1 of the reasons y I cnt stand the grammies. This album & GFID should nvr be nominated for grammy.

  • Rex

    My question is why do people hate 2chainz? I respect you if you just don't like his music. But some people call him a sellout? why is it that so many blacks will only celebrate you as long as you dont get too much success? I'll tell you. because those of us who think that way are the REAL enemy. you allow someone to program the idea in your head that blacks can't be but so successful before they are considered a sell-out. it's like a tax bracket. you good until you pass a certain success level. then you are a sell-out. Yall don't even realize that this is a slave mentality. I've never seen a white person call Eminem a sellout lol

    • LOL

      LOL all yall catching feelings of 2 chainz success!!! That is fucking hilarious, hey i have an idea instead of paying your dial-up internet connection with your food stamps, you go out in the world and get a job and do some good, instead of talking shit just because 2 chainz doing what all yall niggas want to do LOLOLOLOLlolol

    • Anonymous

      everyone doesn't have to be superlyrical, sure, but that doesn't excuse minstrel show shit from people who should know better

    • Anonymous

      ^ see this is the whole problem with this thing. nicki minaj too. You expect people to make music that you want to hear from them, not what they're good at or what reflects THEM. just cause he has a degree he has to be superlyrical or introspective? not everyone should sound like bdk or nas.

    • Anonymous

      Dude is a 36 year old college graduate but makes jiggaboo music. It's not his success; it's how he achieved it.

    • lmao

      @Rex, shut the fuck up you retarded faggot, u dont know what the fuck your talking about, slave mentality? gimme a fuckin break, if u wanna talk slave mentality then talk about black on black violence (willie lynch letter ideologies), talk about institutional education, the discrepancies in education, talk about poverty and the consolidation of power in the top 2% of the WORLD, fuck it, talk about more than blacks, talk about why all the brown and black people of the world on living like shit while wealthy white fucks shit on them...goddamn, pussy ass motherfucker

    • Anonymous

      White people call him a sellout all the time. The thing is, white people who call other white people out on betraying their race and racial agendas are called racist. They are called "white supremacists," and they are looked down on. Black people haven't figured that part out yet.

    • ETK

      really? I see white people call Em a sellout all the time. they hold his old music too damn high on a pedestal inversely I don't know how anyone could call 2 Chainz a sellout, his music been the same damn shit since day 1. just the proof that people throw the word around like a dirty sock

  • Anonymous

    that album is produced rally nice, go check it..dont sleep on 2cainz. GOOD

    • LOL

      LOL all yall catching feelings of 2 chainz success!!! That is fucking hilarious, hey i have an idea instead of paying your dial-up internet connection with your food stamps, you go out in the world and get a job and do some good, instead of talking shit just because 2 chainz doing what all yall niggas want to do LOLOLOL

    • santa clause fuckin yo wilfe

      nigga, nobody gives a fuck about his bitch ass production, nobody gives a slimy piece of shit for yo ass too, 2chainz is a cocksucker, thats all he wants, how old is he anyway, like 34? smh, grown ass man carryin himself the way he does, like a bitch made sell out faggot...damn


    Congrats to 2 Chainz...Well deserved grammy nod...Album of the year!!!

  • lol

    lol all these kooks hating on 2 chainz about the "Grammys". yall love to catch feelings for another niggas life LOL 2 chainz dont care what you think of his album!! Where yall bum ass niggas albums? oh yea they are postponed due to the fact that your out shopping with your EBT cards

    • Seri

      Seriously though @Anon @fuckin idiot , how much yall get in foodstamps a month??? LOL just wondering

    • LOL

      LOL all yall catching feelings of 2 chainz success!!! That is fucking hilarious, hey i have an idea instead of paying your dial-up internet connection with your food stamps, you go out in the world and get a job and do some good, instead of talking shit just because 2 chainz doing what all yall niggas want to do LOLOL

    • fuckin idiot

      cosign anonymous PLAY YO PART BOY, or get raped

    • Anonymous

      Your mentality kills hip hop. If I judge someone I'm automatically a rapper and expected to drop an album? So one can't have an opinion until "they bum ass selves" drop an album? Retarded. Please understand that not everyone can rap. Play your part boy

  • Youngindy21

    2chainz's album was actually a really good album. The rapper 2chainz is never going to be considered one of the best rappers but he did make a really solid album. There has been a real LACK of great music lately and his album was actually a bright spot because his music is kind of different than what is already out there. I own every album that was nominated for Best Rap Album and every one of them EXCEPT Rick Ross' "God Forgives, I Don't" is a really good album. A lot of people get caught up in thinking that all Rap music has to be Conscious rap in order for it to be good rap music or that you have to be the most lyrically gifted rapper. 2chainz has a unique style/delivery and let's be honest a lot of these rappers are good rappers but they can also bore you to death and 2chainz isn't really boring.

  • Anonymous

    yup there we have it hip hop is officially dead

  • So Icy Boi!

    2 Chainz an Rick Ross outshines doze gay ass niggas. fuck da Roots. fuck Nas. fuck Lupe. old ass niggaz. swag

  • Anonymous

    "That same clown is up for Record of the Year for that whiny ass of a song We're never ever getting back together" You're entitled to your opinion, but you do realize that song is a smash hit, off an album that sold a million in a week. Swift is an entertainer. Nas is an artist. He could very well win, but only if the grammy committee feels like the academy did when they gave Al Pacino the oscar for the subpar movie, Scent of a Woman.

    • the don

      fuck both of yall, this aint no place for taylor swift's bitch ass

    • Chris Etrata

      I believe Taylor Swift is a great singer and has great songs most of the time but I feel with this song, she sold out by going pop. Sacrificed depth for just a hook you wish to stop hearing.

  • Anonymous

    Nas should win it finally.

    • Chris Etrata

      They actually care about quality at least 50% of the time. They did not nominate Justin Bieber for best album. Any other music awards show, Justin Bieber would win by far.

    • Vanessa Jack

      Yeah keep dreaming. The Grammys were never about quality, they're about popularity, and you know who's the hottest rapper right now.

  • RSX

    Y'all do realize all you have to do is have credits on an album to be able to vote on the Grammys. Have a commercial release of 6 or 12 tracks (6 for physical release, 12 for iTunes/Digital) and you can apply for voting rights. Fix it yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    ross and 2 chainz got a nomination because they POPular but the roots will win because of the music

  • da1

    I been stop having respect for the Grammys. The minute Taylor Swift won Album of the Year a few years back, I knew they just didn't care anymore. That same clown is up for Record of the Year for that whiny ass of a song We're never ever getting back together.WTF!! The grammys now is like what The Source Magazine was during the Benzino era. A once well repsected organization giving awards and honors to those who don't deserve it what so ever.

  • nuc

    grammys lost the direction (whatever they once had) if Nas doesnt walk away with Awards for his nods, somethings is terribly wrong with the system (which has been clear for years) not cause i'm a nas fan, just that his matierial put forth is way stronger lyrically, production wise, and far more mature than any other nods.

    • Anonymous

      Question what are the 3 wack songs on Life is good. Im clueless. Personally i thought it was flawless from begin to the end. Deluxe makes it that much more better. Even Summer on smash was hot for a party song. Most people i listen to music with actually agrees. I guess Daughters and Accendent murders are topics that have been used 100 times in hip hop. So like an idiot say there was no real concept. No offense to Anonymous 3 but your whole point makes no sense. Just like people hating on 2chains i bet like 75% of the people didn't even hear his Album. On another note Section 80(Kendricks Lamar's first Album) i believe came out late last year. If anything that should be rap album of the year. If not that LIG or maybe Undun. I prefer Nas' concept more tho so i choose LIG.

    • Anonymous

      Undun is a far superior album. Life is Good had 3 horrible tracks on it, no real concept, and nothing new about it. Also keep in mind Deluxe Editions do not count, and the Deluxe Edition makes LIG ALOT better. Oh and this is coming from someone who doesn't like most of the Roots' work and is a huge NaS fan.

    • TheTruth

      I agree; mostly. Nas - Life is Good deserves the award, but The Roots - Undun is a VERY close second and a fantastic album. If that win's I couldn't really blame The Grammy's. But if an other the besides those two win then, shame on them.

  • what!!!!

    Based on a tru story got the nod, how the fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.........

  • ETK

    who cares, it's not like he'll win... if however Drake wins, I will punch a wall

  • truu

    Who even takes these award shows seriously anymore??

  • Anonymous

    I could understand him having success at MTV and BET ... BUT the Grammy's ? lol is anything sacred anymore ?

  • Ricky Rozay

    Not a big fan of 2 Chainz but big ups to the home gettin the grammy nod. Of course lame niggas will go here and hate. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Just so this is clear the other albums nominated are: Drake - Take Care Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1 Nas - Life is Good The Roots - Undun Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't So, two trash albums, one Pop album, then three albums that all have valid arguments for album of the year. 50% isn't bad.

    • Anonymous

      Life is Good was given a mercy nomination. That thing sunk faster than the Titantic. Say what you will about 2 Chainz and Ross, but at least they catered to the demographic they were intended for.

    • ETK

      if GKMC didnt make it, do you really think Jesus Piece will.. lol

    • originalposter

      "Do you think Jesus Piece will be nominated for anything? even with its late release date?" Nah. The Roots album Undun was released December 2011 and is nominated for this years Grammy's. Jesus Piece will be eligible for for next year though. "i loved undun, F&L was good but not AOTY, kinda neutral to Life is Good" Couldn't agree more. I just believe that those albums at least can be argued for album of the year with valid points. There are definitely some albums from 2012 I would rather put up there.

    • Anonymous

      i loved undun, F&L was good but not AOTY, kinda neutral to Life is Good

    • G

      Do you think Jesus Piece will be nominated for anything? even with its late release date?

  • asher1985

    props to tityboi man, first listened to this guy around 10 years ago, didn't really start paying attention to him until about a year ago though. to come out at almost the age of 40 and have this kind of success is really cool, and you can tell he's being humble about it. again props to 2 chainz

  • Anonymous

    How is that possible? Haven't heard any good song by 2 Chainz - EVER. This guy belongs in a garbage can.

  • Anonymous

    every fuckin year since 2006 these niggas from MTV and BET or whateva are pushing garbage hiphop... mainstream becomes the playground for retard rappers

  • d-nucks

    no lie, congrats to dude and all.....but really? grammys are all politics anyway, i mean some of their nominations are valid but alot of them are on some political bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      ALL of them are political. Life is Good is only there to appeal to old school fans and show respsect to a legend. Undun and F&L are there to appeal to a more underground crowd. The rest are just about what's popular. Out of all of those albums the only one that deserves a nomination is Undun.

    • Anonymous

      Haha for real. Don't ever trust that many rich people in one room, haha.

  • snIPez

    ""All I can say is that I'm honored. ...I didn't know. Honestly, I didn't know."" He doesn't know because he can't believe anyone actually listens to his bullshit. I'm not lieing here: I've never heard of this fucking fool until this article. I'm not kidding. Titty Boi? Oh FFS.

    • Anonymous

      im not a fan but to say you havent ever heard of him? do you live in a cave? have you ever been on this website?


    That album was garbage from beginning to end and yet still receives a GRAMMY nomination. Why does hip hop continue to be disrepected like this?

  • Anonymous


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